July 7, 2007

So Anna Diggs-Taylor was wrong....

No surprise here.

Stares in the hallway.

How would you like to be Mike Nichols after writing a McGee Sr is nuts and Viana Jordan is the voice of reason column and have to face the icy stares of the McGee's paid apologist Eugene Kane at work....

There has to be some tension there.

Nice column Mr Nichols.

July 6, 2007

A fascinating did you know....

Ok, in the wake of the whole week of Scootermania here is a fascinating did you know.

Did you know that before Patrick Fitzgerald was appointed special prosecutor one of the cases he was most known for was being involved in convicting Mark Rich. (Rudi Giuliani was also along for the ride)

Yes, that Mark Rich, the fugitive from justice that fled the country and was pardoned by Bill Clinton in his pardonapolooza on his last day in office. The same Marc Rich who's wife gave huge donations to the DNC and the Clinton library. (can you say cronyism Mrs Hypocrit uhm Clinton)

Did you know that Rich's attorney from 1985 to the spring of 2000 was none other than...............................

Wait for it.

Scooter Libby.

So, Fitzmas to Fitzgerald was convicting Mark Rich and Scooter Libby worked for Rich and testfied on his behalf. Libby also filed briefs that helped Rich get pardoned.

It seems to me perhaps Mr. Fitzgerald should have recused himself from this case completely considering his past with Mr Libby.

Lyin' Joe.

Really a brilliant synopsis.

Joe lied, why isn't he in trouble?

Marketing 101....

When the name of your business is Perfect Shutters....

You might want to put some shutters on your building.

Ack! Consensus alert!

BONN, Germany (AFP) - The world is smaller than first thought, German researchers at the University of Bonn said on Thursday.

They took part in an international project to measure the diameter of the world that showed it is five millimetres (0.2 inches) smaller than the last measurement made five years ago.

But but but a scientific consensus can never be wrong...

Brain overloading, shutting down, cowering in corner in fear.

Question of the day...

If liberals were really all about fairness and progressiveness and stuff, shouldn't Hillary & Barack be sharing the $60 million or so they raised in the last quarter with the less fortunate candidates?


While in Peoria over the last few days, this article in the Peoria Journal Star really struck me as a grand example of posturing in the worst way by a politician.

Union dispute erupts at ethanol plant site

Sen. Durbin 'troubled' by lack of local labor; president refutes claim.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

by Gary L. Smith

HENNEPIN - U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin said Monday he was "troubled" by reports the developer of an ethanol plant north of Hennepin has refused to negotiate with labor unions and is relying largely on out-of-state labor to construct the facility.

But Marquis Energy LLC President Mark Marquis later disputed statements a labor official made to Durbin during an impromptu meeting outside the gate of the construction site of the 110-million gallon plant.

"Surprising that Senator Durbin was within 150 feet of my office door today, but did not contact me if he is so interested," Marquis said.

At a Democratic luncheon, Durbin stated strong support for both the ethanol industry and labor unions.

But at an unscheduled stop later outside the Marquis construction site, he heard complaints from David Raikes, a Laborers' International Union Local 393 official.

Raikes, who requested the stop, said at least 80 percent of approximately 100 construction workers on the site are coming from six different states. Neither Marquis nor Minnesota-based general contractor Fagen Inc. has been willing to meet with trade unions, he said.

"I'm troubled by this," Durbin said. "It really disappoints me that it doesn't sound like (Marquis) even tried (to negotiate)."

Marquis said by e-mail later that his company had "offered millions of dollars of work to companies using local union labor and they declined to bid or work. . . . More than 60 Illinois companies have been vendors or contractors on this site."

So Durbin shows up to glad hand his union buddies and complain about management but can not be bothered to walk the 150 feet to find out that although union firms were contacted they did not bother to bid on the project?!?

Bugatti Veyron Top Speed

For the car buffs out there....

I've been on vacation for a few days...

I heard Al Gore's kid got caught with drugs again after going 100 mph in a Prius...

Dude, you can go 100 mph in a Prius?!?


Someone whisper into Bullock's ear and tell him I saw three pieces on JSonline today on his convention...

July 5, 2007

Chorizo Bobble....

On Sunday the 15th of July the Brewers are giving away a Chorizo Bobblehead doll.
Has the bobble boinged beyond bad bombastity?

If only...

If only we would outlaw the garden gnome this sort of thing could not happen.

For the obligatory fireworks injury story...

This dittie from CNN...

Do share your best firworks story.

July 3, 2007


For the rabid panting people on this, I present to you the list of Clinton pardons.

