March 29, 2008

Maybe its for the children.

Why else would you do this?

I laughed and laughed.....then thought about it some....

uh....that can't happen, right?

Oh, man...

I shudder to think how close this thing was to my home town...

Turn the lights on...

Remember to turn on every light in your home this evening between 8 & 9 pm as part of the national Al Gore is full of it campaign.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled guest blogger.

Who am I?

Not my best Photoshop work, but hopefully you get the idea...

Need a hint?


***UPDATE: Lloyd got it. Here's the complete picture:

March 28, 2008


So a few nites ago after way too may late-nite chocolate snacks, I was up watching something or other on the Discovery channel and this commercial comes on.
Now, usually I just surf thru commercials but this one made me stop for a bit. This is a commercial that I’ve seen and surfed thru numerous times.
Maybe it was because it was so late.
Maybe it was because I was even more ornery than usual. But I watched.
Maybe it was because of the opening line:
In today’s world, it is very important to learn another language.

The lady then went on to tell me how I could easily learn to speak Spanish (because apparently this is the international language of business?). Simply by pronouncing certain phonetic words in English, I’d be speaking Spanish.

What. The. Hell.

Does anyone think they run “learn to speak English easily” ads on late nite Telemundo?

America has had to make many concessions as far as including multi-lingual integration in just about everything (“press 1 for English” et. al.)
Why can’t/doesn’t it go the other way?

So these are my questions.
I’d like to have everyone’s input on this, please.

I'm out...

Still Unreal the joint is all yours.

Best Photoshop Ever.

This is picture from Dennis York's site on a story about Jim Doyle being investigated by Oprah's book club. Classic.

For some reason this thing popped into my head this morning with this thought...

What is the best photoshop in Cheddarsphere history? Post your response and a link in comments. (You are looking at my nomination)

True enough.

I had to swipe this from Old Broad.

March 27, 2008

Caption This.

Who do you want answering the phone?

Two Buck Chuck.

Over the holidays Cyber Dad brought me a couple of bottles of 2 buck Chuck.

I'm no wine snob, but I don't usually care for the cheap stuff.

Seriously though, this was the best inexpensive wine I have ever had. In these trying economic times with gas now $3.49 a gallon I thought it was a good time to bring this up.
For those of you used to spending 10, 20, 30 dollars or more for a bottle of wine, try some award winning two buck Chuck, you just might like it.

Proposed changes in taxes after 2008 general election:

Proposed changes in taxes after 2008 General election:


MCCAIN 15% (no change)



How does this affect you? If you sell your home and make a profit, you will pay 28% of your gain on taxes. If you are heading toward retirement and would like to down-size your home or move into a retirement community, 28% of the money you make from your home will go to taxes. This proposal will adversely affect the elderly who are counting on the income from their homes as part of their retirement income.


MCCAIN 15% (no change)

OBAMA 39.6%


How will this affect you? If you have any money invested in stock market, IRA, mutual funds, college funds, life insurance, retirement accounts, or anything that pays or reinvests dividends, you will now be paying nearly 40% of the money earned on taxes if Obama or Clinton become president. The experts predict that "Higher tax rates on dividends and capital gains would crash the stock market yet do absolutely nothing to cut the deficit."


MCCAIN (no changes) Single making 30K - tax $4,500 Single making 50K - tax $12,500 Single making 75K - tax $18,750 Married making 60K- tax $9,000Married making 75K - tax $18,750 Married making 125K - tax $31,250

OBAMA (reversion to pre-Bush tax cuts) Single making 30K - tax $8,400 Single making 50K - tax $14,000 Single making 75K - tax $23,250 Married making 60K - tax $16,800 Married making 75K - tax $21,000 Married making 125K - tax $38,750

CLINTON (reversion to pre-Bush tax cuts) Single making 30K - tax $8,400 Single making 50K - tax $14,000 Single making 75K - tax $23,250 Married making 60K - tax $16,800 Married making 75K - tax $21,000 Married making 125K - tax $38,750

How does this affect you? No explanation needed. This is pretty straight forward.


MCCAIN 0% (No change, Bush repealed this tax)

OBAMA keep the inheritance tax

CLINTON keep the inheritance tax

How does this affect you? Many families have lost businesses, farms and ranches, and homes that have been in their families for generations because they could not afford the inheritance tax. Those willing their assets to loved ones will not only lose them to these taxes.


* New government taxes proposed on homes that are more than 2400 square feet
* New gasoline taxes (as if gas weren't high enough already)
* New taxes on natural resources consumption (heating gas, water, electricity)
* New taxes on retirement accounts

and last but not least....

* New taxes to pay for socialized medicine so we can put the government in charge of our healthcare.

The next time someone tells you there is no difference between the candidates, remember this.

