November 3, 2007

3 words feared the most by Camp Clinton.

Hsu Plea deal.

Passport no, Consular ID yes.

This is among the most outrageous things I have read in a long time. Please read this entire post from Lao of An American Expat in Southeast Asia. Lao came home to Texas for his father's funeral to a world he did not recognize. Our condolences and prayers on his loss.

It has been three years since I've last traveled back home to the United States. My trip has been a somber one, but also one of great comfort. Despite the circumstances of my trip, I've had the opportunity to meet friends and relatives, many of whom I have not seen for several years.The comfort and joy of returning home would slowly dissolve upon discovering that I've returned to nation that has become almost unrecognizable. The hope, optimism and pride of a nation seems to have been replaced with a growing sense of despair and hopelessness.

Wherever I go there seems to exist a profound and unavoidable sense of malaise. Once proud patriotic citizens have been demoralized by the relentless prolonged siege from the enemy within and from a government that continues to enable those who would seek our demise.

Just how bad have things become? An experience of mine from last week provides an illustration of just how demented things have become.

Last week I went into small Texas bank here in my family's hometown to open a bank account. I took with me my US passport, my birth certificate and my social security card. Glancing over my photo passport, the bank manager of First Bank & Trust East Texas politely told me that they could not accept my US passport as a primary form of identification, and therfore I would be unable to open a bank account. My birth certificate and social security card were equally deemed by the bank to be useless forms of personal identification.

My initial shock and disbelief though would be replaced with outrage when I found out what the bank would accept as a primary form of identification. Among the list of approved primary forms of identification accepted by the bank was the Mexican matricula consular card.

First Bank & Trust East Texas wouldn't accept a US passport issued by the United States Government as a primary form of identification, but they will readily accept a Mexican matricula consular card issued by the Government of Mexico as a primary form of identification!

My telephone call later to the bank's head office in Diboll, Texas expressing my outrage that a form of identification issued by the Government of Mexico would be accepted, and that a passport issued by the United States Government was rejected, was pretty much met with contempt and unconcern. When I explained that my United States passport has been accepted as a form of identification in various other countries around the globe, the response was "I'm sorry sir, but that's our bank's policy, we no longer accept United States passports as a form of identification"

Where is the outrage, and at what point do Americans and Texans take their country back?

In my opinion, a Texas bank that would spit on the United States and on American citizens and then embrace foreign nationals like this deserves to be shut down and have it's banking license revoked out of nothing more than principle. The directors of this bank and anyone who would dare stand in the way or impede justice being delivered deserves to be tarred and feathered.

If you feel this is an outrage and that it is time to fight back, feel free to contact Texas Bank Commissioner Randall S. James.

No link for you.

Sheboygan Update (Has anyone seen the leftosphere?)

The following is a list of links to activity in the Sheboygan Spirit - police department link story you may not be aware of.

USA Today.
Webmaster Resource Blog.
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Space for Commerce.
Spring City Chronicle.
Blogger Beer.
Dad 29.
Texas Hold 'Em.
The Right Side of Wisconsin.
Stepping Right Up.
Silent E.
The Sheboygan Press.
Funny Jokes.

Completely absent from this list (Obtained through a Google Blog search) are any of our fine left leaning blogs.

These paragons of free speech that supposedly look out for the little guy are taking a complete pass on the very liberal Mayor of Sheboygan coming down on a web site for doing something completely legal.

I guess the liberal blogs are not really all that concerned when a fellow liberal tries to tell a conservative what they can and can not do.

Free speech for some, but not for others appears to be the rule in the leftosphere in Wisconsin.

This story is so outrageous that it is going national and our leftie blogs are taking a pass. Well, I thought it was about time that someone called them out on it.

I fully expect to see a thousand word missive from Folkbum in the next day or two as to why this is a dumb point.

The fact is the left really could care less what lines one of their own steps over as long as their target is a conservative. In fact this probably puts Senor Perez up a peg in their book.

