November 4, 2008


Late Sunday evening I posted a piece highlighting an Obama flyer telling people how to vote.

Among the items listed there was a line telling if you could not prove who you are to bring along a neighbor to vouch for you.

I thought that illegal and researched and posted as much.

The next morning it was brought to my attention that idiotic standard was indeed legal so I did the right thing and deleted the post immediately. Funny thing though, whenever I do the right thing the left always complains about the way I do it. That's what the left does, complains about the right.

The left in their unyielding idiocy has been screaming for a retraction. Sometimes I don't have time to write a flowery piece and only have time to press the delete button, this was one of those times. Until someone starts paying me to blog, that will be the way things are around here.

Fact is in Wisconsin there are no standards to be able to vote.

I apologize for that post in error on Sunday evening.

However, I'm still waiting for all the lefties in the area to put up posts regarding the clearing of Sarah Palin in Trooper-Gate. One sided outrage is such an ugly thing.

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