September 29, 2007

Bush's Meeting with Dalai Lama Likely to Infuriate China

George W. Bush will attend a ceremony next month to award the U.S. Congressional Gold Medal to the Dalai Lama.

The Chinese government reacts with fury to any gesture of recognition given to the Dalai who fled the country into exile in 1959 and whom it regularly accuses of trying to "split" Tibet from the rest of China.

"This will be the first time that a sitting U.S. president will appear with the Dalai Lama in a public event," the International Campaign for Tibet said. Bush has previously met with the Dalai Lama at the White House.

The Dalai Lama who fled into exile in India after a failed uprising against communist rule in 1959 is branded by China as a "separatist." The Nobel Peace Prize winner says he only wants greater autonomy for the region.

The award ceremony will come just weeks after Bush's current efforts to try to persuade China to influence the military rulers of Myanmar to stop using force against protesters and to release political prisoners.

The award of the Congressional Gold Medal has been perceived by some as a sign of a more anti-Chinese mood in Washington. Nancy Pelosi, the new Democratic House Speaker, has a long record of attacking China over its human rights record, and was once arrested in Tiananmen Square for staging a protest. "The United States must continue to be committed to meeting the challenge that Tibet makes to the conscience of the world," she said.

September 28, 2007

The fight against taxes lost a warrior.

This from the National Taxpayers Union:

NTU Staff & Friends Mourn the Death of NTU President John Berthoud

Dear Friends,

We are sorry to announce the passing of John Berthoud. As you may know, he has led both the National Taxpayers Union and National Taxpayers Union Foundation over the last 11 years. We have looked to him as a strong leader, compassionate friend, and a fierce fighter for freedom.

Pete Sepp, Vice President for Communications, shared his surprise, "John Berthoud's death today was as sudden as it was shocking and saddening to all who knew him. His colleagues found him in peace at his home today. All of our staff, just as the entire policy community in Washington, are doing the best they can to cope with an irreplaceable loss."

We give our sincere condolences to his family and friends and hope you will pay tribute with comments to our blog and facebook group. Sepp continued, "John was a true 21st century Renaissance man. He was a teacher, a mentor, a respected intellectual, and a lover of life. That's what makes his passing all the more tragic." Though we mourn the loss of a man and celebrate his amazing life filled with love, study, travel, and leadership, his cause and a hope for a brighter future lives on. We will press on with purpose and be thankful for his contributions to our own journeys.

National Taxpayers Union &
National Taxpayers Union Foundation Staff

Beware the Achievement Gap.

Here it comes again.

An article at JSOnline scolds at how Wisconsin's black student population ranks lowest in the nation in reading.

This issue can be addressed from two angles, so I will give it two separate but equal posts.

Post #1 - Achievement Gap - Instruction
Post #2 - Achievement Gap - Demographics

(Posted for Randy)

Calling all posters for an answer

Today a very strange incident occurred. My daughter's school bus was followed along its entire route by a minivan. In the minivan was a woman and a few children. During their journey following the school bus, they held up a sign saying,

You have been on the bus too long. It's illegal.

Can someone enlighten me as to...

a.)What is the law about bus riding, if any?
b.)What is this woman's point, other than I have a lot of free time

Achievement Gap - Demographics

While the statistics are true that confirm the existence of such a gap. I have repeatedly asked, why are we examining such a gap? Or at the very least, why examine on the basis of race? The DPI and other guilt-based educrats are often expounding upon the achievement gap. These do-gooders who strive for more integration and push multiculturalism to new levels, seem to have no problem segregating black students' data when it suits an agenda.

Further to the point of acknowledging and obsessing on the achievement gap, exists the implication that race is the reason that students learn differently. Well if we are to become a color-blind society, that would seem like a good place to start. What more rational and logical people within academia are doing is comparing scores amongst socioeconomic status. There is validity in such a comparison. The JSOnline article even goes into that aspect. However, the headline damning whitey is more important to the left-leaning educrats. If these people truly want to teach all children, then they need to stop performing their selective segregation and address issues that schools can control. I have done that since day one of my teaching career, and it seems to work for me.

Achievement Gap - Instruction

The JSOnline article details some of the causes for the existence of such a gap.

