July 14, 2007

Being neighborly.

This from Denis Navritil:

I am selling my wares this weekend at a festival in Milwaukee. When I arrived at my booth, a lady was setting up her wares in my assigned location. I asked for the management of the event to resolve the problem, and they did so, in my favor. At which point, the woman became completely unglued. She claimed the decision was made in my favor because management was power hungry and sexist. She swore like a drunken sailor, in two languages nonetheless, and was ultimately removed from the event. It was quite an ugly display.

Her bumper sticker read

"Loving Kindness Is My Religion".

Too good Denis!

Kucinich on Edwards.

"Whispering, trying to rig an election, then denying what's going on and making excuses. It all reflects a consistent lack of integrity."

That was Dennis Kucinich in speaking on John Edwards, read the whole article here.

I wonder if it is any less a silly post when a Democrat says it?

Recall Lehman effort taking steam.

There is a grassroots effort out there gaining momentum to recall State Senator John Lehman. I reached out to the person pushing this effort to get a few questions answered. He uses the name Colt on the blogs, when he is ready to release his real name, I'll leave that up to him.

Why do you want to recall Senator John Lehman?

His support for the huge 1 Billion + tax increase. His lack of support of business especially the Film Tax credits. We are talking millions in investments and lots of new UNION jobs, with benefits. Why would a "pro" Union guy be anti-Union jobs is beyond me

Gathering the 10,000 or so signatures required to do this is a monumental task, do you really think you call pull this off?

Yes I do. It will be far from easier however as we are planing to use new media to help spread the message, a podcast and a blog. We will also be taking out T.V. and Radio ads.

How much money do you think you need to raise?

At least $25,000.

Are you aware of any candidates willing to run for his seat?

No I am not.

Do you want to run for his seat?


What kind of response have you received thus far?

So far so good. The yahoo list grow each day.

Have you heard from any Lehman supporters about this effort?

Not directly, but I have been told that Lehman is very upset about this.

If people are interested in helping in the John Lehman recall what should they do?

Check out http://groups.yahoo.com/group/recalllehmannow/?yguid=219636400 please join if interested. There is not a lot we can do until Jan of '08 other than to educate the public.

July 13, 2007

Date Cars: The Other Side.

So much for inclusion and diversity and such...

Clinton, Edwards talk of limiting debate

Associated Press - July 13, 2007 2:23 AM ET

DETROIT (AP) - Democrats John Edwards and Hillary Rodham Clinton consider themselves among the top presidential candidates.

They were caught by Fox News microphones discussing their desire to limit future joint appearances to exclude some lower rivals after a forum in Detroit Thursday.

Edwards says, "We should try to have a more serious and a smaller group."

Clinton agrees, saying, "We've got to cut the number" and "they're not serious." She also says that she thought their campaigns had already tried to limit the debates and say, "We've gotta get back to it."

What hypocrites.

Cry me a river.

Kathy points out a huge bit of hypocrisy by Gov. Doyle, Mayor Barrett and other tax hogs yesterday by pointing out the hundreds of millions of dollars wasted by the same.

This is nothing new. Ask any salesman and they will tell you that government entities spend like crazy at the end of the fiscal year. If they have any money left over they may not get it the next year...

That is our money and there is zero concern by the people who spend it to spend it wisely or return to us the portion of it they did not need.

July 12, 2007

Date Cars: Chicks dig the Prius...

For the record, Mrs RDW has the cool car!

Who said it?

"Nonviolent offenders should not be serving hard time in our prisons. They need to be diverted from our prison system."

Rhetorical Question

If there was a white Milwaukee Alderman shaking down African American businesses for thousand of dollars in zoning and licensing issues. And if that Alderman had a history of ignoring the edicts of the court, had threatened to harm people and was trying to intimidate witnesses while in jail. If that same white Alderman was still drawing a huge salary from the city, had assets and was using a public defender at taxpayer expense...

Would Eugene Kane write multiple columns and blog posts defending that white Alderman?

You know he wouldn't. He would be calling for that Alderman's head on a silver platter to be laid upon his feet.

One more question.

Why does the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel continue to employ this racist apologist for the McGee clan?

It is a pretty sweet for the McGees though, most people have to hire their own publicists, the Journal Sentinel pays that cost on behalf of the McGee family for theirs.

Hey KRM folks....

Check out the new hybrid bus....

Ain't it cool looking? Why not buy a few of these instead of trains? If no one rides them along your KRM line (like the existing bus line hardly anyone rides) you can always have them go other places.

That way you can spend your precious federal money and not stick us with a white elephant we will never be rid of.

July 11, 2007

A different sort...

James T. Harris highlights a McGee to be proud of.

MRQ of the week.

This is America, we compete.

In that spirit you will notice the new MRQ of the week poll. This will lead to MRQ of the month and the prestigious MRQ of the year!

There is a nominating comittee consisting of Phelony, Mrs RDW and myself. Ties will decided by coin flip.

So go vote already.

Pre-K Programs a Plus?

