May 26, 2007

Top 10 Worst provisions of the immigration bill.

Heritage Foundation #4 Reason.

Amnesty for "Absconders": Title VI's amnesty extends even to fugitives who have been ordered deported by an immigration judge but chose to ignore their removal orders. More than 636,000 absconders are now present in the country, having defied the law twice: once when they broke U.S. immigration laws and again when they ignored the orders of the immigration courts.

The Senate's bill allows the government to grant Z visas to absconders. Though the bill appears to deny the visa to absconders in Section 601(d)(1)(B), Section 601(d)(1)(I) allows U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services officials to give an absconder the Z visa anyway if the absconder can demonstrate that departure from the United States "would result in extreme hardship to the alien or the alien's spouse, parent or child."

This is a massive loophole because so many things can be construed to constitute "extreme hardship." This might include removing a child from an American school and placing him in a school in an impoverished country, or deporting a person with any chronic illness. Attorneys representing aliens would also argue that if any member of an absconder's family is a U.S. citizen, then the other members must remain in the United States, because the separation of family members would constitute extreme hardship.

This would also be a reward to those who have defied U.S. immigration courts. Those who have successfully fled justice could receive the most generous visa ever created, but those who complied with the law and have waited years to enter legally would have to wait longer still. (Indeed, the massive bureaucratic load caused by processing Z visas would undoubtedly mean longer waits for those who have played by the rules.) Further, those who have obeyed the law and complied with deportation orders would not be eligible for Z visas.The effect of this provision may already be felt today. Why would an illegal alien obey a deportation order while this bill is even pending in Congress? If the alien ignores the deportation order, he may be able to qualify for the amnesty; but if he obeys the order, he has no possibility of gaining the amnesty.

Top 10 Worst provisions of the immigration bill.

Heritage Foundation #3 Reason.

Hobbled Background Checks: The bill would make it extremely difficult for the federal government to prevent criminals and terrorists from obtaining legal status. Under Section 601(h)(1), the bill would allow the government only one business day to conduct a background check to determine whether an applicant is a criminal or terrorist. Unless the government can find a reason not to grant it by the end of the next business day after the alien applies, the alien receives a probationary Z visa (good from the time of approval until six months after the date Z visas begin to be approved, however long that may be) that lets him roam throughout the country and seek employment legally.

The problem is that there is no single, readily searchable database of all of the dangerous people in the world. While the federal government does have computer databases of known criminals and terrorists, these databases are far from comprehensive. Much of this kind of information exists in paper records that cannot be searched within 24 hours. Other information is maintained by foreign governments.

The need for effective background checks is real. During the 1986 amnesty, the United States granted legal status to Mahmoud "The Red" Abouhalima, who fraudulently sought and obtained the amnesty intended for seasonal agricultural workers (even though he was actually employed as a cab driver in New York City). But his real work was in the field of terrorism. He went on to become a ringleader in the 1993 terrorist attacks against the World Trade Center. Using his new legal status after the amnesty, he was able to travel abroad for terrorist training.

May 25, 2007

Redneck Hall of Fame Headline Nominee!!!!!!!

Former Texas stripper gets prison in NASCAR fraud case

Typical childish behavior.

From the NY Post.

May 25, 2007 -- ROSIE O'Donnell left "The View" with a bang, not a whimper, following her on-air smackdown with co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck on Wednesday.

Yesterday, Rosie's chief writer, Janette Barber, was allegedly escorted from the building after she was caught drawing moustaches on photographs of Hasselbeck that hang in the "View" studios.

The Post's Adam Buckman reports ABC confirmed in a statement only that "photographs at 'The View's' offices were defaced. Rosie O'Donnell was not in the building. ABC Legal and Human Resources are investigating the matter." Barber is an old friend of O'Donnell who worked with her years ago on "The Rosie O'Donnell Show."

Voting against Wisconsin Senior Citizens

The following Wisconsin Democrats voted against extending Senior Care.

Tammy Baldwin

Gwendolynne Moore

David Obey

Russ Feingold

Top 10 Worst provisions of the immigration bill.

Heritage Foundation #2 Reason.

