March 14, 2008

There is some party loyalty.

Democratic Presidential candidate Mike Gavel has endorsed the Green Party nominee, Jesse Johnson.

This of course proves that everyone in The Green Party is a racist and a sexist as they did not settle on Cynthia McKiney as their nominee and instead nominated a white guy.

This is new...

Washington Dems vote to raise taxes BEFORE the election.

Raising taxes in a tense economy...

What's the right word?


Hillary's Abramoff connection.

This from the Daily Kos today (so it must be true)

Abramoff GOP Lobbying Firm Indicted, Major HRC Donor

by leveymg

Fri Mar 14, 2008 at 06:46:16 AM PDT

Greenberg Traurig (GT), a major GOP partisan law and lobbying shop, has been indicted on federal charges in the Marianas Islands sweatshop case. The firm employed notorious political fixer Jack Abramoff.

Abramoff’s firm has a long history as a conduit for illegal foreign campaign contributions. GT were Bush's Campaign Lawyers during the 2000 Florida Recount, and is now a major donor to HRC's presidential campaign, according to the lastest FEC data.

Greenberg Traurig and the Tan Family, who are the center of the Saipan sweatshop and prostitution scandal, have both made large HRC campaign contributions.

In a odd coincidence, GOP presidential candidate Sen. John McCain chaired the Senate Committee which investigated Abramoff. As dengre has informed us, McCain's committee continues to withhold all but 8000 pages of the three-quarter of a million documents turned over to it.

This has the makings of a major presidential campaign blowup, if HRC gets the nomination.

(remember this one folks the next time a democrat tells you that the whole Abramoff thing was a strictly republican issue)

What is it with the media?

Why does the media insist on pounding a negative drumb beat on the economy?

Check this one out...

Weak dollar costs U.S. economy its No. 1 spot

PARIS (Reuters) - The U.S. economy lost the title of "world's biggest" to the euro zone this week as the value of the dollar slumped in currency markets.

So, fifteen countries added their GDP together and had a figure larger than the US GDP and this makes us #2?


This same media that has been beating up a good economy for years telling us it is bad is now counting all European countries as one...


The Racine County Board has been obsessed with linen service of late, especially Supervisor Lange, Her opponent in the April 1st race, Lou D'abrraccio, has penned the best piece on this issue I have seen.

Linens n Things: Follow the Money

There's been a lot written about l'affaire lin but it appears to me that most people aren't getting it.

For those of you not familiar with the story, this issue has preoccupied the board for the past two meetings. In August of 2007, the county issued an RFP for linen service at county-owned Ridgewood Nursing Home.The Racine Post had a story that referenced a number of negative accounts about the vendor selected, Superior Health Linen. None of these related to the company's performance under the terms of their contract with Racine County. Most of the sources cited are union-related, and those that are not reference an ongoing union battle to organize the company.

None of that relates to the issue at hand, which can be distilled into one question: Has the company met the material terms of the contract? The company won the contract by being the low bidder in response to a county request for proposal, or RFP. An RFP is simply the way an organization solicits offers and awards contracts, by specifying exactly what they want to buy, and selecting the lowest bidder who meets the requirements. Apparently, the Superior Linen included erroneous language in their contract that indicated they were accredited. Was it an oversight, or an intentional misstatement? I don't know, but I do know that something that was not evaluated as part of the bid is not material to the contract.

But, we NEED accredited laundry, Lange tells us.

Let me interject here that I am not, nor do I plan to become, an expert on linen service. That is not the job of a county supervisor. That is why we hire competent people to staff every aspect of the county organization, and rely on their expertise to determine the parameters of the contract. When the county solicited bids for linen service at Ridgwood, accreditation was apparently not one of the evaluated criteria. In my experience, which is admittedly outside of the laundry field this is not unusual; Requiring a third party vendor validation narrows the pool of potential bidders, and is redundant, because the contract generally includes quality requirements and other performance standards.

How much does it narrow the pool? Well, as of the 2002 Economic Census, the latest data available, there were nearly 1500 commercial laundry services in the United States. How many of them are accredited by the Healthcare Laundry Accreditation Council? As of right now, there are just 39 of them.

