February 16, 2008

Obama theatrics

This has to be staged.

Six different times people faint, always in the front, always a woman, always the EMT close to the action, always a bottle of water at hand...

Sorry folks, this many times cannot be a coincidence.

Watch for yourself.

Thought of the week.

If you met my family you would understand.

February 15, 2008

If memory serves...

Obama spoke in Milwaukee just after the Virginia Tech shootings...

Now he is in Milwaukee just after the tragedy at NIU yesterday...


Maybe we should keep Senator Obama out of Milwaukee?

Hey Racine, meet Judge Gableman.

Supreme Court Candidate Judge Michael Gableman will be in Racine this afternoon.

There is a meet and greet scheduled for 4pm @ Java Vino, 424 S. Main St, Racine.

I've met Judge Gableman twice now, if you have time I would highly recommend stopping by.

One more reason.

To never buy a Condo.

February 14, 2008

MRQ of the week.

There is a new MRQ of the week poll up.

Vote early, vote often, cross parties, no ID required.

Keep the Wisconsin Death Tax Dead and Buried

There is a suggestion from the we never met a tax we did not like crowd to revive the recently expired Wisconsin Death Tax to make up for the Wisconsin budget shortfall.

To me the death tax made the least sense of any tax ever. Work your whole life, pay your taxes and upon your death the government comes along and takes a big piece of what they could not get from you in life. This is nothing more than estate theft.

Well I have developed my own petition asking that the death tax not be revived.

Please go sign it and pass it along to everyone you can think of.

We, the undersigned do hereby stand opposed to reviving the Wisconsin Death Tax. There is another option to make up for the budget shortfall, REDUCE SPENDING. Stop increasing the size of our government and act responsibly with the monies the good people of Wisconsin have entrusted you with. We stand opposed to adding ANY NEW TAXES, including those recently expired.

Please go sign the petition, post it on your blogs and pass it on to everyone you know.

Caption This.

Both Sides...

Did I really hear Hillary on the campaign stump saying she was for a path to citizenship for illegals?

So let me get this straight, no drivers license until you are a citizen then?

I'm so confused.

Bans and voluntary processes.

I've been criticized ad nauseum from the local leftosphere for banning people who behave badly here and for moderating certain comments.

As I've said before I do try and discipline privately wherever possible on comments.

Recently PCD suggested in a comment thread to another poster, Grumps, I wish it had been YOUR mailbox blown up when you opened it. Maybe then you'd get a clue about terrorism. Oh, I forgot, your a Liberal Democrat. PCD

I thought this went too far and asked him to moderate his comments, cut the personal attacks and apologize.

He refused, wished me luck and said he would not be back.

I’m sorry he felt that way. He made good points and did so with passion. However the level of his rhetoric was too intense for my taste and I asked him privately on more than one occasion to moderate them. If he could cut the personal the attacks I’d welcome him back.

For the record, Grumps I apologize for that remark if you took offense to it.

That brings me to Capper who wanted to know last night why I had deleted one of his comments yesterday (now 3). Capper attacks me personally on his website and in comments at every other opportunity across the web. Then he comes here and tries to play nice with his attacks. I’m tired of his antics.

This would be like a bully hitting you at every opportunity wanting to be welcomed into your home because he had not hit you there.

I’ve said before that tone matters. Capper’s tone towards this blog and this blogger are atrocious everywhere except here. I’ve decided to no longer give him a pass on this. If Capper would like to add to an issue and do so in a proper manner he is welcome to do so (as is PCD) but he has worn out his welcome on snark from his own actions across the net.

Furthermore, I will not allow this post to turn into the usual attempted gotcha game of leftosphere. My blog, my rules I am the moderator.

February 13, 2008

AFP Alert on Wisconsin Earmarks.

I got this in the email bin from AFP today.

It is worthy of a look and a call to your member of the Assembly.

ALERT: Help Us Expose Wasteful Gov't Spending

Are you sick and tired of the government taking your hard-earned money and never being responsible to you for how they spend it? Transparency is the best way to ensure that government is held accountable for its reckless spending. Take Action.

In order to expose the extent of wasteful government spending in Wisconsin, we need transparency of government spending at every level – and Representative Rich Zipperer (R-Pewaukee) and Senator Joe Leibham (R-Sheboygan) are taking the first step toward this goal with Assembly Bill 739. Their bill would prohibit state agencies from including earmarks and non-fiscal policy items in the budget.