State Superintendent, Elizabeth Burmaster, is looks at the wrong aspect of the issue.
"I find it very distressing to look at this,"..."There isn't anything more important (in education). This is the civil rights issue of our country."
This is not a civil rights issue. Apparently the leader of public education in Wisconsin feels that schools and/or individual teachers are purposely teaching black students worse than white students. No ones rights are being violated because a group of students didn't do well. As a teacher, I am embarrassed and appalled at the DPI leadership for her stance on this issue. (WEAC will, of course, endorse her next time around)

The article begins to hit on the true reasons for some student inability to read at or near grade level.
But the most dramatic results from the standpoint of Wisconsinites were the achievement gap figures, fresh evidence of the huge issues affecting the lives of African-Americans in Wisconsin, issues that include rising poverty, loss of blue-collar jobs, high rates of single-parent and teen-mother births, and severe crime.
Hand-wringers around academia keep stating how instruction needs to be improved to "close the gap." That would imply that the instruction is failing the students. I can agree with that to an extent. Pedagogy has taken a big hit with all of the watering down in previous attempts to reduce the gap.
It is more appropriate to say the students and/or parents are failing the instruction rather than the instruction failing the student.

Some quotations from the article from a surprising source also look at the issues that have consistently impacted low-achieving students.

Wendell Harris, chairman of the education committee of the Milwaukee chapter of the NAACP, said, "I know we've got to do better in school, there's no question about that."

But, he said, "really, from my standpoint, (it's) families. . . . We can't keep making excuses for parents."...He added, "We have to become more willing to hold everyone accountable and not just the teachers."

Mr. Harris is absolutely correct. The problem exists mostly outside the environs of the school. Once many children leave school each afternoon, their educational opportunities significantly go down. Apathetic or absent parents can quickly undo the hard work a teacher has put into a student's progress. As a teacher, and role model, I can only do so much to impact a child's future. Even the best laid instructional models seldom breakthrough a difficult home life brought on by the poor choices of parents.

Obey math.

On David Obey's claim yesterday that he left the Republican party in the end of the McCarthy area.

From Best of the web, today: Obey, born in 1938, was 16 when the Senate censured McCarthy in 1954 and 18 when McCarthy died in 1957. Since the voting age was 21 at the time, it is not entirely clear in what sense Obey could have "left the Republican Party." Unless perhaps McCarthy's era outlived the man himself.

Guess the number game


UPDATE: This one was too easy apparently.

Yes $20,000,000,000 is the cost of Candidate Clinton's proposed $5,000 per baby program.

I suppose we'll get the money the same place she is going to get the money for every other one of her hair brained schemes, taxing the evil rich.

Every candidate tries to buy votes, but $20,000,000,000? That is almost as much as Oprah makes! Seriously that is a Murtha worthy amount of pandering.


Shouldn't those of us without children get some kind of a carbon rebate credit for not adding to over-population and making the scourge of global warming worse?

Big City Life.

Last night I had to undertake an unplanned mission of mercy and pick someone up at O'Hare.

The Tollway was under construction, rerouted traffic, flashy signs everywhere. Is it me, or is it always like that in Chicago?

As a rule, I avoid Chicago like the plague. It just seems that nothing good ever happens to me there.

I go to Peoria all the time to see family, I take a route west through Rockford just to avoid Chicago.

Irrational? Maybe.

If I'm taking a flight out of Chicago you can count on there being a blizzard or torrential flooding or some such other calamity of climate. Maybe I'm just cursed. Maybe it is climate's revenge on all the evil carbon being spewed from that nasty busy airport.

I'm not sure if I actually have a point other than my own irrational dislike of mega cities!

I'll take the small town life thanks.

September 27, 2007

Let's watch the language folks.

Last Saturday at Racine Horlick field, the house was packed as the Racine Raiders tackled cross state rival the Kane County Eagles.

I had an interesting conversation with someone who went to that game with his children.

This game had a lot on the line as it determined playoff seedings. The two teams would play each other again this Saturday in the start of the playoffs; the game last Saturday determined who would have home field advantage to start the playoffs.

The home side bleachers were absolutely packed so my friend went and sat in the visitor side bleachers feet away from the Kane County Eagle’s players.

Obviously there was a lot at stake for these teams.

What my friend described was disturbing. He said the local fans were openly hostile and vulgar for the entire game, swearing and taunting the Kane County players. Here is this poor guy trying to enjoy a football game with his kids and he has to spend the whole game shielding their ears and explaining to his kids that “we don’t use those words”.

Yes, we have freedom of speech. However, while freedom of speech does extend to someone being a jerk, they certainly do not have to be one. People should have the basic human courtesy to look around and not to use that sort of language around children (or anyone else for that matter). In addition, there is no cause to taunt so viciously visitors to our city, or any other city. These people were ambassadors for Racine.

