December 9, 2008

Posts from the local leftosphere about Blagojevich...

Folkbum ___________________

Blue Racine _________________

Pundit Nation _______________

Cognitive Dissodence___________

Fighting Bob_________________

Blogging Blue________________

The Happy Circumstance - A haughty spirit takes a tumble. (Not his usual level of discourse against the right but at least Grumps mentioned this)

Plaisted Writes _______________


Watchdog ____________________

Other Side (Defending the terrorist Bill Ayers, no words on Governor Rod, typical)

The Political Environment ___________

Illusory Tenant - Democrat's Fairness Doctrine plot revealed (that guy is just nuts)

Caffeinated Politics - Gov. Rod Blagojevich Conscienceless (Deke who will tie every Republican to an individual scandal puts this solely on Blagojevich, you have to credit him for at least mentioning it though. He does have a very cool snowing blog thingie going on though)

Brawler _______________________________


Left on the Lake Obama Turned Down Blagojevich Offer to “Play Ball” - Right Wing Dissapointed (This idiot finds a way to attack the right when the left wing Governor gets arrested)

Waxing America_____________________

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