October 20, 2007

Edwards Attacks Clinton.

From ABC News.

ABC News' Raelyn Johnson Reports: After an article in Friday's "Los Angeles Times" revealed that Clinton received large donations from poor residents living in New York City's Chinatown, the Edwards campaign pounced on the opportunity to bring more attention to the questionable contributions.

"This morning we all read in L.A. Times that many Clinton campaign contributions are raising eyebrows again. Many of their donors are not even registered to vote, and at least one denied even making any contribution at all," Edwards Campaign Manager David Bonior said in a statement on Friday.

Great News

GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

19 tons of explosives found in Iraq

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - U.S. forces in Iraq discovered nearly 19 tons of explosives in a weapons cache north of Baghdad this week, one of the biggest finds of its kind, the U.S. military said on Saturday.

The cache was discovered west of Tarmiya, some 30 km (19 miles) northwest of the capital Baghdad, in Salahuddin province where Sunni Arab militants have a strong presence.

The find was made up of 41,000 lbs of ammonium nitrate and 35 mortar bombs. U.S. forces destroyed the cache.

"It's a crippling blow against the enemy, it's really huge," said Peggy Kageleiry, a spokeswoman for U.S. forces in northern Iraq.

Car and truck bombs are used on almost a daily basis by militants in Iraqis targeting U.S. and Iraqi security forces and civilians.

In the deadliest attack this year, 520 people were killed in August when two suicide bombers drove two garbage trucks packed with explosives into two villages in northwestern Iraq.

October 19, 2007

KRM is dead.

An exceedingly reliable inside source just called me and told me the KRM rail project is officially dead and buried.

This is great news.

I'll have more on this later.

Some reality on the KRM Rail plan.

Right now in Madison the transportation budget is getting ironed out, the final sticking point appears to be the KRM Rail proposal.

The following information will be presented next week to the Federal Transit Administration in regards to the KRM (Kenosha/Racine/Milwaukee) light rail proposal from the Wisconsin Car Rental Alliance.

This information highlights serious flaws within the plan that the advocate will NEVER tell you.

In addition, a couple of glaring issues are absent. I've made the point many times that the ridership projection on this project at 1.4 million riders a year are WAY out of line. That is an average of 320 riders per train. A pipe dream. When ridership does not equal projection than operating capital will also fall short requiring more tax revenue to support this project. (Already projected to run at an 83% loss)
Another glaring issue is that there is no stop at the airport. One thing advocates always want to bring up is how well rail works this or that big city. (last time i looked Racine and Kenosha were NOT that big). Well you know what, those project ALWAYS include a stop at the regional airport. This one simply ignores it. The reason is simple, the proponents want rail for rails sake. The proposed line does not offer an airport line. They have no interest in doing this right and obtaining the proper right of ways, they just want a train to play with to make themselves feel better about mass transit.

I apologize for the length, but this is good information from the Wisconsin Car Rental Alliance.

Revenue is Insufficient to Fund the Plan.

No Reduction in Car Rentals is Predicted for 650% Tax Increase. The proposal would create the second highest local car rental tax in the United States (Attachment 1). Also attached (attachment 2) is a study showing that a much smaller increase imposed on Kansas City, KS reduced rentals in the tax district by 9%. The reduction in rentals that would result from a tax increase of this magnitude would permanently reduce the rental car tax base in the region, creating an annual funding deficit for the rail line.

The Wisconsin Tourism Federation, made up of all major tourism organizations in Wisconsin, oppose the plan because they understand having the second highest car rental tax in the nation will reduce this important tourism factor.

In the face of a study on the actual impacts of the tax increase and the word of experts in the tourism field, the SEWRTA continues to deny the reduction in rentals that will result from this tax increase.

The Car Rental Tax is a Very Unstable Primary Funding Source.

The Wisconsin Department of Revenue administers a statewide tax on car rentals. Their data shows wild swings in total car rental revenue subject to the tax. In fact vehicle rental activity declined by as much as 14% in single years in this time frame (attachment 3). In fact, in two of the seven years of the tax, rental activity in Wisconsin declined.