All of these Kane County folks will go home with the impression that Racinians are a bunch of loud, drunk, foul mouthed jerks.

The thing is I’m sure this is not a phenomenon limited solely to Racine.

I’ve been stunned at some of the language I have heard at Brewer games this year. (And the team has won every game I’ve been to).

Chill out people. Look around, tone it down. Would you do that if your Mother was sitting next to you? How about your child? Someone else’s child or Mother may be within earshot of you being a jerk.

(Oh, by the way, the Raiders won an exciting come from behind victory, we get another chance to shine this weekend)

Guess what's coming back?

September MRQ Of the month!

Make sure you go vote in the September MRQ of the month!

Added as a speaker to The Defending the American Dream Summit

This time next week I'll be in DC. I'm looking forward to it.

The happenin' place...

Will Mark Yelling leave Victor's for an Obama Rally?

Singles will check out eligible candidates at Obama rally
Thursday, September 27th 2007, 4:00 AM

Looking for a date for Friday night? Want someone to read with and talk to about Eliot Spitzer's fiscal policy late into the night?

Like-minded city singles are looking to tonight's Barack Obama fund-raiser as more than just a politically charged soiree: It'll be a raging pickup scene.

The rally from 5-8 p.m. in Washington Square Park, promises to draw a young, intelligent crowd. And what better time to hook up than a beautiful fall evening while waving a banner for democracy?

"You are likely to have similar political views, and those often cross into other things that aren't politically affiliated," says Colleen Kluttz, a 29-year-old TV producer who's hitting the event tonight if work allows. "It will give you something to talk about. It gives you a reason to have conversations that aren't just about yourself." But what kind of guy are you going to find at an Obama rally?

"A socially conscious liberal - probably a well-dressed, well-groomed hipster," Kluttz says.
But when the sun goes down over NYU, the party really starts about 20 blocks north- the rally after-party.

The Obama campaign is in no way affiliated with the Official Barack in NYC After-party, set for 7:30 at the 4-0/40 Club in the Flatiron District, but you can bet the young and the restless will file up Fifth Ave. from the park to continue, well, showing their support.

Even the invite for the event reads like a singles bash:

"Hope hits the Big Apple! Join us at Jay-Z's 4-0/40 Club on Thursday as we ride the winds of change from the hottest rally in New York. Move to the music, socialize with friends, and let your voice be heard as we celebrate with audacity."

Lindsay Schaeffer, 25, may even skip the rally for the nighttime bash.

"Look, you never meet good guys in a bar," she reasons. "Something like this naturally weeds out the losers for you. You aren't going to get some pickup artist at a political after-party."

One ardent Obama supporter (who declined to give his name because he works in politics) says he'll attend both the rally and the after-party, and he doesn't expect to be going home alone.

He's confident for a reason.

"Let's face it: Leftie girls are easy," he says.

Are they now! Remember folks that came from a leftie, not me!

September 26, 2007

Councils Shamed into Welcoming Troups Home

This is the headline in countless British newspapers today - and America is being used as an example of how their troups should be supported and treated upon their return. The British government has now urged that all its Councils show support for their returning troups. This is a result of the Head of the British Army sending out a plea that the thousands of soldiers returning this autumn should receive welcome home parades.

The British troups have been fighting alongside our own American military and while I am glad their government has basically ordered the British Councils to support them, it also saddens me that they had to be ordered to do so.

From today's Daily Telegraph, England: "....Veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts now feel as alienated from society as American GIs returning from Vietnam. And yet America has learned the lesson of Vietnam and the gulf that was allowed to grow between society and those who fought a deeply unpopular war.

Drive around America and you will be astonished by the number of yellow ribbons or bumper stickers, urging Americans to "support our troops".

You can drive around Britain for months and will not see a single poster, sign, badge, lapel pin in any space in this country – public or private – urging solidarity with our forces.

On the contrary, you will see the exact opposite. You will see endless graffiti confirming that British troops are fighting a war that most people vehemently disapprove of.

The result is that we are depriving our soldiers, especially our injured soldiers, of one of the most important parts of the healing process, and that is the sense that they are valued for what they have done, and they are welcomed back with honour by the rest of us. That, surely, is the least we can offer them.

They were not responsible for the deceits of the Labour Government. They can't be faulted for the failure to find any Weapons of Mass Destruction, or the failure of the Pentagon to plan for the aftermath of the war.

They were sent out by our democratically elected Government to fight for what they honestly construed to be our good and our safety. Some of them have fought harder and longer than any British soldiers since the Second World War.