The Permanent "Temporary" Visa: Supporters of the bill call the Z visa a "temporary" visa. However, they neglect to mention that it can be renewed every four years until the visa holder dies, according to Section 601(k)(2) of the legislation. This would be the country's first permanent temporary visa. On top of that, it is a "super-visa," allowing the holder to work, attend college, or travel abroad and reenter. These permissible uses are found in Section 602(m).

A law-abiding alien with a normal nonimmigrant visa would surely desire this privileged status. Unfortunately for him, only illegal aliens can qualify, according Section 601(c)(1).

And contrary to popular misconception, illegal aliens need not return to their home countries to apply for the Z visa. That's only necessary if and when an alien decides to adjust from Z visa status to lawful permanent resident ("green card") status under Section 602(a)(1). And even then, it's not really the country of origin; any consulate outside the United States can take applications at its discretion or the direction of the Secretary of State.

Democrats, United on Terrorism - John Edwards


Somtimes a blogger comes along and absolutely knocks one out of the park.

This is one of those times.

The Game has a must read on Iraq, and the short memory Democratic Party.

May 24, 2007

Breaking News: The bids and the sales job.

So last night we established how Tom Hicks had any experience in actual building engineering written out of a facilities study.

Tonight we'll look at the bids and Tom Hicks’ sales abilities.

The following firms all had experience with structural, architectural, engineering and build design issues. Something you might want for someone studying your actual buildings.

These bids include phase 1 & phase 2 costs.

JAED - $1,286,244
Fanning / Howey - $4,185,250
Cunningham IBC - $955,000
Perkins Will - $977,650
DLR - $1,866,100
Dejong/Eerlius - $732,000
MGT of America - $875,692
Eppstein Uhen - $945,000

The following bidders had no experience or staff with structural, architectural, engineering and build design issues.
The Paulin Group - $1,200,000

So what we have is 8 bidders more qualified than Paulin to do the study and 4 bidders who were willing to do this work with less of the taxpayer dollars than the Paulin group.

So who got the bid?

We all know that, The Paulin Group, the group with the middle of the road bid and no experience in the things that are actually important in a facilities study.

I have a document that lays this out in easy to understand language. This is a document dated 9-30-2003 highlighting a Facilities Technology Committee meeting. This document has a MAJOR problem, it says Robert Paulin presented to the committee. That is a lie.

Superintendent Tom Hicks led this meeting with Bob Paulin playing second chair.
Yes, Tom Hicks did the sales job on the committee for the Paulin group.

Also present were Armin Clobes, Russ Carlsen Doug Andrewski, William Schalk, Robert Stepien, Gary Bishop, George Kadamian, Keith Heck, and Jen Whited ask any of them about that meeting and they will tell you Hicks was the leader, not Bob Paulin.

On 10-10-03 another meeting of the committee was held where former Assistant Superintendent John Pelej presented other possible companies. After Pelej presented the other possible bidders TOM HICKS PUT BACK ON HIS SALES HAT AND SHARED A PAMPHLET ABOUT THE PAULIN GROUP!

How much clearer could Hicks have made it that he was predisposed to having the Paulin group get this bid? HE DID THE PRESENTATION FOR THEM! He went for a firm that cost the taxpayers an extra $468,000 and the one that had less qualified staff than every other firm that bid, and even in the meeting to consider other options Hicks brought out Paulin again!

Top 10 Worst provisions of the immigration bill.

The Heritage Foundation has done some particularly good work on the immigration bill. Over the coming days we will highlight the 10 worst provisions.


A Massive Amnesty: Title VI of the bill grants amnesty to virtually all of the 12 million to 20 million illegal aliens in the country today. This amnesty would dwarf the amnesty that the United States granted—with disastrous consequences—in 1986 to 2.7 million illegal aliens. It is also a larger amnesty than that proposed in last year's ill-fated Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act. Indeed, the Senate's bill imposes no cap on the total number of individuals who could receive Z-visa status.

To initially qualify for a Z visa, an illegal alien need only have a job (or be the parent, spouse, or child of someone with a job) and provide two documents suggesting that he or she was in the country before January 1, 2007, and has remained in the country since then. A bank statement, pay stub, or similarly forgeable record will do. Also acceptable under the legislation is a sworn affidavit from a non-relative (see Section 601(i)(2)).

