August 4, 2007

Hey Democrats & Republicans

In the state of Wisconsin we are looking at a $17 billion + tax increase from the Democratic party.

Seriously, tell me if there are any of those taxes you do not favor?

UPDATE: I was asked to provide a list of the proposed increases, here is a partial list:

• Property tax increase - $1.2 BILLION
• Cigarette tax increase - $550 million
• Tax on other tobacco products - $39 million
• "Oil company" tax (gas tax increase) - $272 million
• Tax on homes, doubling of the real estate transfer fee (sales tax) - $141 million
• “Sick tax” through a new tax on health care providers - $418 million
• $52 per month increase in the nursing home bed tax - $33 million
• Garbage tipping fee increase - $42 million
• Tax-filing fee on businesses that file their taxes manually - $5.5 million
• E-Greeting Card and iPod tax - $6.3 million
• Payroll tax funded health care program - $15.2 BILLION
• Combined reporting tax on businesses - $130 million
• Tax increase on investment companies and real estate investment trusts - $3 million
• Eliminate the tax exemption for ATM machines - $2 million
• Extend monthly cell phone tax – Unknown fiscal impact
• Tax of $15 on rental cars in Southeast Wisconsin (an increase above and beyond the Governor’s proposal) - Unknown fiscal impact.
• Various Fee increases for license renewal, etc.

I initially asked Democrats if there were any of these taxes they opposed, only one Democrat has come forward to answer my question, my thanks to Sandy.

I'll ask again in two ways.

Democrats, are there any of these proposed tax increases you oppose?

Republicans, are there any of these proposed tax increases you favor?

Brewer Game.

Last night Mrs RDW & I attended the AFP Brewers outing. Truly a class event, and a good time was had by all.

Our favorite, The All American Jazz Orchestra from Papa's Social Club (the home of Drinking Right) was there blasting out the classics making conversation lively and loud!

The Cheddarsphere was well represented with Kathy Carpenter, Deb Jordahl, James Wigderson, Owen & Wendy Robinson (with three little Robinsons), Steve Egg and Still Unreal(with the lovely Holly) in attendance. I also ran into Burlington GOP Phenom Taylor Wishau and RDW Field Surveillance Agent #2, BBG.

Best of all, the Brewers won 2-1. This was my fourth game this year and they are 4-0 in those games. Being an obvious statistician, all I need to do is follow the club around and attend every game and we'll be assured of winning the Central Division. I hate to clue Ben Sheets in, but Yovani Gallardo is becoming the ace of the pitching staff. Gallardo was brilliant last night, what a joy to see him pitch.

August 3, 2007

Hey all you great Americans...

How quickly can you name all 50 states? I am geography nerd who retains all things topographical. I did it in 2 minutes 10 seconds.

Take the quiz at

Post your times here!


A government which robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul. George Bernard Shaw

Foreign aid might be defined as a transfer of money from poor people in rich countries to rich people in poor countries. - Douglas Casey, Classmate of Bill Clinton at Georgetown University

August 2, 2007

Toy Recall II

The toy recall reminds me of the classic SNL skit with Dan Akroyd selling the kids toy, A bag 'o glass.

We have with us tonight, Mr. Irwin Mainway, President of Mainway Toys. Uh, Mr. Mainway, your company manufactures the following so-called harmless playthings: Pretty Peggy Ear-Piercing Set, Mr. Skin-Grafter, General Tron's Secret Police Confession Kit, and Doggie Dentist. And what about this innocent rubber doll, which you market under the name Johnny Switchblade? [ holds up doll ] Press his head, and two sharp knives spring from his arms. [ demonstrates ] Mr. Mainway, I'm afraid this is, by no means, a very safe toy.

Irwin Mainway: Okay, Miss, I wanna correct you, alright. The full name of this product, as it appears in stores all over the county, is Johnny Switchblade: Adventure Punk. I mean, nothing goes wrong.. little girls buy 'em, you know, they play games, they make up stories, nobody gets hurt. I mean, so Barbie takes a knife once in a while, or Ken gets cut. You know, there's no harm in that. I mean, as far as I can see, you know?

