October 5, 2007

The top 13 ways to know you are from Racine.

From Stu, worthy of a read.

Enter The Sammies, win CASH

One of the blogs at the conference is running a contest.

If you think you can make a short film promoting concepts like liberty, private property and government transparency you can enter that film in a contest sponsored by samadamsalliance.org.

Entries are due by 12-07-07, you can win up to $10,000.

Can you help? PLEASE read this.

A plea for help from RW Wacko Stu.

On Sept 4, two of my friends that I work with were in a terrible accident. One of them, Mona had to have her left lower leg amputated, broke her arm and had a plate put in her shoulder. Cory had his wrist shattered. My friends are in need of moral, medical and financial help. They are unable to work due to their injuries and lenthy rehab, and are in need of financial support. Mona has her monthly house and living expenses, medical expenses, as well as supporting her two sons, one who she is sending to college. There will be a benefit for Mona at Flatiron Mall on November 17th, from 6 to midnight. Donation is only $7.00. I am asking if there are some business owners or individuals who would be willing to donate items or services to this worthy cause. This is set up as a 501c3, and would be tax deductable for the donation, but it would help to alievate a family's stress as they adjust to the new cards life has delt them.

If you would be willing to donate an item or service to the raffle/silent auction at the benefit, please contact me through my profile here, and I will get back in touch with you.

I thank you in advance from the bottom of my heart.

If you need more info about the benefit, you can send an email to benefit4mona@yahoo.com.

Defending the American Dream Summit - Mitt Romney

Mitt spoke to gathered masses.

I have to tell you, he was freaking phenomenal. He was channeling Reagan.

He was witty, charming and looking VERY Presidential.

I've been leaning Fred Thompson, I'm conflicted.

The most corrupt & partisan Governor in the nation strikes again.

Charlie has the details.

(This would land you or I in jail)

Fred Thompson speaks to VA Americans for Prosperity

Americans for Prosperity Rally for Earmark Reform (II)

Americans for Prosperity Rally for Earmark Reform (I)

Ron Paul at Defending the American Dream Summit

Sen. Jim DeMint speaks at AFP Summit (I)

Rudy Giuliani at Defending the American Dream Summit (III)

Fred Thompson at Defending the American Dream Summit (II)

Wisdom from CyberDad

Research has led to the discovery of a new element ... the heaviest element yet known to science. This new element, Governmentium (Gv), has one neutron, 25 assistant neutrons, 88 deputy neutrons, and 198 assistant deputy neutrons, giving it an atomic mass of 312. 312 particles are held together by forces called morons, which are surrounded by vast quantities of lepton-like particles called peons. Since Governmentium has no electrons, it is inert; however, it can be detected, because it impedes every reaction with which it comes into contact.
A minute amount of Governmentium can cause a reaction that would normally take less than a second to take from four days to four years to complete.

Governmentium has a normal half-life of 2-6 years; it does not decay, but instead undergoes a reorganization in which a portion of the assistant neutrons and deputy neutrons exchange places. In fact, Governmentium's mass will actually increase over time, since each reorganization will cause more morons to become neutrons, forming isodopes. This characteristic of moron promotion leads some scientists to believe that Governmentium is formed whenever morons reach a critical concentration.

This hypothetical quantity is referred to as critical morass. When catalyzed with money, Governmentium becomes Administratium, an element that radiates just as much energy as Governmentium since it has half as many peons but twice as many morons.

Defending the American Dream Summit. Fred Thompson

Fred Thompson just took the stage.

Dude is a rock star. The place went nuts.

Hopefully he'll come in here.

Fred is supposedly on his way into the room.

That is why rumors suck... Thompson will not be able to come in here...


Defending the American Dream Summit Vicky loves John

Vicky McKenna is interviewing John Stossel. She so has the hots for him.

Fraley could not pick yesterday's lottery numbers.

I'll beat him like a rented mule.


Defending the American Dream - Ron Paul II

Dude is still working the room 20 minutes later.

