November 2, 2008

Sign thieves caught in Burlington.

Racine County McCain Co-Chair Joshua Kuehn caught a pair of sign thieves in his yard last night.

I'll let him tell the story...

I was going out to my truck to get my laptop, all of a sudden I see this guy running through my yard. He grabs a hold of the Women for McCain sign from my front yard. I yelled to him " Hey want to go to jail?"

The guy looks at me and starts running across the street. When I rounded the house (in my bath robe, mind you) I noticed a white jeep. I left the chase for the guy and ran towards the jeep as I was trying to see the plate number. The lights were off on the truck so I could not see the license plate. Once the driver realized what was going on he put his foot on the gas and took off down the road. I turned around ran inside (put some clothes on) and then called the police. I jumped in my truck and went around the block. I found the jeep one block away picking the other guy up.

I then called the police back and followed the truck, about 8 blocks away the cops caught up to me and pulled the Jeep over. Inside were two while males who looked to be in their young 20's. The police pulled two of my signs out of the Jeep. The officer came back and asked me, "What would you like done?"

I stated, "I want them to go to jail." The one officer nodded to the other. Then they were both taken out of the Jeep placed in hand cuff's and put in the back of the squad car.
Pay attention on the 10 o'clock news tonight, I understand channel 58 & channel 12 are going to cover this story.
Racine GOP Chair Bill Folk issued the following press release:
Obama Supporters Caught Stealing McCain Yard Signs.

Burlington, WI - On the evening of 1 November, McCain-Palin Racine County Co-Chairman Josh Kuehn spotted someone in his front yard. As he watched, the man grabbed a McCain-Palin yard sign from his front yard.
Kuehn then noted a vehicle moving slowly down his street with its lights out. He shouted for the man with the sign to stop, but he ran off, and the vehicle drove off at a high rate of speed. Kuehn quickly called police and took off after the thieves. He quickly spotted the vehicle a block away, picking up his dismounted accomplice. Kuehn followed the vehicle until police arrived and arrested the two perpetrators. The attached photographs document the arrest.
Additionally, the Racine County Republican Party would like assistance in solving the thefts of hundreds of yard signs in the Racine, Mt. Pleasant, and Caledonia areas. Multiple victims have provided a description of a white, late model, full size, short-bed pickup truck driving suspiciously in the area around the time of the thefts. The Racine County Republican Party is offering a reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the driver of this vehicle.
The Racine County GOP encourages those who have been victimized by intolerant Obama supporters to pick up replacement signs at our Racine Victory Center, located at 6500 Washington Avenue in Mt. Pleasant, or our Burlington Victory Center, located at 248 North Pine Street in Burlington.

The Racine GOP has sought to take the high road in this election, and offered to issue a joint statement with the Racine Democratic Party, condemning yard sign theft and offering a joint reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone stealing or vandalizing any political signs this campaign season. The Racine Democratic Party has not responded to this offer.

Hey Bill, next time you talk to them ask them about the hundreds of illegal Obama Biden signs in the area being distributed by the unions. Oh yeah, no one cares when Democrats break election law.

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