Hillary WASN'T LYING! Bosnia gunfire footage discovered...

March 26, 2008

MRQ of the week.

Congratulations to our latest MRQ of the week winner, me.

So tragicly unhip I make Opie Taylor look like Snoop Dog.

Please go vote in the 1st quarter MRQ semi final!

What's the interesting line in this story?

Taking a bath on water tax

BUDGET - Revenue from new fee far below what was expected

March 26, 2008
BY FRAN SPIELMAN City Hall Reporter

Are Chicagoans trekking to the suburbs to buy cases of bottled water -- and avoid a new nickel-a-container tax that adds $1.20 to the price of a 24-pack? Or are they making the switch to tap water to save money?

One or the other is happening. Maybe both.

Revenues from Chicago's new bottled water tax are trickling in -- at a rate nearly 40 percent below projections -- exacerbating a budget crunch that has already prompted Mayor Daley to order $20 million in spending cuts.

January collections were $554,000. That's far short of the $875,000-a-month needed to meet the city's $10.5 million-a-year projection.

Wendy Abrams, a spokeswoman for the city's Budget and Management Office, said it's too early to sound the alarm.

"Since January is generally one of the coldest months of the winter, we don't think January collections are a strong indicator of potential revenue for the remainder of the year," she said.
David Vite, president of the Illinois Retail Merchant's Association, acknowledged that bottled water consumption rises with the temperature.

But that doesn't explain away what Vite calls "enormous increases" in suburban bottled water sales, particularly in stores near the Chicago border.

The racism of Jeremiah Wright now includes Italians.

From Leslie.

Jeremiah Wright's racism can be pretty specific.

In the most recent issue of the Trinity Trumpet Newsmagazine, published by Trinity United Church of Christ, the pastor slurs Italians, according to

"The Italians for the most part looked down their garlic noses at the Galileans," Mr. Wright explained, and Jesus's death on the cross constituted a "public lynching[,] Italian[-]style".

Guess the number game


Update: Clint nailed it. This is the adjusted gross income of Barack & Michelle Obama from their just released 2006 tax return.

I now see very clearly what Michelle has been telling all these women on the campaign stump about how much of a struggle it is get by in today's times.

I mean how can you possibly run a household on $1.6 million?

March 25, 2008

Do the right thing.

Wisconsin Director of Americans for Prosperity, Mark Block has hung out his own blog shingle.

Check out Do The Right Thing.

Gauging interest

A week from today Wisconsin goes to the polls again.

We have judicial races, aldermanic races, county execs, school board, county supervisors, school referenda all over the place and a state constitutional amendment acting as the cherry on the election sundae.

How interested are you in this election?

Gauge that interest on a scale of 1 to 100. 1 meaning, really didn't we just vote, to 100 meaning I'll wait as long as it takes. And if you don't mind, tell us why your interest is where it is.

Wait a minute...

You mean to tell me it is news that Hillary Clinton makes things up for campaign purposes?

Honestly, I thought that was common knowledge.

You have to admit, it is interesting to finally see the Clintons getting a little MSM scrutiny, that has been the fun side effect to their Obama love syndrome.

I am curious, how does glad handing our soldiers equal forieng policy experience? I am all for doing anything to support the troops, but do the two really equate?

Need one more Peep fix?


Has anyone seen Mrs RDW?

Semi trailer with 20 tons of chocolate stolen from Michigan City

March 24, 2008

MRQ - How many more inches for the record?

a Lassie look-alike named Nick Pete.

bars out the wazoo Dustbury.

Best. Pez. Dispenser. Ever. Tom.

Big Bullets must be raking in huge profits and taking Big Oil out to dinner. Fuzz.

every girl needs to at least know what the latest trends are LMS.

Can't forget the wing-nut part. Casper.

Maybe the State Senate should take it up and pass a bill making it our official state pothole. hsgbdmama

One last kick in the stones Dan.

All snow all the time. Jimi.

My mom says if she spent every day looking for her next job instead of showing up for the job she has, she’d be fired. Angelina.

Why not take this opportunity to spend some quality time with your bacon? Foot.

I've always preferred mimosas in the morning. Ally.

you’re too young to be out on the internet alone. Lance

It takes a hussy to know a hussy. Althouse.

Excuse me, while I don my asbestos suit. Marcus.

Ask me about my racist preacher! Blue.

if Osama Bin Laden had stolen a donut, he'd have been caught long ago. Steve.

I am a moron. Steve E. (Sorry Steve you asked for that)

My driveway is gone……….. Silent E.

Can I get a recount? Fred

bow to the boracle before he breathes fire in your direction! Kate.

I thought the pot hole was in Madistan? Still Unreal.

