September 8, 2007

IDS for illegals

Supervisor Ammiano drafting legislation for ID card for illegals

Wyatt Buchanan, Chronicle Staff Writer
Friday, September 7, 2007

San Francisco Supervisor Tom Ammiano is drafting legislation to create a city identification card for immigrants unable to get traditional ID cards, a move likely to anger advocates of tougher immigration enforcement.

The cards would be accepted by all city agencies and organizations that receive city funding. Ammiano plans to introduce the legislation within a couple of weeks. He also is trying to persuade financial institutions to allow residents to use the cards to open accounts.

How about trying something unique and actually enforcing our immigration laws?

Nah, not liberal utopia San Franciso, they know better than the rest of us.

Hot tip: Hey Racine, you might want to stop at the next city council meeting for a little immigration surprise of your own.

September 7, 2007

Caption Contest

Yes, this is in Madistan.

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Packer Poll

Our Annual Packer poll is up, make your vote on how many wins the Packers will get this year.

Also consider this your open thread for Packer Chat.

Meet the Mitsubishi i MiEV Sport.

Is it me or did they just take a VW Bug and Pull a Stretch Armstrong on it?

The reason why...

So Jim Doyle is saying he is going to keep his $2,000 in dirty Hsu cash. Even while Hsu was a fugitive Doyle decided to wait it out and see how things develop.

There is only one reason he is doing so.

His base in the Democratic party of Wisconsin doesn't care.

Doyle will take some heat from conservative bloggers and a newspaper or two, but when it boils down to it, his Democratic base really doesn't care if his money is dirty or not.

Ask yourself this, had JB Van Hollen or Scott Walker had any Hsu cash would our state Dems be as quiet on the subject? (sorry about that coffee shooting out of your nose)

Wisconsin dems play a nice game of outrage but they just do not have it in them to stand up and demand their Governor do the right thing.

So have fun running off to CHINA Governor Doyle, but make sure you throw out one more soundbite about how important it is that we have a budget before you leave the country.

Cardinal's slugger Rick Ankiel a cheater?

Rick Ankiel received 12-month supply of HGH, News learns
Friday, September 7th 2007, 2:36 AM
PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. - St. Louis Cardinals outfielder Rick Ankiel, baseball's feel-good story of the season, received a 12-month supply of human growth hormone in 2004 from a Florida pharmacy that was part of a national illegal prescription drug-distribution operation, the Daily News has learned.
Ankiel, who flamed out mentally and physically as a pitcher earlier this decade, only to return to the majors as a slugging outfielder last month, has evoked comparisons this season to Roy Hobbs and Babe Ruth. He hit two home runs, a double and had seven RBI yesterday against the Pirates at Busch Stadium, giving him nine home runs in 81 at-bats since his remarkable major league comeback began on Aug. 10.
According to records obtained by The News and sources close to the controversy surrounding anti-aging clinics that dispense illegal prescription drugs, Ankiel received eight shipments of HGH from Signature Pharmacy in Orlando from January to December 2004, including the brand-name injectable drugs Saizen and Genotropin. Signature is the pharmacy at the forefront of Albany District Attorney David Soares' two-year investigation into illegal Internet prescription drug sales, which has brought 22 indictments and nine convictions.
Ankiel's prescriptions were signed by Florida physician William Gogan, who provided them through a Palm Beach Gardens clinic called "The Health and Rejuvenation Center," or "THARC." The drugs were shipped to Ankiel at the clinic's address.
THARC also provided a shipment of steroids and growth hormone to former major league pitcher Steve Woodard, who pitched for Milwaukee, Cleveland, Texas and Boston during a seven-year career that ended in 2003, according to records. Woodard and Ankiel were teammates with the Triple-A Memphis Redbirds in 2004.
Ankiel lives in nearby Jupiter, Fla.
His agent, Scott Boras, would not comment yesterday, and Woodard did not return messages left on his cell phone.
"This is the first I've heard of this," Cardinals GM Walt Jocketty told The News yesterday. "If it's true, obviously it would be very tragic, along with everything else we've had happen to us this year."
The surging Cardinals have gone 16-6 in their last 22 games to become a contender for the National League Central title. The year began with manager Tony La Russa's DWI arrest in March, followed by the drunk-driving death of reliever Josh Hancock in April and the loss of ace Chris Carpenter for the season in June. Ankiel, dubbed "The Natural" in St. Louis, had been the one bit of unrestrained good news.
Ankiel, 28, has not been accused by authorities of wrongdoing, and according to the Signature records obtained by The News, he stopped receiving HGH just before Major League Baseball officially banned it in 2005. MLB does not test for HGH, but a player who is known to have used it or even possessed it from the time it was banned can face a 50-game suspension.
Officials in the Albany DA's office did not respond to requests for comment last night.
MLB officials also declined comment, saying they would "look into" the allegations, but weren't sure whether any action could be taken. It is likely, however, that officials will ask to speak to Ankiel and will ask whether he used HGH beyond the time he received the shipments.

Al Gore's private jet.

Seriously, if he cared, wouldn't he fly commercial?

September 6, 2007

11 N.J. officials arrested on corruption

Gee, how do you know they were not Republicans?