And if we examine the websites of these companies, what do we find? They have a couple of products they offer: Sterile Recovery products include specialized surgical packs of sterilized linens and hospital scrubs for use in operating rooms and similar environments. One provider touted the special sterile wrappers, the RFID tags, and similar high tech features of these critical products.They also offer bed linens for extended care environments. What do they promote about this product line? "Colorful, patterned linen."

So, one thing is clear: the precautions necessary for surgical linens are probably not part of the package for long term care products. "Eww, yech! But what about the bodily fluids?" Good question! I wonder who's sleeping in Elliot Spitzer and Kristen's sheets in the Mayflower Hotel right now? Gross? Yeah, but I try not to think about it, because I'm pretty sure a commercial laundry can wash a bedsheet.

So why the big deal over laundry accreditation? The answer to that question lies in the individuals who spoke in support of Lange during Tuesday's meeting. Who were they? Well, let's look at the 39 accredited laundries. Anyone care to guess how many of them were located in Wisconsin? Well, let's see, there was exactly... One. Now when you go to buy something you really need, that is only sold by one business, who understands your predicament, what generally happens?

That's right - the monopoly supplier, ahem, takes you to the cleaners. One more thing about that one laundry - It happens to employ union workers. So who were the speakers Tuesday night? Union officials, who represent the workers at the union company that lost the bid.

So, what does Lange really want? She wants to pay more for Ridgewood's linens, to pay off one of her favorite special interests, the unions. Now, I have nothing against union workers in general: I'm married to one. But if what you want is to limit county contracts to union companies, at least be honest enough to admit it, and admit that you think the taxpayers should pay for your generosity.

As for me, I keep thinking back to the old woman who cried when she told me she was worried about being taxed out of her home. That's who I'm fighting for.

You can read all of Lou's campaign musings at

March 13, 2008

DRQ - Drinking Right Quotes

Smooth as Fred's forehead. Nick.

The secret Air Force bases under Bong. Bill

Runways? Nick

I have not seen him at the conspiracy meetings. Nick.

It's a little Ron Paul for me. Fred

How I met your Monther. Pete F

Final answers Thursday. Steve H

I'm anti-dollar. Steve H

Stroke this & feel it. Nick.

Can you flash? Nick

Yes. Steve H.

I'll stink but I'm looking forward to it. Ally

Who the hell wants Hillary on top? Peter D.

I'm a quick guy. Steve E.

The manstopper. Steve E.

Apparently your wife is though. BJ

He's livin' the man-dream. Fred

Barack's Spiritual Mentor.

If Gerry Ferraro resigned over what she said, what should the Obama campaign be saying about his pastor?

I have NEVER heard rhetoric anywhere close to this in any church.

One thing is certain, this Pastor is practicing politics from the pulpit and this church should have their tax exempt status removed.

Now, asking the Gerry Ferraro question. If this type of hate was being spilled from John McCain's church would this be a BIG story? We all know the answer to that is yes. Can you imagine if McCain's Pastor blamed all of socieites ills on black society? He'd be done.

And in this understanding we start to understand that Geraldine Ferraro was 100% correct in her statement that Obama is being treated differently because of his race.

And don't look for any apology from me for speaking the truth.

Assembly Budget Bill

The State Assembly passed their version of a budget repair bill last night.

Their solution, cutting spending and using emergency funds.

That of course will be Dead On Arrival at the desk of Jim Doyle. What is it with Democrats in this state, their solution to EVERY issue is a tax increase.

Perhaps a better question might be what is wrong with Wisconsin voters who refuse to see that. The economy is tense, the LAST thing we need to do is take more money out of it.

Oh, and that Hospital tax will fix nothing, those monies would be geared by law only toward those hospitals and those funds would never come near the general fund where the actual shortfall exists.

JS almost gets one right.

This from the editorial page of The Journal Sentinel today:

Editorial: Victimless crime?