He'd go to lunch with you if you picked up the check and would listen to him talk.

UPDATE: 40 minutes

UPDATE: 50 minutes, he just took off to his 6 adoring fans patiently waiting outside the media room.

Defending the American Dream - Herman Cain.

I just spent a few moments chatting with Herman Cain.

A stunningly generous gentleman.

Defending the American Dream - Huckabee

Q to us in the front row from him. How did you get the great seat? Showed up early!

I propose a consumption tax and to scrap our existing tax code.

Q. Where you disappointed in your fund raising total?

No, where close and I have not spent anywhere near the money.

Q. Obama no wearing a flag pin anymore, any comments.

I thought he was going shirtless and it would be painful.... What he wears is his own business.

With the amount of money we raised, we have as much in the bank as some people who have raised much more, what are they spending that money on? We're encouraged by what we have raised so far. If you look at the spending patterns of some of the candidates in the campaign, what kind of money would they spend on the public's dime.... (Good question)

Why have social conservative not taken a strong hold on a candidate.

If the social conservatives do not stick to their issues, they will be marginalized.

Q. Role of govt. in health care.

Encourage a process where people can take care of themselves. people need reasons to improve their own health habits. States can create solutions.

Defending the American Dream Summit,Sam Brownback.

How can America be an economic platform for growth.

He is pushing a new optional flat tax and controlling spending. We need to create a social security system for the younger Americans with personal accounts that the government can not spend.

Q. Why has you campaign not picked up momentum.

We were 3rd in the Iowa straw poll. We can produce a good ground game. The immigration debate has been difficult. Our side has not been giving yet at the rate of the other side. I still think there is room for a dark horse candidate.

Q. Why is there dissatisfaction with the front runners.

Life, issues, history. Various reasons per candidate. it goes to a basic philosophical issue around policies. We need to embrace them more, not less. We need to be more pro-life, more pro-family, etc. Also we need a political solution on Iraq.

Q. Alternate flat tax, with the current bureaucracy where it is, how can this work.

Right now you figure your taxes twice, this just adds a 3rd alternative that could work out better.

DC Hotel

Bottle of Diet Coke and a granola bar, $4.53.


Defending the American Dream Summit - John Stossel.

John Stossel just strolled in and is doing a radio interview, everyone is quite fond of the job he did debunking Michael Moore!

Defending the American Dream Summit - Ron Paul

Ron Paul is speaking now, there is a vocal crowd of supporters for him.

He will be spending some time in the room after the event. I believe he has 3 radio interviews set up and will be spending the some time in front of me at the podium.

(I'm sure Nick is jealous)

Congressman Paul is at the podium.

He is very pleased about his fundraising efforts ($5mil).

The cash is a reflection that there is more than a couple dozen people who know how to use the Internet. (average donation $40).

He feels good about their ability to buy advertising.

What's your position on poverty level people?

When you destroy the value of money, cost of living goes up faster than the ability of poor people to keep up. We need sound money, not printing press money. the way out of this can only be accomplished by foreign policy. we need to cut back 100's of millions of overseas dollars and take care of our own first. We need to stop spending and keep our money here.

Do you think you can effectively compete considering other candidates cash on hand?

They are helping us a whole lot. By spending their money too fast we are leaner more efficient, less staff. As we gain credibility our fund raising will go up. No one can measure the amount of money spent independently. We have volunteers we do not even know about that have come up spontaneously.

What would you do about No Child Left Behind?

The only way you can really help is through tax credits. Money and inflating the currency is not the answer, that makes things worse. Return responsibility to the schools.

Is Giulliani acting like he has this thing won?

There are signs of this yes.

Why should a pro Iraq war conservative support you? (I asked that one)

For fiscal reasons, they should read history and Robert Taff, they should look at this fiscally, it will break us. All great nations who spread themselves so thin got destroyed fiscally. I do not understand why conservatives do not see that. Our military is in shambles, we should see that.

Ham Nation

MKH is in the house.

