August 2, 2008

Flip-Flop 37: Rise of the Obamatron.


After the poll numbers climbed to 70%+ pro-drilling, the annoited one has a revelation.

We're so lucky to be blessed by his aura.

August 1, 2008

Yost offered $20,000,000 to not Manage the Brewers...

Headless Blogger has the details

The One.

Dan & Nicole Tube?

Early Spin fans, the new Dan & Nicole TV show will premier online on the 10th of August.

Molly has details.

Is Anybody In There?!

So if I'm looking for an upside to the recent rocking of our economy, maybe it's this: People will finally start paying attention to the fleecing by their local governments.

And maybe they'll connect to this idea: Governor Doyle has stood watch over an astronomical increase in property taxes during his administration. No more "let's blame Tommy," this one's all yours, Governor Doyle.

In fact, if it weren't for Tommy's QEO, (requiring permission of the TAXPAYER to exceed the allowable increase), we'd see far higher bills than what we're being forced to swallow today. At least with school taxes we have a say in it. If you don't like your school taxes, you only have yourselves to blame if you didn't get out to vote down a referendum to exceed the caps.

But regarding your local government's taxing authority, that's a different story. Local government officials have been allowed to sing like canaries during their campaigns for re-election that they've "kept the tax rate low." Those of you in cities like Racine should understand that's been political-speak for "We get more money the old fashioned way: raise assessments instead."

Remember the "Property Tax Freeze" being bantered about like a political football for the last 6 years? (The dems called it a "Bumper Sticker" policy--even though it was to help people keep more of their own money to pay more of their own bills.) If it hadn't been for Republicans who kept pushing it then, you'd see caravans of people heading across the Wisconsin borders in all directions.

Sorry----I've heard it all from local government employee union members or even local government officials crying about the high cost of energy and insurance that has affected their budgets. Don't need to hear that excuse anymore. Reason: if energy costs are impacting your budgets that much, you should band together and demand state and federal officials come up with real solutions like drilling for oil, nuclear energy, and clean coal. If insurance costs are that high, unions should band together with the city and allow them to re-negotiate and shop around. Might just save your job!

Word to public employees and elected officials: We're paying for those increases in our own budgets and having to find ways to do more with less. We don't have a Rich Uncle Tenoose with deep pockets to pick. We wouldn't need one if our own pockets had anything left but lint.

Here's the best quote I've read about the report on our record increases in property taxes by Mark Block from Americans For Prosperity:

Said Block, "Local governments have been getting away with higher spending for years. With home values declining and the economy on the downturn, government still has the audacity to increase taxes to pay for outrageous public employee benefits that no one in the private sector can afford and without any regard for the taxpayer's ability to pay. Wisconsin citizens are having a difficult time feeding their families, and government needs to get on a citizens budget."

Yeah, and citizens need to get on their government's ______. (I'll let you fill in the blank!)

Guess the number game



This was fun
LogoThere are
people with my name in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

Still metling.

Not quite there yet though. (Image from 7-30)

Remember folks this is supposed to completely melt this year.

I have a question.

Can Brett Favre throw a split fingered fastball?

Today's Vacation Lesson

Today's vacation lesson: the ground is very, very, hard.

July 31, 2008

Guess the number game

This is an easy one.


My McCain Towh Hall Meeting report.

I missed it.

I got very busy in the office and by the time I got down town, parked and hoofed it to the event, Secret Service had just cut off entry into Memorial Hall.

Avenging Angel has a report on the event at JT Irregulars. From their report it sounded like the usual leftie goofballs infiltrated the event.

I'm sure Pete & Dustin will have full reports with pictures as well.

Sorry folks, business before politics.

I want to buy Jon Voight's used LeBarron.

VOIGHT: My concerns for America

Obama sowing socialist seeds in young people

Monday, July 28, 2008

We, as parents, are well aware of the importance of our teachers who teach and program our children. We also know how important it is for our children to play with good-thinking children growing up.

Sen. Barack Obama has grown up with the teaching of very angry, militant white and black people: the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Louis Farrakhan, William Ayers and Rev. Michael Pfleger. We cannot say we are not affected by teachers who are militant and angry. We know too well that we become like them, and Mr. Obama will run this country in their mindset.

The Democratic Party, in its quest for power, has managed a propaganda campaign with subliminal messages, creating a God-like figure in a man who falls short in every way. It seems to me that if Mr. Obama wins the presidential election, then Messrs. Farrakhan, Wright, Ayers and Pfleger will gain power for their need to demoralize this country and help create a socialist America.

Read the rest....

Enviro Devil of the day...

The Arab Sheikh who flew his car from Qatar to London for an oil change. The enviro-nuts are all nutsie over this one. Seemingly they have no issues with Al Gore's private jet though.

I guess it is the source that is the real cause of outrage.

(Story, with pic of really cool car)

July 30, 2008

Pleb's Vacation, Interrupted

Do you remember the Furby craze? Well, I relived it in microcosm today.

It still sucks.

Congratulations Paul.

Representative Paul Ryan made the list of the 50 most beautiful people in Washington DC.

My tires are inflated properly you idiot.

Racism in politics shows its ugly head again.

In Tennessee, black ministers passing out fliers against a Jewish representative saying "Steve Cohen and the JEWS HATE Jesus."

And in Georgia, we have a claim from Regina Thomas, a prominent black state senator. She is running for Congress saying her opponent is "too white and too conservative for the district. "

Erick Erickson has the details, including where Barack (Censored) Obama fits into all of this.