(For some real fun, click the Fark link and see what the Farkers have to say about all of this.)

Welcome to bloggie land.

For a first post, Daily Righteous and Evil knocked it out of the park.

Check them out.

Subject, Sheboygan.

Thought of the week.

You are not paranoid, everyone is talking about you.

The quickest way devised to unload a semi trailer ever.

November 2, 2007

Hey, I agree with John Edwards!

Hillary changes her tune based on how the wind is blowing.

Throw the bums out.

The thieves at the Milwaukee Public School Board bowed to public pressure over a 16.4% increase.

Their fallback, a 9% increase.

Seriously Milwaukee, throw the bums out of office.

At home, we have to budget, we have to make sacrfices. Those sacrifices become harder and harder as our government takes more and more.

When does it all end?

A hastily chosen fallback increase of this size is an insult to the taxpayers.

Sheboygan PD Link

Jessica had a fine idea.

I have added a link to the Sheboygan Police Department on my blog. In fact I have given that link its own special area right at the top of the sidebar and called attention to it.

If you ever find yourself needing police assistance in Sheboygan you might want to use that link.

In fact if the Sheboygan Police were say harassing a private citizen for no reason you might want to use that link.

Perhaps you would like to place an email to the departments communications officer Lt. Jan Reinfeldt, she can be reached at

In fact the Chief of Police, David Kirk, has a message on that website: Welcome to the Sheboygan Police Department's website. We are always looking for ways to communicate with the citizens of Sheboygan and provide information that you can use.

In helping to further his message of helping to find new ways to communicate, you might want to jot him an email. He can be reached at

After all Sheboygan sounds like it is becoming a dangerous place with all the criminals and sex offenders they are putting back out on the streets.

You can never be too careful.

Imus will be back on the air in a month.

Does anyone care?

November 1, 2007

Kudos Milwaukee.

The WTMJ 10 o'clock news reported at least 800 people showed up tonight to protest an absolutely ridiculous tax increase proposed by Milwaukee Public Schools.

Amazing the difference a couple of days notice can make.

Good for you Milwaukee.

What the heck is going on in Sheboygan 2?

Patrick and Peter have extensive coverage up about how the Mayor of Sheboygan, Juan Perez, and his personal vendetta against an area blogger, Jeni of Sheboygan Spirit & Sheboygan Shennanigans.

Perez is ordering investigations and she actually had an official letter asking her to remove a link to Sheboygan Police Department. (OH THE HORROR!)

Bloggers unite, citizens unite. When our government starts coming down on citizens exercising their basic free speech rights we have issues.

Left, right, middle we should all be in agreement on this one.

Everyone else celebrates even numbers...

This is RDW post 3,043.

To date we have had 246,928 visitors. (by the way that number does not include people who use a RSS reader so the actual number is something like 4 jillion)

I started this thing in May of 2005. That means we have had an average of 3 visitors and 270 posts a day, or that might be backwards.

Oh well, please sign the guestbook.

Paul Bots sending possibly illegal spam emails.

This is from a report from the U of A Birmingham computer forensics reseach department looking into a bunch of Ron Paul emails their department received.

The e-mails originated from IPs all over the world, but researchers’ suspicions were aroused when they found that the e-mails purported to come from different countries than their IPs indicated. Messages claiming to come from the US were actually coming from Korea, for example, and messages claiming to come from Italy were actually coming from the US. The pattern showed that the messages were clearly not coming from Ron Paul’s official campaign, but rather illegitimate spam operations and botnets.

“We’ve seen many previous e-mails reported as spam from other campaigns or parties, but when we’ve investigated them, they all were sent from the legitimate parties,” department director Gary Warner said in a statement. In contrast, the Ron Paul messages clearly came from a number of other parties attempting to spoof where they came from. Paul’s campaign may run afoul of the authorities as a result of these e-mails. Warner believes that the messages may violate the CAN-SPAM Act due to their deceptive sending practices.

Al Gore Snowjob

Got time to answer 10 questions?