The price of a Z visa is $3,000 for individuals—only slightly more than the going rate to hire a coyote to smuggle a person across the border. A family of five could purchase visas for the bargain price of $5,000—some $20,000 short of the net cost that household is likely to impose on local, state, and federal government each year, according to Heritage Foundation calculations.

Expect a mass influx unlike anything this country has ever seen once the 12-month period for accepting Z visa applications begins. These provisions are an open invitation for those intent on U.S. residence to sneak in and present two fraudulent pieces of paper indicating that they were here before the beginning of the year.That is precisely what happened in the 1986 amnesty, during which Immigration and Naturalization Services discovered 398,000 cases of fraud. Expect the number of fraudulent applications to be at least four times larger this time, given the much larger applicant pool.

Best Photoshop ever

Kalied Rosie Mohammed.

H/T Kate.

A Radio Wrong II

After some reflection time I believe it is time for a revisit on the Jessica McBride story.

It is clear that the replacement of McBride with Dennis Miller was on the near horizon. WTMJ latched onto an opportunity to toss her to the curb and in the process sullied her reputation. By doing what they did now and forever she will be thrown into the Imus / Sr McGee radio equation and that is not fair.

She made fun of Eugene Kane. That man is a joke, I think we should have some sort a regional holiday so everyone could make fun of him, and the ridiculous company that keeps him employed, at the same time.

If WTMJ management would have said, we are making a change, we want to go with this new national feed, thanks for your service, Jessica McBride would have went quietly on her way with her dignity in tact.

There were zero complaints about her "bit" to the station, just noise started by a man with a grudge and fueled by a columnist with a bias. For WTMJ management this was a convenient excuse and in the process they are the ones who look bad.

Gas Gouging.

This from our guy Bill @ One Man's Opinion...

Doyle and 16 other Democrat Governors are calling for the President to pressure “big oil” to reinvest their “enormous profits” into lowering gas prices. (link)

Well here is some quick math for you:

$3.59 – Current price of Gallon of gas
$0.33 - Wisconsin MANDATORY Markup 9.18%
$0.32 - Wisconsin gas tax $0.32 (or 8.9%)
$0.14 - Federal gas tax $0.14 (or 3.9%)

$2.80 - Wholesale price of gas (Current price minus taxes and markup)

$0.26 – Exxon’s HUGE profit per gallon of gas (9.7%)

Doyle is proposing to raise the tax on gas an additional $0.07 per gallon (to $0.39) meaning that Wisconsin will make more money per gallon than ANYONE ELSE!!!!

Every time you fill your tank, repeat this until your tank is full:

Wisconsin is making more money per gallon than the oil company!
Wisconsin is making more money per gallon than the oil company!
Wisconsin is making more money per gallon than the oil company!
Wisconsin is making more money per gallon than the oil company!

Nice post Bill...

What we have here is an intellectually dishonest complaint from Doyle. He fully well knows that the state could make a huge positive impact by fixing our archaic minimum markup law and by doing some sort of fuel tax holiday, he has ZERO interest in doing that. Instead he is trying to add onto our already high tax burden. He knows this little profit tax scheme of his will funnel down to the consumers and there is no way to track that it does not.

Instead Doyle is being a demagogue on this issue. Environmental activists that have balked at every attempt to expand production, distribution and refining capacity so they have their stake in this as well.

Look kids, this is economics 101, if you restrict supply on a product everyone wants, then start fiddling around with government controls and mandatory markups prices will surge. Now throw in your little environmental boutique blends and we get this gas price hell every year.

There is plenty of blame to go around in this gas price story, Doyle could help. Instead he would rather play the victim card for political benefit. He loves high gas prices, don't kid yourselves.

May 23, 2007

Breaking News: So what is a facilities study?

We have been discussing and relating information in regards to Tom Hicks push to have a facilities study done in Racine Schools.

Over the last couple of days we have highlighted references and an internal memo from John Pelej to Superintendent Tom Hicks.

Pelej wrote a request for proposal that addressed the structural, architectural, engineering and build design issues for which the study was intended.

These areas were industry standard and were brought out in the email we discussed yesterday.

Tom Hicks put the kibosh on this RFP, the reason?

Brace yourselves.

He took out the requirements in the RFP that included structural, architectural, engineering and build/design issues but instead put emphasis on an educational specifications approach to the study.