Being the busy body I am I have been introducing myself to every blogger in the house.

Mary Katherine Hamm is one of my all time favorites, cordial and polite as could be to a schmoe like me!

TownHall.com is sponsoring the bloggers row here, my thanks!

Defending theAmerican Dream - Giulliani

This room is too noisy for a live feed. Live radio going on all over the place.

Rudy Giulliani is up on the podium in the main room. (Rumor has it his staff has smashed his cellular phone)

Hopefully they'll bring in Rudy for us after he's done. I'll update that here.

The TV lights have come up and there is a buzz in the room, I think Rudy is 'en route.

Rudy never showed.

In other news...

Man's Pants Catch Fire At Airport

That's gotta' hurt.

Lazy bones

CBS news sent a rented team to shoot video of this thing.

Defending the American Dream Summit update.

This place is packed to the gills.

There are apparently zero no-shows and a bunch of people doing day of registrations.

The meeting room is packed to over-flowing a half an hour before the event starts.

The Wisconsin contingent has their cheeseheads, Texas their Cowboy hats,and every other regional pride issue is at hand. I'll post pictures after I get home.

My seat in the media room is literally about 3 feet from the candidates podium.

Look for me on the news tonight, I'll be just to the right of the podium.

By the way, it is REALLY freakin' hot in this room.

Vicky McKenna says hi to all the Cheeseheads out there.

DRQ (Drinking Right Quotes) DC Edition.

I blame it on a bunch of schmucks in marketing. Kevin

And so begins the Miller Boycott. Fred

Owen beat me, I'm so embarrassed. Fred

You are in a hotel bar in DC, what did you expect. Kevin.

Where are you Hackbarth? Kevin

Fred gave me a great birthday present. Sean.

I feel old. Fred

She went from oh ain't she to daaaaaaamn. Kevin

Bob Doyle, yeah. Sean.

It's the cover. Steve.

Defending the American Dream Blogroll

The following is a list of blogs and newsies in the room, covering the event. I'll be adding on as more people get set up.

http://norunnyeggs.com/ (Hi Steve!)
http://www.samadamsalliance.org/blog/ (they gave me a nifty Sam Sadams bobble head!)
http://ksky.townhall.com/ (660 am)
http://www.newstalk1130.com/pages/vicki_mckenna.html (local radio in DC, how cool)
http://www.kxl.com/personalities.aspx?ID=70 (Jeff Kropf,750 KXL, Portland)
http://www.metronetworks.com/ (part of Westwood One)

Greetings from DC

I never did have time to get online yesterday. I am firmly in place on bloggers row at the FAP Defending the American Dream conference.

It appears I will not be in the main room for speeches.

In the press room they are bringing speakers here for q&a with bloggers and the press.

I'll be taking pictures, taking notes and blogging live.

It may be a bumpy ride, I'll be editing and fixing errors on the fly.

Strap yourselves in!

October 4, 2007

Can we put an end to this rumor please?

There is a widespread rumor going around that my husband, Frank Tingle, is running against current Racine County Board Supervisor Gaynell Dyess. The rumor has become so matter-of-fact that people have asked to donate to his campaign. I was asked again today by someone if he was running, it's getting to be a regular occurance.

I would like to end this rumor, because it's just that, a rumor. Never once, did Frank ever suggest he had the slightest interest in doing so, and if he did, he would have the courtesy to talk to Gaynell about it first.

The saddest part about this rumor is who it is being spread by. I believe some of this is due to sour grapes over a certain failed Racine County election earlier this year, and those involved in that campaign feel some party members didn't throw enough support behind their candidate, but what's the point in this? Both Gaynell and Frank are Democrats, Frank being the former chair of the Racine County Democratic Party. The rumor usually starts like this, "Can you BELIEVE Frank Tingle has the nerve to run against someone in his own party??"

Well don't believe it, because it's not true.

Frank's response when I asked if he would actually EVER have an interest in the County Board Supervisor position was, "Being a County Board Supervisor representing a City district is like peeing in your black pants.... it gives you a warm feeling but nobody notices."