Because party affiliation was not mentioned until the 9th paragraph.

The Tonight Show: Fred Thompson running for President

Winning Powerball ticket sold in De Pere

Madison - A ticket sold in De Pere matched the six winning numbers in the Powerball drawing last night with a jackpot of $29.1 million.

According to state officials, the ticket was sold at the De Pere Superstore.

In other news, Jim Doyle and the State Democrats have already spent the tax revenue.

September 5, 2007

Thanks Earl.

Child Inventory

The first few weeks of school can be quite unnerving for students with parent(s) that are apathetic to education. Here's what is happening in many RUSD schools, and probably urban public schools around the country.
  • Parent enrolls student on or after the first day of school. (In Racine, enrollment begins in early March)
  • Student gets placed in classroom at or over capacity and has to sit at table
  • Student gets to know other kids, establish routine, maybe receive his own desk
  • After third Friday student gets displaced to school with low enrollment
Part of the problem is transient parents who are usually running away from some financial obligation by moving every few months. Another is that schools have to accept students up until the third Friday of each school year regardless of their capacity. At that point, numbers level out and students can be shifted around, with taxpayer funded bussing. RUSD schools use the LIFO inventory model so those students who sign up late get booted first. It makes sense, but is sad nonetheless.


The NFL season starts in exactly 27 hours and 36 minutes.

Senator Kennedy Stops Global Warming Solutions!

No Call Warning.

Hey Wisconsin, if you have not renewed your name on the nocall list it will fall off the database to the delight of telemarketers everywhere.

You have to renew every two years and TODAY is the deadline.

Visit the website to sign up:

This has been a public service announcement from the RDW Public Service Department.

FEMA to Let Katrina Victims Move From Trailers Into Hotels

By Spencer S. Hsu
Washington Post Staff WriterWednesday,
September 5, 2007;
Page A08

The Federal Emergency Management Agency announced yesterday that it will allow 60,000 families displaced by Hurricane Katrina and now living in FEMA-provided trailers on the Gulf Coast to move into hotel or motel rooms if they are concerned about formaldehyde gas in their trailers.

The policy shift, made two weeks ago but not widely publicized until now, follows a House committee finding in July that FEMA leaders had suppressed warnings about the presence of high levels of potentially cancer-causing formaldehyde, apparently to avoid legal liability.

The announcement brings full circle FEMA's costly and troubled housing response to the Katrina disaster. The agency hastily ordered $2.7 billion in manufactured housing, mostly through no-bid contracts, only to discover later that FEMA rules prevented the use of a third of the purchases in flood zones, where most victims lived, and that local communities would refuse to host large trailer encampments.



Caption This Computer Nerd

September 4, 2007


Is William Jefferson (D) still in Congress?

The Cause du Jour

Hydro-electric power causes global warming... Yes, dams.

Accounting Tricks.

AquaCity Resort sponsors world's first carbon neutral rally

29 August 2007

The world's first ‘carbon neutral' rally takes place this weekend, 31st August - 1st September, sponsored by British owned AquaCity Resort, Slovakia, Europe's number one environmentally friendly holiday destination.To enable the sport to return to mountains of northern Slovakia, AquaCity resort has notionally donated its carbon saving surplus to the event to offset the carbon emissions from the event, the penultimate round of the Slovak Rally Championship.It is the first time for 7 years that the sport has been allowed to take place in the protected mountainous region of the High Tatras, AquaCity’s involvement lending its green credentials to enable the event to go ahead.

Besides my complete admiration of the correct use of one of my favorite words (penultimate), this is what we have in the environmental movement today.

Enviro-friendly resort gives up carbon credits to have a carbon neutral race...

If you were really environmentally friendly wouldn't you just be happy about your enviro-friendly resort? Nope.

You take carbon negative here and apply it to polluting race there and bingo you are neutral! (I'm sure your resort is full for the weekend too)

You get to celebrate your environmental awareness and champion the environment!

Tell me, if you were really that concerned about the environment why not give up the race? Would that not lower the carbon footprint, and is not that the whole idea?

This whole carbon credit scam is nothing but a perceived accounting trick. Debit here credit there and feel better about yourself while getting some good free PR. (don't forget your tangerine margarita)

Just wait, soon we will have a carbon credit auditing service.

PBCG: The St. Francis connection.

If you have not yet seen it, please go and read this account about PBCG and how they screwed over the school system in St. Francis.

A brave former school board member, Kyle Duerstein has come forth with details of the history of how PBCG chronically mismanaged their contracted responsibilities in St. Francis including how a PBCG employee accessed child pornography on school computers.

Kyle is passionate and is dishing the inside dirt. Check this out: Alioto will probably sue me for saying this because of the gag order the St. Francis School Board agreed to in the settlement, but I'm sick of Alioto taking advantage of ignorant school officials and the innocent students in school districts across the state. It's my duty as a former elected official and decent human being to look out for the well- being of students across the state that are getting less of an education because PBCG is sucking ever-precious dollars out of school district coffers and into their own bank accounts.

Read the whole thing.


Owen does the math.

Via Boots and Sanders.

