August 9, 2008

State Fair.

Unless some unforeseen tragedy strikes, Mrs. RDW & I will be making a trip to the Wisconsin State Fair tomorrow.

Consider this a State Fair open thread.

What's new this year?

What's your favorite food on a stick?

How does that tire pressure gauge from the GOP booth work?

Giant slide or no giant slide?

Apple growers or cranberry growers?

What do you put on your baked potato?

Stinkiest barn?

That damn hyphen.

Most of the people that know me at all, know that I detest the term “Italian-American” with a passion.
When people ask me “what I am” I say American.
If they press further, I say that my heritage is Italian, and that I was originally born there.
But make no mistake: I have considered myself an American first – long before I took the citizenship test.
I grew up here.
It is my main language.
I got married here.
I’ve spent the majority of my life here.
I can spout off volumes of US history, but almost no Italian history.
At the point where I was in America longer than I was in Italy (~14yo) is when I realized – happily – that I was more American than anything else.

Getting back to the hyphen.
I am astounded at the term “African-American” is used as an acknowledged description of black people.
I understand that at the time slaves were brought over from Africa , no one bothered to note which country they came from, hence the term “African-American.”

My question then is: at what point do you just consider yourself just an American?
After how many generations?
Or will you always be bitter, thus the term remains?
Obama calls himself an African-American…..but that’s just crap.
As much crap as 99% of the white people should be calling themselves “European-American.”
Should I?
Even more crap is the fact that we know what country his absent father is from: Kenya .
Wouldn’t that make him a Kenyan-American?
Or is he just playing to the masses?
Is it because he thinks he’s running for the president of the world?

More to the point, he will most assuredly NOT be the first black president.
He’s mulatto.
No matter how much he wants to throw his white HALF of his heritage under the bus.

August 8, 2008

Gross Me Out, Man!

I always knew Hollywood stars were freaky and out of touch, and this Matthew McConaughey story is hideous!

Please, don't do us anymore favors, Matthew.

Did he check for feral cats/dogs who may be digging this up?!

Again and again and again!

We went shopping again today on our vacation. If you feel that shopping =/= vacation, then you and I have something in common.

Gee Guess who is taking major campaign cash from BIG OIL?

This just in: John Edwards is a lying scumbag.

Film tonight on Nightline.

(Some of us already knew this)

Tonight on your tube...

Olympics, Brewer Game, Other, None?

August 6, 2008

ACORN making it up again.

How long are these criminals going to be allowed to defraud the vote? Time after time after time we hear the same thing and they keep operating in the same way.

WEDNESDAY, Aug. 6, 2008, 12:26 p.m.By Larry Sandler
Criminal inquiry possible in voter filings

At least six voter registration workers could face criminal investigations after turning in 200 to 300 fraudulent registration cards, according to the Milwaukee Election Commission and the activist group that employed them.

In one case, "one woman called us to complain because her husband has been dead for 10 years and a voter registration was submitted," said Sue Edman, the commission's executive director.

In other cases, deputy registrars working for ACORN were "making people up or registering people that were still in prison," said Carolyn Castore, ACORN's state political director. In still other cases, workers used the same address for numerous voters or used driver's license numbers that did not fit the voters' birth dates, Edman said.

ACORN found the problems and fired a dozen workers, Castore said. But under state law, all of the voter registration cards had to be turned in to the election commission, even if they were clearly fraudulent or incomplete, Edman and Castore said. So ACORN sent in the cards but flagged the fraudulent or incomplete ones, they said.

Edman said she has referred six individuals to the district attorney's office for investigation.

Another 1,500 to 2,000 voter registration cards were incomplete, and ACORN is trying to help the commission staff fill in the blanks, Castore and Edman said. The incomplete and fraudulent cards were a small percentage of the 35,000 registration cards that were turned in, and the suspect workers also were a small percentage of the more than 220 deputy registrars hired by ACORN, Castore said.

Obama Names Favre VP Candidate

Barack Obama today surprised reporters by announcing that his running mate will be formerly-retired field general Brett Favre. The move was endorsed by the Green Bay Packers, Favre's current employer, who said they felt he could do more good on a national stage instead of trapped in a frozen wasteland.

"I said that I wanted a vice presidential candidate who had military experience, sound judgment, and impeccable character," said Obama. "In Favre, I get a field general that has proven he can win the big one and whose experience will provide a steady hand in my administration. And I also know that Brett won't be afraid to disagree with me, as he's disagreed with coaches and logic so many times in the past to make risky throws on the field. Sometimes even successfully!"

Obama also said that Favre now makes their campaign more competitive. "Favre, with his Mississippi drawl and resemblance to dollar-bill presidents, will help make our campaign more appealing to those voters who so far have resisted the Obama Glamour: buck-toothed hillbillies, gun-toting bible thumpers, and trailer park trash."

Observers hailed the move as “sheer genius”, with Political Analyst Keith Olbermann calling it "daring in the Obamic style that we have all come to marvel at" and Peter King dubbed it his "ultimate wet dream ticket.”

