January 19, 2008

January 18, 2008


So Chris Matthews had to apologize to Hillary, pressure from all those leftie groups you know.

I'm curious to hear from anyone who matches MSNBC do they even have an ounce of objectivity left or do they need to get their marching order from Media Matters and Moveon before they go on air with programming?

Sweet Justice

Remember that story about the lib lawyer that got caught vandalizing the vehicle of a Marine about to be deployed to Iraq?

He caught a former Marine for a Judge.


When Mario met Halo (for Chris)

Hey retailers, watch out for this guy...

So you get a coupon for a free coffee. If you are this guy, you somehow concoct a $12.70 cup of coffee. Now that is working the system.

Friday Funny

Electile dysfunction: the inability to become aroused over any of the choices for president put forth by either party in the 2008 election year.

H/T Charlie.

Is there room for Bear fans on the band wagon?

This was in the Chicago Tribune today...

Five reasons for Bears fans to root for the Packers against the New York Giants in this Sunday's NFC championship game:

1. Divison pride.* When a team from the NFC North makes it into the Super Bowl, it reflects well on all the other teams in the division.

2. Transitive triumphalism. As sorry as the Bears were this season, they beat the Packers twice. Every subsequent victory for the Packers reflects well on the Bears.

3. Regional affection. The Packers are a Midwest team, just like the Bears. When they beat a team from New York, it's a victory for those of us in flyover country.

4. Favre fancy. Packer quarterback Brett Favre is as astounding, gritty and entertaining a player as we've ever seen. Even if you hate everything that his team stands for, you have to admire him.

5. Tradition. The Packers are the last vestige of the small-town, community-owned, big-time sports teams in America. Every other major team is either in or serves a hulking metropolis; most have sold their stadium naming rights to corporations.

They went on to take a poll asking if Bears fans should cheer for the Packers, 65% said yes.

What say you?

Do you want a bunch of Bear fans jumping on your band wagon?
Hell no
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It is so cold that _______________________.

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January 17, 2008

Top Ten Science based predictions that didn’t come true:

10 “The earth’s crust does not move”- 19th through early 20th century accepted geological science See Plate Tectonics

9. “The bomb will never go off. I speak as an expert in explosives.” — Admiral William Leahy, U.S. Atomic Bomb Project

8. “That virus is a pussycat.” — Dr. Peter Duesberg, molecular-biology professor at U.C. Berkeley, on HIV, 1988

7. “I think there is a world market for maybe five computers.” — Thomas Watson, chairman of IBM, 1943

6. “Radio has no future. Heavier-than-air flying machines are impossible. X-rays will prove to be a hoax.” — William Thomson, Lord Kelvin, British scientist, 1899.

5. “There is not the slightest indication that nuclear energy will ever be obtainable. It would mean that the atom would have to be shattered at will.” – Albert Einstein, 1932

4. “Space travel is bunk.” — Sir Harold Spencer Jones, Astronomer Royal of the UK, 1957 (two weeks later Sputnik orbited the Earth).

3. “If I had thought about it, I wouldn’t have done the experiment. The literature was full of examples that said you can’t do this.” — Spencer Silver on the work that led to the unique adhesives for 3-M “Post-It” Notepads.

2. “Stomach ulcers are caused by stress” — accepted medical diagnosis, until Dr. Marshall proved that H. pylori caused gastric inflammation by deliberately infecting himself with the bacterium.

1. “Telltale signs are everywhere —from the unexpected persistence and thickness of pack ice in the waters around Iceland to the southward migration of a warmth-loving creature like the armadillo from the Midwest. Since the 1940s the mean global temperature has dropped about 2.7° F.” – Climatologist George J. Kukla of Columbia University in Time Magazine’s June 24th, 1975 article Another Ice Age?

H/T Tony.

The other side.

Just in case you were curious what the other side had to think about the NFC Championship game...

Dennis Casavnt is all hopped up about the Giants performace since week 3. Who did they play in week 2?

A split opionion at Where Sport and Thought Intersect.

The fifth down says brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Giants Journal is none too happy about the Giants trading ryan Grant to Titletown.

BET US implies the smart money is on Eli.

Fan Nation says, whatch out for the dirty Gaints.

