April 11, 2008

This is "hope"?

The Obama website has a section open where people can write their own blog postings.

However this feature is under the editorial control of the Obama campaign. In short, if the campaign does not approve off the posting then the campaign can remove it. The campaign has removed postings from the Black Panthers and Anti-Semitic posts until they became known around the Internet and were removed.

This is part of a post currently up from Ejike of Canton Georgia.

It is unbecoming of an old man who is a part of the problem America has today to tell us not to hope. What a deaf man? If McCain has given up on hope and life, the rest of America has not. He should pay a deserved visit to the undertaker. So, someone should please remind McCain there is a place called a zoo where the likes of him should take abode while the rest of America moves on.

This post has been up more than six weeks and is still being allowed to stand.

So this is "Hope". Hoping Senator McCain visits the undertaker.

If you are an Obama supporter this is representing you. If you don't like it contact the campaign yourself and ask for this and other examples of these kinds of hate to be removed.

If this is Senator Obama's different kind of campaign, I can see why he is losing ground to Senator McCain in the polls.

UPDATE: Since we reported on this today, suddenly the web page his vanished. Steve Egg did grab a screen capture of the page you can see it here.

In the same post the author also attacked Senator McCain for his time as a POW, "Moreover, he has not told us what exactly he told the Viet Con when he was under their care."

Seriously, the left had a fit when anyone questioned anything about Senator Kerry getting a splinter while in his service and now this idiot dares question Senator McCain who was a POW for 5 years?

One more interesting tid-bit. While camp Obama removed the piece we reported on, they left up all the rest of Ejike Ofomezie's writings. I guess they were only concerned with that one piece that I brought to their attention this morning. (Yes, I did report it to the campaign)

Some of his other musings:
  • Hillary reminds me of of a psychiatric patient who has no insight to her situation by insisting that she is not "mental" when all the signs of "madness" is written all over her.
  • Bill Clinton DESECRATED THE WHITE HOUSE by having SEX with Monica Lewinsky in th OVAL OFFICE- the sacred alter of the American democracy. Yet, again, America forgave Bill Cilnton. Bill Clinton HAS NO SHAME!!! (well he is right about that one)
  • All the anchors at Fox "New" are behaving like mutant ninjas without exception.
    Wake up Americans and take this country back from these paid agents and their masters!!!! (a little racist lingo anyone?)
  • There is nothing wrong in stating the facts that Hillary and Bill are in this race for an ego-trip. She has suddenly realized that if she misses this "opportunity", she will be rather too old to run for office in 12 years time.
  • White men will make SURE she loses.
  • I have resolved to use the technology embedded in my TV remote control to check this nuisance named Ralph Nader. I SWITCH THE CHANNEL WHENEVER THAT POKY FACE SHOWS UP ON ANY CHANNEL!!
  • Mr Smiley should direct his fire to the White House and Republicans who have criminally neglected New Orleans rather than looking for new scape goats to improve his ratings. (someone tell this idiot Lousiana was run by Democrats)
  • Why are we allowing BILLARY to drag the party down this road by employing all kinds of ploy and statements, including the new lexicon, DELEGATE POACHING.
  • Now that Hillary and her evil empire has decided to throw the sink with the kitchen at Barack.
  • If this country should go down with the Republican war mongers, those lunch bucket Democrats who think that Bill and Hillary will take care of their family dog for them would have failed this nation by not decisively dealing the final blow to Bill and Hillary's naked political ambitions by NOT VOTING FOR THEM IN THE PRIMARIES

There are many more examples but I am sure you get the idea. After my pointing out the hate being spewed by this person they deleted the one post put did care enough to look and see what else might be out there from this author.

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