Not all Democrats were pleased, however. Geraldine Ferraro, former Clinton campaign staffer, complained that "this move just proves that Obama is a misogynistic ageist who ought to borrow Alfalfa's 'Woman Hater's Club' sign to hang out front of INVESCO Field. Their new campaign motto is 'One Penis, One Vote' for all the respect they give women."

Alas, no riveters

Today we went to Rosie's, a very nice Mexican restaurant with excellent decor and outstanding service. Then I went and screwed everything up.

Red Alert!!

Still want to grow up to be a fireman so you can drive those big ol' fire trucks?






What am I?

For all you out there that think ex-oil man ( that matters. Last I checked, dollars are still green) T. Boone Pickens has the right answers, name this.


Oh, forget it….the answer to the question is:
This is proof that you actually can walk and chew gum at the same time.

…..unless you take the month of August off.
...or you're busy making sure your tires are properly inflated...

(Amazing what you can do if have the money. My guess is not one grain of sand was taxed during construction.)


Apperently for our logic-challanged friends out there (jijawm, 3rd___, this means you) that think this is incoherent. This is the Bahrain World Trade Center - you know, Baharain where there is so little oil that they need to build turbines to harness windpower.

MEANING, they drilled AND looked for/used alternative sources of energy at the same time.


August 5, 2008

Caption Shaq in his new Smart.

Are We Ready For This?

Assuming this is true, it certainly should give us pause to reflect where we're going as a society on this highly controversial topic.

She spends $50k from the sale of her home to clone her dog, Booger (yeah, next time don't let the kids pick out the dog's name)so she can "laugh and smile again." Sounds like the $50k should have been spent on therapy and Prozac. Fewer living creatures would have to suffer--not including her therapist.

But, there's her story. How sad, we all think. Now we are supposed to think, "how wonderful." And what's next? You know: after all, isn't the loss of a pet nothing compared to the loss of a child?

Doesn't this article serve as part of the groundwork that is required to help acclimate our consciences into rationalizing this practice?

How many of the creatures (I have no other term) that result from this practice will die painful births / deaths?

All in the name of fixing the "unbearable pain" associated with our own selfish loss.

At what cost our own "selfish gain?"

Insects and Tempests

I think, given the circumstances, that I reacted with grace under fire when attacked by a gigantic swarm of man-eating insects on my vacation. Your opinion may vary.

And if you're wondering: "when does this moron's vacation ever end?" remember that I live in Europe and enjoy their economy-crushing vacation schedule.

I'm not quite as stupid as it seems sometimes...

DNR Caught in the act.

Bruce at Badger Blogger has broken an extraordinary story regarding the Wisconsin DNR doing illegal dumping.

Do yourself a favor, read it.

August 4, 2008

I am outraged, outraged I tell you.

Today is the Obamasiah's birthday.

Why did I have to work today? Should not The One's birthday be a national holiday? I demand Nancy Pelosi call everyone back to work and rectify this outrage immediately!

(While they are at it could they please pass some damned legislation to allow us to access our own resources as well?)

The Obama Olympics.

Sometimes Mr Schroeder is ahead of the curve.

This is one of those times.

MRQ, inflate your tires to save the planet.

Hey, I got a birthday earthquake . . . a BIRTHQUAKE! Wil

I hope Gary Coleman is okay. Dr Blogstein.

umm... i think there is an earth quake going on right now..... iJustine.

he didn't get in a white Bronco, did he? Keith.

The Secretary of Indecision. Kevin.

Dirty pirate hooker! Amy.

Doh! We messed up. TAB

It takes a village to have an idiot. Nikol.

Are you gonna finish that schnitzel? Rogue.


Sex is overrated. Wigdy. (You are doing it wrong)

You’ve ever had a crush on your neighbor’s goat. Kate

He's going to try to jump 5000 Obama supporters with a bulldozer. Blue.

Mmmm... cream puffs. Mary.

The Anointed One will come down from Mount Shasta and tell us we need to brush our teeth and floss regularly. Peter.

AAMOF, This story is LOL stupid IMHO. FWIW, I meet plenty of people f2f. Dan.


Cheat death and live to fight another day. Sharon.

yogurt is tall enough as it is. Dustbury.

My favorite is #4. Owen. (Not what you think)

Harry was very excited. Chris.

Wisconsin sausages too big for Japan. Jib.

I’m taking myself off the grid. Aaron.

if Bush was any kind of president, he would have told us about checking our tire pressure long ago. AWL.

Rant, rave, rant, rave, rant. Vitriol, anger, outrage, blah! Indignant reaction, smarmy comment, lament, lament. J Gravelle.

my retirement will not be paid with money confiscated from taxpayers under the threat of imprisonment. HB.

That's not going to fit the template.

McCain has taken the lead in the Presidential race. In the latest Rasmussen daily tracking poll when adding decided and leaners McCain leads Obama 47% to 46%.

August 3, 2008

Marbles, Marbles, Everywhere

Dark family secrets and hidden bitterness are uncovered today in my vacation odyssey, but thankfully everything's patched up by the end of the day. Just like on TV!

Obama Flip Flop # 5,281

Now he wants to give the Florida and Michigan delegates full votes...

He's pulling a reverse John Kerry, he voted against it before he voted for it.

lol cats