Down in Miami, they say Pack by 14.

Brats vs. Tomoatoes? Must be politicians.

Punter Jeff Feagles is happy to be there. (I wonder if he has ever kicked a 0 degree ball?)

Tundra Shundra.

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No Seinfeld for you...

Anything to gain an edge.

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Can you imagine how fast Brett Favre can throw a snowball?
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Ladies and Gentlemen your Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

1,100 people showed up yesterday at the State Capital to fight for their school, the Milwaukee paper took a pass. These people testified in front of the Assembly education committe for eight and a half hours, the paper could not find 3 words to print.
Does every child deserve a great school?
I guess that solely depends on who gets the money.
An interesting moment occured during testimony as retold by one attendee named Brian:
Perhaps most interesting was a Fraudian slip by the DPI lawyer when she said, referring to all students .. “they aren’t your children they are the state’s children”.

Then she quickly backed up, said she made a mistake and that wasn’t what she really meant to say.

Sounds to me like she said exactly what was on her mind, and how WEAC views Wisconsin children.

Bridge collapse from design flaw?

I thought it was due to global warming.

Milwaukee signs onto gun brief.

The City of Milwaukee has signed onto a legal brief filed at the Supreme Court in favor of upholding the Washington DC gun ban.

Milwaukee joined 10 other cities claiming that decision could have a negative effect on local gun ordinances.


(why wasn't this on the front page on the local paper?)

Fill in the blank.

Aaron Kampman _________________________.

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Bill Clinton becomes heated over voter lawsuit

This reporter deserves a raise and a promotion.

You can always tell when Bill gets caught, he points his finger jabs and immediately assumes a confrontational stance.

January 16, 2008

EXCLUSIVE!! Tony Romo Responds To Terrell Owens Crying

Packer Parrot

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If you don't read Daily Dollop, please do yourself a favor and add this blog to your daily must read list.

This is Plebian's analysis of the Michigan Democratic primary.

Democratic kingmaker Markos Moulitsas celebrated his latest electoral triumph today, crowing that Undeclared’s loss to Hillary by 15% showed that the Democratic party was ready to accept Undeclared as the new agent for change.

“I’ve backed a lot of candidates, but never has one of my protégés done as well as Undeclared in Michigan yesterday.” Moulistas said to a room full of rapt reporters. “I just couldn’t have hoped for better. Now it’s on to Nevada and South Carolina, where we can make Progressivism new again!”

A spokesperson for the Clinton campaign said that despite the powerful Kos’ backing the campaign wasn’t worried about Undeclared’s impact on future votes. “Anybody who reads the book knows that Undeclared was down in the hood dealing drugs just a few years ago, and chasing ambulances and getting paraplegics pregnant and all that. Just look it up! But we don’t want to make this a race or gender thing, even though everybody knows that Undeclared is a misogynist.”

The other Democratic campaigns eyed the newcomer suspiciously. “We’d all agreed not to run in Michigan,” said an Edwards campaign staffer. “If we’d known that Undeclared was going to violate that agreement, we would have deployed John’s hair and neutralized the threat immediately.”

Now that is just good stuff.

Press release on huge Madison rally for virtual schools

Wisconsin Coalition of Virtual School Families


For Immediate Release, January 16, 2008

For further information, contact: Rose Fernandez, Coalition President 262-565-7844

More Than One Thousand Real People Rally at State Capitol for Virtual Schools [Madison, Wisconsin] Holding signs that read "Don't kick me out of school, I didn't do anything wrong" and "This Vote Will Go on Your Permanent Record!" a crowd of more than 1100 students, parents and educators rallied at the Wisconsin State Capitol Wednesday afternoon."

In school, you study history," Rose Fernandez, President of the Wisconsin Coalition of Virtual School Families said to the boisterous crowd. "But today, you're making history."

Faced with the prospect of a court-ordered closure of a half dozen online public charter schools in Wisconsin, the group rallied in support of AB697 a bipartisan bill, which had a public hearing later in the day. The rally attendees did not return to their hometowns when the speakers were done, however. The throng went to the legislative committee hearing to register their support and then spent the afternoon visiting their lawmakers."

