May 31, 2008

To all you foodies out there...

Tomorrow night on Iron Chef America, Milwaukee's own Chef Paul Bartolotta will be featured as the competing chef.

I wonder what the secret ingredient will be?

Thought of the week.

Things to do today:
1 Get up
2 survive
3 go back to bed.

May 30, 2008

Young Hillary Clinton

True enough.

I'm stunned by this.

Whatever the military success, and progress that may have been made, the surge didn't accomplish its goal. And some of the success of the surge is that the goodwill of the Iranians - they decided in Basra when the fighting would end, they negotiated that cessation of hostilities - the Iranians..

Yes, that is your Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, crediting Iran for success in Iraq.

Despite her best efforts to ensure our defeat there, our valiant troops and the Iraqi people have turned their country around.

And Nancy Pelosi credits Iran.

With every new day I become more and more confused as to how anyone can support these Democrats.

Chocolate Fest Straw Poll results.

For Immediate Release

May 29, 2008
Contact: Bill Folk, Chairman, 262-639-6536

Racine County Republicans ask Chocolate Fest visitors to look to the future

Over Memorial Day weekend the Racine County Republican Party promoted their values and candidates at Chocolate Fest in Burlington. A number of our Republican candidates and elected officials were on hand to talk with Fest visitors and answer their questions. In attendance were State Assemblymen Scott Gunderson (Dist. 83), Samantha Kerkman (Dist. 66), and Robin Vos (Dist. 63), Racine County DA Mike Nieskes, Racine County Board member Mike Dawson, Burlington Mayor Bob Miller, State Senate candidate (Dist. 22) Ben Bakke, and Racine County Clerk candidate (currently Caledonia Village Clerk) Wendy Christensen.

An additional thank you goes out to all those that volunteered at the booth throughout the Fest and a special thank you to Bob Geason of Burlington for coordinating and organizing the booth and volunteers.

In addition to the literature and information shared, the Racine County Republican Party conducted a straw poll for the 2010 Governor and US Senate primaries. The results showed the following:

2010 Governor Primary

Scott Walker 58%
Tommy Thompson 12%
Mark Neumann 10%
Scott Fitzgerald 7%
JB Van Hollen 7%
Mike Huebsch 3%
Bill McCoshen 3%

2010 Senate Primary

Paul Ryan 68%
Mark Green 26%
Curt Culver 2%
Ted Kanavas 2%
Tim Michels 2%

Although much focus is on the 2008 Presidential elections, it’s never too early to start thinking about who will be our Governor and US Senator come 2010.

May 29, 2008

Caption This:

Headlines, Explained

Let’s pass a few headlines of current stories through a filter and see how they should be more honestly written:

Guy we think is moron badmouths guy we think is evil
McClellan memoir must be true, despite the fact we hated him

Hillary won’t roll over, die
Hope is good until it becomes a distraction

McCain not fit to be president because he’s not a Democrat
Being a good Republican means he’s best of the worst

We think Olbermann’s an idiot, too
But he’s our idiot so we don’t get worked up about him

Bloggers’ main role should be donating to Democrats, exposing Republicans
Spouting opinion is to be discouraged

(Read more at Daily Dollop!)

Please do your part.

Remember to sign up for Carbon Belch Day.

Senator Obama: When will you finally visit Iraq?

May 28, 2008

UN vs Wal-Mart

Which one is a greater threat to world peace? Let’s go to the tale of the tape:

UN Workers wear blue helmets
Wal-Mart workers wear blue vests
Verdict: Toss-up. The vest might make you look like a Boy Scout, but the helmet makes you look like a condom.

Child Exploitation
UN Peacekeepers are abusing children, with at least one major event per year going reported. UN spokespeople have a “can’t make an omelet without breaking an egg” response:
A UN spokesman, Nick Birnback, said that it was impossible to ensure "zero incidents" within an organisation that has up to 200,000 personnel serving around the world.
Wal-Mart employs 2.1 million people worldwide, with nary a hint of organizational failures that allow child exploitation to thrive.
Verdict: UN, but only if you happen to be female or have a child. Otherwise no problem.

UN Peacekeepers are far more likely to engage in illegal arms sales than combat when they encounter militia groups. That is, when they stick around and don’t just retreat at the first sign of trouble.
Wal-Mart sells weapons in accordance with all local and federal laws, but still makes massive headlines whenever a disturbed teenage client shoots up a school after frequenting their stores.
Verdict: Wal-Mart. But only because the UN’s cowardice offsets their corruptness in this matter.

