June 28, 2008

Tony Perkins Asks Barack Obama: When Does Life Begin?

H/T Badger Blogger.

Top Gear Toyota Prius

Top Gear on the Prius...

Fight Back Wisconsin.

Meet Phil Williamson.

Phil is your average guy, he lives out in Waterford, he has 2 kids and 3 grandkids and Phil is fed up with high fuel prices.

Phil is on a mission to get 2,000 signatures on a petition to present to Congress before the 26th of July. He is trying to convince Congress to expand refinery capacity and drill for our own oil.

Please, help Phil get his signatures.

June 27, 2008

Who is Barack Obama?

The Boston Globe has done a piece analyzing a bill Obama coauthored through the Illinois Senate which gave huge incentives to developers who built and managed "Affordable Housing"

And what happened? His friends and allies got rich while building slums many of which have been condemned or taken over by the state due to massive code issues.

Among his allies involved in this project:Tony Rezko who is attached to Obama in seemingly every way, in jail and the big press guys just don't care, Valerie Jarret who is a member of Obama's finance committee and a senior advisor to this campaign, Allison Davis who has been a major fundraiser for Obama for years and Cecil Butler, also a major contributor.

So Obama's pals get rich for building sub-standard housing and he comes out with cash from all of them smelling like a rose.

Frankly this guy smells like something else.

So the next time someone asks you to name an Obama accomplishment you can tell them he got slumlords rich while providing rat infested horrid housing for the poor.

What a guy....

Listen to the McGee tapes.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has published audio of the McGee wire taps.

Listen for yourself.


Blog roll addition.

When you get a moment, go check out the JT Irregulars blog.

They have a bunch of writers there that had been active on the Journal Times website.

I've had it in my reader for a couple of weeks, and have been enjoying their work.

In case you missed it...

There is a PBS Documentary coming out called, "The War of the World: A New History of the 20th Century"

Their revisionist history?

That the Allied troops in World War II were as bad as the Nazis.

And your taxpayer funding to PBS is picking up the tab.

I'm curious

Why would a family that made over a hundred million bucks in the last decade need someone else to pay off their campaign debt?

That's what, 20 corporate appearances from Bill?

Why spend your own money when you guilt other people into giving theirs up?

Guess the number game


Jmac nailed this one out of the gate.

2007 Summerfest attendance.

Fill in the blank.


Good idea.

From Ol' Broad.

OPEC sells oil for $136.00 a barrel.
OPEC nations buy U.S. grain at $7.00 a bushel.
Solution: Sell grain for $136.00 a bushel.
Can’t buy it? Tough! Eat your oil!

June 26, 2008

Guess the number game

Let's try this again...


UPDATE: 2, the number of road teams that have won a series in Atlanta this year. The Phillies and your Milwaukee Brewers.

Conspiracy Theorists?

Ya gotta love Sen. Tom Reynolds, a former colleague of mine in the State Senate. Although he lost his re-election campaign, (something he can really only blame on himself--it's never a good idea to alienate everyone around you!), he's still not giving up.

In a Wisconsin State Journal article today, it talks about how Tom's recruiting democrats to run against Milwaukee legislative democrats in a primary this fall. Yes, the PRIMARY. Why would this be?

Well, some might say it's because Tom thinks that only someone labeled as a (D) could win those seats. Therefore, conservatives might be better served to support conservative dem's instead of throwing their support behind a conservative (R) who wouldn't stand a chance. That sounds simple enough--especially since Tom was far from pleased with his own Republican party, feeling that they soundly abandoned him during his re-election.

And some others might take a more conspiratorial approach, like Milwaukee's own Christine Sinicki, a democrat assemblywoman who finds herself in Tom's sights. I did have to go back and re-read her quote about this, however, as it struck the Irony Chord loudly:

Sinicki, who said she learned of the group from another lawmaker last month, provided the State Journal with the message from Reynolds, which she said he left on her cell phone after she inquired about Clean Sweep through its Web site using a false name.
"They're pretty much trying to pull a fraud on the voters," she said, by running as Democrats but supporting an agenda often espoused by Republicans.

So, someone who fraudulently represented herself to the people running Tom's group is complaining that this group is trying to "pull a fraud" on someone else?!

What's with the dems' affinity to using assumed identities?! Only the democrats will fail to see the irony here. See they believe it's o'k to use fake names if it benefits their cause--the whole "end justifies the means" thing....

As far as the tin foil hat goes: I'll let you decide whether Tom Reynolds or Christine Sinicki should be wearing one!