Consumer Reporter: Alright. Fine. Fine. Well, we'd like to show you another one of Mr. Mainway's products. It retails for $1.98, and it's called Bag O' Glass. [ holds up bag of glass ] Mr. Mainway, this is simply a bag of jagged, dangerous, glass bits.

Irwin Mainway: Yeah, right, it's you know, it's glass, it's broken glass, you know? It sells very well, as a matter of fact, you know? It's just broken glass, you know?

Plebian, one of my favorite bloggers, has some suggestions of his own for recall including, Shave me Elmo and Sparky the Swimming Shark! Check it out.

A new record?

Gee, how long did it take for the nutroots to blame President Bush for the tragedy in Minneapolis?

4 minutes.

Here is a poll for you...

In a recent NFIB survey of our members, 70 percent of our state's small-business owners are opposed to any statewide health insurance reform proposal that relies on an assessment on payroll for funding.

Business owners argue a payroll tax is a regressive tax on jobs and will hurt the self-employed, small family-owned businesses, sole proprietors, and thousands of firms operating on a small profit margin. In other words, it is a guarantee that Wisconsin will never be home to the next Microsoft, or any other innovative entrepreneur.

In June, the NFIB Research Foundation released the results of a comprehensive study, Small Business Owners on Health Care Policy, and more than 55 percent of the employers that responded feel that health care should be offered voluntarily, and 23 percent suggest that it's the individual's responsibility.

Go ahead read the whole article....

Fisher-Price Toy Recall List.

Gee if you can not trust Fisher-Price, who can you trust?

Due to lead paint issues 83 types of toys are being recalled.

You can find the entire list here.

We are talking Elmo & Big Bird here folks, how can these things be made with lead paint? Is anything from China safe?

There is a recall hotline if you have any questions, 1-800-916-4498

Minneapolis Bridge Collapse

Really I have no idea what to say...

It is an horrific thing, but I think it could have been much, much worse considering the time of day, etc.

All prayers and well wishes to the families of those lost and hurt in this tragedy.

August 1, 2007

Sir Elton would like the internet shut down...

5 years will do, you see with the internet you might create your own records and not buy them from him...

I kid you not.

Remember this the next time Elton is pontificating for this and that.

A message to all of you know better than anyone else entertainers out there, SHUT UP AND SING.


"If you don't read the newspaper you are uninformed, if you do read the newspaper you are misinformed." Mark Twain

Suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of Congress....But then I repeat myself. Mark Twain

Rickie Weeks to Nashville.

It is about time...

Nice game last night, 4-2 in 13 innings, Geoff Jenkins with with the two-run walk off heroics.

July 31, 2007

I wish I had said that...

If you think health care is expensive now, wait until you see what it costs when it's free! P.J. O'Rourke

A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have. Thomas Jefferson

Inmate sues to stay in Gitmo...

Yes you read that right. Ahmed Belbacha is suing to stay at Guantanamo instead being shipped somewhere were he would be tortured and killed.

Guantanamo cell is better than freedom, says inmate fighting against release

An inmate of Guantanamo Bay who spends 22 hours each day in an isolation cell is fighting for the right to stay in the notorious internment camp.

Ahmed Belbacha fears that he will be tortured or killed if the United States goes ahead with plans to return him to his native Algeria.

The Times has learnt that Mr Belbacha, who lived in Britain for three years, has filed an emergency motion at the US Court of Appeals in Washington DC asking for his transfer out of Guantanamo to be halted. He was cleared for release from Camp Delta in February and his lawyers believe that his return to Algerian custody is imminent.

Mr Belbacha says that if he returns to Algeria, he faces the threat of torture by security services and murder by Islamist terrorists.

The rest.

July 30, 2007


less sexual and more moon-y. Phoenix.

Chicks really dig this sort of stuff.. Tom.

A piece of drift wood for the drowning man to cling to. Chris.

