August 11, 2007

Animal Rights...

The Deion Sanders on Michael Con-Vick thread has developed an odd collection of comments, this one caught my eye. "some of you think that animals deserve the same rights"

In the wake of that comment, read the following article.

Violent radicals aim to kill Jules Stein Eye Institute researchers who test on animals
Wednesday, August 8, 2007 - 6:00 pm

THE HOME OF DR. ARTHUR ROSENBAUM isn’t hard to find. He lives a few blocks south of Sunset Boulevard, near the UCLA campus, in a white two-story house with a front yard jammed with aspen trees. There is a short driveway on the side of the home, and during the evening, a bright, white light illuminates the carport. If someone wants to sabotage the doctor’s car under the cover of night, a flashlight isn’t needed.

On Sunday, June 24, just that kind of person struck. Rosenbaum, a highly regarded pediatric ophthalmologist who had been regularly harassed by animal-rights activists for his research work with cats and rhesus monkeys at the Jules Stein Eye Institute at UCLA, noticed a device underneath his luxury sedan. The bomb squad was dispatched to the scene and hauled away a makeshift — but deadly — explosive. A faulty fuse was the only reason it didn’t go off.

Three days later, the so-called Animal Liberation Brigade sent a typo-riddled “communiqué” to the North American Animal Liberation Press Office in Los Angeles. It was posted on the NAALPO Web site:“130am on the twenty forth of june: 1 gallon of fuel was placed and set a light under the right front corner of Arthur Rosenbaums large white shiney BMW.“He and his wife ..., living at ... in la, are the target of rebellion for the vile and evil things he does to primates at UCLA. We have seen by our own eyes the torture on fully concious primates in his lab. We have heard their whimpers and screeches of pain. Seeing this drove one of us to rush out and vomit. We have seen hell and its in Rosenbaums lab.

Read the rest if you dare, it gets worse. Clearly some people out there wish to bomb persons for doing medical research...

Fill in the blank.

Ryan Braun _______________________________________.

Here we go again.

Happy Packer pre-season kick off folks.

What to watch, the Packer game or Brewer game? Picture in picture baby!

Thought of the week.

I’m not bald, heavy thinking burned my hair off.

Bonus: Eat well, stay fit, die anyway.

August 10, 2007

Congressional Pork

The Club for Growth has been tracking this Congress and the opportunities for our Congresscritters to vote for or against pork spending.

How did the Wisconsin delegation fair?

A high number represents voting against pork spending, a low number represents voting for pork spending.

Ryan, P. (R-WI-1) 100% 50 / 50

Sensenbrenner (R-WI-5) 100% 50 / 50

Petri (R-WI-6) 94% 47 / 50

Kind (D-WI-3) 2% 1 / 50
Moore, G. (D-WI) 2% 1 / 49

Baldwin (D-WI-2) 0% 0 / 50

Kagen (D-WI-8) 0% 0 / 49

Obey (D-WI-7) 0% 0 / 48

Obey did get a special mention for not voting for his own amendment to strike all earmarks in the Labor-HHS appropriations bill.

I do not recall a single one of these Democrats running on a platform of voting for every piece of pork spending that came before them. I would like them to justify their vote for the National Mule and Packers Museum in California and how exactly that is the best interest of Wisconsin taxpayers.

If the Republicans do not make taxes and spending their number 1 issue in '08 they do not deserve to win.

Caption This.

A picture tells...

So did anyone watch last nights debate?

I wonder if Elizabeth Edwards apologized for John not being gay?

I ordered my Smart Car.

So how does this bring jobs to Milwaukee?????

Four Winds Casino Resort Announces Grand Opening

Thursday August 2, 8:00 am ET

Delivers a Gaming Experience Unlike Any Other Currently Found in Chicagoland, Indiana or Michigan

NEW BUFFALO, MI--(MARKET WIRE)--Aug 2, 2007 -- The Pokagon Band of Potawatomi Indians is pleased to announce the grand opening of its Four Winds Casino Resort, which sets a new standard for gaming in the Midwest. Paying homage to the heritage of the Pokagon Band, the Four Winds Casino Resort is situated on a beautiful landscape off of I-94 at Michigan Exit 1 in New Buffalo, Mich. and offers 130,000 square feet of gaming space including 3,000 slot machines and 100 table games. It also features a 165-room suite-hotel, six restaurants, entertainment bars and retail shops. The doors will open to the public at noon on August 2nd.