While the Supreme Court decides whether to take up the appeal in the virtual school case, there are several well-intentioned legislators looking for a legislative fix," said Fernandez. "We have union dues paying teachers, parents, kids, school administrators and those well-intentioned legislators on our side. The teachers union, which wants to close these schools, stands alone with their allies at the state Department of Public Instruction. We hope this massive civics lesson today will help bring even more allies our way. AB697 is the only legislation out there that will keep these schools open."

In December, a state appeals court ruled that the state must suspend funding of the public Wisconsin Virtual Academy and indicated state statutes must be updated to reflect the growth of this emerging educational reform in order for it to continue.,

"3,000 kids could be kicked out of the public school that works best for them if this legislation doesn't pass," said Fernandez. "I want those who oppose this bill to look these little ones in the eyes and say 'tough luck, kid, I have to side with WEAC on this one, now hit the road.'

Representative Brett Davis, the author of the Bi-partisan AB697 immediately began working with the various affected parties to craft a narrow legislative fix that addresses only the concerns raised by the court. It must pass both houses of the legislature and be signed by the Governor this year.

Buses collected rally attendees from stops in Brookfield, Green Bay,Appleton, Wausau, Plover, Westfield, Eau Claire and Tomah. Hundreds more made their own way to the rally in Madison despite the short notice and sub-freezing temperatures.

"This is just the start," said Fernandez. "We're going to do all that we can to see this through and save these schools."

Fill in the blank.

Al Harris _________________________________


Did you hear the one about the environmentalist whackos who sued the government because they feared sonar would annoy whales?

You didn't?

Click it.

If this is progress...

A stopped at the local McDonald's today to use the facilities between appointments.

As I was walking out I noticed a table of high school kids. Six of them were sitting at a round table each and every one of them with their cell phones out and their thumbs were moving faster than I would have thought humanly possible texting who knows what to wherever.

I had one thought as I looked at six people having lunch not bothering to look at or speak to each other...

This is progress?

Great question.

Patrick asked a good question last night: Now that Romney is going to win Michigan, I wonder what foolishness will spout from the media and pundits?

I responded to his post, but thought I would reprint my responses here for grins, feel free to add your own.

Eugene Kane: Mitt Romney is keeping Michael McGee behind bars thereby leaving the good people of the 6th district without representation.

Katie Couric: Is today Wednesday?

Dan Rather: I have a memo…

Hillary Clinton: Mitt Romney’s decendants owned Barack Obama’s Great Great Great Great…

Tim Russert: Back in 1978 you said the following…

Chris Matthews: Mitt Romney has to give Bill Clinton credit for….

Bill O’Reilly: Don’t block the shot!

Sean Hannity: Governor Romney, how does your Michigan victory have an impact on Fred Thompson’s campaign?

Rush Limbaugh: I am the only one who knows what is going on…

Mark Belling: I am the only one who knows what is going on…

Charlie Sykes: Insight Check.

Joel McNally: Do you think this haircut is getting old?

Scot Ross: The head of a private company seeking business from Romney’s campaign donated $3, my smell test…

Patrick McIllhernan: School choice in Milwaukee…

Keith Olbermann: Bill O’Reilly is a ^&#*@!( #@!^%&*! !(@^&*(!)@ !@!()!@^!@ !@

Everyone at NBC news: Isn’t Obama wonderful?

Everyone Republican in Wyoming: HEY, WE VOTED TOO!!!!

Did you hear anything else out there?

January 15, 2008


I don't buy it. But then again, didn't the Sportsman of the Year issue with Brett on the cover come out just before the Dallas game?
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A note to the WTMJ TV 4 News.

Carole Meekins started with the news that Mitt Romney had finally won his first state (Michigan) tonight. I hate to pick on Carole, this has been happenining all over the news I'm sure, but here goes anyway.

I'd like to give you all some information about Wyoming:

Capital. . . .Cheyenne
Nickname. . . .Big Wyoming, Equality State, Cowboy State
Motto. . ."Equal Rights"
Admitted To Union. . . July 10, 1890-44th State
Size. . .97,914 square miles, 9th largest state
Highest Point. . . Gannett Peak, 13,804 feet
Lowest Point. . . 3,100 feet Belle Fourche River
Average Annual Precipitation. . . 4.5 inches
Population (2000 Census). . .493,782

Oh, and one more thing.