Edwards said his plan would cost up to $120 billion a year, Really? Healthy Wisconsin, the government-run health care program proposed by the Democrats, is projected to cost $15.2 billion per year. Wisconsin’s population is about 5.5 million people. At $15.2 billion, Healthy Wisconsin comes out to $2763.64 per person. The U.S. has a population of about 300 million people. At $120 billion, Edwards’ plan comes out to about $400 per person. What gives?

Edwards plan also covers vision, dental, mental health and long term care (nursing homes).

He must have a FABULOUS insurance agent. Seriously though John Edwards may want to consider suing all of his former math teachers as other than being able to calculate 1/3 of everything his math skills are not so good.

What $6.6 million of tax dollars buys in Seattle: A Crack House.

Were high-tech toilets worth $6.6 million?

By Linda Shen

Seattle Times staff reporter

They were meant to be an oasis of cleanliness and decency. Five gleaming, cylindrical public restrooms.

With automatic doors, toilet seats that retract for high-pressure cleanings, and a high-tech system to scrub down the floors, the $6.6 million toilet project was deemed a humane, if pricey, investment -- for tourists, and especially for the city's homeless.

On Seattle streets since 2004, each toilet is now used an average 332 times a day, down substantially from previous years, according to records kept by the maintenance company, Northwest Cascade. But with regular use comes misuse. Prostitution and drug-dealing were predicted and, it seems, are taking place in the restrooms.

"The revolving crack house" is what Luigi Gephart calls the public toilet in Occidental Park. Gephart, who is homeless, uses it but advises tourists to stay away. "These are the worst bathrooms you can go to," he said.

Next spring, Seattle officials will get their first chance to decide whether to stick with the public toilets or pay to opt out before the 10-year contract expires. Once again, they'll weigh the costs, use, crime and whether these toilets, though imperfect, are an accommodation the city needs to provide.

The rest: Only government thinking could lead one to the conclusion that this was a good idea.

September 3, 2007

MRQ... the Our Labor Negotiations Don't Include Holidays Edition

I throw like a girl! Kate

I smell Emmy.... Christian

Wake Me When the Dems Admit They've Lost. Kevin

“The mistress is between the Mister and the Mattress” serr8d

Maybe some day I’ll make a different choice, if my government will still let me. Owen

And may God help all those switch hitter's out there with a wide stance-right, Mr. Jones? Jib

Holy Nanny State Batman! Keith

Cooler? No. Geekier? Sure. Elliot

"The were no James Wigderson sightings reported in the story." Courtesy of Huckleberry Dumbell, Ace Reporter

That pesky economy
It just won’t go into recession. Dean

Imagine the Packers with green pants at home. They’d look like cucumbers. Peter

He has only announced that he will announce. Triticale.

I have a confession. I have used airport bathrooms. I have put my bag in front of the door. And if the Muzak was the Bee Gees or something, I might have even tapped my feet. Wiggy.

BREWERSSDFJWEH CUBSWERW CAPUANOTEADAGDA BASESLOADEDRFETREWTERERG 9thInninignensnv;kghjs;fjh;rjg AGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dan.

His teammate is apparently a future Senator from Idaho. Jib.

What a bunch of weenies. Peter

A cute lawyer with a lakehouse and a sports car. Phelony.

I have to go light some Kittens on fire Chris.

"If there were an Olympic event in "Not-Getting-It," you would win the gold medal.... Sykes.

It's a non-tactile smudgefest. Caledonication


Nothing to see here. Move it along, move it along... Sill Unreal.

How do you cook an animal that can survive in 700 degree water? Aaron.

Brought = to you by Time Warner Cable and Cisco=2E. Scott.

Excuse me for not being impressed. Ol' Broad.

I think he's blowing air up my skirt. Phoenix.

How about fixing your equipment so your product isn't so runny? RAG.

Stick shifts and Safety Belts. Owen.

Ahh, sweet conspiracy, the last refuge of the moronic troglodyte. Plebian.

I believe he insults our intellect, though I can't be sure: Dr. Blogstein.

Talk about your Labor Day...

Sextuplets born in St. Petersburg, Fla.

Associated Press Writer
Sun Sep 2, 4:05 PM ET

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - It was a Labor Day weekend for the record books at a Florida hospital, where a woman gave birth to the state's first set of sextuplets.

The five boys and one girl, weighing between 2 and 3 pounds each, were born Saturday night to Karoline Byler, 29, of Wesley Chapel.

Brewer Brooms

September 2, 2007

MRQ Winners.

Congratulations to this week's MRQ of the Week winner, Peter.

My lawn has been declared a wetland and is now protected ... I'm not allowed to mow it.

In addition, Wiggy has won the coveted MRQ of the month for August.

Chuck Norris doesn't cross the road, he just picks up the lanes and sets them down on the other side.

Wiggy will join Grumps in the running for the prestigious MRQ of the year!

Tune in tomomorrow for another fun filled edition of Monday Random Quotes.

Appalachian State Miracle

Hmmmm.... This would be a good thing for Wisconsin right?

09-01 Brewers Celebrate

Expanded rosters sure make for a bunch of Brewers!