July 11, 2008

Latest News Photo of the Iranian Missile Testing.

Aaron & I have a question.

What happens when your mortgage company goes belly up?

We're guessing someone will buy up the debt at pennies on the dollar, can we do that?

Come on Chuckie, you started the run on the bank, let us buy up our motgages for 10 cents on the dollar. It is an election year after all.

3,800 jobs lost. Senator Schumer must be so proud.

13's a Charm?

O'kaaaay. The laws are made, who's going to enforce them? When are we going to start taking judicial elections more seriously in this country?!

This Gem of Society gives us all a new visual when you think of having "the munchies" after bar time:

When asked for a driver’s license, Oliva told the officer she didn’t have one. She said she had been stopped 11 or 12 times for operating under the influence.
Reports said the officer called dispatch to confirm the information, and when she returned to the car, Oliva was eating a salad from a bowl without utensils, placing her face in the bowl.

Gross, man....on so many levels.

More Than Abortion and Schools

In an article in today's Racine Journal Times, the reporter focused on our presidential candidates and their "courting of women." (Women VOTERS that is,--not "courting" like Bill Clinton did.....)

Anyway, I've always found it interesting that in general, the media likes to pigeonhole women into areas that we must be more concerned about than men are. I've taken this on as a mini-mission to educate the media (yes, I'm that idealistic!) that as unbelievable as it may seem, we girls actually care about the same issues that men do.

I guess I've grown accustomed to the stereotypes that are out there...I usually get media calls when the article-in-progress has to do with politics and the dreaded coined phrase "Women's Issues." When I ran for office against sitting Senator Kim Plache, the media went ape over the anticipated frenzy of an all out catfight about abortion. I think they were picturing mud wrestling and jello fights with Roe in one corner and Wade in the other. It was inevitable that when a microphone was put before us, abortion was the topic d'jour. Guess they thought we should leave the "big stuff" to the guys--like how Racine had the highest unemployment rate in the state and other "Men's Issues"....

News Flash to the News Folks: we girls are actually capable of having intelligent and passionate discussions about things other than abortion and schools.

Of course we worry about our country's energy crisis--we think about it everytime we're carting our overscheduled kids around in our SUV's and have to make a quick $80 stop at the gas station.

Of course we worry about the economy and job loss. Ask the wives of soon-to-be displaced GM workers in Janesville if they worry about that.

Yes, we worry about the high cost of health insurance, national security, and--gasp--taxes, too!

On the flip side of this,isn't it rather sexist of the media to assume that men aren't able to be "as concerned" as we are about the life of an unborn child, our children's educations, and the cost of health insurance? I have met plenty of guys who were able to string coherent statements together about these same topics and they've assured me they think about these things a lot.

I hope women on all sides of the political spectrum would join me in my attempt to let the media and the politicians know that the "Men's Issues" are also ours. And guys, don't be afraid to break that stereotype yourselves, either. The next time a reporter asks you about taxes, jobs, and the economy, feel free to spice it up a bit. Maybe together we can broaden the discussion...

Unintended Consequences

People are driving less...

People are buying less gasoline...


We're running out of road construction money paid by fuel taxes.

Hey, I'manutjob.

Rice says US will defend Gulf; Iran tests missiles

(AP) U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice speaks at a joint press-conference with Georgian

WASHINGTON (AP) - Condoleezza Rice flexed America's muscles in the Middle East Thursday, forcefully warning Iran the U.S. won't ignore threats and will take any action necessary to defend friends and interests in the Persian Gulf. A fresh Iranian missile test prompted a show of force from Israel as well.

Well, at least until President Obama takes over, then Iran can do whatever it wants.

July 10, 2008

Parts 3 and 4

I continue to be on a Western Odyssey. Here is what I found in the Great Salt Lake.

Here we discover what was left behind when we moved away four years ago.


Oh, yeah, the Brewers won while the Cubs and the Cards lost!!!!!!!

sU's Random Thought of the day

Ya know how all the “no drilling” types keep telling us that that is not the answer?
How they say we should also stop using coal?
How even if we drill today, it wouldn’t matter for at least another 10+ years?
And how we can never build enough nuke plants in time to help…so we shouldn’t bother?
How we should be looking more to wind (T. Boone Pickens approved and paid for!) and solar power?

My question is this:
How the hell long do you people think it will take before wind and solar power take over for coal and oil?

Liberal Media Bias on Display.