Seriously, look at this then shut up.

Has anyone seen Phelony?

For the life of me, I do not "get" fashion.

Keg thefts?

Keg thefts rise with scrap metal prices

By EMILY FREDRIX, AP Business Writer Mon Jul 2, 2:29 PM ET

MILWAUKEE - Tap it, don't scrap it.

With metal prices rising, beer makers say they expect to lose hundreds of thousands of kegs and millions of dollars this year as those stainless steel holders of brew are stolen and sold for scrap.

The beer industry is coupling with the scrap metal recycling industry to let metal buyers know they can't accept kegs unless they're sold by the breweries that own them. They're also pushing for legislation that would require scrap metal recyclers to ask for identification and proof of ownership from would-be sellers.

The beer industry's main trade group, the Beer Institute, noticed the problem in the past few years as it saw more brewers reporting missing kegs, resulting in an industrywide loss of up to $50 million a year, said Jeff Becker, president of the Beer Institute.

Dude, there is a beer institute??????????

July 2, 2007

Thought of the week.

What exactly is the speed of dark?


Hello from the promised land! Scott

Me: "You're probably all out of iPhones, right? I wanted to touch one." Nick

I have nothing to say, but I can’t think of a cooler way to say it. Elliot

I hope Larson didn’t have a problem activating his iPhone. He might still be on the floor of his apartment in the fetal position weeping. Sean

Where exactly is the status in having to stand in line to buy something? Roseindigo

What's up with nepotism in politics lately? Bush, Clinton, Bush, Bush, Clinton? McGee Sr. McGee Jr., McGee Sr.? James

*insert gagging noise here* TMB

Can you run a stolen vehicle report on an Oscar Meyer Weinermobile? Fred

# elliot Says:

What’s the word for “subsisting solely on Chicken McNuggets?”

# Fuzz Says:

Glasgow attacked by SUV loaded with explosives. Should the SUV finally be banned? silent E

For some reason, a very drunk Mexican threatened to kidnap me and take me to Mexico “for a good time.” Aaron

For the record, I would like to state that I totally want an iPhone. Totally. I mean, I might give up my last pair of fake eyelashes for one. If that would mean I could skip the part about standing in line. A girl's gotta have options!

This is not a lending library little girl, put that down or I will blow your head off.

7-Elevens become Simpsons 'Kwik-E-Marts'


AP Business Writer Sun Jul 1, 7:44 PM ET

DALLAS - Over the weekend, 7-Eleven Inc. turned a dozen stores into Kwik-E-Marts, the fictional convenience stores of "The Simpsons" fame, in the latest example of marketers making life imitate art.

Those stores and most of the 6,000-plus other 7-Elevens in North America will sell items that until now existed only on television: Buzz Cola, KrustyO's cereal and Squishees, the slushy drink knockoff of Slurpees.

July 1, 2007

Your Milwaukee Brewer All Star Selections.

Prince Fielder

Ben Sheets

JJ Hardy

Francisco Cordero

All, very well deserved. Congratulations.

Florida You Have a Problem

I just added two more stadiums to my quest to see all 30 Major League Baseball teams play in their home towns.  The stadiums are average, but what was most disappointing is the lack of support for both the Marlins and Devil Rays.  If we travel back to around 1990, many baseball pundits and Floridians were begging for baseball.  There was a push to steal the White Sox away from Chicago before the new Comiskey was built.  What was all the clamoring about?  You have two teams in Florida and awful attendance. 

The game I attended in Tampa had a paid attendance of just under 12,000.  There weren't that many there.  About 60% of those at the Trop were cheering on the White Sox.  From what I heard that's not unusual for the visiting team's fan to outnumber the Rays' fans.  To help the boost attendance, the D-Rays front office decided to provide free parking all season long.  It didn't seem to make a difference.  Tampa Bay area baseball fans, your team sucks.  How do you expect them to get better if you don't buy some tickets and cheer them on?  I can't imagine what the players must go through playing before a handful of fans cheering for them.

In Miami, the reported attendance was over 31,000.  If that many tickers were sold, then about 20,000 stayed home on that cloudy afternoon.  In fact if it weren't for a Day Camp Day promotion, I would venture to guess the actual seats filled would number around 5,000.  Truly sad for a team with some good players and just a few years removed from a World Series championship.

It would appear the Florida baseball experiment is a failure.  After 10 years in Tampa and 15 in Miami, the people just don't care.  If baseball is looking to relocate any teams, the two in Florida are prime for the moving.  Most Floridians won't even know they left.