No way. Hubris must be at the root of the downfall for this New York crusader against corporate wrongdoing.From the Journal Sentinel

Posted: March 12, 2008

It can be said of many others in politics who have fallen prey to their own character flaws, but it applies in particular to Eliot Spitzer, the soon-former governor of New York:

Oh, what might have been.

Spitzer made a career of going after corporate wrongdoers as New York attorney general and even after prostitution rings as a prosecutor. His crusades made him a rising star in Democratic circles.

Now, he is just another former politician felled by tawdry - and we might add, illegal - behavior.
Spitzer on Wednesday announced that he is resigning, the only move left to him once his dalliances with high-priced call girls divested him of any credibility, hence no ability to achieve anything in Albany. The only question in our mind is why he didn't resign a day earlier. He should have done so as soon as the behavior was known.

Spitzer's past targets and political enemies are, no doubt, relishing his downfall. The crusading do-gooder was not so good after all.

But our view is that, like a well-known philanderer in high office before him, sullying behavior in one sphere does not necessarily mean lack of accomplishment in others.

What prompted this behavior? Hubris surely.

Prostitution is said to be a victimless crime. Not strictly true. Our hearts go out to Spitzer's wife, Silda, and their three daughters.

The point the Journal misses is that many of the corporate "wrongdoers" Spitzer went after actually did nothing wrong. Spitzer intentionally destroyed people for his own political gain so he could be seen as the great crusader. This entire case is not so much abo0ut what was done but WHO DID IT.

When you are a former AG like Spitzer who passed judgement on so many others you will be held to a different standard than other people.

Yes, absolutly Silda Spitzer and their three daughters are victims of Eliot's extra-curriculars. However, there were many more victims of Eliot Spitzer's ambition.

Ferrarro steps down after Obama remark.

Dear Hillary,

I am stepping down from your finance committee so I can speak for myself and you can continue to speak for yourself about what's at stake in this campaign. The Obama campaign is attacking me to hurt you. I won't let that happen.

Thank you for everything you've done and continue to do to make this a better world for my children and grandchildren.

You have my deep admiration and respect,


March 12, 2008

Candle Cannon: Behind the Scenes

The coolest way to blow out the candles on a cake ever.

Appellate Court Race.

I've been trying to figure out who to support in the Appeals Court Race.

We have the choice of liberal attorney Lisa Neubauer, or liberal attorney Bill Gleisner.

Some choice.

Neubauer's campaign is trying to sell her as a moderate. Look at who she gives her money to and you can see exactly how moderate she is. Six contributions to Jim Doyle totaling $7,350. (I wonder if the liars as PMW will point out that Neubauer give all that money to Diamond Jim before he appointed her to the bench last December? I wonder if they will run commercials slandering her reputation without an ounce of anything to back it up? Somehow I doubt it, their outrage being so one-sided.) Neubauer was also a frequent contributor to Kathleen Falk giving her $2,250, ultra leftie WI Court Justice Shirley Abrahamson, Disgraced former AG Peg Lautenschlager, along with multiple donations to Kim Plache and Ann Walsch Bradley. Throw in Antonio Riley, Sally Henzl, Peter Bock and the Assembly Democratic Campaign Committee for good measure. See the whole list for yourself here.

Now there is a liberal bunch...

Add to that Neubauer's endorsement list includes Jim Doyle, Russ Fiengold, Herb Kohl and just about every other big name liberal in Wisconsin.

You would think that a moderate attorney from the uber firm Foley and Lardner might spread a little love somewhere to the right of Berkely... I guess she has decided she is moderate now that she needs to run for election. Nothing in her entire career shows any trace of moderate behavior that I can tell.

Her Opponent Bill Gleisner only donated to Jim Doyle three times for a total of $2,200. I guess he did not give enough to warrant an appointment. Gleisner has also given to Linda Clifford multiple times and to Paul Higginbotham.

I read a speech given by Gleisner after he was given a reward by the trial lawyers association. He ended the speech by saying how honored he was to be associated with a group that dispensed social justice through the practice of law. He is no conservative folks.

