November 17, 2007

November 16, 2007

Boeing Laser Avenger: Humvee with frikkin' laser on its head

Its 1kw laser beam causes near-instantaneous detonation of the munitions its been used on so far, and Boeing's also hinting that it might just work as an anti-aircraft weapon, too. Trucks with laser guns might be a lot closer than you think.

The Ron Paul Dollar?

Yep, this is jumping the gun i think.

Caption This.

November 15, 2007


Teacher Pay.

Check out this report of average teacher comp.

There was apparently an issue with Kenosha's fringe costs so they suggest throwing this out.

The next time you hear teachers whining about being under paid for 9 months work remember this.

We're #1!!!!!!!!!

#1 in school drop outs.

Last in reading.

Last in math.

I blame the lack of a light rail system.

Family Trees???

I guess I can move Lowes to the naughty list.

Funnies not far from the truth.

November 14, 2007

She was for it before she knew that 70% of the people were against it.

Clinton says no to licenses for illegals

Does anyone actually think Elliot Spitzer gave this up all his own with no hints from the Clinton camp? Spitzer is a pit bull, he does not change positions this easily.

Drinking Right Straw Poll

We held the second Drinking Right Presidential Straw Poll last night.

The results.

Fred Thompson 9
Mitt Romney 2
Rudy 1
Ron Paul 1
Aaron Kreel 1
Dave Casper 1 (Is he still running for everything?)
None of the above 1

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Cowbell Hero

Who needs Guitar Hero?

Here they come...

November 13, 2007

DRQ (Drinking Right Quotes)

Those guys really went after you. Elliot

It was too hard. Keith

Nazi beer party. Dad29

There is no consensus. Fraley

All kinds of fun stuff. Dickie

Way to go Willie. Still Unreal

Congratulations, you've won the shaft. Dickie.

I really wanted Chicago. Keith.

I'm sure he doesn't inhale. Kelly

What does Wigderson know about poor taste? Fred

I want to lick your head. Aaron.

Iwonder who that was? Pete

Hanging chad, hanging chad. Dad 29

What am I voting for? Dude at the bar.

Personally I think Sean is dragging that campaign down. Aaron.

To think we almost hired him. Peter

It's not even '08 yet. Nick

That's not worthy. Steve.

Ok, Fred is gone, we can talk freely now. Steve Egg.

Questions for Hillary.

Drudge is reporting that Wolf Blitzer has been told to lay off the Hillary centric questions in the latest of the 2,367,012 Democratic Presidential Debates.

In the opposite spirit of that directive let us have some direct questions to Hillary here.

I'll start.

Senator Clinton, the issue on if you left a tip or not to me is not a big deal. However, why did the story change from your campaign at least 4 times on this issue? If the waitress was lying, why did her story never change while the campaigns story changed from we charged a $100 tip to we left a $100 cash tip to someone came back and left a $20 bill. If your campaign can not even get their story straight on something this insignificant why should we expect your administration to be run any differently?

A follow up on that question, why don't you carry any cash so you can see that details like this are accounted for?

Senator Clinton, why must you implant so many questioners in your crowd? Are you afraid to answer real questions from real people?

Senator Clinton, why are less than half of one percent of documents in the Clinton Library open for review? Freedom of Information requests have been ignored and embargoed until after the November 2008 election. What exactly is in those documents that you do not wish us to see?

Senator Clinton, Senator Obama came out in favor of increasing Social Security taxes this week. Do you approve or disapprove of his proposal?

Senator Clinton, should Barry Bonds be allowed into the Baseball Hall of Fame?

Senator Clinton, everyone knows your husband has cheated on you more times than most of us can keep track of. Why do you think he strayed so often, and why have you forgiven him for embarrassing you publicly so often? Could it be you are just using him for your own political purposes?

Senator Clinton if diplomacy fails in Iran, should Iran be allowed to develop nuclear weapons? If diplomacy does fail, then what?

