April 4, 2008

Someone get a tin foil hat for Uncle Ted.

We'll have eight degrees -- we'll be eight degrees hotter in 10 -- not 10, but in 30 or 40 years. And basically none of the crops will grow. Most of the people will have died, and the rest of us will be cannibals.

Ted Turner.

The difference

Do you remember November 2006? I do.

After The Democrats stomped the Republicans in the elections what did we hear?

Democrats: Conservatism is dead, we'll govern differently, the peoples message must be heard.

Republicans: We did not do an effective job of getting our message out, we strayed from conservative principles, it is our fault.

Compare that with April 2, 2008.

Democrats: The voters are too dumb to be trusted to make the correct decision, we need to change the process to keep this from happening again.

Republicans: We thank you for another chance we'll do better this time.

Were the RUSD Robo-Calls over the line?

In advance of Tuesday's vote on a 5 year $15 million + referendum to exceed school spending caps the Racine Unified School District did their very best to turn out the vote for the referendum.

The district placed calls using an existing system designed for emergency notification purposes. I'm sure that when budgeted the purpose of this system was not to help pass additional taxes on the district. According to the District's Communications Director Stephanie Kratochvil-Hayden, the district incurred no additional expense to make these calls as they pay a yearly licensing fee and no additional expense on a per call basis.

There were a sum total of 2,281 successful calls placed to staff. The script for those calls was approved by the referendum committee chaired by School Board member Don Nielsen, the message was recorded by interim Superintendent Jack Parker.

This is Superintendent Jack Parker reminding you about the important referendum vote happening tomorrow that effects the lives of the students in all of our schools. This referendum outcome will have a significant impact on our ability to provide students with the facilities they need. If approved, referendum funding will be used to fund security upgrades, make needed repairs to facilities and ensure schools offer safe, clean, and healthy environments. If you live within the Racine Unified voting area, please be sure to vote tomorrow. If you do not live within the voting area, please encourage those you know that do live within the voting area to vote. Our Kids. Our Schools. Our Future. Please vote tomorrow!

There were also 6,287 successful calls placed to parents of children in the district (in English and Spanish)

This message is to remind parents of the Racine Unified schools that tomorrow, Tuesday, April 1 is an important referendum vote that will effect the lives of the students in all of our schools. This referendum outcome will have a significant impact on our ability to provide students with the facilities they need. If approved, referendum funding will be used to fund security upgrades, make needed repairs to facilities and ensure schools offer safe, clean, and healthy environments in which students can learn. Our Kids. Our Schools. Our Future. Please vote tomorrow!

The district is not allowed to advocate a position in this or any election. They can encourage their staff to vote but in no way is the district supposed to endorse any particular position. Pushing their position onto parents is way over the line in my opinion.

Read these two mass distributed messages for yourselves and then ask yourself if these messages are simply informational or are they endorsing a particular position?

It is my position that the district pushed as far as they possibly could but both of these calls are clearly beyond educational and veering into the area of advocacy.

Appoint the Milwaukee City Attorney.

Governor Jim Doyle endorsed Pedro Colon to be the City Attorney in Milwaukee and for some reason the people were too dumb to elect Colon to the post.

This position is too important to trust to an electorate. How could they possibly understand the nuance that a lawyer who had tried exactly one case could have brought to the office of City Attorney?

In short, in turning away Colon the people proved themselves to be too dumb to make this choice in the future.

I believe the Governor should appoint this position in the future, unless of course the Governors office is held by a Republican then it should fall to the Mayor of Milwaukee.

We just can not trust these kinds of decisions to.... The people.

April 3, 2008

Someone check and see if hell is freezing over...

This link was on the New York Times site today... The New York Times linking to Wigdy and me on the same day? (Ha ha Wigdy I got top billing)

Headlines Around the Web

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April 3, 2008
Talk about your sour grapes.

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April 2, 2008
States seek to nudge federal government into climate action

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April 2, 2008
The race card

April 2, 2008
States sue EPA over global warming

The Democratic Daily Blog
April 2, 2008
States File Lawsuit Against EPA to Move on Global Warming

John McCain Ad: Ready

McCain's take.


