January 26, 2008

The hate left's latest target.

Folkbum has put a hate piece out on Kevin Fischer.

In it he claimed, "When a conservative has irritated both Wigderson and Dooley, you know there's something wrong with him."

To set the record straight Kevin Fischer has never irritated me. I have had two posts about his blog, one in which I did a guess the number and one on the over/under of Elvis posts.

Both of those posts were in jest and in neither of them did I say a bad word about Kevin Fischer. I have no issues with Fischer's content at all and he really does a fabulous job of covering issues local to the City of Franklin.

Why Folkbum decided to attack Mr. Fischer is beyond my grasp. Why Folkbum mischaracterized my position is plain, he thought it gave him further proof for his attack. Why, if I was negative toward Mr. Fischer, he must be bad.

Mr. Wigderson has demanded a retraction.

Folkbum knows how to get in touch with me; I would have gladly told him I have no issues with Kevin Fischer had he asked, he didn't.

The rest of the local hate left is dutifully jumping on board in their latest attempt to silence an area conservative.

For the record. Kevin Fischer is a daily read for me. I have no issues with his content and I find it charming how he gets revved up on something, he may post 2 dozens posts on the same subject a day.

As for Folkbum. Nothing new. Just another dishonest attack piece.

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