So while the Potawatomi is spending who knows how much in advertising complaining about an out of state tribe having a small stake in a Wisconsin casino. The Potawatomi are opening a casino/hotel in Michigan. I'm sure no Wisconsin money went to that project and none of those profits will find their way here...

The Dingell plan...



Powerful U.S. Rep. John Dingell revealed Tuesday new details of his plan to cut global warming, including adding a 50-cents-a-gallon tax on gasoline and ending the mortgage tax deduction on what he called "McMansions," homes larger than 3,000 square feet.

Dingell, the auto industry's staunchest defender in Washington, D.C., but a legislator who also has a strong environmental record, is faced with what he called the most difficult battle of his career, trying to persuade the country to accept fixes for greenhouse gases that will be unpopular and painful to people's wallets.

As chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, Dingell, a Dearborn Democrat, will be one of the handful of people who will attempt to guide Congress as it grapples with climate-change bills over the next couple of years. His committee will handle all global-warming legislation.

Dingell said at a town hall meeting in Ann Arbor that he plans to propose a multi-pronged bill Sept. 1 when Congress reconvenes. He will ask for an economy-wide tax of about $100 per ton of carbon dioxide emissions, as well as the gas tax.

Dingell's mention of "McMansions" and his call to take away the mortgage interest deduction for large homes, which use more energy than smaller ones, drew applause and a few cheers.

There is no end to these taxes. Welcome to socialist America.

August 9, 2007

A debate a day keeps the voter away.

It has been two whole days since the last Democratic Presidential debate, let's have one tonight, but only on gay issues....

I propose we have a new debate every other day and on one specific issue. We've done bash Bush and big labor to death, considering that I suggest the following schedule for the remainder of August.

I propose Saturday's debate be on pork spending.

Monday will cover technology issues.

Wednesday will be on our crumbling infrastructure.

Next Friday will be the children's issue debate (Barney will be the moderator).

Sunday will be a special candidate's battle royal debate where the candidates can ask each other questions... (Hey Barack, guess what? Last year Hillary suggested we take the nuclear option off the table as well, you can really nail her on that one! NEW YORK (AP) - Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton, who chastised rival Barack Obama for ruling out the use of nuclear weapons in the war on terror, did just that when asked about Iran a year ago. "I would certainly take nuclear weapons off the table," she said in April 2006.)

On Tuesday the 21st I would suggest a global warming debate with Al Gore as moderator to ensure questions are fair to all. (Hey Al, just an FYI, they revised that whole string of hottest years on record thingie, it seems it is not as hot as you have been telling us it is. The 1930's though.. whew it was hot back then.)

On the following Thursday Dick Durbin will lead a Q&A on how the surge is working in Iraq.

Saturday evening the 25th of August will be a special sexual harassment debate. Rumor has it Hillary is taking the night off the campaign trail to spend some time with her devoted and loyal..... cat.

Coming into the end of August the Monday debate will be a special promises debate. The candidates will slug it out to see who can promise the most tax increases on the rich.

Wednesday will be the NAACP forum. Elizabeth Edwards will offer apologies for John not being black enough.

To round out the month Fox News will host a news of the minute round table. Dennis Kucinich & Joe Biden will be the only candidates who participate until it is learned that Ann Coulter will be the moderator, then Bill Clinton substitutes for Hillary at the last minute.

Guess the number game


UPDATE: 12,100,000. The resulting number of web pages of a google search. Cause of global warming. (FYI Yahoo returned 16,200,000)

Smart with Hayabusa engine

On the other hand I could see one of these...

Smart crash test

There have been a number of thoughts about crashing in a Smart...

For your review Smart vs concrete.

Seen in Racine.

They're coming...

Don't litter.

Burglars Tracked By Trail Of Candy Wrappers.