Wyoming held their Caucus 11 days ago and Mitt Romney won by garnering an amazing 67% of the vote. Former Senator Fred Thompson came in second with 25%.

Yes, Wyoming does have one fewer electoral vote than New Hampshire does so it makes perfect sense that the news media has completely ignored the Wyoming results.
UPDATE: This is from the AP this morning:
Michigan — Mitt Romney.
New Hampshire — John McCain.
Iowa — Mike Huckabee.
Poor little Wyoming is missing again.

Shall we seriously look at the money?

The partisan hypocrites at One Wisconsin Now are trying to make a big deal out of the fact that Brett Davis the chair of the Assembly Education Committee has been given $500 from the operators of a virtual school.

What they fail to mention of course is the head of the Education Committee in the Senate, Racine's own John Lehman received $142,525 in independant expenditures from WEAC in '06.


Schools that work, not in Wisconsin, not if you are in hock to WEAC and not apparently a "progressive" ideal.

Scot Ross can not pass his own smell test.

Want to go to the game?

Want to help the fight against MS?

Some generous benefactor (I think I know who) has donated a pair of NFC Chamionship tickets to be auctioned off on Ebay to benefit MS research.

Bid early, bid often, go Packers.

Defending the American Dream, the Wisconsin Edition.

Building on the success of the Defending the American Dream summit in DC back in October, Americans for Prosperity is hosting a number of state by state conferences.

This past Saturday in Livonia, Michigan some 800 attended (pictured above) and were treated to speakers like John McCain, Mitt Romney, John Stossel, and Duncan Hunter in the first of these regional AFP events.

The Wisconsin Defending the American Dream Summit will be held on February 9th at the Country Springs Hotel and Conference Center in Waukesha.

Confirmed speakers for the conference include: Paul Ryan, J.B. Van Hollen, Scott Walker, Mike Gablemen, Leah Vukmir, Steve Moore, Dan Schnur, Vicky McKenna, Todd Berry, Patrick McIllhernan, and our blog pals Leslie Graves and Owen Robinson.

I'm especially looking forward to the 2:30 to 3:30 breakout on the old media vs the new media hosted by Patrick McIllhernan and Leslie Graves.

Don't leave early because at the end of this thing there will be a new media reception hosted by Owen Robinson and myself.

You should also consider that this event is just a few days before the Wisconsin Presidential primary. AFP has a history of turning out Presidential Candidates for these things so there may be a few surprise speakers not yet on the scheduled list.

I hope to see you there.

Fill in the blank....

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Hey, every TV station can claim it, why not me?

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January 14, 2008

Hey Michigan, go ahead live it up.

There have been a number of posts and reports about the Michigan primary.

Some people are showing outrage at the suggestion of Democrats voting none of the above or switching to vote in the Republican primary in Michigan. You see the big bad national party took all of Michigan's delegates away for the crime of messing with the primary date. (nah democrats never disenfranchise voters)

I say live it up, vote for whoever you went.

In the last Wisconsin primary I only had one GOP choice, so I crossed and voted for Howard Dean. The reason I voted for Dean is that I wanted him to stick around for a while. If you recall at the time he said if he did not win Wisconsin he would bow out of the race.

So go ahead Michigan vote your conscience, vote for your dog, vote for your barber, vote none of the above, vote Ron Paul do whatever you want.

It is your vote after all.

Maybe next time the Democrats will let it count.

Fill In The Blank...

Ryan Grant ____________________.

MRQ not really improved, but new every week.

“Oh, thank you, God! At least Dopey is still alive.” Silent E.

Must... be... more... human... Planted... question... should... help... poll... numbers... Blue.

With Fousts witty commentary he could be an announcer on the NFL channel. Michael.

“Never underestimate the power of a “progressive” feminist to play the victim card when things don’t go the way she feels women are owed.” Sister Toldja.


Obamessiah. Phoenix.

The theological place of eternal punishment would turn into a Popsicle first. RAG.

I’ve had about all the "change" I can stand…and it’s only January. Joey.

has the online world of politics gotten nuttier than a squirrel turd in the last couple of months? Jib.

Follow the rich white man. Still Unreal

Often the star just needs a break. Tom.