Ryan Braun

Avg - .349
HR - 7
RBI - 25
Runs - 30
SB - 6

Can someone please tell me why we waited to bring this guy up the bigs?

Would someone please fire this idiot?!?

Eugene is actually comparing Jr McGee with Paris Hilton, and every other liberal idea he can think of.

McGee is Milwaukee's Public Enemy No. 1 for some and a hero for others. Yes, we know which of those categories you fall into. I am sure he is a hero to those he threatened to kill and those he shook down for licenses to run their businesses, and I am sure he is a hero for all of those he paid to vote for him.

He made his initial appearance Friday in federal court on bribery and extortion charges, but no bail hearing was held. Who's fault was that Eugene; McGee used a public defender because he can not afford an attorney on his $72,000 salary, had he used the attorney he had been using bail would have been addressed by the court...

If the charges remain largely confined to acts of political corruption, no matter how damning, some believe McGee could be released on as little as a $1,000 personal recognizance bond. Those same some who find him to be a hero no doubt. People like you?

That's pretty much the going rate for politicians accused of corruption in Wisconsin. But with so many twists and turns in the McGee story, who knows? Someone send me that list of politicians who were threatening to peel peoples caps back... Let me clue you in something Eugene, this case is DIFFERENT, not because of his skin color, but because of the staggering number of and the violent nature of some of the charges.

Hilton was released from a Los Angeles jail last week after serving three weeks. I tried to watch her much ballyhooed post-prison interview with Larry King on CNN but was unable to endure much more than the first few minutes. Frankly, it was insufferable. That is a couple of more minutes than I gave it. This is the only thing in his whole column that makes sense.

At a time when people need more information about the progress of the Iraq war, the immigration law debate and continuing congressional investigation into the firing of several U.S. attorneys, we get hours after hours of Hilton. If you spent some time reading the news instead of worrying about your hero you would have seen that half of Baghdad is now under control, the immigration bill is dead (democrats failed, republicans will be blamed), oh and the President and the AG can fire attorneys whenever they want for whatever reason they want. It is called employment at will, look it up.

The U.S. Supreme Court may have decided to turn back any real hopes this society has about ever achieving racial diversity among students in public education. The only way we will ever stop racism is to stop using racist policies.... No surprise this concept is lost on you, one of the biggest racists in our community. And what does any of this have to do with Jr?

I actually believe Hilton may be a victim. Victim of her own selfishness and refusal to follow the law or the edicts given to her from the bench. No wonder you think it is not her fault.

Some reports suggest she had to spend way more time behind bars for her probation violation after a DUI arrest than the ordinary American would have had to endure under similar circumstances. Who cares, the judge had the ability to punish her, and he made the choice to do so. The reason she faced such a tough penalty is that she ignored his previous rulings. It is not smart to ignore the judge, or to call her a b***ch on a tape with the girl-friend you didn't have sex with, yet knocked up then threatened to kill in open court, the one you were not supposed to talk about grand jury testimony with, yet did anyway breaking yet another law.

Paris Hilton can be compared to Mike McGee due to the belief she may have ended up behind bars not so much because the law required it but because public opinion seemed to demand it. Drunk driving, ignoring court edicts, vs. shaking down business owners for licenses, buying votes, conspiring to kill people, yeah I see the resemblance. And here we have it folks, Eugene thinks the only reason Jr is behind bars is because of public pressure, not because he did anything wrong. Finally he admits it.

Lots of readers thought last Sunday's column was a powerful statement on the troubles with disruptive young black people in Milwaukee. But some were confused about whether the column was written from an actual interview with a group of specific young people who talked about their viewpoints. It wasn't at all powerful Eugene, it was ridiculous. The issue here Eugene is that you presented your interview as if it was fact Eugene. The dead give away, no swearing, no street language, that whole lie had no street cred.

I was surprised that some readers misinterpreted my writing device, which was admittedly more literary than journalistic. I apologize for any confusion. Actually Eugene it was your way of making excuses for the "some people" you are so fond of writing about. The same way you have made excuses, and continue to make excuses for Michael McGee Jr. Some people, the same people who think practicing racism is the way out of racism. People like you Eugene.

People who are dumb enough to try and draw a comparison between Paris Hilton and Milwaukee's Alderthug.

Eugene if you had an ounce of integrity you would be embarrassed at the activities of this man and understand that people like him are at the very core of race issues in our society. But then you make excuses for him, I guess that makes you part of the problem as well.

If your paper had one ounce of integrity, they would be embarrassed by you and your weekly excuses and fire you.