Take the global warming test.

(I got all 10 right)

Cowher to Tom Brady... Watch your knees.

Cowher: Brady could be target of cheap shot

Wednesday, Oct 31, 2007 4:13 pm EDT

As the New England Patriots pour it on opponents, fans have to be wondering about it and Tuesday former Pittsburgh Steelers coach Bill Cowher said it: If the Patriots keep running up the score, will someone like Tom Brady will be the victim of a retaliatory hit?
The subject of the Pats' late-game tactics is causing a lot of buzz around the NFL, particularly after Sunday's 52-7 victory over the Washington Redskins. On a CBS conference call with reporters Tuesday. Cowher noted the Patriots could be playing a dangerous game.
"At some point if this continues, someone's going to take a cheap shot,'' Cowher said. "Is that worth subjecting your players to if it comes to that?''
Source: Boston Herald

On an interesting side note, sports blogger Big Daddy Drew at Kissing Suzy Kolber has a bounty out on Tom Brady's knees. The current total is $50 and a bag of Reese's cups.

So what of it sports fans, are the Patriots showing bad form in running up the score?

Plus, issue your predictions for this weekends Patriots / Colts showdown.


This morning I heard a radio ad for Lowes. They are running an early bird special on Christmas decorations form 11-1 to 11-5. Eight foot inflatables for only $20!!!!!!!!

In other news The Mix, 99.1 FM has gone to their all Christmas all the time format already.

November 1st.

I love Christmas. My Christmas CD collection borders on insanity, I freely admit that. I can literally wear a different Christmas tie every day between Thanksgiving and Christmas never repeat, and have some left over.

This is even too early for me!
UPDATE: 95.7 FM WRIT has also gone all Christmas all the time. Thank you Miss Holly through Still Unreal for the tip.

October 31, 2007

Ok. Now they have officialy gone too far.

Wednesday October 31,2007

By Emily Garnham

HAM and bacon should be cut from our diets to avoid the risk of bowel cancer, a landmark study has shown.

The World Cancer Research Fund study found strong evidence that eating red meat and processed meats such as pastrami, salami, and frankfurters can cause bowel cancer.The panel – that has reviewed half a million published papers worldwide - recommended that the health conscious should eat less than 18 ounces of red meat per week and avoid processed meat altogether.

Ban bacon...

I think we should ban studies from telling us we should ban things.

These people are asking for a riot. What are we going to ban next, air?

Yes, the picture is of a bacon wallet. I think we should make everything from bacon.

Who 'dat?

We have not played who 'dat in a while...

Still Unreal suggested we make the picture bigger.

'Dat is Cassandra Peterson a.k.a. Elvira, Mistress of the Dark.

Happy Halloween.

MRQ Polls

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Women Need More Muscle

Before my usual detractors jump off the deep end, notice these points were made by men. Fresh off my guest spot on Joy Cardin's show on WPR (yes, conservatives--I willingly dove into the raging waters of Public Radio) I thought I'd share some more of my observations on women in leadership positions.

I also found some quotes and articles relating directly to the ouster of Judy Robson by her democrat male colleagues. I found them very interesting as well as support material for my previous post that set some people on fire.

(Excerpt below is from Daily Cardinal--Madison newspaper--with the bold emphasis added by yours truly.)

Decker said the decision was not solely based on the budget process and that the Senate Democrats largely just wanted to redefine their message. He said his leadership style was “more to the point” than Robson’s and he brought a “stronger message.”

Robson spokesperson Josh Wescott said she was surprised and could not point to any single event that perhaps triggered the vote, which was actually proposed in a closed meeting of Democratic Senators Tuesday night immediately after the budget passed.

Wescott also said the leadership style of Decker may have affected the vote, which may have been as close as 10 to 8. “In her words, conveyed to me, there was a feeling among some in the caucus they decided to go with more muscle,” Wescott said.

UW-Madison Political Science Professor Charles Franklin said the fact the leadership challenge was a surprise might say something about Robson’s knowledge of her own caucus.

“She was faced with a revolution and didn’t even know they were passing out the torches,” Franklin said.

Note the use of the words "stronger" and "to the point" by Russ Decker, Judy's replacement. Or how about "go with more muscle?" Better yet are the ties to "revolution" and "passing out the torches." All words that invoke images of strength and battle; no images of olive branches and proverbial bridge building.

Instead of taking this event as an opportunity for self-evaluation, Judy has chosen to say that the men in her caucus were sexist and that they kicked her out because she was "too nice."

What? As a caller insightfully noted on this morning's show, isn't it sexist of her to infer that "nice" is something only women have ownership of? I don't know about you, but I know lots of "nice" guys.

No, Judy, what they saw was weakness. Weakness is certainly not inherently a woman or man thing, either. You can be "nice"-man or woman-and still be strong. Most times, that combination inspires respect; something all leaders need to be effective.

So, as a woman, I'm hoping for all womankind that Judy doesn't whine too long about how mean and sexist the guys in her caucus were. She could take this occurrence as an opportunity to be a positive example by accepting the criticism and carrying on with her head held high.

Like the guys do.

Nader suing the DNC.

Consumer advocate and 2004 independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader sued the Democratic Party on Tuesday, contending officials conspired to keep him from taking votes away from nominee John Kerry.

Nader's lawsuit, filed in District of Columbia Superior Court, also named as co-defendants Kerry's campaign, the Service Employees International Union and several so-called 527 organizations such as America Coming Together, which were created to promote voter turnout on behalf of the Democratic ticket.

The lawsuit also alleges that the Democratic National Committee conspired to force Nader off the ballot in several states.

"The Democratic Party is going after anyone who presents a credible challenge to their monopoly over their perceived voters," Nader said in a statement. "This lawsuit was filed to help advance a free and open electoral process for all candidates and voters. Candidate rights and voter rights nourish each other for more voices, choices, and a more open and competitive democracy."

Among other things, the lawsuit alleges that the DNC tried to bankrupt Nader's campaign by suing to keep him off the ballot in 18 states. It also suggests the DNC sent Kerry supporters to crash a Nader petition drive in Portland, Ore., in June 2004, preventing him from collecting enough signatures to get on the ballot.

The lawsuit seeks "compensatory damages, punitive damages and injunctive relief to enjoin the defendants from ongoing and future violations of the law." It was not clear how much money Nader is seeking; his attorney, Bruce Afran, did not immediately return a telephone call seeking comment.

A DNC spokesman also did not immediately return a telephone call for comment.

Every bit of this is true, the question is should it be actionable?

Oh, by the way RUN RALPH RUN!!!!

October 30, 2007

Ladies and Gentlemen Dennis Kucinich.

In the same day he questioned the sanity of George Bush and admitted seeing a UFO.

These are your Democratic Presidential Nominees.

'Ya know, seriously this is almost too easy. Do these people have any idea how nutty they are?

Cathy on the radio.

Tomorrow morning Cathy Stepp will be a guest on Wisconsin Public Radio from 7 to 7:30 90.7 FM.

The discussion will be about women in politics and was spurred by her widely acclaimed blog post last week.

Listen in if you can.

Joe Biden is nuts.

Tonight Joe Biden said of Rudy Giulliani, "“Least qualified person to run for president since George Bush.”

Perhaps Senator Biden should look around his own party and consider the qualifications of the people running for his party nomination.

Mulder, Scully!

Digital Style is reporting that X-Files 2 will begin shooting in December.

Chris Carter is behind the production.

The truth is out there.

Hey Governor Doyle you missed a veto!

Somehow governor Doyle missed a veto.

SECTION 1851c. 59.58 (6) (cg) 3. of the statutes is
created to read:
59.58 (6) (cg) 3. The authority may not use any revenues
received under subd. 1. for lobbying activities or to
contract for lobbying services.
Page 413, Section 1851 C

What this means is the RTA (Regional Transit Authority) can no longer use their existing tax money to hire lobbyists to push for more taxes.

The way they already have with $496,000 of our tax money.

Bonus Guess the number game


UPDATE: You guys are terrible today.

What this means is humans, at best, contribute about 1/4 of 1% of CO2 emmissions on the earth. 95% is water vapor, 4.72% is ocean biologic activity, volcanoes, decaying plant life, animal activity, etc.

One quarter of one percent is what all of the fuss is about...

Is that really worth Al Gore's anger and scare tactics?

From the mail box.

Tom finally decides to take a vacation.

He books himself on a Caribbean cruise and proceeds to have the time of his life - until the boat sank.

He found himself swept up on the shore of an island with no other people, no supplies... Nothing. Only bananas and coconuts.

After about four months, he is lying on the beach one day when the most gorgeous woman he has ever seen rows up to him. In disbelief, he asks her, "Where did you come from? How did you get here?"

"I rowed over from the other side of the island,” she says. "I landed here when my cruise ship sank." "Amazing," he says. "You were really lucky to have a rowboat wash up with you."

"Oh, this?" replies the woman. "I made the rowboat out of raw material found on the island. I whittled the oars from gum tree branches; I wove the bottom from palm branches; and the sides and stern came from a Eucalyptus tree."

"But ... but ... that's impossible," stutters Tom. "You had no tools or hardware. How did you manage?"

"Oh, no problem," replies the woman. "On the South side of the island, there is a very unusual strata of alluvial rock exposed. I found if I fired it to a certain temperature in my kiln, it melted into forgeable ductile iron. I used that for tools and used the tools to make the hardware." Tom is stunned.

"Let's row over to my place," she says. After a few minutes of rowing, she docks the boat at a small wharf. As Tom looks onto shore, he nearly falls out of the boat. Before him is a stone walk leading to an exquisite bungalow painted in blue and white. While the woman ties up the rowboat with an expertly woven hemp rope, he can only stare ahead, dumbstruck. As they walk into the house, she says casually, "It's not much, but I call it home. Sit down, please. Would you like to have a drink?"

"No, no thank you," he says, still dazed. "Can't take any more coconut juice."

"It's not coconut juice," the woman replies. "I built a still. How about a Pina Colada?"

Trying to hide his continued amazement, he accepts, and they sit down on her hand-woven couch to talk. After they have exchanged their stories, the woman announces, "I'm going to slip into something more comfortable. Would you like to take a shower and shave? There is a razor upstairs in the cabinet in the bathroom."

No longer questioning anything, Tom goes into the bathroom. There, in the cabinet, is a razor made from a bone handle. Two shells honed to a hollow-ground edge are fastened on to its end inside of a swivel mechanism. "WOW! This woman is amazing," he muses, "what next?"

When he returns, she greets him wearing 'nothing but vines Strategically positioned, and smelling faintly of gardenias. She beckons for him to sit down next to her. "Tell me," she begins suggestively, slithering closer to him, "We've been out here for a really long time. I know you've been lonely. There's something I'm sure you really feel like doing right now, something you've been longing for all these months. You know..." She stares into his eyes.

He can't believe what he's hearing! "You mean ...", he swallows excitedly, "We can watch the Packer game from here?

BTW, I forgot to mention this.

Jim Doyle is a liar.

He agreed in the budget compromise to the 2% levy limit on property taxes. Republicans agreed to this deal because Jim Doyle gave his word.

A deal is a deal.

He Frankensteined a 3.86% increase instead.

In other words, he lied.

Jim Doyle, liar.

The Hillary Clinton / Frankenstein Veto / Meida Matters quote of the week.

Hillary was raised in a middle-class family in the middle of America. From that classic suburban childhood in Park Ridge, Illinois, Hillary went on to become one of America's foremost advocates for children and families; an attorney twice voted one of the most influential in America; a First Lady of Arkansas who helped transform the schools; a bestselling author; a First Lady for America who helped transform that role, becoming a champion for health care and families at home and a champion of women's rights and human rights around the world.