Even the consultants hired by SEWRTA to recommend revenue options did not include this tax among their recommended options. A transit expert brought in by SEWRTA told the board that no transit enhancement has ever been approved for federal funding relying solely on this unstable source for local revenue.

The Tax Does Not Grow with Inflation

State Department of Revenue data shows no correlation between rental activity and inflation. In fact, over the last six years, statewide car rental activity has increased at an annual rate of 1.84% (DOR data does not suggest how much of this increase is based on increased rates rather than rentals). This is well below CPI-U for this time frame and well below the SEWRTA estimated need for increased revenue from the tax (2.2%).

The Tax will Require an Annual Tax Increase by the Legislature

The proposal states: “The fee is assumed to be adjusted as needed over time such that revenue keeps pace with inflation.” There is no basis for this assumption.

This tax failed to be included in the state budget by the Governor, despite repeated requests from SEWRTA, failed to pass the Legislature’s budget writing Joint Committee on Finance and failed to be included in the state Assembly’s budget. If fact, the only favorable vote this tax has ever received at the state level was in the state Senate.

Further, local legislators have failed for over a decade to win state funding to fill the mass transit deficit in Milwaukee. During that time, mass transit funding has not even kept pace with inflation.

To assume the legislators who have been unsuccessful in filling the current mass transit deficit will be more successful in filling a deficit planned by SEWRTA is beyond folly. In fact, this plan assumes a revenue increase in the very first full year of the tax that is beyond the average increase over the past six years. Do they assume the legislature will pass the tax and raise it in the next four months?

Plan Failed in Three of Four State Budget Steps

As mentioned above, this tax was approved by the SEWRTA in time for inclusion in the Governor’s budget bill. He did not include the tax, citing a lack of consensus that has since worsened.

Next, SEWRTA spent all the money the current tax raised on a $496,000 lobbying and public relations contract devoted completely to winning inclusion of the tax in the Legislature’s Joint Committee on Finance. They again failed.

Increasing their taxpayer funding lobbying contract to $611,000, they sought approval from the state Assembly and Senate. The Senate approved the tax and the Assembly not only defeated the tax, but included language prohibiting the tax money, intended to fund engineering and planning, from being spent on lobbyists.

After failing three of four steps, the tax increase is now before budget negotiators where the Senate supports it and the Governor and Assembly do not. In three months of negotiations, the issue remains unresolved, as does the budget.

Plan would Reduce Transit Funding to 23 Wisconsin Mass transit Systems

Every community in Wisconsin that received state mass transit funding (except Madison and Milwaukee) would see a major decrease in funding if this plan were approved. Most reductions would be approximately 23% according to an analysis by the non-partisan Wisconsin Legislative Fiscal Bureau, which performs all fiscal estimates for the state (attachment 5).

This impact is based on the KRM's own financial plan which assumes 40% of operating and maintenance will be covered by State Section 85.020 mass transit operating assistance funds, an initial annual amount of $4.5 million. The Legislative Fiscal Bureau memo details the effect of this on others currently eligible under the formula."

The proposal acknowledges the crippling effect this plan would have on mass transit across Wisconsin and “assumes” the Legislature will increase funding to Tier B Mass Transit Communities by 25% to offset the transit aid cut.

This assumption, like the others, has no basis in fact. In fact, the proposal acknowledges that the Legislature doesn’t even keep pace with inflation in funding mass transit aids. There is no basis for the assumption they will go from increases of 1.5% per year to 25%.

The impact of a 23% aid cut on mass transit systems across the state would be catastrophic.

Plan would Reduce Mass Transit Funding to Two Communities in the Region

Two communities in the tax region, Racine and Kenosha, would be among those receiving a 23% reduction in transit aids. According to the Legislative Fiscal Bureau analysis (attachment 5), Kenosha would see a real reduction of $390,361 and Racine would see a loss of $404,942 if the train were operating today. Additionally, the commuter rail already operational in Racine would lose $63,710.