Senator Clinton the Congress has tried and failed to stop the war in Iraq 40 times. Why?

Senator Clinton can you tell us which legislative initiative you have authored and gotten passed through Congress that you are the proudest of? (Pork doesn't count.)

Go ahead add your own question for Senator Clinton.

Drinking Right Alert

Tonight is Drinking Right night.

Have fun kiddies, I'm going to have to miss this one I think.

How many video games can we name in this band show?

This is outrageous...

A man sees a coworker is on the most wanted list and turns him in...

His boss fires him the same day saying he should have minded his own business.

What a stunning lack of common sense.

Overselling Achievement

The Journal Sentinel has an article up today highlighting Wisconsin's first place ranking in overselling the achievement of our public schools.

Everyone in the state should read this and demand accountability.

November 12, 2007

Writer Solidarity.

A number of entertaiment blogs are going dark on Tuesday in solidarity with the Writers Guild strike.

Silly or solidarity?

Rookie of the Year


This rabbit has crazy mad skills

Taser parties?

Why not?

PHOENIX (CBS) ― You can call it a shocking sign of the times - Tupperware parties are starting to be replaced by "Taser parties."A woman in Arizona recently hosted a party where she served cheese and apple cider while a law enforcement officer demonstrated Tasers.After a short question and answer period, visitors were able to try the non-lethal weapons out for themselves.The response was pretty positive."Its light, its small, it comes in colors but if you know you are going to be in a certain situation where you might be uncomfortable, why not have it with you asked Lynne Rigberg, the host of the party. "It just makes you more confident."There's no word on how many of the new "must have weapon for women" were sold at this party.

MRQ of the week.

Congratulations to this weeks MRQ of the week winner, Plebian.

Grunting like you’re constipated doesn’t make you sound deep.


We'll have this weeks nominees up at some point in the near future.


"Didn't vote? Don't bitch." Rag.

Everyone is responsible for his or her own baggage. Grumps.

I say go Wendy and fight against this crap. Bitter.

Whoa, Nellie and buckle your seatbelts. Rick.

becoming one of those people. Ally.

Brews… key. Get it? Brewsky? Yeah. I knew you would. Fuzz.

"Cup your hands!" Althouse.

Or, as I prefer to think of them…..brief Caribbean vacations. Kate.

I should have been a cartographer. Plebian.

I guess I am in support of it even though I doubt it will change a thing. Jeff.

I truly pity you. Fraley.

free bananas on the beach! Elliot.

It is illegal for a woman to be topless except as a clerk in a tropical fish store. ALa.

to show solidarity with the writers, we will post only in binary code.
1 11100 0100 10010 00100 01000 001011 0 111111 Jack Bauer.

Karma's a real bitch. LMS.

Just shut it down. Josh.

Start emitting your CO2 now, people! Jib.

I sense a great disturbance in the Force. Wiggy.

make sure to turn off your nite-lite every morning. Uncle Jay.

Ahhhh, not that there's anything wrong with that? James.

here are 2 tickets to a Bucks game.. Mickey.

Ummmm Sourdough... Sancho.

The cape makes the outfit.. Still Unreal.

I should toss it, shouldn’t I? Kevin.

it’s not greedy to try to keep what you earn. Christopher.

Karmic justice. Grossmouth.

This post may fall on deaf ears. Casper. (what?)

November 11, 2007

Thank You

A Veterans Day Poem.

A Soldier Prays

By: Tom R. Milne

Oh Lord!
Here we sit on this foreign soil,
So very far from home and loved one all.
Death so very near and we so very much afraid.

Please help my comrades and I,
For we wish not to die alone.
We pray that you will be here,
To hear our cry and us to your breast to take.

You are the only living Lord,
We give ourselves to you.
If we must die, and die we must,
Please take us home on high with you.

With outstretched hands we grasp for thee,
Thy love so tender and yet so strong.
Every breath of ours is yours to have,
We need you, Oh so very much Lord.