According to data from the Economic Policy Institute Pre-Kindergarten programs wind up paying off in public schools. I am not sure that the Economic Policy Institute is looking at this from the proper vantage point. Fiscally this may help struggling school districts in the long run. However, as part of this program students are crammed into buildings with little space and/or shipped off to other facilities. Is it worth the added cost? Perhaps.

The JT article goes on to say:

“People know if you get children involved in educational activities early they can reach their potential,” Leonard said at the end of the school year. “If you can get the parents involved and they stay involved, I think you’ll see a lot of improvement in achievement.”

This quote makes it seem like the parents are involved. I would strongly question that statement. Many of the students enrolled are done so as a means for parents to avoid daycare costs. Likewise, the teachers in 4K program that I have spoken with say several the kids come in with minimal skills. Four-year-olds enter knowing little or nothing of colors, shapes, letters and numbers. Does that seem like the child has an involved parent(s)?

While it may not be an issue that creates a negative cash flow, Pre-K programs are just another way for government to do what responsible parents accomplish daily. Perhaps people may want to raise their own children at some point, just a thought.

Kudos to Milwaukee's 5th All Star Selection.

37 year veteran umpire Bruce Froemming called balls and strikes last night and did a darn good job of it too.


I haven't seen you guys in forever. Dickie

The O'Malkin Factor. Steve

Old Glory Insurance; for when the metal ones come for you, and they will. Nick.

That's completely alien to me. Sean.

The prodigy formerly of Cecil. Fred.

It's a really sweet iPod. Nick.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch. Triticale.

If I say something stupid... Mark.

Where's the Mrs? Mark, Nick, Sean, Steve, Dickie.

Hey! Prince walked. Sean.

I just stopped in to see what this was all about. Pete.

Can we toast the demise of the McCain campaign? Sean.


I'm ambivalent not ignorant. Nick.

July 10, 2007

McGee to be held without bail.

Michael McGee Jackson Jr will be held without bail until trial based on information he was trying to intimidate witnesses from behind bars.

In other news, Eugene Kane just had a hissy fit. Expect the unfair column any day now. You know the one he has written several times already comparing the Alderthug to other corrupt politicians... (forgetting of course that those corrupt politicians didn't attempt to sway witnesses while behind bars)

I'm not sure who has more contempt, McGee for doing these sorts of things, or Kane for defending him.


Every time you hear an unhinged Democrat decrying the Assembly Republican budget for cutting k-12 education I want you to remember something.

Jim Doyle recommended a $448 million increase.

Assembly Republicans are recommending a $464 million increase.

Quite simply that means the Republicans are requesting an increase $16 million more than the increase from the governor.

When someone can explain to me how an increase larger another increase is a cut I would love to hear it.

Everyone's favorite subject...Test Scores

RUSD offical Steve Miller claims that the district's MAP tests are a better tool for measuring student acheivment. This claim has some truth to it. As a teacher, I do use the MAP test results as a way to assess my students' needs quickly. Unlike the WKCE, the MAP results are available to the student and me immediatley upon completion. Moreover, a specific skill-by-skill breakdown is available to me online 24 hours later. The WKCE takes months before I see any form of results. What's worse is that these results arrive in the 4th quarter.

That said, the WKCE has some value. It gives a good overall assessment of skills. The battery of tests encompassed in the WKCE cover more subject areas than the MAP test. MAP tests cover reading and math, by far the most important subjects. The WKCE assesses those subjects plus science, social studies, and language arts. What makes the WKCE more important to Unified is that it is the measure used for NCLB. Like the act or not, the WKCE is what they use and so it's importance to the district as a whole is greater.

In my humble opinion, both tests have value. I am not one of the WEAC whiners who despise all forms of testing. Students learn from the pressure and results from the test on some level.

If you disagree with RFK Jr, you are a traitor.

"This is treason. And we need to start treating them as traitors."

These people are insane and they need to be treated as mental patients.

July 9, 2007

A different view.

An opinion on the Live Earth concert you likely have not heard courtesy of Kofi Bentil, a lecturer at Ashesi University, a business strategy consultant in Accra and winner of the World Bank "Ghana Development Marketplace" award for entrepreneurship.

...Our already poor and struggling countries are being sucked into a giant movement to save the Earth--with aid money as the carrot and the stick. If we are cajoled into using more expensive "renewable" forms of energy, we will remain uncompetitive and our rates of economic growth will remain low or shrinking.

That would be a tragedy because economic growth has been shown to be the best way to reduce poverty and improve health. Please, Europe and America, spare us! You can cut your own emissions if you want, but don't tell us what to do. We really have much more serious and urgent threats to deal with.

Unfortunately, our beggarly governments are very susceptible to diktats from on high, especially when they are offered aid (which they use to line the coffers of their bank accounts): don't encourage them!

Humanity has proven itself hugely adaptable. We survived an Ice Age and a period probably much hotter than today (around 8,000 years ago).

The Dutch salvaged land from the sea and built on it. In Saudi Arabia, they drink desalinated sea water.