In other words, NO.

October 3, 2007

What do you call it when Feds arrest 1,300 illegals who either have criminal records or ignored deportation orders?

A good start.

More than 1,300 are arrested as U.S. officials target immigrant criminals in Southland.

By Anna Gorman and Andrew Blankstein,
Los Angeles Times Staff Writers

Federal officers in Southern California over the last two weeks have arrested more than 1,300 immigrants, most of whom either have criminal records or have failed to abide by deportation orders -- part of an intensifying but controversial effort across the nation to remove such violators.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement, which plans to announce the operation at a news conference in Los Angeles today, called the sweep the largest of its kind in the U.S. Nearly 600 of those arrested at homes, workplaces and in jails have already been deported.

"Where these laws may not have been enforced in the past, that has changed," said Jim Hayes, Los Angeles field office director for ICE.Since the 9/11 terrorist attacks, pressure has been growing on the federal government to crack down on illegal immigrants, especially those who have committed crimes.

And ICE has been waging a public relations battle to show that it is addressing the problem.In the recent ICE operation, nearly 90% of the immigrants arrested had criminal records, deportation orders or had reentered the United States after being removed. The rest, 146, were "collateral" arrests -- people who encountered the agents and could not prove they were in the United States legally.

Officers arrested 530 immigrants in their homes and workplaces and took custody of nearly 800 others from jails in Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, Riverside and San Bernardino counties.

MRQ of the week

The MRQ of the week poll is up, go vote for your favorite!

We'll see....

Tomorrow I'll be heading out to DC for the Defending the American Dream Summit.

I'm curious to see something.

In 2006 we had the nutroots gather for their first Yearly Kos convention in Las Vegas. Around 900 people were there.

In 2007 they moved Yearly Kos to Chicago and had a bit over 1,500 attend.

Nice figures for their first two years.

Registrations for this first convention put on by Americans for Prosperty have been cut off as they have exceeded their space allocation of 1,500 attendees.

We all remember how much media attention the 2007 Yearly Kos convention got.

I am very interested to see if this first Defending the American Dream Summit draws similar attention. We'll be right in DC and have six Presidential cadidates speaking. This event has been well publicized and we are right in the middle of plenty of reporters.

My guess is this event will not get 1/4th the attention as Kos got in either their first or second years.

Click for Cans Time

Cambell's Soup is running their Click for cans promotion again.

Over the last several years the Packers have won this thing. This means food donations for our state.

Click every day.

As of the publishing of this post, the Packers are leading again with 21,277 votes. (Bears 291 votes)

October 2, 2007

MRQ winners

Congratulations to the MRQ of the month award winner for September, Peter.

My lawn has been declared a wetland and is now protected ... I'm not allowed to mow it.

In addition, we have a tie for MRQ of the week! (a first)

I pouted because I didn’t get the sticker. Lance.


I wish someone would give me phenomenal benefits, make it impossible to fire me, and underpay me that much. Elliot.

Both Lance & Elliot will be in the running for MRQ of the month in October.

Look back later for this week's MRQ of the week poll.

The religion of perpetual outrage strikes against Christmas

Oak Lawn Schools May Cancel Holiday Traditions

School District To Discuss Possible Cancellation Or Renaming Of Holiday Celebrations

(CBS) OAK LAWN, Ill. A southwest suburban school district has taken action, responding to the concerns of a parent who is Arabic.

But now, as CBS 2's Suzanne Le Mignot reports, other parents are angry that traditional school holidays will be renamed or even eliminated."

That does not represent all the Muslims, all of the Arabs at that school," said Qais Nofel, the father of a student in Ridgeland School District 122.

There was some heated discussion between parents outside Columbus Manor Elementary School in Oak Lawn on Friday. The thought of no more traditional holiday celebrations has many parents really upset. For now, children in Ridgeland School District 122 will celebrate fall festival instead of Halloween and winter festival instead of Christmas.