Additionally, it requires the Legislative Fiscal Bureau to submit a report identifying the authors sponsoring earmarks; requires beneficiaries of earmarks and their legislative district to be identified; and requires the cost of the earmark to be disclosed. That way, taxpayers know who to hold accountable for which pet projects.

State Representatives Robin Vos (R-Racine) and Bill Kramer (R-Waukesha) are spearheading another transparency effort at the state level. Their bill is called the Government Checkbook and Disclosure Act. It requires the Department of Administration to create a database and website of state expenditures over $100.00 so taxpayers can see exactly where their dollars are being spent.

Government should have nothing to hide from the taxpayers who fund it. Help us pass these vital transparency efforts in Wisconsin by contacting your lawmaker today.

MRQ of the week.

Congratulations to Silent E for his MRQ of the week selection.

Isn’t it ironic that the presidential election is being held in the year of the rat.

We'll have a new poll up as soon as I hear from the nominating committee.


Too true.

Swiped from Kate.

You have to love those cushy government jobs.

Dan Bice breaks the news this morning that Achille Infusino is being paid $73,007 a year to teach business classes at Gateway Technical College's Elkhorn campus.

The guy pled guilty in the Troha scandal, he is facing up to a year in jail and $100,000 in fines and the brain trust at Gateway seemingly has no issues?!? He is teaching retailing, marketing and sales classes. Gee, what's wrong they didn't have any ethics classes available?


February 12, 2008

Thoughts on the Defending the American Dream Wisconsin Summit.

I’m sorry I’m so late with this, it can be annoying how much life gets in the way of important things like blogging…

On a cold snowy day in February a bit over 400 people gathered at the Country Springs Hotel and conference center for the Wisconsin version of the Defending the American Dream Summit sponsored by Americans for Prosperity.

In two short years AFP has grown into a grass roots organization with over 12,000 members in Wisconsin. As Wisconsin AFP Director Mark Block said, “Change, everyone is talking about it, we’re doing something about it.”

AFP is focused like a laser on three things right now:

1. Be rid of wasteful Congressional spending. A video was shown highlighting AFP President Tim Phillips RV trip across America highlighting pork projects and in particular the bridge to nowhere.

2. Stopping socialized medicine. AFP believes in the principles of smaller government. Having government take over something that large would be the worst thing that could happen to quality health care in this country. (I could not agree more.)

3. Global Warming. AFP understands that global warming is a tool being used by liberal environmentalist as a tool for social engineering. Advocates are pushing dishonest science as a means to further a political agenda. And they are getting away with it.

There were numerous speakers who all had great points.

Wall Street Journal Columnist Steve Moore wondered where Al Gore was. It is his opinion that global warming is a scam being used to shut down world capitalism. He also made a rather passionate plea to end the death tax. As he put it, “No taxation without respiration.”

I had a beer with candidate for the State Supreme Court Mike Gableman. (Well I had a beer, he had a club soda with lime). On our second meeting he remembered what I had told him on our first. “Judge, just don’t make stuff up.” He clearly remembered that from the podium when he said, “All the business community has asked of me is that I don’t rule by my political view but by the rule of law.” Exactly what I want to hear from my State Supreme Court nominee. He said if you don’t like the law change it, he will rule strictly based on the laws on the books in front of him. (for the life of me I’ll never understand why liberals don’t get this simple concept)

Margaret Farrow made a brief appearance and pushed her involvement with Wisconsin Eye, check it out. Rumor has it that all of the AFP Speakers are archived there.

Sheriff David Clarke made a couple of interesting points. In four consecutive budgets the Sheriff has returned money to the county. (I wish more department heads were so responsible) He also shared a plan he had to privatize a small part of the prisoner transfer process. That procedural change would have saved the county $1.5 million over five years. The Finance Committee voted it down 7 to 0 saying they would NEVER vote against union jobs. Who do these people work for anyway, the taxpayers or the unions? Wait, we know the answer to that one apparently.

Over lunch they handed out their Defending the American Dream awards. One went to Leah Vukmir, Paul Ryan, Vicky McKenna and their volunteer of the year Kyle Maichle.

