December 8, 2007


So... Oprah is running around schilling for Obama.

If you were going to get any celebrity endorsement, I would say that would be the one you would want.

How important are endorsements (celebrity or otherwise) to you in helping you select a candidate or make a decision on a particular issue?

Thought of the week.

You are not paraniod...

Everyone is talking about you.

December 7, 2007

Cynthia McKinney is coming to town!

Hey! You Greenies watch out,
You better not shout,
You better not pout,
Your party is way out:
Cynthia McKinney is coming to town!

She lost her old job,
She could just write a blog,
She is gonna find out who's holding her down.
Cynthia McKinney is coming to town!

She passes through the entry,
Without showing her ID,
And if you dare to stop her.
She’ll unleash Al Sharpton on you.

Oh! You Greenies watch out,
You better not shout,
You better not pout,
Your party is way out:
Cynthia McKinney is coming to town!
Yes folks, she's coming to Madison... And if you missed it, she is Monther Sheehan's candidate of choice...

Go Speedracer Go

Guess the number game


Update. As Governor of Arkansas Mike Huckabee increased taxes 21 times.

December 6, 2007

Thanks Senator Lehman.

I heard Senator John Lehman on the radio today on the WRJN news.

He is calling for a law requiring automotive insurance to be mandatory in Wisconsin.

His rationale?

48 other states have this law.

By the way I agree with Senator Lehman, If you drive I think you should be required to have auto insurance.

I also eagerly await Senator Lehman to come forward and advocate concealed carry to become law in Wisconsin.

After all 48 other states have it.

Santa Drives SUV

He's letting them rest...

A winter statistic



SF Straw Poll Cancelled

San Francisco Republicans cancel a straw poll as too many Ron Paul supporters show up...

First. Too bad. If Paul's people show up and pay their $33 dinner let 'em vote. If other candidates did not turn out support that is their problem. It was a LOW class move to cancel the vote.

But seriously, who knew there were Republicans in San Francisco?

Just curious...

If Georgia Thompson should get back the money she spent in her own defense, shouldn't Scott Jensen?

Pointe Blue money.

Lots of people may not know this as the Racine Journal Times has not done a good job of telling the community, but the Pointe Blue project is dead. Financing has fallen through and it appears the developers have no recourse.

For those not aware, Pointe Blue was a proposed fancy schmancy lakefront condo development project by Racine's harbor and beachfront.

I had a call last night that asked a great question. What happened to the money?

There were multiple TIF districts approved and the Governor promised $750,000 to the project while asking us to vote for him for re-election. (yes 3/4 of a million bucks for a condo development out state government is so broke isn't it?)

Well the answer is $0.

Other than the administrative costs associated with approved the TIF districts all monies were contingent upon the project getting their financial house in order. Since that never happened the cash was never spent.

If the paper was not so busy cheer leading for an underfunded bad light rail plan, they might have mentioned it.

This was not a bad deal for the Guv though. He got to be a big hero in Racine and have the paper put his mug on the front page during election season for doing nothing.

UPDATE: I got an email from my favorite JS reporter, they had a story on this yesterday. Sorry I missed it. She does her usual great job.

It's for the kids....

The next time someone tells you WEAC (The teachers union) is for the kids, laugh in their face.

Yesterday a court shut down a virtual school on a technicality (children not living in the same district as the charter school). The suit was brought forth by the teachers union.

WEAC's outrage was that this virtual school got better results for far less money per child and with a far higher student to teacher ratio than a traditional brick and mortar school. How dare this school challenge the standard paradigm. Yes, WEAC used a technicality to shut down a successful school staffed by union teachers.

This is a technicality and the state government could fix it today; if they wanted to. They won't though as this states Democratic party (and especially our Governor) have been bought and paid for by WEAC. The very thought of Jim Doyle signing a bill WEAC does not support is laughable.

The very thought that the teachers union could ever get away with "it's for the children" is equally laughable.

December 5, 2007

Happy Birthday Knut.

The surge has been a miserable failure.

Plebian tells you why.

Christmas Cards.

We got our very first Christmas card the other day (thank you Robin Vos).

So how many do you send out in a typical year?

Are you done already? Have you started? Are you looking at the task at hand with a sense of dread or anticipatory wonder?

Chat it up.


Fall fluffy snow fall.

My snowblower broke today.

Global warming now!

December 4, 2007

Add one more.

The next great cause of global warming?


I'm curious do you think they would tell Muslims to change a reigious ritual so easily?


Did anyone else catch the story that they ran out of parking for private jets at the global warming summit?

MRQ of the week poll

The MRQ of the week poll is up.

An exceedingly good crop of random quotes this week, keep it up folks.

Did you ever write something and cringe just knowing you would make the cut? Dean did!

Keep those suggestions coming and feel free to email me nomiations for MRQ any time.