Brenda Elvidge said, "It's not fair to our kids. This is America and that's an American tradition."

The decision affects the children at four elementary schools in Oak Lawn and one junior high school in Bridgeview. The district has a 30 percent Arabic population. The superintendent says the reason for the change in tradition comes after one parent wanted Ramadan decorations put up inside Columbus Manor Elementary. They were taken down.

Superintendent Tom Smyth said, "I go back to our policy which says that public schools are to remain neutral in this respect."

Meantime, Arab children are being allowed to pray during what's being called their own time, that's lunch time, during Ramadan.

Parent June Quigley said, "They get to pray in our schools. That is religion in a public school."

Arab-American parents have different views on the issue.

Sala Abour said, "To take away Halloween and Christmas from little kids, that is very wrong."Nofel said, "We go and we celebrate the holidays and traditions here, but we do have the right to be Muslims as well."

October 1, 2007

It's MRQ!

Medieval Silicone Breast Implant Action Theater Bitter Ed

So I tell SuperChump "Chump, next time I see you...." Dang, he's right behind me aint he? Sancho

There is that sick twisted freak we all know love and miss! Fred

I've been an outlaw for nearly forty years now Triticale

Evian is pretty gay, and they're nowhere to be seen. Aaron

Fighting Bob Fest, here we come! Lance

Blisters mean 3rd degree, right? :lol: Patrick

Too bad we’re not in Las Vegas. I’d love to see the odds on when this outstanding piece of research will find its way into the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Glenn

What’s funny is them telling us that carob is as good as chocolate for all these years. apc
(hear, hear)

There are plenty of slacked jawed teenagers out here to work at the stores and stand around and look bored and ignore customers. ;) Chris

In Wayne's World, Cooper teaches more Milwaukee history than the Milwaukee School District. Jib

Will John Edwards' Handlers Please Handle Him? Phel

The Chairman encourages the troops. (Plus a RDW Public speaking announcement)

This letter was sent out to Speaker Mike Huebsch and the rest of the Republican Assembly from state GOP Chair Reince Priebus.

Dear Representative,

As the budget battle begins to heat up, I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for standing strong in your support for Wisconsin families by holding the line on taxes.

After State Superintendent of Schools Elizabeth Burmaster issued her threat that property taxes would go up if there wasn't a funding agreement by Friday, you knew taxpayers couldn't afford another $200 tacked onto their property tax bills. You took the threat seriously and your caucus found a solution.

You offered Senate Democrats a compromise to fully fund education and local governments in order to save Wisconsin property taxpayers from another tax increase, and I applaud your efforts. Unfortunately, Judy Robson and her colleagues would rather fail schools and property taxpayers than take their own budget.

While we still have a long road ahead, Republicans can be proud of what we have accomplished so far. I urge you to continue to take a strong stand in your negotiations on behalf of Wisconsin taxpayers.

After a tough election year in 2006, our Party needed to draw distinct lines between what we stand for as Republicans and what the Democrats stand for, and then hold true to our principles. Thanks to all of you and the Democrats' $18 billion tax hike, we have successfully drawn that line in the sand. By being true to our ideals of less government and fewer taxes, we brought our Party together and we can once again be proud to call ourselves Republicans.

As we move forward and continue to negotiate in good faith, we must remember to stand with Wisconsin families and put these principles to work. We live in one of the highest taxed states in the nation where raising taxes should be the furthest thing from our minds. As a Party we do not support more taxes and your efforts to hold the line on behalf of Wisconsin taxpayers are greatly appreciated.


Reince Priebus
Chairman, The Republican Party of Wisconsin

I ran into Chairman Priebus yesterday morning, thanked him for his efforts and encouraged him to hold the line on taxes. Fiscal sanity will require a line in the sand mentality. Wisconsin must learn to live within its means.

Jim Doyle and the Senate Democrats are not even trying to hold the line on taxes. They see Wisconsin as a bottomless pot of money. Sorry Governor, my wallet is closed.