Now people, common sense tells me, and it should tell you, that if you are doing an analysis of facilities you should hire someone who has experience in structural, architectural and engineering experience, that is what facilities are. If you want to add educational specs fine, but how in the earth do you exclude relevant experience in physical plants in a facilities study?There is only one reason to do this, if the firm you want to get the business (Paulin Group) does not have that expertise! The Paulin Group did not have that experience or staff. Every other firm in the RFP did!

Tomorrow, the numbers.

An interesting story about PBCG head Nick Alioto.

I got an email today from fellow blogger James Wigderson. He has been reading our RUSD posts and related his experiences with PBCG head Nick Alioto while they attended school together at UWM.

Seems Mr Alioto learned how to work the system early on...

Reprinted with permission from Wigderson.

Let me tell you a story about Nick Alioto. When I was at UW-Milwaukee, Nick was the poster boy for what was wrong with student government.

At one point during his career in student government, Nick was in charge of a student activity programming group in the dorms. He was paid a salary.

Nick, tired of being beaten up by the UWM Times (whereI was the editorial editor off and on), started his own student publication. As editor and publisher, hewas paid a salary. Nick sat on the board of the student government body, SFAC, that allocated student funds for activities. Hewas paid a salary.

Wait, it gets better.

SFAC would fund the student activity goup. Part of the student activity group's budget was to buy advertising for the events. The advertising was bought in Nick Alioto's publication and he collected a commission. The SFAC would also buy advertising in Nick's publication and he collected a commission for that,too.

To be fair to Nick, everything he did was allowed, and when the budgets came up for a vote at SFAC he carefully abstained.

However, everyone else voted for his budgets.

Nick was the only person I knew who made a profit out of going to college.

Vos Opposes Creation of Regional Transit Authorities Without Taxpayer Approval

Got this release from Robin Vos, I agree with him 100%.

Madison…Representative Robin Vos (R-Caledonia) responded to a proposal supported by the Alliance of Cities today in support of extending regional transit authorities throughout the state. The Alliance joined together with The League of Wisconsin Municipalities, the Wisconsin Counties Association and others to participate in Public Transportation Day at the Capitol.

Speakers, including Mayor Gary Becker of Racine, spoke in favor of legislation that would give the authority to local governments to band together to form regional transit authorities for the purpose of expanding mass transit throughout the state. While it was not clear as to whether a bill is currently drafted, Becker did say that representatives from many regions were at the Capitol to solicit support for any proposal that would provide a dedicated funding source for regional transit authorities.

“When they say ‘dedicated funding source’, they mean new taxes,” said Vos. “I cannot support a creation of any new entity that will simply have the specific goal of raising taxes on Wisconsin citizens.”

A press release issued today by the Alliance of Cities states they would support a bill that would allow local governments anywhere in Wisconsin to create an RTA consisting of one or more local governments; allow local governments to build and run a “comprehensive unified transportation system” or hire an experienced operator; allow local governments to hold a referendum, if they choose; allow RTA’s to issue bond revenue; and allow RTA’s to finance their operations with a local or regional sales tax of up to half a cent.

Vos said he does not necessarily disagree with the Alliance’s concept, but he cannot fully support any proposal unless the people are allowed to express their opinion on a new sales tax. While he did acknowledge that the ability to hold a referendum was part of the proposal, he questioned if it would actually be used.

“Specifying these transit authorities would have the ability to pass a referendum if they choose is a complete sham,” said Vos. “Once an authority is given the discretion to collect a tax, I find it extremely hard to believe they will ever come to the people for their opinion.”

An early Memorial Day haiku

Memorial Day
God Bless the World's Finest Troops
Past Present Future.

Feel free to add your own.

Vote Bleg II

Don't forget to go vote for RDW in the Blog of the week semi-finals!

NO ID REQUIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RDW PSA: Gas Tips.

Top 4 Ways You’re Wasting Gas When You Think You’re Saving It

May 22, 2007

Vos in the cross hairs.

Owen started a project where he is asking Republicans to sign a tax pledge.

I did not hear all the specifics but Mark Belling came out today and blasted Rep Vos as apparently telling people not to sign the pledge.

Robin was kind of surprised by the attention as he told me he has taken the Grover Norquist tax pledge both times he has been elected to the Assembly.