Our understanding of federal regulation is that SEWRTA cannot receive federal funding for a transit enhancement that is funded through a reduction in existing mass transit systems in the region.

Plan Is Opposed by the Largest Local Governments in the Region

SEWRTA Chair Karl Ostby’s cover letter states the plan “…has significant support from local elected officials.” Nowhere does the proposal inform FTA of the resolutions of opposition passed by the two largest legislative bodies in the region. Attached are the resolutions of opposition passed by the Milwaukee County Board and Milwaukee Common Council (attachments 7&8).This opposition relates to the inadequacy of the proposed funding source to meet transit needs in the region.

Additionally, the Milwaukee County Board’s opposition recognizes the economic impact of the 650% tax increase on rental activity and transit through the county owned General Mitchell International Airport. The County Board sees the negative financial impact on their airport but the SEWRTA refuses to acknowledge the negative impact the tax increase will have on rental activity.

Required Land Use Plan Failed to Pass Milwaukee Common Council

Despite massive contract lobbying, the resolution to approve the required land use plan for the City of Milwaukee was amended in committee to reaffirm opposition to the funding source and other objections from the largest community in the region (attachment 9). When the SEWRTA lobbyists failed to remove these consistent objections, they asked that the resolution be returned to committee two months ago. No further action has taken place, nor is it anticipated while Milwaukee’s objections, stated by resolution in February, remain unaddressed by SEWRTA.

Plan is Out of Step with the Wisconsin Legislature on Regional Transit

The Legislature is discussing legislation (attachment 10) to address the creation and funding of regional transit authorities across Wisconsin. The legislation would allow any region to voluntarily form an RTA for any mass transit purpose and fund capital and operations through a regional sales tax they decide upon themselves. Unlike SEWRTA, this mechanism would create properly funded authorities capable of meeting their funding commitments without harming any one industry. The mechanism is being authored by a majority party legislator in each house and has been chosen as the preferred vehicle by the RTA forming in Madison.

Local Elected Leaders are Discussing Replacing SEWRTA

The very Mayors and County Executives listed as supporters of the SEWRTA plan have been meeting to discuss replacing SEWRTA with a new RTA that will not refuse to address the range of mass transit issues facing the region (attachment 11). This is hardly a vote of confidence in SEWRTA.
One thing is certain, with this many open questions facing this project there should be no way that the legislature is actually voting on a funding mechanism for this idiocy.
If passed this plan will be a catastrophe for mass transit int he entire state.
Another stupid government project that will do more harm than good.

Another shining example of the hate left in action.

As Rush Limbaugh's letter on E-Bay goes on to raise millions of dollars in cash for charities the hate left at Democratic Underground is pushing an effort to report this charity auction as being bad...

This is from the actual instructions:

Every auction has a "report" button on the bottom of the page. Let's report the hell out of it!Here's a link to the auction:http://cgi.ebay.com/Original-Harry-Reid-Rush-Limbaugh-S... Press the "report" button at the bottom.
Choose "Listing Policy Violations"
Choose "Other Listing Violations"
Choose "Hateful, Discriminatory or Racial Language in an item description
"VERY IMPORTANT: do not stop here!
Press "email us"(You will need to log in to your ebay account if you have one)
Press "send"

Yes I can truly see where raising millions of dollars for charity could be seen as hateful, discriminatory and racist.

This is your hate left folks.

Even some of the Dim Underground people see the folly of this.

From a poster named Incapsulated we get this: I don't see any "violation of TOS" here and all we are doing is giving it publicity. If this were moveon.org selling a similar thing there would be outrage if freepers tried to silence it. I hate Limbaugh but this is just stupid and hypocritical.

From John Kerry VonErich: He wants you to try and ban him. And there is no doubt freepers will do the same to progressive minded auctioners. Would any of you be upset if Mike Malloy auctioned off something for charity on E Bay and freepers made an attempt to ban him? Just playing devils advocate, and this is a double edged sword you are playing with.