No more taxes.

Mark your calendars, on October 17th Americans for Prosperity will host a taxpayer rally in Madison to let our voices be heard on this issue. It looks like I'll be speaking at that event, adding my voice along with a prestigious list of speakers including: Owen Robinson (Boots & Sabers), Vicky McKenna (WISN & WIBA), Reince Priebus (Chairman Wisconsin GOP) and Pat Snyder (WSAU).

For info on this event, follow this link.

What is the Racine Unified School District Hiding?

What are they hiding?

The Racine Unified School District continues their investigation into Tom Hicks & PBCG the financial firm run by Nick Alioto. At question, huge bonuses paid to PBCG that are questionable at best and the legality of Hicks hiring PBCG in the first place.

A local activist, Orville Seymer, has made repeated requests seeking access to records referring to this investigation. On August 23 Seymer filed an open records request seeking "The 20,000 documents (including but not limited to any e-mails) used to develop the report by the Reinhart, Boerner, Van Deuren law firm relating to the investigation of the Superintendent of Racine Unified Tom Hicks or the Public Business Consulting Group." In addition to the records used to prepare the report, Seymer also asked for "A copy of the report that was prepared for the Racine Unified School District that deals with the investigation into the contract with Superintendent Tom Hicks and the "Public Business Consulting Group."

Racine Unified send Seymer a copy of the already released report and denied Seymer access to any of the documents used in coming up with that report.

Apparently Seymer did get a call from Chris Ware of the Reinhart law firm. He told Seymer that Deloitte FAS has possession of the documents and they would NOT be made available to him.

Undaunted, Seymer sent a supplemental request asking for documents used in preparation of the Reinhart report. The district replied to that request saying they did not have a list of those documents and any request of those documents would have to be to the firm directly.

Nice dodge. Of course those records, even though they came from the school district, now belong to the law firm and they are not subject to open records laws.

On September 24th, Seymers put through his latest request, "A list of all people within the Racine Unified School District office who has had contact ( for purposes of this request, contact is defined as personal contact, phone contact or e-mail contact) with a member of the Reinhardt, Boerner,VanDeuren law firm for the time period April 1, 2007 until today's date."

The response to that request, no such list exists.

Why is the Racine Unified School District stonewalling open records laws?

Why does the Racine Unified School District refuse to contact the law firm or the accounting firm to request copies of their own documents?

Does the School Board know about this?

If so what are they doing about it?

What is the Racine Unified School District Hiding?

September 30, 2007

Yo Fon du Lac!

What is goin' on in Fon du Lac?

Toilet paper thief on the loose in Wis.

Sat Sep 29, 6:46 AM ET

FOND DU LAC, Wis. - Someone is either too cheap to buy his own toilet paper or planning a big prank.

Fond du Lac County Executive Allen Buechel said someone has been repeatedly stealing toilet paper from the men's public bathrooms at the Fond du Lac City County Government Center since June.

Buechel suspects the person comes in once or twice a week around midday and gets about six rolls a week from dispensers. Some rolls weren't even full, he said.

The thefts haven't been a big loss.

"We don't buy the best toilet paper," Buechel said.

He expects the thief to get caught. "Someone is going to walk in on him when he's doing it and we'll catch him," he said.

We don't buy the best toilet paper? Quick someone call Judy Robson while she can still get a tax increase to cover that.


Congratulations Brett Favre new record holder for most touchdown passes!

Next victim, Chicago Bears.

Brewer Bits.

Well the 2007 Milwaukee Brewers season came to an end today. The Brewers finished with a winning record of 83 wins and 79 losses.

The Brewers amazing start this year raised many hopes, their mid-season collapse crushed the same.

Ryan Braun - If Ryan Braun is not Rookie Of The Year there is some kind of deep dark conspiracy worthy of an episode of X-Files. A .321 Batting Average, 34 home runs, 96 RBIs, 14 SB. Braun's 3 error performance on Thursday obviously show Brauns need to work on his defense over the off season. Ryan Braun being with the club for years to come have the rest of baseball drooling with envy.