Since her path-breaking election to the United States Senate, Hillary has been a steadfast advocate for middle-class families, working to help create jobs, expand children's health care and protect
Social Security from privatization. As the Senator representing New York after 9/11, Hillary has fought to strengthen our approach to homeland security and to improve our communications and intelligence operations. As the first New Yorker ever named to the Senate Armed Services Committee, Hillary has been a tough critic of the administration's bungling of Iraq and a fierce advocate for proper equipment, health benefits, and treatment for military families.

Guess the number game


Hint, April fools...

UPDATE: You had all day and blew it even after I gave you a hint. On April 1 last year we played the Guess the number game, the answer was $50,000,000. The number related to Kurt Cobain being the highest earning dead celebrity.

Elvis has retaken the dead celebrity earnings list with earnings of $49,000,000.

Keep it up libs.

Keep it up, go ahead see how long your power lasts.

Taxes are out of control. The state budget fiasco should show that. Republicans kept the Democrats from an $18.2 billion increase.

Today MPS is asking for a 16.4% tax increase in their tax levy.

Trade schools were almost limited in the budget from having their unelected boards raise taxes as much as they want. (until Governor Doyle vetoed them out)

Charlie Rangel is suggesting moving the top rate all the way to 44%.

Yesterday I called on Gary Becker, the Mayor of Racine, to not raise property taxes by the Doyle raise 3.86% levy increase limit that was based solely on the numbers that were available.

A typical liberal attack dog suggested on that post that I was uncaring for asking only for 2% increase.

Well the heck with that.

The point of this is when does it end? The answer is apparently never. Government is growing beyond our ability to pay for it. Our economy is going to crash under the weight of all the money that Democrats are sucking out of the private economy.

Liberals derive their power and their sense of caring by how much they spend. In order to spend they have to take.

I suggest liberals continue their current course. Keep on raising taxes and asking for more and more entitlements.

Why MPS only asking for a 16.4% increase is an insult. Surely they could do much more with a 50% increase. Give some of it to Folkbum, he claims he is a good teacher.

Gary Becker, go ahead increase the levy by 12%, 20% or more.

If we are going to care, let's really care.

$1 on cigarettes? Why not $5?

Look up into the sky, it is not blue enough have another tax for that too.

Go ahead keep taxing.

See how the American people like it.

Democrats Lie About Work Week

October 29, 2007

An Inconvenient Observation

An inconvenient observation to the movie poster of Al Gore's liecumentary.
The cloud being kicked off here is representative of a hurricane with the eye at the center of the storm.
There is no correlation between hurricanes and global warming. In fact over the last two years hurricane levels have been at near historic lows.

Even from the movie poster Al Gore tells lies about global warming.
Sorry for that inconvenient observation. You may now return to your regularly scheduled activities.


MRQ, Frankenstein veto edition.

Where’s my tinfoil hat? Kate.

We could’ve built a bike path in West Allis with that money! Aaron.

Boiled Nuts. Dean.

I’m such a sucker. Bruce

In other words, even higher taxes. Charlie.

Have plenty of Miller products for adults wearing leather bondage outfits. Wiggy.

go to the beach or sumpin'... Phoenix.

She's not bad, she's just drawn that way. Tom.

Yeah, Steve from Brookfield. Steve (who the heck is JT The Brick anyway?)

How do you pick up peanuts with that little thing? Grumps


I'll be out at the bar on Friday night after yoga. Phelony (Flexible 12 oz curls)

Yes, the girl is hot. Sean.

Or an “it.” Peter.

Jim Doyle pushed through his new budget with the help and support of Fred Risser. Fred and many of his Democrat friends are responsible for today’s Frankenstein veto that raised taxes even further. It’s strange that both parties seemed to want to end this and there was even a major push this year to get it done. I am dumb Dan.

The legislature does many things and I understand that Senator Decker and the other legislators have many balls Rick.