Check out the lady in the red top. Elliot.

:D Scott.

Nah... I'm not just interested in the fashion. But it provides a convenient excuse. ;) Nick.

Did you play that? Mac.

That’s a mouth full! James T.

It's probably just 25 or more coincidences, right? Grumps.

Your hip sockets will thank you. Jones.

It was a gas. AB.

It won’t satisfy the anti-chemical zealots who prefer avian condoms. Sean.

“Mo’ money, mo’ money, mo’ money.” Peter.

I really like that weird smell that my dogs paws smell like. Dan.

He will be sleeping on the couch tonight. Kathy.

Tell me again why this is a bad idea? Still Unreal.

Now, sit on your porch, sip your tangerine margarita and contemplate your carbon footprint. Fred.

I have a quick solution…don’t send her to this stupid meeting Bill.

Team Trousermouse. Steve.

I need help! Ally.

I prefer my meaty boys LMS.

I always thought it was the complimentary nachos. Tony.

“cleavage,” Owen.

Felony Butt Slapping. Ala. (Not to be confused with Phelony butt slapping)

Chuck Norris doesn't cross the road, he just picks up the lanes and sets them down on the other side. James

Shooting Michael Moore

This can not come to a theatre near me fast enough.

Why did Chuck Norris cross the road?

Well, why did he?

Coach, Wrong Ball

I wonder if the Packers can put this into the play book?

MRQ of the week.

Congratulations to this weeks MRQ of the week award winner, me.

Sorry folks, this is not rigged, I have multiple people nominating and I post the nominees without names so the quotes get judged fairly.

Hey, room service can you please send up a Bald Eagle sammich, thanks.

Socialized medicine again.

So in Britan they are telling a 108 year old woman she needs to wait 18 months to get a hearing aid.

In case you missed it, you have to read this article written by a doctor and former fan of socialized medicine.

H/T Caledonia Unplugged.

It should not be let to pass that Wisconsin Democrats seem to think the only way to improve on what is considered the best health care in the country is to let them take charge...

23 days, $60 million.

Paris Hilton's jail term just cost her a bit more than 23 days behind bars.

Apparently Grandpa Barron Hilton is so disgusted by her behavior he is pulling her $60 million inheritance.

And not only hers, but the rest of the Hilton clan's as well. How would you like to be Paris at the family reunion?

What's the point?

What's the point of the Journal Sentinel allowing comments on their blogs if valid comments that get made have to get approval of the author before they are posted?

I made a point on Eugene's post against deer hunting. In that post I pointed out how much deer meat makes it way to area food pantries that feed the poor.

It was a valid point, one worthy of discussion.

Except in Kane's world apparently.

July 29, 2007


I was in Peoria over the weekend visiting Cyber Dad.

He was kind enough to loan me his Kroger Frequent Shopper Card which netted me a 20 cent discount on gas, lowering the price per gallon to $2.63.

You see, Kroger is allowed to offer a reward to frequent shoppers in the form of a fuel discount.

This practice would be illegal in Wisconsin due to our ridiculous and outdated minimum markup law. Instead of getting rid of this stupid law, our Governor is pushing an excess profits tax on oil companies that his administration freely admits that they have no way of knowing that this new tax will not be passed onto consumers.

Take in mind government makes much more money in taxes on gas than oil companies do in profits.

Yet somehow Jim Doyle feels that the way to lower fuel prices is to tax oil companies. Oh, and absolutely every Democrat in the Senate & Assembly agree with him.

This is insane. You do not lower costs to the consumer by increasing taxes. (by the way that is also how the Wisconsin democrats are lowering health care costs, by increasing taxes on nursing home and hospital beds)

This Kroger program is a great example of how getting out of the way of private businesses can have a positive effect on the consumer.

While there I ran across a plaque with a Will Rogers quote, it summed up the current batch of Wisconsin Democrats nicely. He said, "I can remember way back when a liberal was one who was generous with his own money."

Cartoon you will not see in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel