February 26, 2008

Vote problems?

Lots and lots and lots of problems with the vote.

An investigative report is out today from the Milwaukee Police Department Special Investigations Unit. You can, and you should, read the entire report here. Wisconsin has been full of voter problems for years. Democrats have turned a blind eye to those problems and have blocked every attempt to ensure fair elections in Wisconsin.

The system as it is now makes it nearly impossible to prosecute vote fraud. And Democrats have used the lack of prosecutions as their reasoning that our system does not need reform. Right now Senate Democrats are blocking a measure to allow the people of Wisconsin to have a say as to having the common sense measure of photo ID at the polls. What do the Senate Democrats fear in letting the people have their say?

My standard on voting has never wavered. EVERY LEGAL VOTE CAST AND COUNTED ONCE. If that is not your standard, why?

Among the findings of this report:
  • 1305 registration cards without enough information to be entered into the voter database. The people who voted on those cards did not have their votes counted. (page 9)
  • Evidence of double voting and double voter entries. (pages 7&8)
  • "The Milwaukee Election Commission employees allowed obviously ineligible voters to cast ballot in races that were contested" (pg 17)
  • Homeless votes cast from a non legal voting address. (pg. 21) (A favored Racine tactic by the way)
  • Irregularities in student voting (pg 24)
  • Recommendations on page 26, "The one thing that could eliminate a large percentage of fraudulent voting in any given election is the elimination of on-site or same-day voter registration systems."... "As an alternative, if On-Site registration is to continue in its present form, then the presentation of a government issued identification card that includes that includes the voters name, address (including city) and date of birth should be presented before that person is allowed to register and vote."
  • Dead people are rising from the grave and voting in Milwaukee (pg 31)
  • Double voting (page 34)
  • Absentee votes allowed that were not eligible to vote in Wisconsin. (pg 41)
  • Absentee Ballots not counted (pg 42)
  • A New Jersey school teacher who has not lived in Milwaukee since for years voting absentee here, add to that a New York Attorney, a school director who has been in Hamburg, Germany since 1974 and a man who has lived in Canada since 1971. (pg 47)
  • 16 examples of "staffers from a major political party" from out of state registering and voting here. (pgs 49-51) The report did not name the party, but they were all involved with the New Voter's Project.... Remember them? (D) From the conclusion of this section, "The belief of the investigator is that each of these persons had to commit multiple criminal acts in an effort to reach their ultimate goal of voting, showing that the act was a conscious, internal effort to commit a crime."
  • Conclusion, After nearly 18 months of investigation the Task Force believes that there was fraud committed in the 2004 election, but as one investigator stated, "I know I voted in the election, but I can not be sure it was counted."

The left loves to tell us how a common sense measure like photo ID will disenfranchise voters. You simply can not function in this society without an ID, it is a phony argument. I'll point you to another study, this one from American University that clearly shows Photo ID does not suppress the vote.

The simple fact is, it is the left in Wisconsin that likes an environment that invites vote fraud and makes it nearly impossible to prove. I'm not quite sure how this study forgot to mention the tire slashing incident carried out by Kerry staffers who were also the sons of local Democratic party leaders. Yes Congresswoman Moore you little angel is innocent...

One more thing to remember, this report only covered the City of Milwaukee. If expanded to other municipalities the examples would undoubtedly continue to increase.

I for one do not honestly believe that Wisconsin is a blue state. Or, if Wisconsin is a blue state the margin is much smaller that the vote has shown in the last two Presidential election cycles. Fraud is the best friend Democrats have in Wisconsin.

You have to ask yourself why are they afraid of a fair election?

My standard stays the same, EVERY LEGAL VOTE CAST AND COUNTED ONCE.

I commend the Milwaukee Police Department Special Investigations Unit for a job very well done in this investigation. It shows a pattern of fraud and also the complete incompetence of Tom Barret's department. Remember folks, Barret put political cronies in charge of this crucial department charged with running fair elections. He should shoulder a large deal of the scorn for these problems.

Make sure to call your State Senator today and demand that the photo ID bill be allowed to the floor for a vote.