December 21, 2007

Guess the number game


UPDATE: There are 32 collegiate Bowl games this year.

Gee that does not seem like nearly enough...

Dryer Sheet Wreath : Merry Trailer Park Christmas Craft

Hillary's Gifts

Give the gift of carbon.

Having a problem with your Christmas shopping?

We all have those hard to buy for people on our lists.

They'll make you feel better about yourself in a completely useless way for the environment.

Remember, give carbon and have a happy environmentally correct Christmas.

December 20, 2007

Chad Vader Chats With Obama Girl

Racine in the spotlight on the War on Christmas

It seems some atheist haters had to try and spoil a nativity scene at Monument Square in downtown Racine.

No one begrudges their right to put up whatever they want.

But why, do they feel the need to impact someone Else's holiday with their display? What this does is show a complete lack of respect. In short, it is rude. Of course we have every right to rude but why exactly do people like this find it such a necessary thing to do.

What I'm talking about here is common sense and polite discourse, two things we are sorely lacking.

But no, the militant atheist types have zero respect and they placed their display within six feet of the nativity.

Have your profession of no faith away from someone Else's profession of faith out of respect. This is the same concept as the absolutely disgusting Fred Phelps who tries to protest at soldier funerals. Stay the heck away out of respect for the deceased and the family. In that circumstance I believe left and right agree. Will we apply the same thought process here?

Racine Post wrote a nice story on this and it was picked up by Fark, so the comment section is going wild. See the Fark postings here and the Racine Post story here.

TIME's Person of the Year.

I must say I was surprised by TIME magazines choice for person of the year. But honestly, I was not that surprised.

TIME has a history of putting up exceedingly controversial choices.

The pandering from the left for Al Gore was just that, pandering. To many there he was the slam dunk choice.

That is entirely the reason why he would not have been chosen.

If they were looking for a positive choice the winner would have been General Petraes. He has turned things around in Iraq in such a dynamic way that few can believe it. Only the silliest of anti-war zealots are still refusing to admit the stunning turn around in Iraq. However, that choice would have pleased the right so you absolutely know that TIME would take a pass on that.

I honestly thought the choice might have been JK Rowling or the iPhone.

Upon further reflection I am surprised they did not select Mahmoud Ahmadinejad or Hugo Chavez.

I lost all respect for TIME when they came out with the statement that they would lose the concept of objectivity on matters of the environment as they were too important for objectivity back in the '80s. At the time I was a subscriber. (I never renewed and have not read the rag since).

Frankly what we are seeing here is TIME's yearly marketing ploy. They usually pick some off the wall choice so people talk about them. (Last year I believe they picked James Wigderson)

And here I fell into their trap, I'm talking about it too.

Next year everyone will expect TIME to list the newly elected US President (ya know Mike Gravel or Dennis Kucinich or Ron Paul) and TIME will name someone, or something, completely off the wall so we'll talk about it again.

My money is on Ahmadinejad.

December 19, 2007

This should be fun.

Brian Dey has announced his intention to run against Ken Hall for his County Board seat in Racine.

Brian has been a maverick and the voice of reason on the Racine School board. He was beaten up and ridiculed by the establishment on the board, but in the end Dey has been vindicated as everything he has been speaking up about turned out to be accurate causing Superintendent Tom Hicks to resign in disgrace.

Hall is the County Board member who ran a highly partisan and nasty race with current County Executive Bill McReynolds last year.

Hall is as far to the left as you can see. Dey is a fiscal conservative. Frankly these two could not be farther apart on the issues.

Dey is concentrating on the County Board race and will not be running for re-election on the school board. HE WILL BE MISSED THERE.

My guess is this will be the most hotly contested race in this area this spring.

Here is Dey's release.

Dey Running for County Supervisor District 15

This morning, I filed to run for County Supervisor of the 15th District in Racine County. After much deliberation, I also filed papers to not seek a second term on the Racine Unified School District Board of Education.

As a resident of the district since 2001 and a resident of the county since 1987, I will be proud to continue my service as County Supervisor and continue my work to make Racine County a better place to live, work and play.

I have served my community openly and honestly and have worked hard to make sure that government, at all levels, does the same. I have served on the RUSD Board of Education since April of 2005 and will fulfill my commitment through April of this year. I have also served as the Chairman of the RUSD Board of Education’s Legislative Committee, The Village of Caledonia’s Parks and Recreations Commission and Vice-Chairman of Caledonia and Mt. Pleasant’s Joint Park.