That reads:

I ,____________, pledge to the taxpayers of the _____ district of the State of _________ and to the American People that I will: ONE, oppose any and all efforts to increase the marginal income tax rates for individuals and/or businesses; and TWO, oppose any net reduction or elimination of deductions and credits, unless matched dollar for dollar by further reducing tax rates.

Rep Vos has spoken to Owen and to me about his pledge and says the claim that he is pushing people not to sign is false.

Robin Vos has been a true conservative holding true to the principles he believes strongly in.

I've come to know Robin Vos in the last couple of years and I have no reason not to believe his claim. He did say he would be happy to speak with Belling about this. Frankly, I'm surprised Belling went on the air about this without asking Vos about it first.

UPDATE: I just got this statement from Vos.

Hello Fred,

Thanks for taking the time to contact me when you heard the comments on Mark Belling’s radio program.

As you see from the attached link, I signed the taxpayer protection pledge when I ran for the State Assembly in 2004 and again when I ran for reelection in 2006. I know in my heart and from being in the room with my Republican colleagues that I’m one of the most fiscally conservative members of the state Assembly.

Just to set the record straight, I was not contacted by any member of the Republican leadership nor by the Assembly Speaker requesting me to contact any of our members.

No one is more frustrated with the tax and fee increases contained in the proposed budget than me. As a member of the Joint Finance Committee I’ve sat for hours and hours listening to the Democrats make excuses about why the increases are necessary and listened to countless constituents and members of the public who advocate for higher spending and make every effort to justify the tax increases proposed by Governor Doyle. I don’t buy their arguments.

The people of Wisconsin are overtaxed, overregulated and regardless of the results of the last election, I know they still want elected officials who will fight against any and all tax increases – period.

And as a member of the Joint Committee on Finance, I’ve been working tirelessly to reject the Governor’s spending requests, fight his proposed tax increases and make the budget better than when we received it. Unfortunately it seems some of my colleagues prefer to criticize from the sidelines instead of offering solutions to actually get rid the proposals.

Conservatives are frustrated with the November election results – so am I. Unfortunately we are now being forced to live with the consequences. We must not forget that the enemy is on the other side of the aisle. When we begin to criticize our own members for things that were never even done, based on rumor alone, we are destined for failure.

You know what is in my heart…and it sure isn’t about growing government or taking more out of my wallet.

Thanks for listening!

Breaking News: Internal memo on facilities study.

I've been thinking about how to break down this email off and on for the last week, when it comes down to it, simple is better.

Today's story highlights an email from retired Assistant Superintendent John Pelej to Tom Hicks on 5-27-03 in regards to rewarding a facilities study to the Paulin group. When it comes down to it, one phrase tells the whole tale.

"I believe that the Paulin Group's work plan is incomplete and their quote is exorbitant"

Pelej also raised another concern that a facilities study is usually in two phases, study and implementation. He raised a legitimate concern that if there was not a method in place to seperate the two phases, "The risk in hiring the firms to deploy their plans is a clear conflict of interest - padding the plan to assure more design work later"

As part of this same process Pelej compiled what type of work a firm doing this study should complete.

The bare essentials:
  • A thorough demographic/economic/enrollment study speciffic to the district.
  • A comprehensive facilities study . In each instance the study would include resident engineerings expertise including all structural, mechanical and infrastructure components.
  • A Master Facilities Plan, incluing all costs, an assessment of the funding effort that the community would encounter and strategies in getting funding assistance to implement the plan.

The competing firms gave Pelej quotes in the $400,000 range with all requirements met.

The Paulin group estimate (Mind you folks this all pre- request for proposal) was $1.3 million and it did NOT include the demographic study at all.

Three times the cost for less of the work and this group was the obvious preference of Hicks...


There was a point from our references post comments last night I had intended to release with this report, but a very sharp commenter caught it. Tom Hicks had hired Paulin before when he was head of the Owosso Public Schools. Owosso, where the district was so disgusted by the work the Paulin group did, they sued them and claimed them to be short of professional standards & ethics.

Obvious issues yet he brought Bob Paulin with him to Racine.

As we continue through this keep asking the question, if I was on the school board and if I had known all of this information would I have voted to give the Paulin group a contract to do a facilities study for the Racine Unified School District?