In fact if you look over the whole thread it is about 50/50 from people stating the idiocy to people giving hearty high fives.

Just for clarity's sake, when I mention the "hate left" it is the 50% on that board that are trying to say this is somehow racist or hateful and other silly accusations like claiming this charity is somehow not legitimate that I make reference to. These people have such a seething hatred that I honestly believe they have lost the ability for rational thought.

If you would like to see the whole ridiculous thread be my guest. Warning, the hate left can be a vulgar bunch.

H/T Pete on this sillyness.

Kid Friendly Haunted Houses?

Randy at work was asking me if I knew of any kid friendly haunted houses in the Milwaukee area.

The kind that you could take an 8 to 12 year old for that they would enjoy but not leave them shattered emotionally and unable to sleep for 7 months.

Anyone have suggestions for him?

$2,100,100 and counting.

Harry Reid went and bought into Media Matters lies about Rush Limbaugh. Reid got 42 Senators to sign onto a letter asking the head of a corporation (Clear Channel) to censure a private citizen. Limbaugh was of course referring to individual cases of persons pretending to be soldiers to further anti-war rhetoric.

Limbaugh turned lemons into champagne by getting the original letter and has it up on E-Bay to auction for charity. Specifically The Marine Corps Law Enforcement Foundation. This more than worthy cause provides scholarships for children of Marines and Federal Law Enforcement personnel who lose their lives in the line of duty.

See the letter here and here.

The letter is currently at $2,100,100 and it ends in about 4 hours.

Limbaugh has promised to match the winning bid and is soliciting other donations on his website.

If Harry Reid and his Senate buddies, who have declared this war "lost" on multiple occasions, meant what they said they would have also rebuked ABC News; they used phony soldiers two days before Limbaugh did. But then we know the truth. Harry Reid and the Democrats are only interested in suppressing conservative speech.

Limbaugh has been a staunch supporter of the military his entire career.

And this charity auction proves once again that no matter how hard they try, Limbaugh still makes these people look like rank amateurs.

October 18, 2007

MRQ of the week.

The MRQ of the week poll is up.

Better late than never!

Good luck to Fuzz, Steve, Elliot & Plebian.

Russia Touts New Nuclear Weapons Against USA

I find the following article a little alarming. Does anyone believe Putin's claim that America and its allies concocted a fake assassination plot? What do the Real Debate bloggers think about this??

President Vladimir Putin has announced plans to build a new generation of nuclear weapons after accusing the United States of harbouring an "erotic" desire to invade Russia and steal its natural resources. Delivering one of his most belligerent anti-Western tirades, Mr Putin also suggested that America and its allies had concocted a fake assassination plot to prevent him from visiting Iran this week.

Casting himself as a pugnacious but benign defender of national sovereignty, the president told his people during a live television phone-in that only Russia's military prowess had prevented the country from suffering Iraq's fate. But he delivered a relatively conciliatory message on America's plans to station a missile defence shield in Europe - proposals which Russia hotly opposes.

The subject of Western plots was first raised by Alexander, a mechanic in the Siberian city of Novosibirsk. Was it right, Alexander wanted to know, that certain American politicians considered Russia's refusal to share its natural resources "unfair" — claims he bizarrely attributed to Madeleine Albright, the former US secretary of state.

"I know that such ideas are brewing in the heads of some politicians," Mr Putin replied. "I think it is a sort of political eroticism which maybe gives some pleasure but will hardly lead anywhere.
"The best examples of that are the events in Iraq, a small country that could hardly defend itself but which possesses massive oil reserves. Thank God Russia is not Iraq.

"It is strong enough to protect its interests within the national territory and, by the way, in other regions of the world. What we are doing to increase our defence capability is the correct choice and we will continue to do that........"

- the Daily Telegraph, October 17, 2007

Yo, Fraley!