Obama won’t bomba your momma. Fuzz.

I just believe… (Pauses, takes a deep breath) so strongly in who I am as a blogger. I'm going to do everything I can to make my case, and then the readers get to decide. (Bites lower lip.) Mary.

I am temporarily sober. Obnoxious Packer Guy.

If he's happy at home he won't go looking! Plebian.

I'm sorry, I thought that was a Braille name tag. ALa.

If women vote for a candidate simply because she's a woman, it's because men are sexist pigs. Dustbury.

I just wanna see my global warming models wearing a Bikini! Michael.

Demorrhoid! Kate.

not a lot of time to peruse lately... all the global peeps are here on tues - fri! Jib.

Tell mom you’re thinking about liking Amy Winehouse and she’ll leave you alone. Uncle Jay.

It was a Mexican chicken, and it was looking for your job. And your daughter. Grumps.

Instead of another round of debates, all of the presidential candidates should be required to appear as contestants on “Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?” Peter.

Wow. I think Custer got off to a better start at Little Big Horn. Jib.

They score to tie this up on this drive Seattle will fold like a shirt. Chris.

Who is that guy wearing the #20, and what did he do to Atari Bigby? Steve E.

I only consumed one beer in the first half. Jib.

Blatz is when you want to forget. Steve E.

I rewatched the Packers game today it was even better the second time lol. Chris.

Not Sure, From Warsaw? Tom.

I will let you see a picture of my butt. Christian.

MRQ of the week

Congratulations to our MRQ of the week winner, Steve.

You hear me talking, Huckleberry boy?

Steve did it the old fashined way, he begged for votes.

Don't forget,

Today is talk like Jack Bauer day.


January 13, 2008

Presidential Election.

Yesterday morning I posted that I had figured out the Presidential election. I honestly think I have done just that.

We are just in the beginning of primary season. One thing to always remember about primaries is that they are for the advocates. People who are really motivated for their candidates or parties are the ones who fuel the primary election process.

Another thing to remember is that general elections are not really about the base; they are always about the middle and the undecided. Primaries are always about momentum.

One of the interesting things Steve Butts said yesterday on WGTD was that his favored candidate was whoever the Democratic candidate is. I feel the same way; I will support the Republican nominee as I firmly believe that at this critical time we could not afford a Democrat in the White House. Steve would say exactly the same thing in reverse.

Remember now, general elections are about the middle.

Look at who the favored candidates are in national polling right now, Hillary Clinton and John McCain. What do those two candidates have in common? (besides winning in New Hampshire) They are both closer to center than any of the other candidates running in their respective party. We can each argue about how centrist they really are but Clinton is to the right of Obama and Edwards and McCain is to the left of Romney, Huckabee, Thompson and Giulliani.

I firmly believe that the country is tired of partisan sniping. The Democrats had a great opportunity to lead after their win in 2006, they failed miserably. You can argue as to why but the fact is this is known as a do nothing Congress with approval ratings worse than President Bush.

Senator Clinton is smart enough to have learned from her Husband. He only moved hard to the left after he won re-election. The country knows that.

Senator McLain has a proven history of compromise and brokering deals to break stalemates in Washington. Breaking the judicial stonewall of Chief Justice Roberts is something the people have not forgotten. I believe he is admired for working across the aisle.

In national head to head polling Senator McCain is the only Republican who beats Senator Clinton head to head (a 5 point margin); he is even with Senator Obama.

I believe the reason McCain is gaining momentum is that he is viewed as a centrist but he is strong on defense. That is a powerful combination in today’s world.

Now enter the 500# gorilla in the race, Joe Lieberman. I strongly believe Senator McCain will go on to win the nomination and will enlist as his running mate Joe Lieberman.

A centrist Republican and a centrist Democrat running on the same ticket will resonate strongly with the people who wish more than anything for their government to become less dysfunctional.

This is a ticket that can and likely would win.

This will in no way sway Democrats to the McCain/Lieberman ticket. Rank and file Democrats hate Joe Lieberman for the sin on siding with President Bush on the war. However, we must remember this is not about partisans; this is about the middle and who can generate excitement and bring out the vote.

If this election is really about change then what could possibly represent change more than a Democrat and a Republican working together?