It wont be long before we have midichlorians. Still Unreal.

a "sport" that was invented by drunken Irish carnies on a dare. Paul.

Can I have your big screen TV? Fred.

Not a single Richard Nixon, George Bush or John Kerry showed up at the front door tonight, demanding sugar. Pete.

Night of the Living Dead lives! DAMMIT! Steve.

Will my husband stop drinking Bud Lite? Jessica

Girly-girl Childhood, meet Adult Dreams. LMS.

Trick. Jib.

Treat. Elliot.

Before an Iowa crowd of at least 30 out-of-work farmers and suspected hobos. Plebian.

The ability of the taxpayers to pay for drunken parties should be a priority. Deke.

To men, everything is a contest. Cathy.

Luckily it wasn't the Chorizo, otherwise this would have been considered a hate crime. Fuzz.

MRQ of the week.

Congratulations to this week's MRQ winner, Elliot.

Bert and Ernie were NOT gay. They were just two grown men living together with a Rubber Duckie. Jeez.

Elliot will be in the running for October's MRQ of the month poll which will be up soon!

An Open Letter to Racine Mayor Gary Becker.


Just because Jim Doyle has given you carte blance to raise property taxes another 2%, it does not mean that you have to.

Thank You for your time.

An over-taxed resident who thinks the artificial 5.9% assessment increase on his home in a down market was already a big enough insult and can not afford yet another tax increase.

Hey everybody vote for me, free college.

The never ending stream of democrats promising free stuff keeps on coming.

This time it is John Edwards throwing out free college, another increase in the minimum wage ($9.50), mathcing the savings of poor people, more housing, etc etc.

At least he has the guts to call a tax increase a tax increase.

Democratic Party Presidential Politics

So, Mr. Obama came out over the weekend and said he was going to start challenging the presumptive nominee as the press was giving her a free pass.

His contention, she changes her answers based on who she is talking to and that when she does answer she does not really say anything.

Big shock, that has been her schtick all along.

Hillary spokesmen said, so much for the politics of hope and Hillary will prioritize and restore "tax fairness" (this means increase taxes a-la Charlie Rangel). Of course Hillary is too polished to actually say raise taxes.

So what do you think?

A-Rod is a world class jerk.

So Alex Rodriguez, widely accepted as the best baseball player in the game, decided to opt out of his contract and leave the New York Yankees.

No issues with that, it is his option.

When does he make the announcement?

The 9th inning of the last game in the World Series.

That my friends is a low class attempt to say LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME!

What a jerk.

October 28, 2007

Uncle Jay Explains the News - Recess.

"Great Taste, Less Filling" or "Poor Taste, Full of It"?

Too little too late?


"Miller has just completed an exhaustive audit of its marketing procedures for approving local marketing and sales sponsorships, and it is implementing plans to tighten its compliance procedures," the release stated. "The company has received assurances from its local distributor in San Francisco and from Folsom Street Events that future marketing materials and event activities will fully comply with Miller's marketing policies and procedures," the statement added.

"We deeply regret that we did not adhere to our own policies with regard to the Folsom Street Fair," said Miller Senior Vice President Nehl Horton. "We apologize to everyone we offended as a result. We hope people will forgive us for this serious error and have confidence we will not repeat it."

Copper also issued an apology on behalf of the organization which distributed the controversial poster. "I would like to apologize to anyone who felt that the image was disrespectful to their religious beliefs," said Copper. "No malicious intent was involved."

In addition to issuing a formal public apology, Miller sent letters of apology to Catholic archbishops George Niederauer of San Francisco and Timothy Dolan of Milwaukee.

"Like all major brewers, Miller seeks to market respectfully to a wide and diverse array of consumers," Horton concluded. "But when one group actively disrespects another, we cannot support its events and activities."

Of course, this mea culpa comes well after the event. Easier to ask for forgiveness than permission, right?

Bonus thought of the week.

Dust is the world's greatest furniture protector.

I salute you, King of the rednecks.