I'm curious

Would a volcanic erruption under an ice cap have an effect on the thickness of said ice cap?

Heller, yes.

The Supreme Court over-turned the DC gun ban this morning.

Well they got one wrong, and they got one right.


I had not heard this before.

There are apparently questions out there about the authenticity of Barack Obama's birth certificate.

Could it be possible he was not born in the U.S.?

Dr. No


H/T Sykes.

I don't like soccer, but this is cool.

Eugene almost gets it.

The Journal Sentinel's chief race based columnist Eugene Kane responded to the Michael McGee jury today and he almost got it.

He did not give excuses for McGee he just said what a shame it was, what a waste of potential. No where he did he accept responsibility for all the column inches he waisted on defending McGee. No where any personal responsibility for how wrong he was.

But then there is this line.

The evidence in the federal trial also helped suggest the answer to another nagging question: Why did McGee remain so popular in some parts of the black community even while accused of serious charges?

Seems to me, that answer is simple: McGee wasn't shaking down African-Americans.

Yes Eugene, McGee only went after persons of a different race. That makes him a racist. And you being the arbiter of all things racist at the Journal show zero outrage for Thug Mike's deplorable behavior.

Let me clue you in on something Eugene, you've been enabling the McGee's form of racism for years. And it becomes readily apparent that you have not learned a thing from it. There is loads of racism in your community and you don't exert an ounce of concern about that.

If this had been a white Alderman shaking down only black business owners in their district I think we can all guess Eugene would be writing with a sense of rage calling for hate crime modifiers instead of sense of loss. I highly doubt he would call that racist behavior a waste of potential.

Eugene Kane has been and continues to be an embarrassment for this community. I have no idea why the Milwaukee paper continues to fund his racist view.

June 25, 2008

Obama gets one right.

Obama disagrees with high court on child rape case

Associated Press Writer Wed Jun 25, 7:46 PM ET

CHICAGO - Democrat Barack Obama said Wednesday he disagrees with the Supreme Court's decision outlawing executions of people who rape children, a crime he said states have the right to consider for capital punishment.

"I have said repeatedly that I think that the death penalty should be applied in very narrow circumstances for the most egregious of crimes," Obama said at a news conference. "I think that the rape of a small child, 6 or 8 years old, is a heinous crime and if a state makes a decision that under narrow, limited, well-defined circumstances the death penalty is at least potentially applicable, that that does not violate our Constitution."

While I am not fond of the words "very narrow" giving him a very wide escape clause out of this position, Senator Obama is correct in that today's decision by the court was wrong.


This post sparked a great deal of controversy. I'll re-post it for discussions sake:

Will the real Barack Obama Please stand up?

So, Barack Obama has never been a muslim...
His half-brother disagrees.
Tell me folks, why would the half-brother lie about this?

It would appear that Senator Obama's half-brother Malik was misquoted in the article. I apologize for that. (by the way I thank Paul Noonan for bringing this to my attention)


There is abundant evidence that Barack Obama was raised in a Muslim environment.

Frankly all I want to know is why the Senator is lying about that by saying he has never been a Muslim. He should provide clarification. I fully realize that the left will make me out to be the bad guy for asking the question, I really don't care, I'm used to them making me the bad guy. If asking for clarification from a candidate makes me the bad guy, so be it.

If Obama was raised in that background and never embraced as a youth that religion, he should say so as it does conflict with his previous statement.

By the way, I don't have any outstanding warrants so good luck getting me arrested.

He is a professed Christian as we all know. One who went to a racist church for 20 years and somehow he managed to be absent every time his Pastor went over the line. (If you believe that, I have some swampland for sale...)

The fact is Senator Obama's rhetoric about being different just is not true, he is just another dishonest politician who will say anything to anyone to get elected. Just tell us the truth Senator, just tell us the truth.

He certainly changed his tune on his pastor didn't he? But he only did that because the country got to learn about the hateful environment at Trinity Church....

1-21-07: "The Senator does check with his Pastor before making any bold political moves." Chicago Tribune

2-10-07: Obama to Wright: "You can get kind of rough in the sermons, so what we've decided is that it's best for you not to be out there in public." New York Times (but, but, but I thought he was absent when Wright got "rough")

3-16-07: "Senator Obama is proud of his pastor and his church" Obama Campaign Announcement.

4-30-07: Wright. "If Barack gets past the primary, he might have to distance himself from me... I said it to Barack personally, and he said yeah, that might have to happen" New York Times

12-4-07: Obama appoints Wright to his campaign's African-American Religious Leadership Committee.