Pay attention.

The Ravens will crush the Bills.
Titans over the Texans
Giants crush the 49ers
Washington destroys Arizona
Phillie big over the Bears
Indie over Jax.
Steelers melt the Broncos
Oakland beats KC
Tampa pummels Detroilet
Patsies go to 7&0 over the winless Fish
New Orleans wins the futility bowl and beats the Dirty Birds
Bengals over the J-E-T-S
Dallas is TICKED, look out Viqueens
Seattle rains (get it?) over the Rams.

Gore '08.

I have made a decision in regards to Presidential politics in '08.

I really want Al Gore to run. In fact, Al if you get in the race, I'll vote for you in the Wisconsin primary, I promise.
Think about it.

How fun would it be to watch the Hillary attack machine point out all the inconsistencies in Al Gore's policies, positions and his inaccurate scare tactics on global warming.

It would be better theater than anything else we have going on right now!
Just think of all the primary recounts we can have!
Come on Al, please run!

Journal coverage weak at best.

Better than a thousand people showed up on both sides of the budget debate in a show of grass roots emotion on the budget issue.

The Milwaukee paper's response.


What a joke. 12 anti-war protesters show up somewhere and it is on the front page.

People come from all over the state and the MJS gives it barely a whisper. Emotions were so high people were fearful the event would get seriously ugly. And to the Journal this gets an also ran mention at the bottom of another story.

If journalistic misconduct was a crime, the MJS editors would be doing serious time for this one.

October 17, 2007

Fred at the taxpayer rally

Thanks to Steve for the video.

Caption This.

Rally Pics

Director AFP Wisconsin, Mark Block

Chairman Priebus

Mr Boots and Sabers.

Someone should tell these idiots they won the TABOR thing.

A window view.

When did looking out for your own wallet become extreme anyway?

Vicky McKenna revvs things up.

Madison Tax Rally.

I attended and spoke at the No More Taxes rally today sponsored by Americans for Prosperity in Madison.

Hundreds of people gathered to tell Governor Jim Doyle to keep his word and not raise taxes.

The mood of those with the AFP group gathered for the rally was high, their message consistent.


As I walked up the sidewalk I was yelled and cursed at by hundreds of state employees whose salary I pay as a taxpayer.

Public employee unions turned out a massive array of counter protesters. These people were some of the rudest individuals it has ever been my displeasure to encounter. Throughout the entire event the assembled union masses blew horns, chanted and yelled obscenities trying their very best to disrupt the event.

These public employees showed zero respect for the rights of this organized assembly to be heard.

Their instructions were to "keeping a respectful distance while providing a peaceful, quiet, non-verbal welcome to reality."

Peaceful and quiet should not include trying to shout down someone else who deserves to be heard.

Please, do not bother to give me the free speech line of bull. I am talking about manners. People gave of their time had something to say, they deserved to be heard without being yelled at by people behaving like a bunch of spoiled children.

Even though these boorish thugs were doing their best to rattle the speakers and the participants, people did not address them directly, in an act of complete class the fire fighters on site (people who were wearing their uniforms to a political event) were thanked for their valiant service in protection to the community even while they yelled at the speaker thanking them.

The messages were very similar no new taxes.

Blog Buddy Owen Robinson called out by name all the legislators who signed his no tax increase pledge thanking them for keeping their word. His message to those who would increase our taxes even higher, "Throw the bums out"

I shared a line on taxes in relation to the KRM Rail proposal. "We started with a tax, to pay lobbyists, to lobby the legislature, for a 650% increase in the original tax, to start a program
that will run at an 83% loss, that will eventually require even more taxes, to make up for the over-inflated ridership projection. This is insanity. Insanity is exactly what the tax climate is in Wisconsin. Before Jim Doyle won re-election, he agreed with me."

Wisconsin GOP Chairman Reince Priebus said that Republicans had learned their lesson on spending and that a line had to be drawn in regard to increasing taxes and the size of government. He meant it too.