Lisa's hubby Jeff is the former state head of the Democratic party and the silent force behind the shadow 527 PAC Partners for Progress that has been buying school board elections in Racine for the last several years filling the Racine school board with WEAC lackeys.

I've been struggling with this race trying to choose between these two horrible choices.

In the end I'll be voting for Bill Gleisner. Neubauer is flat out lying trying to sell herself as something she is not. The very least Neubaer could do is be honest about who she is. Typical liberal behavior form her though pretending to be something she is not now that she wants our votes. Be proud Lisa, tell the nice people who you really are.

Gleisner has not really said he was anything other than what he was. He has said he would not legislate from the bench but to rule based on the rule of law and court procedures. This is an area he appears to have a large amount of experience in.

Gleisner today took the brave step to stand up and say that supporting Jim Doyle was a mistake. Kudos to him for making that public proclamation.

In this election between the best of two bad choices, I'll be voting for Bill Gleisner.

Gableman to join Carpenter even on Sunday.

Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate Michael Gableman will be joining the Kathy Carpenter campaign event in Kenosha on Sunday afternoon.

The event will be held from 4-8pm at The Fireside Restaurant, 2801 30th Ave., Kenosha.

Suggested donation is $25.00.

If you can not attend the event, please consider sending Kathy a donation. Campaign limits for this race are $250.00 from individuals and $200.00 from PACS. Send checks to Friends of Kathy Carpenter, 706 School St., Silver Lake, WI 53170. Kathy also has a PayPal widget on her website.

If you have any questions or would be able to help with lit drop efforts, please call 262-960-1852

March 11, 2008

Kehl Resigned.

Kenosha County Executive Alan Kehl has resigned for his role in the Troha schedule. His last day in office will be the 31st of March.

Maybe Kehl will get the Troha treatment... No time, no fine, a country club membership and a subscription to The New Yorker....


Cool school project.

Cyber Dad sent me a project that was sent to him from a friend in Georgia.

This was started by a 5th grade geography class in Austin, Texas. The students were to send out a journal with some geographical and pictorial information about their home area, the local economy, interesting facts etc.

I'm working from memory here but the journal originated in Austin then went to Philadelphia, Las Vegas, Baltimore, St. Simons Island, Ga., Peoria, Il then to me in Racine. (I might have missed a stop or two).

As we sent the journal onward we were asked to send along a post card so the students and teacher could keep track of the journal's travels.

I did a blurb on Racine inserting some local pictures and forwarded the journal to northern California where our very own Roseindigo promised to send it along to another mystery destination.

I wanted to thank Rose for stepping up and helping out on the project. I also want to thank this teacher for going outside the box for a really interesting and somewhat random geography lesson.

And Eli, if you ever read this and you get to Racine, the kringle is on me.

Fill in the blank.

Spring ________________________________________.

March 10, 2008

The Spitzer Doyle Connection.

Elliot Spitzer, the disgraced New York Governor, held a fund raiser in 2006 for our very own Governor, Jim Doyle.

I ask now when will Governor Doyle return that money?

That's right, that standard only works the other way. Jim Doyle NEVER returns his ill gotten gains.

We are still waiting on Doyle to give back the Hsu money and the Troha money and the nuclear plant money and now I guess we can add the Spitzer money.

Drinking Right Alert

Tuesday evening, 7 pm at Papa's.
I am aware of one blogger coming for the first time.
Who will it be? Show up and find out.
(The newlyweds might also show up)

Vos Statement on Governor’s Budget Repair Bill


Today Governor Doyle released his proposal to fix a $652 million budget deficit. After hearing the basics of the plan, Rep. Robin Vos released the following statement:

“It’s apparent Governor Doyle’s answer to fixing Wisconsin’s $650 million budget hole is to raise taxes. Even though he claims his plan doesn’t do so and instead levies “assessments”, or “closes loopholes”, he is still taxing the people and businesses of Wisconsin during an economic slowdown.