AP) PASADENA, Md. Doctors often warn of the health risks of eating junk food, but it seems the treats can be a problem for burglars, too.Four teenagers broke into a gas station early Wednesday and left a trail of candy bar wrappers along the road as they left, said Cpl. Mark Shawkey, a spokesman for the Anne Arundel County Police Department. A police dog located the teens a quarter-mile away."Never heard of a K-9 having that extra help in completing a track," Shawkey said.Three boys and a girl, ages 15 and 16, were charged with burglary and theft. They were not named because of their ages.Shawkey said the teens stole candy, chips and cigars from the BP station. Most of the junk food was found scattered around the road where they were apprehended.

Don't these kids know that smoking is bad for them?

Toooooooo late.

This headline in the Milwaukee Gerbil this morning:

Senate Democrats back 4% cap on tuition.

Last week the UW Raised tuition 5.5%, just because they could.

Hey Chocoholics!

Godiva is for sale...........

Mmmmmmmmmmmmm chocolate.

August 8, 2007

I'm curious.

When does Sean Hannity host the Republican debate so he can throw softballs at the candidates?

These "debates" have been a joke.

There are waaaaaaaaaay too many of them.

The questions, ridiculous. The next question to a democrat about abortion will be the first I think.

Move along, nothing to see here....

Newsweek lies to promote its agenda... this is media bias folks.

Posted By Marc Morano

Newsweek's Climate Editorial Screed Violates Basic Standards of Journalism

Newsweek Magazine’s cover story of August 13, 2007 entitled, “The Truth About Denial” contains very little that could actually be considered balanced, objective or fair by journalistic standards. (LINK)

The one-sided editorial, masquerading as a “news article,” was written by Sharon Begley with Eve Conant, Sam Stein and Eleanor Clift and Matthew Philips and purports to examine the “well-coordinated, well-funded campaign by contrarian scientists, free-market think tanks and industry has created a paralyzing fog of doubt around climate change.”

The only problem is -- Newsweek knew better. Reporter Eve Conant, who interviewed Senator James Inhofe (R-Okla.), the Ranking Member of the Environment & Public Works Committee, was given all the latest data proving conclusively that it is the proponents of man-made global warming fears that enjoy a monumental funding advantage over the skeptics. (A whopping $50 BILLION to a paltry $19 MILLION for skeptics – Yes, that is BILLION to MILLION - see below )

... Newsweek reporter Eve Conant was given the documentation showing that proponents of man-made global warming have been funded to the tune of $50 BILLION in the last decade or so, while skeptics have received a paltry $19 MILLION by comparison.

Paleoclimate scientist Bob Carter, who has testified before the Senate EPW committee, explains how much money has been spent researching and promoting climate fears.

“In one of the more expensive ironies of history, the expenditure of more than $US50 billion on research into global warming since 1990 has failed to demonstrate any human-caused climate trend, let alone a dangerous one.” (LINK )


Today's cause of global warming... take your pick.


Walking does more than driving to cause global warming, a leading environmentalist has calculated.
Food production is now so energy-intensive that more carbon is emitted providing a person with enough calories to walk to the shops than a car would emit over the same distance. The climate could benefit if people avoided exercise, ate less and became couch potatoes. Provided, of course, they remembered to switch off the TV rather than leaving it on standby.The sums were done by Chris Goodall, campaigning author of How to Live a Low-Carbon Life, based on the greenhouse gases created by intensive beef production. “Driving a typical UK car for 3 miles [4.8km] adds about 0.9 kg [2lb] of CO2 to the atmosphere,” he said, a calculation based on the Government’s official fuel emission figures. “If you walked instead, it would use about 180 calories. You’d need about 100g of beef to replace those calories, resulting in 3.6kg of emissions, or four times as much as driving.“The troubling fact is that taking a lot of exercise and then eating a bit more food is not good for the global atmosphere. Eating less and driving to save energy would be better.”


I heard one of these pundits on the radio this morning and they gave the "we only have ten years left to do something...." bit.

Did you ever notice the ten years never moves? Last year we only had ten years, this year we have ten years, next year we'll have ten years. My guess is in ten years we'll only have ten years. Most likely in ten years times ten years we'll have ten years, and it will be global cooling by then.

However, this one is my all-time favorite... Cleaner Air causes global warming.

Our planet's air has cleared up in the past decade or two, allowing more sunshine to reach the ground, say two studies in Science this week. Reductions in industrial emissions in many countries, along with the use of particulate filters for car exhausts and smoke stacks, seem to have reduced the amount of dirt in the atmosphere and made the sky more transparent. That sounds like very good news. But the researchers say that more solar energy arriving on the ground will also make the surface warmer, and this may add to the problems of global warming. More sunlight will also have knock-on effects on cloud cover, winds, rainfall and air temperature that are difficult to predict.

Ok, so walking in cleaner air cause global warming... I thought we were supposed to get out in the clean air and walk. But that would cause us to live longer so everything can melt so we'll all drown if we can't make it to higher ground?

What's next? Global warming causes global warming? Global cooling caused by global warming.

Here is my favorite of the day, Did global warming help Barry Bonds hit # 756*? It very well may be that global warming has helped topple Hank Arron’s home run mark of 755 to fall. Since the average ballgame is played in temperatures on average 2 degrees higher than games played 10 years ago which in turn means the ball is 2 degrees hotter thereby increasing the size of the ball ever so slightly and making it easier to hit.

Lookie here they even have fancy math to back this up! I don't know that math looks pretty scientific.

Today's cause of and or reaction to global warming? Take your pick.

Tomorrow they'll dream up something new.

August 7, 2007

Good luck Sean.

Sean has apparently moved to DC and joined the Fred Thompson web team.

This went down quickly, we did not even have time to throw Sean a proper Drinking Right going away bash.

Best of luck in DC Sean!

State Fair

Mrs RDW & I had a great day at the state fair yesterday. Unfortunately the official RDW digital camera decided to die an unexpected death so I was not able to snap any pictures.

Mercy Me & Tree 63 were AWESOME!

Going through the exhibit hall I noticed some stark differences in the political displays.

The message of the Democratic party booth was obvious. IMPEACH BUSH. It seemed to be all they wanted to accomplish. The booth was absolutely dead. (these people are truly clueless)

The Republican party booth was organized and busy promoting all of their presidential candidates and pushing petitions to fight the tobacco tax and the state Dems health care takeover.

There was a union booth pushing the evils on Wal-Mart, they were was not only no one paying them any attention, they were bored beyond belief..

The libertarian party booth was absolutely packed, they were pushing their usual cutesy sayings and anti-government everything message. Literally people were packed in around it. Nick, was nowhere in sight.

I’m not sure what that means, but it was worthy of noting.


H/T Sykes.

"THE WEEKLY STANDARD has learned from a military source close to the investigation that Pvt. Scott Thomas Beauchamp--author of the much-disputed "Shock Troops" article in the New Republic's July 23 issue as well as two previous "Baghdad Diarist" columns--signed a sworn statement admitting that all three articles he published in the New Republic were exaggerations and falsehoods--fabrications containing only "a smidgen of truth," in the words of our source.
Separately, we received this statement from Major Steven F. Lamb, the deputy Public Affairs Officer for Multi National Division-Baghdad:

An investigation has been completed and the allegations made by PVT Beauchamp were found to be false. His platoon and company were interviewed and no one could substantiate the claims.

According to the military source, Beauchamp's recantation was volunteered on the first day of the military's investigation. So as Beauchamp was in Iraq signing an affidavit denying the truth of his stories, the New Republic was publishing a statement from him on its website on July 26, in which Beauchamp said, "I'm willing to stand by the entirety of my articles for the New Republic using my real name."

I'm not at all surprised. Another liberal rag publishing lies to further their agenda.

Wisconsin Taxpayers Tailgate

RDW live...

August 6, 2007

It's MRQ! (baby!)

I can help with number three: it means you’re liberal but are trying to pull one over on the American public. Sean

Like any cancer, Madison is growing very quickly. Elliot

I'm beginning to like this. James

Bananas can bite me.

Here’s all you need to know:
1. You give the state your money.

2. Go to 1.
Huck Dumbell

This, too, shall pass. Peter

Of late I've been thinking that liberals are actually proof that evolution can go in reverse. Rose Indigo.