Many have sustained injuries more terrible than in the past, for the simple reason that modern medicine allows them to survive. They are owed the thanks of all of us, and I am sure the public is more than willing to give it.

People have no difficulty in making a distinction between the rights and wrongs of a war, and the heroism of the troops we send out to fight it."

Americans for Prosperity

Caption This.

MRQ of the week.

Congratulations to last week's MRQ of the week winner, RAG.

Now back to our regularly scheduled political sniping.

Rag will be going into the MRQ of the month for September.

We'll have this week's nominees up shortly.

To our regular readers, a note.

I just banned Scott.

I've simply had it with him and his attitude.

In response to an ongoing thread I mentioned the democrat contributors we have and have had this was his response:

Fred, you've never had a liberal contributor here as far as I can remember. ("She is no Republican" doesn't really cut it.) And I think the reason you can't find a genuine liberal to contribute here is that we're all collectively horrified by this blog. It's glib, cheap, unfair, hateful and intellectually dishonest.

If by liberal Scott means someone as completely off the deep end as he is, that is correct. We had Belle and valued her time here and Sandy is on board and getting warmed up. Despite your claims I have made the same rule for every contributor here. POST WHAT YOU WANT, WHEN YOU WANT WITHOUT EDIT FROM ME.

Yet you would rather accuse me of shackling their voices as some evil uber conservative Overlord. Frankly I'm sick of it.

Anyone who wishes to come here and just unload garbage like he does that we are unfair or hateful or dishonest, I just do not want here.

Let me clue you in on something Scott. To disagree, is not to hate. I am tired of you trashing me and what I do here.

I had once believed it was possible to have a civil debate between partisan opposites. I still believe that to be true, but with people like you on the far left it is not possible. You only see that which you deem bad and ignore the rest, it is counter productive and you are counter productive.

Go somewhere else, You are not welcome here any more.

Help fight breast cancer. Please.

I got a request in the email today to have people go and click on a link at The

Corporate sponsors are donating free mamograms for web traffic to women who need them.

It costs you nothing but a ouple of clicks of the mouse.

Please go to TheBREASTCANCERSITE.COM and click on Donate a Free Mamogram (pink window in the middle)


Strangest Pets.

An interesting story from Seattle where they are reclassifying pygmy goats so people can have them as pets.

We used to have a neighbor who had a pygmy goat named Daphne. Our pooch had great fun playing with with Daphne and Daphne seemed to enjoy it as well.

We shall not speak of the accursed peacocks they also had. Foul birds.

So what is the coolest, or worst, pet a neighbor of yours ever had?


This is fabulous...

Seriously, I would think most people would want this done, but considering Prez Bush's proclivity towards fracturing a si-laa-ble or two, what the heck.

When words get in the way, Bush goes phonetic

By Matt Spetalnick Wed Sep 26, 1:08 AM ET

NEW YORK (Reuters) - How do you keep a leader as verbally gaffe-prone as U.S. President George W. Bush from making even more slips of the tongue?

When Bush addressed the U.N. General Assembly on Tuesday, the White House inadvertently showed exactly how -- with a phonetic pronunciation guide on the teleprompter to get him past troublesome names of countries and world leaders.

The White House was left scrambling to explain after a marked-up draft of Bush's speech popped up briefly on the U.N. Web site as he delivered his remarks, giving a rare glimpse of the special guidance he gets for major addresses.

It included phonetic spellings for French President Nicolas Sarkozy (sar-KO-zee), a friend, and Zimbabwe leader Robert Mugabe (moo-GAH-bee), a target of U.S. human rights criticism.
Pronunciations were also provided for Kyrgyzstan (KEYR-geez-stan), Mauritania (moor-EH-tain-ee-a) and the Zimbabwe capital Harare (hah-RAR-ray).

See the rest.

I could see a Saturday night Live sketch where they have say Hillary or someone slipping in the wrong pronunciations on purpose. That would be quite funny.

Nerd Auction.

Can I get an opening bid? Any bid? You in the back!

Nerds to auction themselves to women

Tue Sep 25, 9:40 PM ET

PULLMAN, Wash. - Looking to recruit more women, and perhaps date some sorority girls, the largest computer club at Washington State University hopes to hold a "nerd auction." The idea is to trade their computer skills to sorority girls in exchange for a makeover and, possibly, a date.

"You can buy a nerd and he'll fix your computer, help you with stats homework, or if you're really adventurous, take you to dinner!" Ben Ford, president of the Linux Users Group, said on its Web site recently.