3-14-08: Obama kicks Wright off his campaign's African-American Religious Leadership Committee

4-29-08: Obama: "I may not know his as well as I thought"

Ya think? You knew him Senator, you knew him perfectly well. Only we didn't know him.

Racine Alderman Greg Helding was the Foreman of the McGee Federal Jury.

For those who missed the news, I found it fascinating that Racine Alderman Greg Helding was the Foreman of the Federal Jury in the Michael McGee case.

I spoke with Alderman Helding this afternoon and asked him to spill the beans on the inside of that jury room. He laughed and declined saying that the jurors agreed to keep those details between themselves.

Alderman Helding did tell me that the jurors were surprised that McGee's defense only called three witnesses.

Talk about a jury of your peers though, the foreperson was also an Alderman who served on a licensing committee.

I thank Alderman Helding and all those who do their civic duty by serving jury duty. This case took a week and a half our of the lives of those jurors. That's a lot for anyone to give up.

Guess the number game


Ania Egland responds to MoveOn.org ad attacking Sen. McCain

The idiocy of Madistan

In case you missed this one, the uber left in Madistan is suggesting outlawing drive-thru service.

You guessed it, to combat global warming.

June 24, 2008


The world is coming to an end, the Cubs lost at home.

Hey Kids....

Thug Mike

Guilty on all federal counts...

Gee I can't to hear Eugene whine about this.

Eric Holder Enters Advisor Protection Program

Obama Vice Presidential advisor Eric Holder entered the FBI’s Advisor Protection program today amidst rumors that he would soon be run down by an out-of-control bus. The rumors, stoked largely by right-wing hate sites such as HotAir, had FBI officials worried that the recent history of Obama advisors being run down might repeat itself.

“We’re taking these allegations very seriously,” said Samantha Wright, head of the Advisor Program. “Our profilers tell us we’re dealing with a sociopath here, who time and again hurls those who displease him beneath a rhetorical bus at the first sign of trouble. We don’t want Mr. Holder to become his latest victim.”

Agents said that Holder was being held in a secure location “to prevent anyone from getting to know him better and discovering that they didn’t know him very well to begin with.”

(From Plebian, proprietor of the Daily Dollop)

What's up with the deer?

Ok my co-worker told me his wife hit a deer on Ryan Road this morning and now this...

TUESDAY, June 24, 2008,
1:32 p.m.
By Associated Press

Deer crashes through store window

Racine - A deer was euthanized after it broke through the front window of a Racine flooring store today. Brian Duchac works across the street from the Mcintosh Floor Centre. He says he saw a buck and doe run across the road. The buck bounced off the store's windows, tumbled, sprinted around the back of the building and disappeared. But the doe broke through the glass. It was shot with a tranquilizer gun and later euthanized by the state Department of Natural Resources.

I blame Scott Walker. You see the parks are too nice so they are full of people pushing the deer out into the cities.

June 23, 2008

Hansen Warns Congress on Polar Bears

Climate scientist James Hansen told a Congressional committee today that unless swift and certain action is taken, “within a few years we will be facing a Polar Bear invasion the likes of which humanity will barely survive.”

“This is an issue that we need to tackle now, by trimming surplus human population and crippling the economy, before it becomes too late,” Hansen said in his statement. “The Northwest Passage, closed since the age of dinosaurs, will open up and expose our northern waterways to ice floes that will regularly come from the North Pole. On these frozen barges, likely guided by pilot monkeys, will come the Polar Bears, seeking to extract vengeance for our wanton consumerism.”

Hansen painted a bleak picture for cities on the Great Lakes such as Chicago or Detroit. “Armies of these giant, killer bears wandering desolate cities, eating what few survivors remain trying to glean a life off of rainwater and abandoned radioactive sludge,” Hansen predicted. “Then, the Bears will strike south, down the Mississippi, rupturing fragile levees and destroying farmland like a plague of two-ton carnivorous locusts.”

After his statement Hansen answered questions, saying at one point that “it’s now time to panic, crack each other’s heads open and feast on the goo inside.”

[Brought to you by the Daily Dollop]

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The subject this week: KRM.

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Congratulations to our MRQ of the week winner, Dave Casper.

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I apologize for being behind on this. We'll have a MRQ of the week poll for last week up soon and a new version of MRQ up later today.

June 22, 2008

Caption This.

Thought of the week.

So life has a hill, get over it.

First shot...

...across the bow.

If you don't give in and vote for the Chosen One, then you must be racist.

What a joke.
You heard it here last.