Wausau radio talker Pat Snyder made an interesting Halloween analogy likening our state government to a child wanting more and more candy (taxes) year after year. Eventually, you have to say no.

Vicky McKenna was the final speaker, she revved up the crowd throwing pink pigs as a symbol of the over spending culture in Madison. Vicki spoke some plain truth about who the people attending the rally were, hard working middle class folks who were having trouble keeping up to the ever increasing tax burden in Wisconsin.

The Wisconsin Cheddarsphere was exceedingly well represented. That I am aware of the following blogs were represented: Owen from Boots and Sabers, Brian from Fraley's Daily Takes, Kathy from Stepping Right Up, Steve from No Runny Eggs has pictures and video, Still Unreal from Reality Check, Silent E from Silent E Speaks, Jib from Jiblog, Leslie from State Sunshine and Open Records, Jenna from Right off the shore, Lance from Lance Burri, Chris made the big trip from On The Borderline, Dad29 was in the crowd, Christian Schnieder was there and in rare form, The Asian Badger flew in, MRQ of the month award winner Grumps was not thrilled with the crowd, and I call your attention to Caffeinated Politics for a varying perspective.. There may have been more but I am sure each of these talented people will do their own reports. If I missed anyone please let me know and I will add to the list.

Kudos have to go to Wisconsin AFP Director Mark Block for organizing and pulling off this big event.

It clearly was not a normal event, people were lining the windows to watch the goings on outside. Nice to see they had nothing better to do.

On the whole the message was clear. A vocal portion of Wisconsin let their voices be heard, no more taxes.

On the other side, the people who work for the taxpayers also let themselves be heard. Their message, I do not respect you, the people who pay my salary, oh and gimme gimme gimme some more.

I'll post pictures later tonight, blogger is being difficult.

The forecast for Madison today.

100% chance of common sense.

October 16, 2007

This is the hate left.

Air American radio personality Randi Rhodes was mugged and beaten badly in New York City yesterday.

This is from Air America's Jon Elliot following the attack, "Is this an attempt by the right wing hate machine to silence one of our own? Are we threatening them? Are they afraid that we're winning? Are they trying to silence intimidate us?"

No Jon, this is a senseless violent attack in New York City, nothing more nothing less.

I have two words for this idiot and I will not write them here.

How dare he make such a baseless allegation.

He is using the senseless attack of his colleague as an excuse to spread petty, worthless hateful attacks on the right. He has nothing to back this up, nothing.

This is hate the speech of the left folks. Is there any wonder Air American has failed and will continue to fail in the past? This is all it is. Hate speech, baseless attacks and empty rhetoric. Good luck with your new atheist radio show. Now let's widen the scope to attack God.

No one that I know on the right would be happy that someone did this horrible physical and emotional harm on Randi Rhodes. In fact I am sure that everyone I know would wish her a speedy recovery. They would also hope that the creep who perpetrated this attack would be found and would not have to go in front of a liberal judge who would treat him lightly.

The left is this country has become and is becoming even more hateful. They claim to be the party of tolerance and diversity. They clearly only have two motives. Attack rightie. Get more power.

How is placing blame on someone without an ounce of proof tolerant?

I really want one of you liberals out there to step and answer that question.

It fits the Air America culture to blame the right for everything, this is what the radical left in this country has become.

And I think it will just get worse before it gets better.

For the record, I wish Randi Rhodes a speedy recovery.

I also hope the people at Air American remove Jon Elliot from the air. Permanently.

UPDATE: (NY DAILY NEWS) A police source said Rhodes never filed a report and never claimed to be the victim of a mugging. Cops from Manhattan's 17th Precinct called her attorney, who told them Rhodes was not a victim of a crime, the source said.

Rhodes' lawyer told the Daily News she was injured in a fall while walking her dog. He said she's not sure what happened, and only knows that she fell down and is in a lot of pain. The lawyer said Rhodes expects to be back on the air Thursday. He stressed there is no indication she was targeted or that she was the victim of a "hate crime."