This from Craigslist.


This is a classified ad for Milwaukee Brewers second baseman Rickie Weeks. I'm not going to lie, the condition of this product is very worn down. Well, to be honest, there wasn't much there to begin with, but the value has sharply declined from what little it had. Some arm-strength left. Maybe if you need someone to start a lawnmower or snowblower that has a pullcord? Also, frequently misses the target whenever you put a baseball bat in his hands. If you have a vintage bat that you would like to keep in untouched condition, just put it in his hands and throw him strikes. Any considerations offered, no offer to small.

Vicious, funny, but vicious.

Cause & Effect

The Milwaukee Common Council just passed a $20 wheel tax.

Who's bright idea was it to have residents pay more fees to live there than any surrounding areas?

On top of that the County wants to add another 1% sales tax.

Hey, you brainiacs, how much money will you get when more and more people move out of of the City of and County of Milwaukee?


We need you buddy.

Why rent a car?

Why rent a car when you can hire a limo at the taxpayers expense.

And Jimmie Doyle has told us he had no issues with Jack Fischer.

Business as usual folks.

July 29, 2008

Screwing up Courage

This morning on vacation I discovered that my little girl had decided to be much braver than usual.

Nah, there is no such thing as media bias # 7,524

Check this out, a yahoo news snapshot of political stories.

Full Coverage: 2008 Presidential Election
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11 Obama mentions
1 McCain mention, and that on skin care tips?

Mayor Becker puts politics before his job.

I asked Racine Mayor Gary Becker if he would be attending the Town Hall visit by John McCain this Thursday.

As the Mayor of this City I had hoped Becker would put aside partisan issues and welcome a major figure like Senator McCain into his city.

Mayor Becker did respond to my inquiry quickly as he usually does; this was his response.

Being he is a candidate I do not support; the answer would be no.

Gary Becker
Mayor, City of Racine

I guess partisan politics is more important to the Mayor than being a polite host.


UPDATE: The Mayor sent me this a few minutes ago.

Fred, I respectively disagree. First off, no one invited me to the event. Secondly, campaigns are what they are. They are not city business.
I would feel like a hypocrite to take someone else’s spot in the hall or on the stage.

July 28, 2008

Misfires in Gatlinburg

Today's vacation update was far more frustrating for my wife than for me, other than the problem with a theater that failed to deliver.

MRQ, getting honked at, flipped off, or nearly driven over

At last I located it flattened beside my seventh rib.. Kate

The Adventures of Captain Underpants Lance.

92% of respondents said “yes”, while 8% couldn’t find the “vote” button. Bruce.

Getting honked at, flipped off, or nearly driven over. Deke.

nothing is more fun that seeing forty-two Dollywood Dixieland Stampede billboards in a two-mile stretch of highway. Plebian.

were you scared by colloquial use of the English language as a child? Chris.

how's the thug controversy going? ESK.

I’m talking an old school 8 miles to the gallon, look at that pretentious jerk Hummer. Fred.

all three bowls of porridge look “just right” to me. Elliot.

Wisconsin's biggest drama queen Ally.

France, here we come! Steve

Dude, I'd like to help, but I'm drunk. Jones.

Nope. Tom.

Now get outta the bar, son. Tracker.

It's a Yosting. Steveegg.


missing simpler times... Mickipedia.

I JUST bought a Favre jersey for what do I do with it? Pete

All day work meeting...can't sleep...must keep eyes open!!! GOP Folk.

wake me up when today is over Stacy.

Heading to Green Bay -- unlike Brett Favre! Todd.

Oh, ithink I may be drunk. Dan.

someone's gonna smell tomorrow Amy.

I'm still laughing at Barack Obama saying that he could be President for 8-10 years. Keith.

I'm trying to figure out what to do with my life... before we run out of money. Josh.

Fielder and Sabathia keep screwing with my speed dial settings. Ned Yost.

Rejection+internet=bad. Alison.

Digg me please. Sean.

Brewers/Cubs Haiku war.

Join the fun.

McCain coming to Racine on Thursday.

Republican Presidential Candidate John McCain will be visiting Racine's Memorial Hall this coming Thursday the 31st of July.

Doors open at 10 am with the event scheduled to kick off around noon.. (Time is fluid as I am sure you all know)

If you are interested in attending please get me your name, address, email and phone number so we can get you on the invited list. Send those requests to me at

Penn & Teller take on carbon credits.

Warning, language, but a must see.

How many votes can you buy with $1.43 trillion?

If you have a moment, please go read my weekly column at Fox Politics.

Where old phones go.

Got tickets?

If anyone has any tickets for the Brewers/Cubs series they would like to donate, give me a shout.
Feds arrest 58 undocumented workers in raids on 8 eateries

Thursday, July 24, 2008
Robert L. Smith
Plain Dealer Reporter

Federal agents walked into Mexican restaurants in Oberlin, Vermilion and six other Ohio communities Wednesday and walked out with 58 workers in handcuffs.

The dishwashers, cooks and waitresses now in federal custody are all Mexican citizens recruited to work here illegally, federal authorities say. They are likely to be deported.

None of their bosses has been charged with a crime - yet.

The raids at eight Casa Fiesta restaurants is part of larger workplace enforcement strategy that infuriates immigrant advocates, who say it brings down the hammer on hapless workers.

Don't worry, Barack (Censored) Obama will be along to drop the hammer on these hapless government terrorists coming down on these hapless workers...

July 27, 2008