November 17, 2008

MRQ just add vodka.

how long has existing existed? Alexander.

my way of sticking it to the man. Elliot.

Dear Obama Claus, I've been very sincere this year. Gimme! Heather.

tax and spendtax and spendchoo choo on the brainoh what fun it is to ridethis empty little train Stu.

How am supposed to know where the hot sexy singles are in my area now? LSTW.

Eat the dots. Alexander

might I suggest a Black Santa? Ho, ho, ho Wigdy.

I've had fresher fish. Tom.

No need to bow. Jimi.

Remember back in the day when ‘queer’ meant odd, or unusual, and ‘gay’ meant happy? Kate.

“impaled” and “groin.” Owen.

Harpy: (n) See Entertainment Dictionary entry on The View Plebian.

I was hoping for change. Denis.

I burnt my nipple. Tony.

Well, duh! Hope & Change. D'oh! Steve.

a license to kill the automotive bailout. Josh.

I’ll be going to hell!! Bill.

Only 801 more feet to go until I’m on the beach. Ric

I voted twice and all I got was this lousy president. Aaron.

the GOP is still bowl-eligible. Tom.


Mmmmm... pumpkin spice coffee... Ally.

people are idiots Amy.

Snowpocalypse now! Egg.

One bourbon, one shot, one beer... Jayme.

Can't you just file for a quickie divorce over the internet these days? Pete.

One of the advantages of not having any money is that I have none to lose. Wigdy.

I'll explain later. Nick.

why do I live here?!?!? Bill.

If that wind blows those leaves back into my yard, I'm gonna... Gonna... Well, I'm gonna do something! Patrick.

What a putz. TAB

I just found 8 more votes for Al Franken in my DVD cabinet. Dan.

Five. Five Dollar. Five Dollar Foot-lonnnnnng! Jones.

Just add vodka? Widgy.

Three way... Chris.

Flying robot bugs. Scoff.

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