So she was not mugged.

I'm still sorry she hurt herself.

And her colleague Mr Elliot is still promoting hate speech and should be fired.

I'm sure Media Matters will somehow blame his speech on Rush Limbaugh.

Speaking of Limbaugh, was he in New York? I bet he tripped her.

To the Ron Paul Conspiracy nuts out there.

The Ron Paul videos from the Defending the American Dream Summit have been restored and are posted on You Tube.

Not that the Pauliacs care, but videos have also been posted of Tom Coburn, Sam Brownback and Mike Huckabee

Guess the number.


The State Assembly says no.

Yesterday the Wisconsin Assembly said no to $1.2 billion in new spending.


The Governor said, "The cost to operate school buses, pay heating bills and maintain roads has gone up, and lawmakers refuse to deal with it,"

Well Governor had you not raided transportion fund in your last budget...

Governor sometimes you have to make cuts.


Not just cuts in your planned increase, real cuts. The Assembly is asking to hold the line on taxes.

That is NOT extreme.

Is it hot in here?

October 15, 2007

MRQ: They gave what to who edition.

Like Superman I can freeze a margarita with just my breath. Wiggy.

Did we learn nothing from the movie Cherry 2000? Dan.

Meanwhile, in related news, basements across the country start stinking up as Paul-nuts soil themselves. Steve.

Who says teachers are just underpaid slaves? Dad29.

Oh good, I don’t have to barf now. The cat just did it for me! Kate.

We kept seeing Amish people in buggies, so I eventually checked a map. Aaron.

That’s over by Schmitz Creek, isn’t it? Grumps.

I was a little bit worried.. Keith (as opposed to a lot worried?)

Even if they live in that godforsaken Mountain Time zone. Tommie Mc.

Nuttier than a Chinese chicken salad Peter.

Hold out for a hot one, Keith. Dan.

No, he's not dead. Still Unreal.

The Prize has forever been tarnished. GOP Folk.

There is something to be said about the kindness of strangers. Ally.

Am I the only uncool blogger left? Jib. (Actually, yes you are)

Never do anything that you wouldn’t be able to handle reading on the internet. Fuzz.

Turn on your air conditioner and leave your windows open Plebian.

I’m guessing pizza, ice cream and chocolate won’t be on my list. Kate.

...evil Americans that drive SUV’s without buying carbon credits.. Patrick.

Did you expect any better from me?? Phelony.

Remind me to tell you more about the bar babe (in garters and a mini skirt!) who went off to me about having to watch topless women on local TV commercials after the Red Sock baseball game! James T. (We'll remind you)

Price of a Prius: $22,175, Price of a Nobel "Peace" Prize: $3.6 million, CalTechGirl Skewering Al Gore like a hunk of meat on a shish kebab: Priceless Phoenix.

“Larry King danced with Porn Stars? Well that explains the heart attacks.” Tony.

Shouldn’t Al Gore have received his Nobel Prize for inventing the Internet? Elliot.

frosting on the cake Jo.

wear a HAZMAT suit around those damn inbred NASCAR fans ALa

American Barbie and Spiderman dolls are being burned in Turkey! Sandra.

Gee, it might not suck this year. Fred.

MRQ of the week

This week's winner of the prestigious MRQ of the week award, Stu, the Right Wing Wacko.

Home of the Kringle, and half of Mexico.

Tune in tonight for another exciting thrill packed edition of Monday Random Quotes.

DRQ (Drinking Right Quotes)

Of all the drugs I ever tried, tobacco made the least sense to me. Triticale.

Eat the worm baby. Holly

I'm cutting off the end. Nick

Give 'em 30K and a bag 'o grits. Fraley

Why are we rebuilding New Orleans if the seas are going to rise 20 feet? Fred.

I go out in the woods with a gun. Fraley

Where do you want to fly? Steve.

I missed that. Dickie

I look for my ball in the woods. Fred.


October 14, 2007