I have a proven track record of fiscal responsibility and accountability and believe that the main issues facing the County are economic development and job creation. It is not enough to create entry level jobs. We need to attract and actively seek good companies with good paying jobs.

We also need to hold the line on spending and realize that the way to raise more revenue for services is not on the backs of our constituents, but through growth in tax base. We also need to see more collaboration with municipalities and the school districts and seek ways to better service our constituents through this collaboration.

It is my intent as County Supervisor, to bring my strong leadership skills to the table to make Racine County the place to be in Wisconsin.

Good luck Brian!

Nat King Cole - The Christmas Song

Frankly, I don't care.

I've seen at least a dozen posts today on the pregnancy of Britney's Spears 16 yr old sister.

Frankly, I could care less.

However, it seems to be a hot topic so have fun in comments.

I shall not be joining in the fray.

Vos release on Hansen proposal.


December 19, 2007

For Further Information Contact:
Rep. Robin Vos (R-Caledonia)
(608) 266 9171

Hansen Tax Disclosure Bill to Hurt Business and Jobs in Wisconsin

Madison…As if supporting an economy-crippling $18 billion tax hike in the Senate Budget proposal wasn’t enough for Senate Democrats, now they want to go one step further to hurt Wisconsin businesses, said Rep. Robin Vos (R-Caledonia). According to Vos, a bill introduced by Senator Dave Hansen (D-Green Bay) today will have staggering negative effects on businesses and jobs in Wisconsin.

Hansen held a press conference in the State Capitol this morning to unveil a plan he calls a “Corporate Tax Accountability Act” that will require corporations to file forms with the state to illustrate the legal methods they use to file their taxes every year.
“Hansen’s plan to require businesses to fill out another form wrapped in bureaucratic red tape is ludicrous and unnecessary,” said Vos.

Wisconsin currently has one of the best tax transparency and disclosure policies in the country. In fact, it’s the only state in which anyone can find out how much each company pays in taxes.

While Hansen and other supporters of the bill claim this is a way to “shine the light” on already legal tax exemptions and breaks used by corporations that pay taxes in Wisconsin, Vos says this is just another way to make Wisconsin less and less attractive to business.

“This plan is a step in the wrong direction,” said Vos, “While the Department of Commerce is working to lure businesses to Wisconsin, Hansen and Democrats in the Legislature are essentially telling businesses to stay away. As a result, Wisconsin residents will pay the price as higher-paying jobs are created elsewhere.”

Vos continued: “Supporters of this plan are siding with Big Government over the people who create jobs. Hansen should be working with those job creators to improve the economy instead of introducing plans that hurt workers and create more red tape.”

December 18, 2007

Twas the night before a nondenominational winter holiday.

Computerized Christmas lights - Linus and Lucy

You have to admire the spirit, and some GREAT music.

Your Packer Pro Bowl Selections

Brett Favre
Donald Driver
Al Harris
Aaron Kampman

Your objective media in action.

Yesterday the Racine Journal Times highlighted an upcoming fund raiser by one of the sacrificial lambs to the Paul Ryan congressional juggernaut, Paulette Garin.

I'm not going to talk about Garin's qualifications to hold this office, this is not about her.

This paper announces her fund raiser, gives out her phone number and also her email for more information about the event.

People this is not journalism, this is activism.

This is essentially free advertising they are handing out, nothing more. If they would like to release position statements, fine but this is just ridiculous.

I've told you over the years about how liberal the Journal Times is, if you don't get it now, you never will.

Frankly, this is some of the worst, most overt bias I have ever seen.

Fred Thompson: Kill, Protect, Punch

I wonder how Chuck Norris feels about this ad?

Nut Roots wrong again.

In case you missed it, the nut roots has been frothing about the mouth over a report that Mitt Romney was trying to take over clear channel on some Machiavellian quest to put even more evil conservatives on the radio.

It would seem they were 100% wrong.

No shock here.

Rut Roh...

This is going to tick off the writers union support among the leftie actors. Now their strike is threatening the actors ability to self congratulate.

December 17, 2007

Celtic Woman-Carol Of The Bells

I wonder why?

Global food supply is dwindling rapidly, UN agency warns

ROME: In an "unforeseen and unprecedented" shift, the world food supply is dwindling rapidly and food prices are soaring to historic levels, the top food and agriculture official of the United Nations warned Monday.

The changes created "a very serious risk that fewer people will be able to get food," particularly in the developing world, said Jacques Diouf, head of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization.