Ford acknowledged that some of the group's 213 registered members may not be ready for the auction block.

"The problem is that we're all still nerds. Let's face it, guys. If anyone's going to bid on us, we'll need some spicing up," he wrote. "And who better to help with that than sorority girls who like nothing better than a makeover?"

This all began as an effort to recruit more women into computer science programs, the Moscow-Pullman Daily News reported Tuesday. A public relations class decided to help by studying the social dynamics of the Linux group, which focuses on the use of the computer operating system. The students interviewed Ford and some others and created an online survey of LUG members, evaluating how they heard about the club, how they perceived the group and their reasons for being active or inactive.

"Our conclusion was that they need to promote themselves better, then specific ideas were presented to them," said professor Moon Lee, who taught the public relations class. "They made suggestions to work with specific groups such as sororities. Sorority groups tend to have a very good social network."

Ford initially was skeptical.

"When they said we should have a social with a sorority," he said. "I thought that was a joke."
Ford, who has an undergraduate degree in computer science and is pursuing a master's in business management, said the idea for the nerd auction came to him in the shower.

"Here's the current plan: We'll choose a handful of brave nerds to take one for the team," Ford wrote. "The girls get to have their way with them and we'll document each makeover.

"We'll make a snazzy video and show it over dinner. After the dinner, we'll auction off the now studly nerds," a hopeful Ford wrote.

Studly nerds. MRQ CHECK PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

I am sooooooooo not in the mood for poitics today.

So, how 'bout them Brewers?

Congratulations to Prince Fielder for being the youngest player ever to hit 50 home runs in a season!

This thing is far from over folks. The Cubs have not been that good on the road.

Don't lose faith.

Don't be an idiot, but don't lose faith.

September 25, 2007

Having a rough day?

Serenity Now.

This is a travesty.

Less than half of military votes overseas counted

Election commission: 57,000 ballots were cast in ’06

By Leo Shane III, Stars and Stripes
Mideast edition, Tuesday,
September 25, 2007

WASHINGTON — Overseas military voters had less than half of their votes counted in last year’s congressional elections, according to data released by the U.S. Election Assistance Commission on Monday.

“One thing is clear: At every level of government, we need to do a better job,” said Donetta Davidson, chair of the commission. “We must make sure all eligible voters are getting their opportunities.”

The figures, released at the commission’s annual conference on ways to improve and troubleshoot the absentee voting process, showed that only about 992,000 of the nearly 6 million eligible overseas citizens requested ballots for the 2006 general election.

That included about 119,000 military personnel stationed outside the United States. Of those, only about 57,000 — less than 48 percent — had their votes successfully cast or counted.
EAC officials said that’s roughly the same percentage that were counted for expatriates and domestic military filing absentee ballots. The major failures were on the ballot delivery side, with about 72 percent of those who failed to vote never receiving any of their requested election materials.

Still, the commission also saw positive news for overseas military.

In a survey of absentee voters from four states — South Carolina, Florida, Illinois and Montana — researchers found that overseas military were nearly three times as likely to attempt to vote as their overseas civilian counterparts. And nearly 90 percent of those who made it through the system were pleased how the voting process worked.

Q2 Data & Research senior partner Bruce Cain, who led the work on that survey, said overseas voters also are anxious to embrace new technology to make the absentee voting system easier to follow and more efficient.

Currently only eight states allow transmitting a final election ballot, but others offer varying levels of e-mail assistance and fax submission offerings.

“The numbers of [electronic voting options] are still small, but the satisfaction level with them is very high,” he said.

And EAC officials said local election officials they surveyed said they’re anxious to offer more assistance to overseas voters, especially military serving in combat zones.

Still, often those goals are constrained by the small budgets and small staff of the offices involved. Kimball Brace, president of Election Data Services, said 1,778 local election offices nationwide serve less than 1,000 voters, and often face more difficulty quickly responding to overseas requests.

A picture tells...

What's your favorite guilty pleasure?

Once or twice a year I have to have a really good corned beef sammich. For Mrs RDW, this exercise usually involves red meat, chocolate. or both in some combination.

So what is your guilty pleasure?

September 24, 2007

It's MRQ Time!

I’m a big dope. Scott.

Jimmy Carter vs. Ted Kennedy Wiggy.

On your scale of 1 to 5, this is an 8. Tony.

"Is that D - A - B - R - A?" Phoenix.

Fly with Beaver. Tom.