“Clearly Governor Doyle doesn’t get it. Madison has a spending problem, not a revenue problem. Therefore, politicians in Madison shouldn’t be trusted to spend any more of the taxpayers’ money – especially when faced with economic uncertainty. Demanding even more from Wisconsin families and businesses will only create bigger problems for an ailing economy.

“As we try to find a solution, I propose that the Legislature take a lesson from Wisconsin families on budgeting. I look forward to working with my colleagues to address this spending problem by cutting back, identifying efficiencies, and holding the line on new spending, just as any Wisconsin family would do when faced with economic hardship.”


Elliot Spitzer is a Super Delegate committed to Hillary Clinton.

Can you imagine the stories he and Bill have traded?

Spitzer linked to The Emperors Club prostitution ring

I wish I could believe this, but this is the NY Slimes reporting... We'll wait and see if this is true.

AP - NEW YORK - Gov. Eliot Spitzer has told senior advisers that he had been involved in a prostitution ring, The New York Times reported Monday, citing an anonymous top administration official.

Spitzer, who is married with three daughters, was scheduled to make an announcement Monday afternoon. Spitzer officials wouldn't immediately comment on the story.

The Times reported that a person with knowledge of the governor's role believes the governor is identified as a client in court papers. Four people allegedly connected to a high-end prostitution ring called Emperors Club VIP were arrested last week.

The Web site of the Emperors Club VIP displays photographs of scantily clad women with their faces hidden, along with hourly rates depending on whether the prostitutes were rated with one diamond, the lowest ranking, or seven diamonds, the highest. The most highly ranked prostitutes cost $5,500 an hour, prosecutors said.

You can see The Smoking Gun's report on the bust of the Emperor's Club here.

UPDATE: Spitzer to possibly resign by the end of the day?

MRQ, did you get the new Brett Favre issue of SI yet?

Cannibal Bikini Hookers of Des Moines Plebian. (who else)

He died between two lying thieves. Kate.

So you end up with the Blazing Sword. Paul.

who will our new Packer heartthrob be? Ally.

Favre takes off his helmet and runs down the field as if he’s Amy Winehouse and he just saw a crack dealer in the south end zone. Jock.

When I came home last night the neighbors' Green Bay flag was at half-staff. Grumps.

If Hillary can come back, can't Brett change his mind? Shark.

there it was, swinging from that tree. Jib.

just what hollyweird needs. Jimi.

All I see is a gigantic mushroom cloud where Israel used to be Heather.

Can you translate English to binary? Aaron.

this is the best election, ever. Lance.

The Bacon Egg and Donut Burger. Defibrillator sold separately. Foot.

A pack of coyotes circling their prey whilst eerily howling with delight. Lisa Marie Presley.

Sources tell me that the alderman's election victory party will include a cake with a file in it. Wiggy.

Think about the CHILDREN! Owen.

I m sew sowwy guyz n galz, i didnt get too tank yu fur yur communts. Paul.

anyone can go do it as long as they're cool with sitting around naked for a few hours. Ally.

some amateur spilling his beer on your laptop...: Blackfive.

how about labeling them "French Ticklers?" Michael.

Bigger than my boyfriend. The Asian Badger.

Further proof that the most efficient use of ethanol is DRINKING it. Aaron.

MRQ of the week winners.

Congratulations to our MRQ of the week winners, Chris and Bryan.

I can't possibly support the candidacy of anyone with a mullet like this. Chris.

OSAMA..... OBAMA...... and..... YOUR MOMMA!!!! Bryan.

We are doing things a little differently this year. Chris and Bryan will both be enetered into the semi final round with all first quarter MRQ of the week winners at the end of March.

March 9, 2008

Some punishment...

March 9 (Bloomberg) -- Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean said it's up to Florida and Michigan to come up with a way to get their presidential primary delegates counted as the party agonizes over a rules dispute.

So let me get this straight...

Howie Dean punsihed Florida and Michigan for moving up their primaries by taking away all their delegates...

Now that Howie needs those delegates to decide upon a party nominee he throws up his hands and clamps shut the checkbook disolving himself of all responsibility.

That is some spiffy leadership.

Thought of the week.

The few, the proud, the bald.