Prince Fielder - MVP of not only the team he should be the National League MVP. In his sophomore season Fielder led the league in home runs (50), he scored 109 times and batted in 119. More importantly Fielder exerted himself as a genuine leader the likes of which this team has not seen since the retirement of Robin Yount. Fielder and Braun bookend one of the best and youngest infields in baseball.

Ricky Weeks & JJ Hardy - The interior players of the infield each had brilliants halves. Hardy the first, Weeks the second. If they can put it together over an entire season this infield will be the best in the National League, perhaps all of baseball.

Corey Hart - Corey Hart never ceases to amaze me. They bat him in every spot possible and he produces. He hits for power, he hits for average, he steals bases, he makes amazing acrobatic catches. Corey Hart is the real deal.

Derrick Turnbow is a headcase. Unless he gets some serious off season sessions with a shrink, the Brewers should find a way to start 2008 without him.

Chris Capuano and Matt Wise should also see Turnbow's shrink. I hope Cappi can figure it out but I am afraid Wise in done.

Yovanni Gallardo, Manny Para, Carlos Villanueva. What can you say? The kids can pitch!

Damian Miller and Johnny Estrada. I recommend some off season surgery. Please put Miller's throwing arm onto Estrada's shoulder and we'll really have something.

Joe Dillon has likely won the full time job in left field next year.

Dillon's promotion likely means that Geoff Jenkins has played his last game as a Brewer. You have to hand it to Jenks this year. He had 21 homers and 64 RBI in part time play. Jenks will land somewhere and you have to wish him the best. He has been a stand up guy in his 9 years as a Brewer.

Ben Sheets. What can you say? Sheeter can't stay healthy. I think it is time to think about a trade before he breaks down for good.

Francisco Cordero - Do whatever it takes to keep CoCo a Brewer.

Jeff Suppan - A solid starter providing veteran leadership.

Dave Bush. Off again on again but he finished strong enough to keep his starting job. Unless of course the front office pull a free agent miracle in the off season.

My gut instinct tells me the remaining outfield position will be filled by a platoon of Tony Gwynn Jr & Gabe Gross. Capable outfielders both of them, I love Jr's speed.

Ned Yost. Ned has to go. This team should have made the playoffs this year. He made too many bad decisions that cost this team too many games. I do not come to this decision easily. I like Ned Yost, he helped get us this far, but if we are to take the next step we need a manager who will help the Brewers win games. Ned Yost lost way too many of them for us.

All in all I have not had this much fun in a baseball season in a very long time.

When does spring training start?

People helping people.

When a neighbor needs a hand

By Rachel Gallegos
Iowa City Press-Citizen

With the loss of his father on Aug. 28, Joe Fuhrmeister said he's been concerned about how everything would get done on his father's land this harvest season.

Bob Fuhrmeister, 63, was the leader. And even though the boys have been out there every year since they were old enough to drive the farm equipment, they were just the help.

Those things didn't matter Friday.

Forty friends and neighbors turned out to harvest about 200 acres of soybeans Friday. With 13 combines, they did in about three hours what could have taken a week of 10-hour days for the sons, they said.

In two weeks, another crew will come out to help the Fuhrmeisters harvest the corn.

"By the time it's done, it'll probably be a hundred different people," said John Hester of Nichols Ag and a family friend of the Fuhrmeisters. "They just know an awful lot of people, and an awful lot of people want to help."

Hester was one of three people to help organize all the volunteers so Jan Fuhrmeister and her sons barely had to lift a finger, even after offering to drive a tractor or combine.

"It's very touching," Jan Fuhrmeister said. "I'm grateful for all the help and everyone that's shown up. They're all glad to do it because they know Bob would do the same for them.

"I think that's just part of being a farmer. You're always helping someone else," she said.

The rest.

Thought of the week.

With luck and planning I’ll retire at 149.