James Wigderson you magnificent bastard. Eric.

MLK is rolling over in his grave. James. he writing a book titled, "If I Did This, Too." Grumps.

How to Dance Like a White Guy. Phelony.

...a walking advertisement for the Darwin Awards. Peter.

Horse of face is not a hint...just an opinion. Still Unreal.

You make me change restaurant, but nobody comes! Bill.

San Diego @ Green Bay (+6.5). Steve.

If only they knew …. Dean.

I pouted because I didn’t get the sticker. Lance.

Courage. Jib.

Those are some nice clubs. Fuzz.

I wish someone would give me phenomenal benefits, make it impossible to fire me, and underpay me that much. Elliot.

I got to say hi to Rocco and scratch Bob Pucci behind the ears Patrick.

It's possible for everyone to be wrong. Ann

Take the civics quiz.

Hey, it is all the rage, take the quiz.

My results: You answered 58 out of 60 correctly — 96.67 % Average score for this quiz during September: 74.5%Average score since September 18, 2007: 74.5%

This just in from Columbia.

From RDWFST Agent #1 who is watching a live stream of Iranian President Ican'twearatie.

He apparently just said, "There is no phenomena known as 'gays' in Iran."

Gee, I wonder why?

Iran: Two More Executions for Homosexual Conduct

(New York, November 22, 2005) – Iran’s execution of two men last week for homosexual conduct highlights a pattern of persecution of gay men that stands in stark violation of the rights to life and privacy, Human Rights Watch said today.

On Sunday, November 13, the semi-official Tehran daily Kayhan reported that the Iranian government publicly hung two men, Mokhtar N. (24 years old) and Ali A. (25 years old), in the Shahid Bahonar Square of the northern town of Gorgan.

The government reportedly executed the two men for the crime of "lavat." Iran’s shari`a-based penal code defines lavat as penetrative and non-penetrative sexual acts between men. Iranian law punishes all penetrative sexual acts between adult men with the death penalty. Non-penetrative sexual acts between men are punished with lashes until the fourth offense, when they are punished with death.

Sexual acts between women, which are defined differently, are punished with lashes until the fourth offense, when they are also punished with death.

We are witnessing pure hate and evil on display in our country.

Uncle Jay is brought to you by the letter B.

Uncle Jay explains blogs.

Retired Liberals Senior Center.

There is always something to protest...

Seniors balk at ban on free doughnuts

Associated Press Writer
Sun Sep 23, 1:48 PM ET

MAHOPAC, N.Y - It was just another morning at the senior center: Women were sewing, men were playing pool — and seven demonstrators, average age 76, were picketing outside, demanding doughnuts.

They wore sandwich boards proclaiming, "Give Us Our Just Desserts" and "They're Carbs, Not Contraband."
At issue is a decision to refuse free doughnuts, pies and breads that were being donated to senior centers around Putnam County, north of New York City. Officials were concerned that the county was setting a bad nutritional precedent by providing mounds of doughnuts and other sweets to seniors.
The picketers said they were objecting not to a lack of sweets but that they weren't consulted about the ban.
"Lack of respect is what it's all about," said Joe Hajkowski, 75, a former labor union official who organized the demonstration. He said officials had implied that seniors were gorging themselves on jelly doughnuts and were too senile to make the choice for themselves.
C. Michael Sibilia said, "I'm 86, not 8."

September 23, 2007

Caption This

Fill in the blank.

Brett Favre ____________________________________.


First Place!

National Health Care Retirement Realities

A very interesting read on National Health Care and Retirees:

Added as a speaker at the Defending the American Dream Summit:


Global Warming excuse of the day: Biofuels

Study: Biofuels May Disperse More Greenhouse Gases Than Oil

Saturday, September 22, 2007

A renewable energy source designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is contributing more to global warming than fossil fuels, a study suggests.

Measurements of emissions from the burning of biofuels derived from rapeseed and maize have been found to produce more greenhouse gas emissions than they save.

Other biofuels, especially those likely to see greater use over the next decade, performed better than fossil fuels but the study raises serious questions about some of the most commonly produced varieties.

Rapeseed and maize biodiesels were calculated to produce up to 70 per cent and 50 per cent more greenhouse gases respectively than fossil fuels. The concerns were raised over the levels of emissions of nitrous oxide, which is 296 times more powerful as a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. Scientists found that the use of biofuels released twice as much as nitrous oxide as previously realised. The research team found that 3 to 5 per cent of the nitrogen in fertiliser was converted and emitted.

Read the whole article.