I don't want to hear Charlie Sykes or Mark Belling sing!! Capper

"I'll take the rapists for $500 Alex" Deb.

You can't expect to pay for a Kia and get a Bentley. Gordie Howe.

When Michael Moore goes to the zoo, the elephants throw him peanuts. Peter.

Who are the guys in the tight white pants? Wendy.

Actually, 'nasty, vicious, mindless creatures' pretty much describes Congress. Plebian.

Apparently, these guys in the fancy trucks can’t afford to pay fifty cents for a pair of baby shoes. Aaron.

Cleavage: All time low. Wiggy.

Am I the only person older than 18 who is eagerly awaiting the Disney Channel debut of High School Musical 2? The Masked Blogger. (Yes, you are)

Dude, it has a rocketbelt! Grumps.

Listen here, Petunia. Phelony.

I wonder what sort of principles Belling employs when hanging out at Victors and ogling the young girls. Tim Rock

Jackie Mason Vlog

749,000 people in limbo.

From the Journal Sentinel today.

Disabled by an enlarged heart and unable to work, welder David Olson, 54,
waited almost two years to be approved for Social Security disability payments.
In July, he was found dead in his recliner at his Montana home.

His sister, Nancy Olson, 53, of Milwaukee, fears help might come too late
for her, as well. She is on continuous oxygen because of a rare lung disease
caused by inhaling microscopic spores of a fungus.

Olson is part of a nationwide backlog of more than 749,000 seriously ill
people who say they are unable to work and are awaiting a decision on disability
payments. She's been waiting almost two years.

Yeah, this is the bunch I want in charge of my health care... What is it about you libs that you refuse to acknowledge how badly our government does so many things? It matters not who is in charge, the bureaucracy is so big it impedes itself.

August 5, 2007

Budget question.

How many proposed government programs can you name that have come in at spending projections?

The reason I ask should be obvious. Democrats everywhere are telling us their proposed health care plan costs about a billion dollars less than we are currently spending on health care. Some deranged individuals are even making the argument that means it is not a tax increase.

First, when the government proposes taxing you to do something for you they are not doing now, it is a tax increase. If it costs less it may be a net reduction in cost but when you pay a new tax you did not pay before, it is a tax increase no matter who is in charge.

Now this plan costs ALMOST what it does in the private sector, if, and that is a BIG two letter word, if this thing comes in on budget. I have no faith in government to be able to do that. If this thing comes in 10% over projected cost the "savings" are gone.

Take the little KRM Rail line proposal as an example. It needs "only" an 83% subsidy if they meet their ridership projections. The proposed 650% increase in rental car taxes is supposed to cover that expense. To meet that ridership projection an average of 320 people will have to ride each of the 84 trains weekly. This ridership is roughly 3 times that of the popular, existing Hiawatha service.

In short, when you do the math there is no way they will meet these ridership projections meaning they will be coming back to the taxpayers for more money to fund their rail line. The Regional Transit authority know this of course, but they will never admit it in public. You see once we have the train, they will find new ways to fund the operating losses.

So it goes in government.

I have zero faith that the proposed Healthy Wisconsin plan will actually cost the proposed $15.2 billion price tag. Why should I?

Seriously, give me a reason to believe, based on prior experience, when government runs anything of this magnitude.

A point no one seems to want to make.

Hillary is making fun of Candidate Obama for being an amateur on foreign policy. Among other recent goofs he made it clear he would take the nuclear option off the table in the middle east. Hillary seems to be of the opinion you do not prematurely tip your hat telling the other side what you are going to do in advance.

She's right of course, and Obama is a rank amateur.

However, is that not exactly what she is pushing for in demanding a withdrawal of our troops from Iraq by X date?

So which is it Hillary?

Are you an amateur too, or just an opportunist?

MRQ Winners

Congratulations to our MRQ of the week winner, Wiggy.

Chuck Norris doesn't cross the road, he just picks up the lanes and sets them down on the other side.

In addition, Grumps wins the MRQ of the month for July. Grumps will be competing for the prestigious MRQ of the year award.

It is called a “weed” because the other four-letter words were taken.

A Time For Choosing

Thought of the week.

Diplomacy is the art of letting someone else get your way.