The Company they Keep
UN Peacekeepers are often found around genocidal thugs who rape, maim, and kill their opponents without fear of the Peacekeepers getting involved.
Wal-Mart generally doesn’t have a presence in places with massive amounts of raping, maiming, and killing, other than their Chicago-area stores.
Verdict: UN. Lie down with dogs, wake up with fleas

Where the money goes
UN Peacekeepers are funded by the UN, which derives most of its income from the so-called developed world, which means that their raping and pillaging is heavily subsidized by Western democracies.
Wal-Mart is a publicly traded company that delivers goods and services to millions of clients worldwide, and is dependent upon their continued commerce for its very existence.
Verdict: UN. Because I really prefer hands-on raping and pillaging instead of outsourcing it. Or at the very least take bids. I bet Blackwater could rape and pillage at a fraction of the UN’s cost.

Overall, it sure looks to me like the UN is far more dangerous to world peace than Wal-Mart, the bĂȘte noir of the worldwide Left.

But what do I know? I’m just the one paying for it.
(I cross-posted this at Daily Dollop)

Guess the number game

650,000 +

Update: Johnsonville brats has given away more than $650,000 to area charities as a result of brat days in Madison.

Yeah, I can see why liberals would want to protest a company that gives back so much to the community.

This is one you have to read folks....

Refit one of the world's most powerful icebreaking ships for tourism and sell your cruise as one of the last chances to see the ice cap before it is gone for good...

May 27, 2008

Fill in the blank.

Bill Hall________________________________.

MRQ of the week.

Congratulations to our MRQ of the week winner, Casper.

A badger is gnawing on my privates???

We'll have your trophy at Drinking Right.

Well, duh!

No wonder he says he won't repeat mistakes like past presidents....he can't really remember the past.
Now I ask you: How does what Hilly said about Kennedy compare to this "faux pax (lie)"?
Someone please essplain to me what the big to do was about what she said.

Can you help?

This was forwarded to me today, please help if you can:
We are planning a silent auction fundraiser for Jamie Isome and his family on Saturday, June 14th. Some of you may or may not know Jamie; he is very active in the community, the husband of Assistant General Manager and Personal Trainer, Tenille Isome, and very recent father to daughter, Jamie Renee Isome. Jamie is a football player for the Racine Raiders and the Milwaukee Bone Crushers and attentive bartender at the local Spinnakers, here in Racine.
Jamie has been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer; he received surgery several weeks ago that removed 90% of the tumor. He has started treatments to reduce the cancer’s affect on his body, though the cancer cannot be cured, the treatments will help prolong his life.
We know that here at Razor Sharp we’ve become a community within a community. We want to help our members to the best of our ability. As the medical bills continue to add up with Jamie’s treatments, we are partnering with Scores to host this event to help lighten their burden. Jamie and Tenille deserve to celebrate the birth of their daughter, rather than worry about mounting bills and the possibility of financial hardship.

Scores will continue the event after the silent auction at Razor Sharp. The event there will start at 5 pm. There will be a $10 charge at the door, food from 5-10, a DJ from 7-close, and prize drawings throughout the evening. All proceeds (donation at the door, drinks, prize ticket money & the bartender’s tips) from this event will be donated to the Jamie Isome Fund.

We hope that you consider this cause as one of those for which to give. Your support is sincerely appreciated by Jamie, Tenille, the Razor Sharp and Scores community and all their friends and family, and your donations are encouraged. We need your help to have a successful silent auction; donation examples could include gift certificates, event tickets, services, jewelry, etc.
If you want to get involved, please contact Andrea Lowden, Fundraising Coordinator, by email: or phone 262-488-5127.

Thank you for your support!
We look forward to seeing you Saturday, June 14th.
Razor Sharp Fitness
7300 Washington Ave., Racine, WI 53406

Maxine Waters threatens to nationalize U.S. oil industries

President Chavez, Rep Waters...

Ya'll have a lot in common.

MRQ, yes I know it is Tuesday....


May is behaving like April Dr. Blogstein.

it was a girly evening. Keith.

drinking some girly drinks Ally.

I am your brother... your best friend forever! Fishmonger.

Dennis Quaid just walked by me. Racer Rick.

No pants look on good on you. Kevin.

that better make fred's TRQ! Amy.

dressed up as a "Pip?" Kevin.

Note to self: type slow when posting to Twitter, if you don't, your letters run together & you look stupid. Patrick.


“Will Barack Throw Mama From the Train?” Sean.

one night our liberal friend got a little unsober Aaron.