Congresscritter Ryan mentioned his new Boondoggle award winner of the Ferry to Nowhere. (the evil cousin of the aforementioned bridge to nowhere). Ryan painted a rather non-rosy picture of our out of control government growth. Currently government is sucking up 18.3% of GDP, he correctly stated that if allowed to continue to grow at the current rate by the time his kids are his age government will suck up 40% of GDP. Frightening.

Leah Vukmir was good as ever. She really does get it. Watch her folks, she is a rising star.

Vicky McKenna gave her standard I used to be a liberal and this is how I became a conservative speech. She did share a fascinating story about a parent of a student at Bradford High School who approached her at the conference. Apparently the teacher, a Mr. Haywood, was taking great lengths to explain in his English class how President Bush is an idiot. I am so sick of these liberal teachers pushing their political agendas on our children. IT IS ENGLISH CLASS MR. HAYWOOD; KEEP YOUR POLITICS TO YOURSELF. McKenna did do a fine ob of encouraging people to get involved and to let their own voices be heard. “Be your own talk show host.” is how she put it.

Scott Walker told us about his no levy increase budgets, nothing new there!

The blogosphere was exceedingly well represented. I ran into old friends Steve Egg, Tom McMahon, Leslie Graves, Glenn Frankovis, Pete Fanning, Owen Robinson, Brian Fraley and Jo Egelhoff. I had the distinct pleasure of meeting for the first time Christian Schneider, Kyle Duerstein and Patrick McIlheran. I understand Berry Laker was there, I’m very sorry to have missed him, I like his work.

Congressman Sensenbrenner finished things off with his usual touch of class.

All in all it was a class day put on by a class organization. Relationships were furthered and new ones were started. For a cold day in February, not bad at all.

Another Troha Indictment.

TUESDAY, Feb. 12, 2008,

5:25 p.m.By
John Diedrich

UPDATE: Kehl charges linked to Troha

Kenosha County Executive Allan Kehl improperly accepted $15,000 to $20,000 in cash from a Kenosha businessman, according to an indictment charging Kehl with one count of conspiracy. If convicted, Kehl, 61, faces up to five years in federal prison and $250,000 in fines. According to the US Attorney's office, the charges followed the investigation into campaign contributions related to elate to campaign donations centered around a proposed casino. Others charged in the investigation include former trucking magnate Dennis Troha.

Kehl did not return a call seeking comment.


Allan Kehl used to be a card carrying Democrat. That is until he decided to run against Democrat incumbant County Executive John Collins in 1998. Kehl's bid failed but he tried again and successfully defeated Collins in 2002 to become County Executive. Kehl was previously the Kenosha County Sheriff for 10 years.

In his 2002 run for office, Kehl's Treasurer was fellow indictee John Erickson who, at the time, worked for Dennis Troha. Kehl and Troha's friendship goes back to their high school days.

Troha was making a donation to Kehl, and Kehl never reported the donation. The limit in 2002 was $981 per person; this obviously far exceeded that amount. (the odd amount comes from a population formula)

Kehl previously endorsed current Wisconsin GOP Chairman Reince Priebus in his run for State Senate against Bob Wirch, further angering the Kenosha County Democratic establishment.

Kehl was also nominated by Jim Doyle to serve on the Wisconsin Technical College System board.

Kehl is still a liberal at heart, he endorsed Kathleen Falk in her Attorney General bid, but he never seems to miss an opportunity to tweak the Kenosha County Democrats.

This is probably far from the last indictment coming down; remember, Michael Pitts Jr. is not running for re-election for his Aldermanic seat.

If you would like more background on the story, please see our extensive report on the players in this continuing scandal here.

The Kenosha County Board is meeting tonight. I'm sure that will be an interesting meeting.

Estate Tax Horror Stories.

Real Stories from real people...

"Boy do I have a horror story for you! My father passed away 10/90. His estate for tax purposes was assessed at 7.7 million dollars when it was re-evaluated. After six months it had not changed much so approximately 3.8 million was owed in death and estate taxes. Most of my father's estate was in real estate and shortly after the six month period after his death, real estate took a dive. And every piece of property we sold to pay taxes sold at about 40% of what it was appraised at time of death. Well it has been ten years since my father's passing and we have still not seen any money. If and I do mean if we are lucky, then maybe at the end of this year after we pay the last $350,000 to federal and pay the state, my mother, sister and I may have all of $200,000 to split between us. Great." Michael Stern

"I am 77 years old. My history of work, thrifts and efforts to save money is unbelievable. Here is my reward! All of my social security (plus more) goes for income tax. I live off my teacher's pension as I do not want to cash my investments. If I died today, I'd pay about $200,000 in death tax. I am helping a great niece to go to college. I have two great nephews coming up. All are bright children. I would like to help them - not the IRS. I had a newspaper route in college. I worked for 50¢ an hour doing office work under the program set up by President Roosevelt. I have lost money in investments. I went to work when I had a death sentence with lung cancer in 1967. I didn't miss a day when I was told I could only live three months at the most. I am still working. I have a tenant and I tutor ESL students. I do almost all my own work and cooking. I have never had a bill I didn't pay on time. The way things are now what the nursing home doesn't get (if I'm that unfortunate) the IRS will! What did I make all this effort for? Our laws need to be changed but I have no clout!”Ida Prichard - Seattle, WA

This is a true story about Ray. Ray is dead now. He died earlier this year. He owned a service station on a corner. He had this service station for 27 years. During that 27 years, other service stations were built on the other three corners, the intersection grew busy, the roads forming that intersection were expanded to four lanes. So it was a good place for his business. He had two service bays plus a car wash. He had some old pumps and old equipment. He cleared about $70 thousand a year - not wealthy, but it was a good living. His wife handled the books for the business. His grown son worked there and was eventually going to take over the business. When Ray died he had a $50 thousand term insurance policy, $60 thousand in municipal bonds (which were income tax free, of course), $174 thousand in his retirement plan, and, of course, the service station. A few months after he died, his wife also died. Upon the death of his parents, the son discovered that the land on which the service station sat had appreciated over the years and was now worth $1.7 million. The service station and equipment was worth $158,000. He also learned that his father's retirement plan was funded on a before tax basis, so not only would he have to pay estate taxes, but income taxes would be due on the retirement. The son was now in quite a situation, and he began looking for a way to pay taxes on the almost $2 million estate. The son said "If I can run this as well as my father has, or even better, I can make maybe $70 thousand a year, but I am going to have to have someone to keep the books, so maybe 70 is a little tight." He had no proven track record, so the only thing he could do was to borrow against the land and equipment to pay the estate taxes; however, he could not cover the interest on the loan. Ray's son will have to sell this business. He has gone from a situation where he looks wealthy, to a situation where he will have to sell the very thing that was his livelihood.A Story About Ray

"My family has recently experienced a triple tax. My grandfather paid income taxes on his income when he earned it. When he passed away two years ago it was taxed again. My mother then suddenly passed away this past spring and we were taxed again. Effectively an 88% tax rate." Lynn Marie Hoopingarner - West Hollywood, CA

"We currently must spend over $100,000 a year on life insurance to cover future death tax concerns. These monies could be spent more wisely within a business on growth programs." Karen B. Caplan - Los Alamitos, CA

"We just recently learned that we would not have the cash to pay estate taxes if we were to die. The company would be liquidated. Life insurance will cost $15,000-$45,000 for a year. For $2,000,000 in coverage - which would still not cover all estate taxes. We're in limbo on what to do. Attorneys are currently advising us." Karen Oman - Minneapolis, MN

"The business would be sold and all jobs would be lost." Bonnie Holland - Albuquerque, NM

"My business would substantially suffer, if not destroyed completely after principal's death." Kathleen Colellar - Farmingdale, NY

"It is patently ridiculous to pay tax twice - we have already paid on both our corporate and personal incomes. Why do we have to pay for our sweat equity? (Spent increasing the value of our businesses, usually at the expense of our health and our families, who won't be able to afford to inherit it)." Lisa Hickey - Lakeland, FL

"We are labor intensive. We do not make big profits in a service industry to pay for expensive life insurance, as I am 73. It is very difficult to be sold to pay this situation, as my house would have to be sold. Everything that I have worked for all of my life would be taken from my heirs to pay the estate tax on the business so that my loyal staff could continue to work and have jobs." Mary Rife - Miami, FL

"Responding to advice from both attorney and accountants, we purchased life insurance to try to plan for estate taxes. To date, over $400,000 in premiums that could have been invested in our business!!" Suzanne Sykes - Waldwick, NJ

"Being a single person, I have no way to protect any of my assets. So my daughter who works with me could very possibly have to sell the business or close it." Penny Hall - Doraville, GA

Like to see more? Click the link.


Well wishes and prayers go out.

