June 30, 2008

MRQ: Better late than never.

out loud with Shatneresque cadence Dustbury.

Beer, Bo, and the Barenaked Ladies. Now, that would be a Summerfest to remember. Elliot.

What's next? Will Barack Obama cook up his own flag? If he does, what would the left say if people burned it? Josh.

Girls like 'em big too! LMS.

I'm just a fat guy from the suburbs. Owen on Sunday Insight.

There’s a pillow calling my name, and resistance is futile! Kate.

All White Stiff. Chris.

there was plenty of music and blah-blah, but still no Madame Doofus. Plebian.

is the city going to make me take it off? Jeni.

Run. Find your cave. Set up your Unabomber-style camp. E.M.

DOPES, Democrats Opposed to Petroleum and for Energy Sacrifice. It seems fitting that Barack Obama will be the Presidential nominee for the DOPES! Shoebox.

Man they are going to need a lot of mops to clean up all the pee from the anti gun crowd wetting themselves this morning Chris.


Ohhh, good thunder! Patrick.

Nick Schweitzer will now attempt to translate his last twitter post into english.> Wigdy.

I enjoy poking bears. Nick.

chillaxin' Ms Ally.

Justice in Milwaukee. Sean.

will teach this baby to make a martini if it is the last thing I do Nikol.

Prius=$$ ching ching Amy.

Language warning Pete.

asinine as meaning "utterly stupid" Leslie.

I don't like it when men in suits stare at me. Stacy.

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