The agency's food price index rose by more than 40 percent this year, compared with 9 percent the year before - a rate that was already unacceptable, he said. New figures show that the total cost of foodstuffs imported by the neediest countries rose 25 percent, to $107 million, in the last year.

Anyone like to hazard a guess???



Environmentalism has seriously gone overboard.

MRQ of the week.

The new MRQ of the week poll is up.

There were so many great quotes this week that we boosted from 4 to 6 entries.

Good luck!

Ron Paul's chances.

I asked noted area Ron Paul supporter Nick of the World according to same what he honestly thought Ron Paul's chances were.

I asked him to give an honest assessment based on a numerical scale of 0 to 100%.

Nick gave Paul a 15% chance of getting the nomination and did not wish to guess beyond that.

That being said what kind of odds do you give Paul to get the nomination?

Furthermore who is your current Presidential candidate of choice and what percentage chance do you give them of winning your party nomination?

I'll give Paul a .0000000001% chance and Mitt Romney a 40% chance of winning the Republican nomination.

Caption This.

Hey lefties....

I'm curious. now that Mother Sheehan is calling for the impeachment of Nancy Pelosi for knowing about waterboarding (at a Muslim peace conference no less), can we officially declare her nutty yet?

Batman - The Dark Knight Trailer HD

I'm going to have to see this one.

MRQ of the week.

Congratulations to Still Unreal for winning MRQ of the week.

History doesn't repeat itself, stupid people repeat history.

Our new poll should be up soon.

MRQ is it done snowing yet?

Remember . . . God is a Packer fan. Jimi.

Sherman’s dog wasn’t accessible to the public. Peter.

faster than a popsicle lodged in Michael Moore's jowls. Director Blue.

"Mom, they ALL have yellow ribbons." ALa.

We never kid about bacon, son. Learned Foot.

Do not go outside today. You will die. Dan.

I need a bigger ice scraper... Jesse.

Mmmmmmmm Krispie Kreme XXXL glazed. Mickey.

this woman is magnificent. Black Five. (Agreed)

your back is smooth without all that hair. Jib.

I guess I’ll have to keep her… Patrick.

He. Is. Odious. Lance.

Vegan my ass...Bring on the ribeye!!! Still Unreal.

This is where I discovered how much fun bachelorette parties can be. Aaron. (I want to hear this story)

I’m taking all the credit. Sean. (Of course you are)

"V for Vendetta"? That's so Ron Paul ... Jb.

I might have a problem. Dan.

you will never find a perfect match candidate. Jesse

Merry Christmas to all you Human Resource-types. Troper.

Hmmmmm. Do nothing. I’m good with that…… Silent E.

Taking ‘airhead’ to a whole new level. Kate.

"O" will rub off on the male version of the "O"! Bubbi.

a tour-de-force of farcical affront Elliot.

maybe it’s the good guys that should have the asterisks by their names Alyssa.

Now you can just kick the cat out of the way, as God intended! Plebian.

I was bummed Paul didn’t pull out his copy of the constitution and papercut Hitler to death. Sean.

Politics are fun, but they don’t necessarily go well with the Birth of our Savior. Kate. (I don't know a toy Ron Paul blimp might be fun)

who wants cold cockles? Dustbury.

Multi-tasking is not necessary everywhere Ally.

Now finish the chore. Owen.

And then God sneezed... Sancho.

it might be a good idea to wear some blaze orange gear on the next family outing to the zoo. Freedom Eden.

shove your finger in its mouth. Jib.

Whaddaya say now, AL!! Steve.

I was discussing global warming with my cat this morning. Arclightzero.

Fill in the blank.

Joe Lieberman ____________________________________.

Bring it.

Seeing all the proclamations of doom coming out of the great global warming conference swindle, I just have this to say...

We have 5 times the normal amount of snow out there, bring it. I'm tired of shoveling.

December 16, 2007

12-2 too

Way to go Eaglets!!!!!!!!!
Ok folks here is how it plays out.

Dallas has its last two games on the road against the Panthers and their arch enemies the Washington Redskins who would like nothing better than to hand the Cowgirls a loss going into the playoffs.

The Packers travel to Chicago to face the hapless Bears then come home to face the Lions who have lost 6 in a row!
It is this is simple, if the Packers win their last two games and the Cowboys lose at least one, your Green Bay Packers will have home field advantage throughout the playoffs.

Sunday not really funny.

Swiped from Kate.


Hopefully this makes you appreciate how good we have it right now.


All time leader in passing yardage.
Clinched first round bye in the playoffs.
Go Eaglets!