I can't do this again. Foot.

We all know that Obama would retaliate by sending cupcakes shaped like little mushroom clouds. Aaron

Daddy or No Daddy J Gravelle.

Boo frickity hoo Ryan.

How about 100% -- and we keep our nukes? Blue.

Beware of Big Sausage. Chris.

’That would make me an Obama fan Kate.

He has a short temper and a drinking problem. Brad

Those trees look pretty healthy Silent E.

take the time to remember. It ain't about you. Grumps.

I’m an engineer and a dork (but I repeat myself). Plebian.

"bobblefoot"? Mary.

Big girl furniture. Jones.

open eyes and low expectations. Owen.

aggressively pursuing angry loners and inebriated winos. Plebian.

My fudge is heaven. Amy.

May 26, 2008

IHT: Racist Wisconsin Hicks Elect Lying Neophyte

[Special report from Plebian, RDW International Correspondent; see my disclosure at the end]

I just happened to be on a flight to Italy today, so it gave me the opportunity to do something that I rarely do: read the New York Times. Okay, in this case it’s the International Herald Tribune, the international version of the NYT. I couldn’t tell you if this story exists on the NYT or not, and quite frankly, I won’t be going over there to look, either. If you’re curious, you search it out and tell us in the comments.

However, the great state of Wisconsin does get a shout-out in the IHT, in a story titled “US Voting for Judges Perplexes Other Nations.” Its case study is the recent election of Michael Gableman as an example of what’s wrong with the US system. Here’s how the story starts:
“Last month Wisconsin voters did something that is routine in the United States but virtually unknown in the rest of the world: They elected a judge.

The vote came after a bitter $5-million campaign in which a small-town trial judge with thin credentials ran a television advertisement falsely suggesting that the only black justice on the state Supreme Court had helped free a black rapist. The challenger unseated the justice with 51 percent of the vote, and will join the court in August.”

What a picturesque portrait the paint of your racist paradise, bitterly clinging to small-town judges who run slanderous advertisements that make the Willie Horton ads look like Teletubbies commercials!

The article has a lot of blah-blah after that about electing judges, most of it tut-tutting from international legal experts, presumably because international courts are renowned for their fairness and impartiality, as witnessed by recent show trials in Canada and the United Kingdom.

But they manage to work in one more dig at the soon-to-be Supreme Justice Gableman:
“The new justice on the Wisconsin supreme Court is Michael Gableman, who has been the only judge on the Burnett County Circuit Court in Siren, a job he got in 2002 when he was appointed to fill a vacancy by Governor Scott McCallum, a Republican.
The Governor, who received two $1,250 campaign contributions from Gableman, chose him over the two candidates proposed by his advisory council on judicial selection. Gableman, a graduate of Hamline University School of Law in St. Paul, Minnesota, went on to be elected to the circuit court position in 2003.

The much more rigorous French model, in which aspiring judges are subjected to a battery of tests and years at a special school, has its benefits, said Mitchel Lasser, a law professor at Cornell University in New York and the author of Judicial Deliberations: a Comparative Analysis of Judicial Transparency and Legitimacy.

“You have people who actually know what the hell they’re doing,” Lasser said. They’ve spent years in school taking practical and theoretical courses on how to be a
judge. These are professionals.”
Did you get that? If not, I’ll type in Variety-style headline speak so you can understand it better:


So there you have it, Wisconsin residents: you’ve elected an ill-prepared lying racist who bought off the governor and is barely qualified to judge a pie-eating contest in Petticoat Junction, which not incidentally was likely his last job.

Are you proud of yourselves?

(In the interest of disclosure: I am not a Wisconsin native, I didn’t vote for anybody in this race, I don’t know the first thing about this election, I never saw any of the ads or read any of the publicity, and I was not near the grassy knoll that fateful December day. I bring this to your attention because I know Fred supported this guy and I figured y’all might find it interesting. I have not embellished their quotations at all and copied them verbatim from the May 26 International Herald Tribune.)

(In the interest of further disclosure, you can read more of my rambling at Daily Dollop)


MRQ will be published tomorrow.

Today is about something else entirely.

On this Memorial Day.

On this Memorial Day nothing else matters.

On this Memorial Day we set aside a little time to honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for us.

On this Memorial Day we should put aside our partisan bickering.

On this Memorial Day we should stop, pause and pray for those who are currently in harms way.

On this Memorial Day I thank those who have served in all branches of our armed services. You are our best, and you gave your best.

On this Memorial Day, and every other day, may God bless you and your families.