They'll probably remove you automatically when they find out your a white guy.... Silent E

You're bringing the brownies next week to the bake sale. Wiggy.

Spartacus blames Scott Walker too Deb.

MRQ of the week.

Congratulations to Aaron for belated MRQ of the week honors.


Can I get a recount?

Further proof that the most efficient use of ethanol is DRINKING it.

I'll have a poll up for last weeks MRQ shortly and this weeks MRQ up eventually. I do apologize folks, I've been having internet connectivity issues for the last three weeks, I'm behind on everything.

Who's Davidson.

Yesterday as it became obvious that Davidson would be UW Madison's opponent in the Sweet 16 a question went around the room.

What do you know about Davidson?

No one knew anything.

This is from their website: Davidson College is a liberal arts institution founded in 1837 by ministers of the Concord Presbytery. Its 1,700 students come from almost every state in the nation and many foreign countries. A highly selective admission process brings students who are proven scholars and leaders to a close campus community in the small town of Davidson, North Carolina.
Davidson posted a 28-6 record in the season but had a conference mark of 20-0. The played North Carolina to within 4 points, and Duke to within 7. This team has won 24 straight games including the tournament.
Wisconsin had better be ready.

3 Philadelphia Dems in trouble for forging signatures.

3 Philadelphia Democrats are in hot water after forging signatures on their nomination papers. has the details.


This weekend I'll be attending Sampsphere, a conference of free market/limited government focused bloggers.
This is from the Samsphere website: "Samsphere is a new media forum, hosted by the Sam Adams Alliance, where bloggers and e-activists from across the country can gather together to network and share ideas. Samsphere will be specifically geared toward bloggers and e-activists who focus on local and state-level politics, and who are dedicated to the principles of individual freedom and limited government."

This conference was designed to be a smaller event to keep the discussion more focused. There will be a second phase of this event coming up in Denver (details to be released soon).

As for this weekend in Chicago, the following blogs will be in attendance:

Erick Erickson * RedState * National
Alen Fuller * Flat Creek Management * National
John Fund * Wall Street Journal * National
Brad Jones * Face the State * National
Jenn Sierra * Fort Hard Knox * National
Erik Telford * Americans for Prosperity * National
E.M. Zanotti * American Princess * National
Bill Smith * ARRA News Service * Arkansas
Ben DeGrow * Mount Virtus * Colorado
Mark Johnson * ILGOPnet * Illinois
Bob Weeks * Wichita Liberty * Kansas
Earl Glynn * Kansas Meadowlark * Kansas
Jeff Blanco * Louisiana Conservative * Louisiana
Lance Dutson * Maine Web Report * Maine
Jack McHugh * Mackinac Center * Michigan
Chet Zarko * Outside Lansing * Michigan
Jim Hoft * Gateway Pundit * Missouri
Craig Sprout * Montana Politics * Montana
Chuck Muth * Muth’s Truths * Nevada
Skip Murphy * Granite Grok * New Hampshire
Mario Burgos * Mario Burgos * New Mexico
Maggie Thurber * Thurber’s Thoughts * Ohio
Chris Arps * Oklahoma Political News Service * Oklahoma
Trent Siebert * Tennessee Policy Institute * Tennessee
Leslie Carbone * Leslie Carbone * Virginia
Don Ward * Sound Politics * Washington
Fred Dooley * Real Debate Wisconsin * Wisconsin
Tristen Cramer * Haemet * Wyoming
Chad Everson * Grizzly Groundswell * Minnesota
Steve Sibson * Sibby Online * South Dakota

I look forward to meeting the attendees and forming new alliances and relationships.

Still Unreal has graciously agreed to fill in for me over the weekend here.

Easter Mass Attack.

6 Anti-war jerks staged a protest/attack at an Easter Sunday Mass in Chicago.

This is your tolerant compassionate left folks.


Gateway Pundit has details and pictures.

Ken Hall is too dumb to be elected.

This from the mouth of Racine County Board Member Ken Hall.

"One of the reasons Wisconsin is such a high-tax state is that it doesn’t get it’s fair share of federal money, and KRM would also be an opportunity to draw on those funds, he said."

Ken, KRM is projected to run at an 83% loss. I have shredded that projection and will guarantee KRM will run at an even larger loss than that. Leggies are trying to get a 650% tax increase to pay for this thing.

KRM will be nothing but a giant sucking sound of cash being drained from everyone's wallet who lives in the region.

Some people favor this project no matter what the cost, but to make the argument that KRM will help balance some federal funding balance issue is lunacy.

This logic from the mind that thinks Racine Counties #1 need is frisbee golf and our big issue is to let people our of jail and monitor them by "programs".

Voters do Racine County a favor, send Ken Hall to the unemployment line, again.