Uncle Jay nailed it this week. (as usual)

Talk about your sour grapes.

Red Fred Kessler is so upset about the Supreme Court result he wants to change the way we select state Justices. This is a text book example of liberalism folks, if you do not like the result from the people, change the process.

MADISON – State Representative Frederick P. Kessler (D-Milwaukee) is calling on Governor Doyle to include in any future Special Session call a constitutional amendment that gives the governor appointment authority for Justices of the Supreme Court.

“I was extremely disappointed with the result of the election of the Supreme Court yesterday. It appears that special interests again were able to determine the outcome and focus the campaign on issues that had been distorted. Political campaigns for the Supreme Court appear now to not be run on the merits but instead at the behest of special interests with hidden agendas.”

Now folks ask yourselves one question. If the special interests of the trial lawyers, WEAC, PMW and OWN had gotten their candidate elected would Red Fred Kessler have released this?

Absolutely not.

What a baby.

April 2, 2008

How does Wisconsin rate?

Not well really.

Check this out from a bi-partisan report from Competitive Wisconsin Inc. (H/T Mary Lazich)

1) PER CAPITA INCOME: Wisconsin’s per capita income, $34,476, is below the national average of $36,629. As CWI reports, “Personal per capita income is often cited as a measure of a state’s relative economic health. Wisconsin’s per capita income also continues to significantly trail that of its neighbors, Illinois ($38,297) and Minnesota ($38,751).”

2) JOB GROWTH: CWI reports, “In 2006, the number of Wisconsin jobs increased 0.7%, a drop from 1.1% in 2004 and 1.2% in 2005. Wisconsin trails the national average of 1.8%.”

3) CREATION OF NEW PRIVATE BUSINESSES: Wisconsin lags behind the nation in this category as well. CWI reports, “The number of new private businesses in Wisconsin dropped 0.4% in 2006, while the number of businesses grew nationally 2.5%. Even more troubling is that all of Wisconsin’s neighbors had increases in 2006.”

We can not tax ourselves into prosperity folks. Put pressure onto your Assembly person and State Senator, let them know that the last thing Wisconsin needs right now is for more money to be taken out of our wallets.

Tell the government that they need to do what you do in tough times; buckle down, cut the excess and live within your means. Wisconsin should find every way to remove barriers to entry for business to come into Wisconsin. More government spending and higher and higher taxes are not friendly to business.

(Read the whole report here)

Fifth gear: Double decker smart.

Thanks Russ

While the local leftosphere is out of their minds complaining about special interest ads against Butler, while of course ignoring all of their own special interest negative ads, I'd like to remind them who they have to thank for this.

RUSD Referendum Recap

I was one of the 'No' voters that turned out to be in the minority yesterday, however, I am looking at the passing of the referendum in a positive light.

It is true that the current board and administration is still stained with the aftermath of Dr. Hicks, it with hope that those in charge will prove themselves worthy. Now that the head of the corruption monster is gone, perhaps funds will be allocated to where they are needed. I am not brimming with confidence, but am hopeful nonetheless.

RUSD, now that you have the money, this is your prime opportunity to earn back the public's trust. Don't waste it!

Gableman Wins!

With 96% of the vote in Michael Gableman has been elected to a seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court!

Gableman holds a 19,723 vote lead with 4% of the vote left to come in.

Not surprisingly Justice Butler has refused to concede defeat, he must be looking for a loophole to change the results.
This is a major step forward for Wisconsin and a stinging defeat to the attack left and the trial lawyers.

April 1, 2008

What do you know, Milwaukee County got it right.

Congratulations Scott.
Oh, ain't the leftosphere ticked.

Colon loses

Pedro Colon has lost his race for City Attorney in Milwaukee.

This race never made sense to me. Pedro Colon did not have the credentials to do this job yet every big name Democrat lined up and endorsed him anyway.

Just another shining example that to Democrats the only real requirement for any job is party loyalty. If they cared one ounce about the ability to actually do the job should have never endorsed Colon.

Oh well, they'll put Pedro on another paid board that he can increase taxes on without any oversight.

Carpenter Wins!

Kathy Carpenter spent all but 19 cents in her campaign account and it paid off, she won her initial race for Alderman in Kenosha with 59% of the vote!

Congratulations Kathy!

See ya' Frankie

The Frankenstein veto is gone...

GO KATHY GO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kenosha Alderperson 5 REPORTING 27%

Kathy Carpenter 438 62%

Kurt Sinclair (inc) 269 38%


58% in & Michael McGee is down 62% to 38%.

In other news, 38% of people in the 6th district have voted for a guy in jail....

Kaplan wins two!

Racine County Supervisor Ken Lumpkin told me 13 months ago he would be running against Jim Kaplan for his seat as Alderman.

Lumpkin assumed he would run unopposed for his county board seat but in a surprise move Kaplan declared against Lumpkin for that seat as well.

Lumpkin and his pal Keith Fair were transporting people to the polls in a large white limo today but that did not prove to be enough of an incentive as the voters of the 4th Aldermanic and Supervisory Districts made Kaplan their choice.

I just spoke with Aldervisor Kaplan and offered my congratulations.

Guess the number game


UPDATE: Brewer closer Eric Gagne's ERA. (Kerry Wood's ERA too for that matter)

Ok it's official.

UPDATE: Thanks to Erick Erickson of RedState for helping me pull this off!

As you know I attended the SamSphere conference in Chicago over the weekend.

It was not just a conference, I also had a job interview.

Effective April 15 I will be the new Associate Editor of RedState.com. My focus will be on covering state level blog stories of national interest.

This means my role here @ RDW will diminsh greatly and Mrs RDW & I will be moving to the DC area.

My buddy Still Unreal who has done a FABULOUS job of filling in for me of late will be taking the helm as the primary blogger here at that time.

Who knew you could actually make a living doing this?

Play of the Day: Obama Bowls

He bowled a 37....

March 31, 2008

MRQ Winners

Our 1st semi-finalist for MRQ of the Year is......


Seriously, Aaron? Should I leave the poll open until someone passes him? Oh, that's right, that will be for Michael McGee's district tomorrow.

Further proof that the most efficient use of ethanol is DRINKING it.

Our MRQ of the week winner is Lance.

You’re too young to be out on the internet alone.

Congratulations Lance, you'll be in the next semi-final round.

Racine School Board Election.

I have had several requests for information about who to vote for in the Racine School Board race.

The best two choices are John Leiber and Karen Norton without a doubt.

These two are the most independent and are not as in the pockets of the special interests as the other three. Those three will vote for union interest first while claiming of course "its for the children"

As a third choice, I guess I'd suggest Melvin Hargrove. I've never met him but I know many people who think very highly of him. If it came down to doing the union thing or doing the right thing, you have a fair shot that he would make the right choice.

In short, yes to Leiber and Norton, and a big huge NO on the referendum.

The school board can stuff all the its for the children rhetoric on this. The simple fact is this district has had more than enough money to manage maintenance and has made the choice to waste it on expensive consultants, stupid studies, unearned bonuses and fancy conferences. They actually think we should pony up millions of dollars without their properly addressing their own role in things being as they are.

Simply stated the board has not earned any trust back. If this maintenance is needed so badly cut out the consultants and trim some bureaucratic nonsense to help pay for it. Need some scraping and painting done, ask for volunteers.

PMW Woops....

This from the folks at PMW on Racine County Board Candidate Melissa Taylor...

Melissa Taylor is an environmental activist in Racine County and was recruited to run by our regional task force and the Racine Women's Progressive Network. Melissa is a mother of two and, in addition to her work on environmental issues, is very active in the public schools. If Melissa wins this election she will be the only African American serving on the Racine County Board. Her opponent was appointed to the Board last December when the incumbent resigned. Melissa has a sound campaign in place and with a victory she can change the face of the Racine County Board.

If you would like to see what the hyper-partisan PMW is saying about the candidates in this or any of the other non-partisan races in Wisconsin please go here and look.

However, in regards to the claim that Melissa Taylor would be the only African American serving on the Racine County Board, I guess they already think Ken Lumpkin lost his race to Jim Kaplan. If I were Ken I'd be upset about being dissed.

And of course there is also Alderman Supervisor Q.A. Shakoor, Supervisor Donnie Snow and Supervisor Gaynell Dyess.

Accuracy never was one of their strong suits.

MRQ never gets rained out.

They found Fred Risser! Wiggy.

It cost 25 cents, and included pie. Tony.

Liar, liar pantsuit on fire. Wagner.

I'm gonna need more xanax. Jimi.

I’m starting to wonder if the government isn’t issuing blogs free with every Social Security Number. Elliot.

There's something about this town that drives people to drink. Ally

I’m just exercising my Audacity of Hope. Shoebox.

evil mercury fluorescent bulbs of death. Althouse.

time to treat Cinderella like the drunk girl who passes out at a frat party. Chris.

I have a flash mob to flee. Redstate.

When is the last time you heard Wayne and Garth quoted in a political conversation? Dan.

it won't be two buck chuck it will be 10 buck SUCK. Bryan.

Holy Schneike!! flasputnik.

Pulling small furry animals out of his hat. Casper.

boaaaaack boack boack boack.... Jones.

giggling like little girls. Aaron.

an opportunity to smirt. Ally.

Good job, mom. Bruce.

If you are a liberal blogger, delete your website so that you won’t be contributing to people using their electricity during the black out. Avman.

The lights are off, and anyway it’s the thought that counts. AP.

I've got 3 cases in my basement. TAB.

they've moved the sausage race to the middle of the sixth. Deb.

It all depends on what your definition of "sniper fire" is. MPP.

Bill Clinton was also near the location of the missing truck... Santa.

I could get ugly. Silent E. (could?)

Are there really people who don't know how to work the seat belt on a plane? Maggie.

Come to think of it, Al Gore invented the environment. Bitter Ed.

Dude, take off the tie.

Come on Barack, you are photo opping while bowling. You put on the shoes, ditch the tie. If you are trying to make yourself look like a regular guy, I have never seen anyone bowl in a tie, ever.

Election Endorsement Haikus

Michael Gableman
He deserves to win this seat
Don't believe the lies

Racine School Board vote
They are all the same really
Leiber is the best

Frankenstein veto
A yes vote will make Doyle sad
Stop making stuff up

I'm Lena Taylor
I am no issue expert
I blame Scott Walker

School Referendum
A no vote sends the message
We don't trust you yet

Racine County Board
Please vote for Lou and Brian
We need new talent

Burton for Trustee
Caledonia Deserves Kat
I'm pullin' for you.

Kathy Carpenter
Kenosha News endorsed you.
So does RDW

Aldervisor Jim
Kaplan is doing it right.
His will, not ours Jim

Re-Elect Nelson
Karen deserves our support
I have her yard sign

Neubauer, Lisa
What are you so ashamed of?
Vote for Bill Gleisner

Americans for Prosperity-WI Press Conference - Roy Innis

And so it begins....

Any thoughts or predictions on the season?

Andy Dillon's Thugs - WDIV 11PM 3/17/2008

This reminds me of the AFP taxpayer rally so much. Send in a bunch of government union thugs to try and intimidate people participating int he process.

What they do not tell you in the story is that by Michigan law you have to be from the district to pass petitions. This is a grass roots effort being led by about 3 people and the unions are shipping in people from all over the state to fight them.

March 30, 2008

Good questions from Roy Spencer.

Roy Spencer gets it....

Hey, Nobel Prize Winners, Answer Me This

Written By: Roy W. SpencerPublished In: News ReleasesPublication Date: March 15, 2008Publisher: International Climate and Environmental Change Assessment Project

As a climate scientist, I would like to see some answers to a few basic global warming science questions which I’m sure the U.N.’s Ministry of Global Warming Truth (also known as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, IPCC) can handle. After all, since they are 90% confident that recent global warming is manmade, they surely must have already addressed these issues:

1) Why are ALL of the 20+ IPCC climate models more sensitive in their total cloud feedback than published estimates of cloud feedbacks in the real climate system (Forster and Gregory, J. Climate, 2006)? If the answer is that “there are huge error bars on our observational estimates of feedback”, then doesn’t that mean that it is just as likely that the real climate system is very insensitive (making manmade global warming a non-problem) as it is to be as sensitive as the IPCC models claim it is?