I realize that all of my readers may not read Wigderson Library and Pub. (Though I'm quite sure that all of Wigdy's readers read RDW)

At any rate, please go and read this interchange between James Wigderson and Dave Zweifel of the Capital Times.

James made an inquiry in a polite fashion, the rude response he received is telling of the political views of that paper.

Do you really think anyone with a conservative voice would ever get a fair report out of this paper?

Caption This.

July 9, 2008

So, what is it Jesse said?

If this was someone like Dobson do you think they'd be hushing it up? No freaking way.

Ann has the details.


DRQ, Drinking Right Quotes

All hail Earl Weaver! Steve Egg

I paid for an hour. Steve H

I'll be the one hurling in the corner. Doreen

He got wood on it. Fred

Its like a dinghy for a Hummer. Tom Mc.

The cow wasn't that far. Wigdy

Fixing your package, that is what baseball is all about. Fred

The Beaner Weiner. Chad

They both look psychotic. Chad

And if you're a teacher, you hand the rubber to the 13-year old. Wigdy.

July 8, 2008

Where in the world is Plebian?

I am currently on a Western odyssey with my family that will likely consume all my time, so posting from me will be light.

You can read part 1 here. Part 2 is here.

I'll advise as other parts are posted.

New Rome is burning.

While our lefty "leaders" fiddle over the wasteland, our gas prices continue to soar.
Other countries, however, have so much surplus that they run out of things to spend it on.

I desperetaly need someone to explain to me why we dont.
If I hear "we cant drill our way out of this" one more time, I'm swinging for their nose.

Maybe we can't "drill our way out" but what we sure as hell CAN do is drill our way out of using taxes to fund new sources of energy.
To me, if you cant see that......

Obama's Iraq Problem: Change That Works For Him

Oooooo I like this one.

4 block on grilling.

The ever-brilliant Tom McMahon weighs in with a 4 block world on the great grilling debate,

Hurricane Bertha.

Has there ever been a beter name for a hurricane?

July 7, 2008

Congratulations and Vote some more.

The huge push to get All Star votes for Ryan Braun propelled him to be the 2nd leading vote getter in the National League.

As expected, Ben Sheets was selected to join Braun on the All Star team. Congratulations to Braun and Sheets, they both deserve this!

However, we are not done yet.

The Brewers stellar Right Fielder, Corey Hart, has been selected as one of five finalists for a fan vote for the final spot. You can vote for Hart as many times as you'd like and the voting ends on Thursday.


MRQ, Muggier Near the Lake.

I want watermelon! Ol' Broad.

quit bitching about our viral culture. Lance.

wouldn't it be like the pot calling the kettle, well, green? Aaron.

I HATE lawn work. Owen.


eat plenty of watermelon. Plebian.

I thought it was SUCK-E. Elliot.

OK, I’ll play! Shoebox.

Big Water. Still Unreal.

Hey, Chicken Little, the sky ain’t falling! Peter.

I had to have a blankie wrapped around me Jones.

Appetite, desire, and ambience. Jimi.

the transients of Planet Madison Wigdy

Chances of my popcorn bowls making it into the dishwasher just dropped by 50%. Chris.


Dogs are funny Amy.

Brett Favre is such a drama queen. Ms Ally.

I'm craving Meatloaf Pete.

Just retire and get out of the news dammit! Nick.

Just call me stumpy. Wigdy.

Picking up used rockets in my backyard...wheeeeee. TAB

I'd have gotten away with it, too, if it hadn't been for those meddling kids. Keith

Thinking I should start a blog about all the things that suck on the internet. Ijustine.

Be a good coaster freak Sean.

Obama-Wan Kenobi Leslie

aaand WHY did I just look for my roll of packing tape.. IN THE FRIDGE?!? tapps.

starting a business is like jumping on the fast train to bipolar disorder. Mickipedia.

MRQ Winner

I'm way behind on our weekly MRQ contest.

Our winner from 2 weeks ago, Keith Conrad.

I woke up this morning feeling like that guy who had a nail stuck in his head

There are two new MRQ of the week polls up to get us back on schedule.

Guess the number game


Food Prices got you down?????

A report from The Guardian is claiming that up to 75% of the increase in the cost of food can be attributed to........

Say it with me now.......


Drinking Right Alert

Yeah, it's that time again.

Tomorrow night, Papas.

Caption This:

In lieu of a smart car photo for Fred:

Now what?

The Brewers pulled off a major trade bringing last years A.L. Cy Young award winner to the Brewers.

So who will they drop out of the lineup?

McClung is the most likely suspect but shouldn't it be Suppan?