The Tuaregs adapted to the blazing heat of the Sahara and the Eskimos adapted to the freezing cold of the Arctic. So why do the pessimists think we won't adapt to another change in climate? Why are they hyperventilating about what is likely to be a relatively minor environmental shift? Perhaps they dislike the idea of Africans really developing.

But if global warming is real and does change the climate in Africa, then we will need greater wealth and access to modern technologies in order to adapt.

Schemes that bar us from those technologies and undermine economic growth will prevent us adapting to change. What will the ageing politicians and rock-star ecologists do for us then?

The whole piece...


What a week it was. July 4th, dropping Jeffersons and Lincolns and I'm sure a few Benjamins at Summerfest... now it's back to the grind. Let's see what was said amid a few days of festivities....

Man, you played that race card fast, you should be in Vegas! Elliot

You had boobs for lunch? Nick

I insist that I be buried face down with a marker so that liberals can bend over and kiss .... James Pawlak

It will start slowly because WTMJ and I are not married yet. James T.

I call it, the Taze-Zooka! Dan

It is called a “weed” because the other four-letter words were taken. Grumps

“There’s no place like Waukesha. There’s no place like Waukesha." Charles

There are no options with glasses. That seems short-sighted (hah!) to me. Jay

Massive cut.... Meaning a reduction in a planned increase. Fred

Did not realize how integral the cowbell was to Blue Oyster Cult songs. Pug J

You blaspheme the Goracle, libocrat? Still Unreal
(SU, is it a religion of peace? What's the TerraLaw punishment?)

Oh and why do they use the term gun lover like it is a bad thing? Chris

...was this a pimp my ride Prius with nitrous or something? Or were the cops stoned, too, and his ten miles per hour only seem like 100? Jib

Hmmmmm, if we rock a little harder it will work! Marcus


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Given the choice between a colonoscopy and dental work, I tell you this: Knock me out. Jones.

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Ain’t he purrrrrrrrty? Peter.

My boyfriend is lobbying for an anti-PMS patch: LMS.

In my mind if I got a German car it would always be trying to get even with me for us switching sides in WWII. Tony.

What is in On*Cor Salisbury Steak? Wendy.

Rep Vos release on the Budget.

The Assembly Republicans released their budget today at noon and we will be voting tomorrow at noon. This budget is a huge victory for Wisconsin taxpayers. Republicans have successfully removed the Governor's $3 billion in tax hikes and $4.5 billion in new government spending. We also made sure that the Senate's $9.5 billion in new tax hikes were not included. And most importantly, we crafted a no-tax increase budget while still providing an historic education increase and providing for Wisconsin's most vulnerable. Please take a look at the highlights and feel free to let me know your thoughts.

The Assembly Republican state budget includes:

No tax increases

$452 million in K-12 education funding (more than the Governor proposed)
A real property tax freeze
A tax exemption for Seniors' retirement income
Income tax deductions for Health Savings Account contributions and child care expenses
A Reduction in the home tax by 66%
A 5% across the board cut to most state agencies
A requirement that state employees pay 10% of their health insurance premiums as most private sector employees are required to do
A requirement that state agencies report on large and high-risk IT projects to prevent waste
Increases the reimbursement rate for nursing home residents by 5%
An expansion of School Choice to Racine County

The Assembly Republican state budget eliminates:

$175 million Patients Compensation Fund transfer
$164.2 million Transportation Fund Transfer
$15.2 billion payroll tax for the Senate Democrat Health Plan
$546.2 million Cigarette/Tobacco Tax
$418.2 million Hospital Tax
$247.6 million Gas Tax
$33.6 million Nursing Home Bed Tax
$142.1 million "Home Tax" (Republicans cut the current tax by 66%).

This is an extremely responsible budget that I am proud to support. Governor Doyle and the Democrats were poised to raise taxes by historic levels in the state of Wisconsin. There is little doubt that we would have risen from the 8th highest taxed state in the nation to number one or two. I will provide another update on the final product in Friday's E-Update.


Matt Bellamy of the band Muse on Al Gore's weekend as a concert promoter, "Private jets for climate change".

What a monumental waste of time, energy and polution.

Don't we all feel better about ourselves after that?

Guess the number game.

104, 0.


104, the number of votes in the Illinois Assembly against universal health care.

0, the number of votes in the Illinois Assembly for universal health care.

Happy Monday.


I spent 20 minutes or so listening to Air America on Thursday. The host (subbing for Ed Schultz, I don't remember who he was) was beating on the democrats. His contention was that the base wanted nothing more than the Dems to go after Bush. He said time after time the chatroom and the emails all supported that.

Now we have the un-retired Cindy Sheehan threatening Nancy Pelosi to an election challenge if she does not start impeachment within two weeks.

And this is the Democrats problem. The kook base wants nothing more from them than getting out of Iraq and attacking Bush. The people would like for them to govern.

They made all kinds of promises coming into office, they haven't kept very many of them.

Frankly the more the Democrats act like Democrats instead of pretending to be Republicans the more I like the conservative odds in '08.