The big question is what Hillary will do? That part I have not figured out yet.

There will be no Clinton/Obama ticket, I can tell you that much. By the time they are done attacking each other there will be too much animosity for the two of them to work together. Clinton will either go left (Russ Feingold perhaps) or make a similar move across the isle to a liberal Republican (Chuck Hagel). The obvious choice may be Bill Richardson to try and bring in the Hispanic vote but I don’t think he showed well enough in his Presidential race to impress camp Clinton.

Is Senator McCain my favorite choice?

Not even close.

However, this is not about my favored candidate this is about my view on the general election.

I firmly believe that a McCain/Lieberman ticket would be an unstoppable force with the center, and general elections are all about the center.

Right or wrong we’ll see if my analysis holds up.

Your thoughts?

How 'bout them Cowboys?

Gee that was fun.

Yesterday I was invited to be a guest on the Community Matters program on 91.1 WGTD in Kenosha hosted by Jennie Tunkieicz.

I was joined by Racine Alderman Greg Helding and two Kenosha Democrats, Brian Miller the chair of the Kenosha Democratic Party and Steve Butts, the PR Director of the Kenosha Democratic Party.

We discussed presidential politics and the discussion I found to be far reaching and interesting.

WGTD does provide a podcast, get instructions for subscribing to the podcast here. They also archive their programs on their website. I'll let you know when that becomes available.

I'd like to thank Brian and Steve for a spirited yet friendly debate. There was no mystery that we disagreed on just about everything. However, we listened to and responded to each other's opinions with respect and dignity.

I enjoyed it immeasurably.

Words I thought I would never say.... I agree with John Foust.

Something very strange happened here in comments, John Foust made a post I agreed with completely.

In that thread Foust had the following quote, "Blog owners are free to make their own rules, and ban anyone or edit comments for any reason they like. That's life. Would you want it any other way?"

I agree with John completely.

This is in reference to a very nasty personal attack made against me on Friday in a comment thread. I really don't care to repeat the insult but I found it distasteful enough to delete the comment and ban the poster. I stand by my decision.

Well the next thing you know the person who slung this insult and earned the ban was invited to be a contributor on an area liberal blog (one of the more popular ones). Of course the first thing they did was to write a piece slamming me for daring to ban them for insulting me at my own blog. It is a shame really, I used to respect the proprietor there, but he has decided to roll in the mud rather than have any sense of decorum or honesty.

Another area liberal blog (one that does nothing but attack local conservative people personally) was so impressed that they issued an invitation to the person who insulted me as well.

I don't care to link to either of those blogs, you can find them yourselves.

This is what the attack left has been doing and I really don't want any part of it. In one of the comments there they actually said that Jessica McBride claimed to have been called "the c word" by a liberal blogger. There is no claim, she was. But as usual the left will continue to ignore and excuse their own bad behavior.

Several times yesterday I began to email the proprietor of the first blog. In anger the emails all started like this, "You ^&!@@! (*&@! !(@!&*(^!@_)" I deleted them all before hitting the send button. The simple fact is, I don't want to be like them. They've been scouring the web looking for examples of me getting terse. What they fail to acknowledge is that all of those instances were in response to nasty personal attacks against myself. I've never done that type of posting and I'm not going to start now. Furthermore, I will no longer respond to their personal attacks against me, they are unworthy of any effort in response.

Frankly I understand that the only reason the hateosphere spends so much time attacking me is that we have been effective here in communicating a message. Take a serious look at who they attack, it is a list of the most powerful and effective local conservative bloggers, broadcasters and one print media columnist. They are just following in the lessons learned from their hero Bill Clinton to personally attack their opponents.

Let them do as they will, frankly I don't care. The more they act like 2 year-olds throwing tantrums for not getting their way, the sillier they look.

I say at the head of this blog, we ask that you keep your tone in check and respect those who are willing to share. I mean that.

Discussing issues where we may disagree can get heated upon occasion. Let me also add that I have a job, I have a life and there are way too many comments here for me to moderate them all. I also miss a comment from time to time. If you see something you think is out of line, please let me know. I've deleted and banned posters right and left and I'll continue to do so if they cross the line.

And I guess the hateosphere of the left will continue to attack me for it.

So be it.