Racine bloggers Peter DiGaudio and Still Unreal are going through some personal tragedy right now.

We wish them both well.

Hey, we matter!

Barack Obama has a campaign stop in Racine tomorrow...

February 11, 2008

01/31 Hillary Clinton - The Band

Well that's it she has my vote.

Holy spinning relish...

You have to go read this, it is a random quote dream.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Beerchestra

H/T Cyber Dad

MRQ are you out of salt yet?

Mitt Romney has taken more positions than a Kama Sutra instructor. Elliot.

Who cut the cheese? Phelony.

Don't blame me, I voted for Kodos. heather.

I hate election nights. Wiggy.

ONE HOUR. Then it's off to the bar. Todd.

One would think if you could get to Chucky Cheese you could get to school, no? Jimi.

If all else fails, look like Fred and just breathe through your mouth. Fraley. (nice)

"Yesterday we were campaigning… Today you voted." Joey.

Number of Ibuprofen taken... 2 Nick.

If the Maverick were to ask me. James.

I am certain that I heard my golf clubs sobbing in the corner. Grumps.

Not shy about showing her assets. Plebian.

were did I put that bag of money that all of us eeevvvviiiiilll rich conservatives have because we don't pay our fair share and exploit the less fortunate??? Clint.

This blog still opposes any ethanol mandate. Aaron.

Barry's decision may have been a crack decision, but his support for Obama is as solid as a rock. Wiggy.

We don’t control nature. Kate.

Trying to nail jello to a fence post. Grumps.

he's got the hooker, drug, murder coalition wrapped up. Steve.

Dude -- who doesn't blame Scott Walker? Debra.

Anticipated savings to the federal budget for presidential haircuts since Edwards dropped out? David.

Where's Algore? I've got 12 inches of Global Warming to shovel here. PCD.

what if she’s lying on her back Peter.

My team of lawyers will be in touch. Fred

Clinton Municipal Waterworks Back In Action. Gaius

Ah, well. Its not like we needed allies anyway. E.M. Zanotti

Algore was unavailable for comment. JammieWearingFool

Choosing Between the Evils of Four Lessers. Erick

I (expletive deleted) swear like a (expletive deleted) longshoreman. Steve.

that's the first wiener I've ever pulled out. Dave Kurzejewski

Usually we try to keep from scratching our buns. Caylen Goudie

Obama coming to Madison.

Gee Barack Obama is taking a real risk holding a rally in Madison....

This is our big attention folks, one stop by the most liberal Senator in the land to the most liberal city in the land.


Oh, and Chelsea will be pimped out make campaign stops at UW Milwaukee, UW Madison, Eau Claire and La Crosse.

Isn't it a great thing to "matter"!

Is anyone going to any of these events???

February 10, 2008

Hey you Smart Car fans...

Go watch this video.

Expelled - Coming Soon...

Out damn label!!

It's been awhile since I felt the need to post, but this story in the Racine Journal Times hits a nerve.

Racine Unified School District's own Dr. V wants to do away with the term "at risk" which I define as students who have a greater probability of dropping out and/or not succeeding to graduation. Instead Dr. V wishes to label them "at promise."

Thank goodness! Problem solved!!

Now for some reality on this situation. First of all, what I take to task is Dr. V's definition of "at risk."
poor students, minority students, special needs students, and students for whom English isn't their first language.
So by her definition, if you are a minority, you are at risk. That would seem to be a racist statement, but since Dr. V is a minority herself she'll get a pass. Likewise, students who are poor are automatically put into this category. I was unaware that Unified graduates needed to be financially stable. After all, its a free public education, is it not? As for her other criteria, it would seem that she is grasping at straws to add some liberal guilt into the mix.

The elephant in the room that Dr. V is ignoring is why the label needs to exist. These students are not "at risk" because of their label. They don't go home each downtrodden and bearing a scarlet AR. Nearly all of these unfortunate student are in these situations primarily for one reason, crappy parent(s).

You can label students however you wish Dr. V. It won't change the outcome. Good teachers, caring parents and strong families are what they need.

Defending the American Dream Summit.

I attended American's for Propserity's Defending the American Dream Summit yesterday.

I had an evening event afterwards and I have a great deal to do today so I'll have thoughts and commentary on the event later.

I'll just say this now, it was a great event, wonderful speakers and it was wonderful to see so many bloggers out there participating in the event.

I'll have a full report later.