2) And regarding those observational estimates of (somewhat) positive cloud feedbacks: How do you know that the cloud changes that have been observed during temperature changes really are “feedbacks”? In other words, how do you know that the temperature changes caused the cloud changes, rather than the other way around? This basic distinction between cause and effect is critical because such a misinterpretation will ALWAYS make the climate system look more sensitive than it really is (e.g., it is energetically impossible for more low clouds to cause a warming). Doesn’t it seem like a coincidence that the ONE case were we know that there was a huge non-cloud forcing (the 1991 eruption of Mt. Pinatubo) resulted in a negative solar shortwave cloud feedback, whereas all other periods showed supposedly positive shortwave cloud “feedback”?

3) As a follow on to question #2, we all agree that there has been strong global-average warming since the 1970's. Well, how do you know this wasn’t the result of a small, natural change in cloud cover? Doesn’t it seem like (another) coincidence that the Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO) just happened to shift to a different mode in 1977, about the time that the warming started? (Please don’t say that the greater warming over land versus ocean is consistent with manmade greenhouse gas forcing…because it is also consistent with ANY kind of change in the Earth’s radiant energy budget, whether natural or manmade.)

The fact is, we DON’T know how much of recent warming is natural, simply because we don’t have good enough global cloud observations back to the 1970's (and earlier) to measure any long-term changes in cloudiness to the required accuracy - 1% or less.

The same cause-versus-effect uncertainty is true of any other climate variable as well, for instance water vapor, our main greenhouse gas. A small change in precipitation efficiency (the main process which ultimately limits the strength of the natural greenhouse effect) could cause a change in average water vapor content, which then would change the average temperature. In other words, increased water vapor doesn’t have to only result from warming…warming can also result from increased water vapor.

The fact that we don’t have a good enough understanding (or observations) of cloud changes, or precipitation efficiency changes, on decadal time scales to document such potential mechanisms seems like pretty weak justification for blaming all of our recent warming on mankind. And if you say, “well, the IPCC doesn’t claim that ALL of the warming is manmade…”, then tell me: About what percentage of the warming IS natural, and how did you come up with that quantitative estimate?

I fear that the sloppy science that too many climate researchers have lapsed into could, in the end, hurt our scientific discipline beyond repair. The very high level of certainty (90%) claimed by the IPCC for their manmade explanation for warming can not be justified based upon the scientific evidence, and is little more than an expression of their faith that they understand the causes of climate variability - which they clearly don’t.

For those scientists who value their scientific reputations, I would advise that they distance themselves from politically-motivated claims of a “scientific consensus” on the causes of global warming -- before it is too late. Don’t let five Norwegians on the Nobel Prize committee be the arbiters of what is good science.

Roy W. Spencer is a principal research scientist for the University of Alabama in Huntsville and the U.S. Science Team Leader for the Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer (AMSR-E) on NASA’s Aqua satellite.


Anyone that knows me knows that there are 3 bands that I would want to see in concert before I die.
The Police - Check!
U2 - Check (a few times over)!
The Rolling Stones - Not checked yet, but hey, they're probably going to outlive me anyway-so I figure I have time.

I thought it was kinda cool when Mick rolled his eyes on the Ed Sullivan Show ("..let's spend some time together??" WTF?). Now, however, comes news that this once rebel band who dreads conforming, has gone PC!


Gee, I can't wait.

Oliver Stone is going to be doing a movie about our current pres.
This is a man who passed off "JFK" as history. It was filled with so much crap and inaccuracies, I couldn't bring myself to watch it a second time to mark down all the liberties he took with the facts.
Maybe its just that I watched it right after I had to finish my term paper in college on the assassination of JFK....but I doubt it. The movie sucked (Jim Garrison as a "hero??" pffftt...)

Anywho, Stoney says this:
“a fair, true portrait of the man. How did Bush go from being an alcoholic bum to the most powerful figure in the world?”
Right....and the politically ambivalent Josh Brolin is set to play him, too.
Oh this should be good, dontcha think?