(MRQs about Fraley go right to the top of the pile.)

This is a test.

This is a test of the Cheddarsphere Holiday party alert system.

Had this been an actual emergency you would have been reminded that this year's blogger holiday party is slated for Sunday December the 30th starting at noon at Papa's in Milwaukee at 78th & Burleigh. Had this been a real alert you would have been notified that this non partisan blog party is open to all who care to attend.

If this were a real alert planned events would include, Pin the tail on the Fraley and a 2009 prediction drop. (bring a 2008 prediction for a group posting)

This is only a test.

You may now resume your regularly scheduled blogging.

To triticale.

All our thoughts and prayer my friend.

Four years ago today.

Howard Dean was the presumptive nominee...

I'm just sayin'.

To our Jewish readers....

The surge. Now what?

Well unless you have been living under a rock you must now understand that the surge in Iraq is helping to quiet the violence there.

So as Congress gets back to work the anti war crowd will undoubetdly ratchet up again and start demanding timetables.

Unless you are completely clueless you should understand that we are moving in the direction of a pullout, the Nation simply does not have the stomach to keep a campaign going much longer and Iraqi forces are managing more and more of their own security.

There are talk of troop reductions. I say let the commanders in the field keep doing their jobs.

I seriously want to know what you think we should do now.

I refuse to let this post degrade into a he said she said rehash of the past. If I see those comments from either side I will delete them.

The topic is what to do from today forward.

December 3, 2007

MRQ, does the sudden cold go to our brains?

Do I point at my crotch when I ask where the toilet is? Kate.

What about kittens? Casper.

E-mail in a picture of your lips. Kevin.

I DEMAND that you remove this post immediately, or I will contact somebody who knows how to write threatening letters. Aaron.

Study says people still don’t trust government. Bitter. (They needed a study for that?)

Go out and get a dish like the rest of us. Steve.

Beware the S-, D-, A- and F-bombs Steve Egg.

Places to buy pants. Jeff.

Seek not to avoid the Blognarok. Plebian.

The Blue Cheese section. Tom.

So here is to wasting this entire day killing time. Chris.

blogging while driving? Todd. (Don't do it)

live today as though it were your first. Jimi. (Good advice)

your village called, they want their idiot back. Peter.

When Chuck Norris jumps in the water, he doesn't get wet. The water gets Chuck Norris. LMS.

Thank you, Internet! Fuzz.

Moronic Convergence. Director Blue.

my BS meter just broke - you owe me a new one! Caledonia Unplugged.

Aww yeah, talk dirty to me, Stud. Owen.

I’d rather staple my lips to a zamboni Christian.

I'm really excited. Ally.

There is, of course, nudity. Jb.

Another boner. Rag.

I can’t believe the lengths Jeni.

No matter how many times you drive a stake thru their hearts, they come back to life. Jeff.

we will name this little critter “Muhammad.” Peter.

I blame the Packers loss tonight on Global Warming. Steve.

Somebody must really like that cart. Grumps

Or, if you'd like to get more use out of your money, burn it in large bundles in a barrel. At least you'll get some heat and light from it. Fraley.

go forth and coexist with these peaceful, loving majority Still Unreal.

Uh-oh. Fraley picked the Packers. Jib.

THE COWBOYS STILL SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Berry.

Hey, if you don't want people to look at them, don't hang them out in plain view. Dr. Tony.

Bronze Fonz Jeff.

….you can have it….it SUCKS…. Pete.

Mohammed + Teddy Bear = Riot Anne.

if it weren't for bacon, nobody would know what a water chestnut is. Learned Foot.

Preferably only unglazed doughnuts with holes in them would be legal. Peter.

How exactly does one become a bra fit specialist Tom.

It is really hard Chris.

Coming between a woman and her chocolate during the holiday season is definitely a crime! Kathy.

I hope they have a big jail. Mike.

I have man boobs. Dean.

Chicks are emotional and make rash decisions. Ally.

You are now more in danger of getting arrested and going to jail for posting a comment at Boots and Sabers than you are smoking marijuana in Waukesha County. Wiggy.

Bryant Gumble is a terrible color man. Nick

Brian Fraley’s Tree Stand Cam. Dan.

Top Search....

Yahoo has a widget that's mentions the top searches on their engine.

Know what is the #1 search on Yahoo right now?

Aaron Rodgers.


MRQ winners

Congratulations to our MRQ winners:

MRQ of the month, November. Luckily it wasn't the Chorizo, otherwise this would have been considered a hate crime. Fuzz.

MRQ of the week. Shari'a is so...."Co-Exist-ish." Dad29 (this one was a blowout!)

Dad 29 will be up for MRQ of the month from December and Fuzz is entered into the MRQ of the year contest.

Nichols on anonymous...

This is worthy of a read folks.

He's baaaaack.

I wish he wasn't.

Lame Duck

December 2, 2007