(hello, Journal Times, are you paying attention?)

The most ethical Congress ever.

My sweet Aunt Fanny. This group has zero interest in rules, accountability or keeping their many promises.

Do they really think the voters memory is that short?

Sykes Spike

Charlie Sykes noted this morning that his blog traffic spiked significantly yesterday and he could not figure out why. He attributed it to urinal pictures he posted and mentioned on his program.

No Charlie, the reason your traffic spiked was people were looking at your blog to see what you would write about Jessica McBride being terminated from WTMJ.

Still waiting.

It is readily apparent a management gag order is in place. Funny you and everyone else around there talked about the dismissal of Ken Hurerra, but this one is ignored.

Things that make you go Hmmmmmmmm.

UPDATE: Sykes apparently did talk about this on his show today. I was absolutely wrong on that, but I have an inkling I was 100% correct on the reason for the traffic increase... (take that DJ & Scott). Apologies to Charlie.

Racine schools cancel referendum....

Last night the Racine School Board cancelled their planned June referendum. The district has already spent $11,680 printing ballots.

Amazingly the board is cancelling the referendum out of fears of community anger over PBCG bonuses.

Truth is this referendum was doomed before that reared its head again. People were outraged over the continued lack of progress and the never ending stream of excuses and lack of leadership.

Remember when they came out with this referendum the board said they needed time to come up with a plan. Exactly the same thing this district says for every referendum. Over a quarter billion dollars a year and they readily admit there is no plan.

I for one am outraged by this decision. Who gets to cancel a planned election because they think they will not like the result? Your poll results do not look that great Congressman, we'll move the election to some point in the future when you think you can win...

This district cancels elections when they think they will not like the result, and they ignore the held elections in which they do not like the result.

Toss the whole bunch of them out and star over.

Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead.

Translate that headline into RUSD terms...

WKCE test scores are still below state averages.

The test results from the November 2006 Wisconsin Knowledge and Concepts Exam, taken by all Unified students in grades 3 and up, shows that RUSD kids are still well below state averages. The test is scored with the results putting students into one of our four categories in many subject areas. Students can be rated as Advanced, Proficient, Basic or Minimal. According to the state DPI, and for NCLB purposes, students should be at Advanced or Proficient for all subjects.

At the tenth grade level, students performing at advanced or proficient in reading dropped 5% to now sit at 25% below state averages. At other grade levels and subjects, students showed some gain, but are still below averages.

This JT article points out the above and have a few responses from RUSD administrators.

What is the acheivement gap?

This two-word term is used as partial blame for the lagging WKCE test results. On its surface it could be interpreted as a gap between the scores of those who achieve well in school and those who do not. However, in a bit of PC irony, educrats around the county use it to point out the differences between minorities students and there white counterparts. (in some discussions its used for socioeconomic differences as well)

Let's all recall back to some high school science class and look at public education as an experiment. The control to this experiment would be the classroom experience. All 25+ students in a classroom receive the same instruction from the teacher. The variable in this experiment is the home life of the students. It is very different for each and every child. Logically, we could conclude that the achievement gap is not necessarily caused by the classroom, but the application of what is learned when the student is outside the school environs.

The district would have its teachers teach differently for those students at the bottom of the achievement gap. Yet results show that gap not only still exists, but is growing. While it may not be PC, let's point out the problem for what it is and avoid another feel good curriculum that will not yield any positive results.

May 21, 2007

MRQ - The Simple Life Edition

(thanks, Fred!)

So much arrogance, so little time. James T

Apparently I had discovered some sort of magical nexus to which the laws of no municipality applied. Casper

A chicken clucking in place... Patrick

If I had my butt lifted it would throw off my balance. Owen.

Wisconsin is tax-happy. Marcus.

You wouldn't like her when she's angry. Jib.

chief of peeps... Phelony.

Just grabbing a bite to eat. Peter.

Mary Kate and Ashley as Bond girls? That must be a sign of the Apocolypse. Sean.

Tell you what…. when I need a kidney, I’ll call a doctor. I can decide for myself whether I think we should pay more taxes. Spinner Dan.

Tom Terrific... Tom.

Damn you, Taco Bell! The Masked Blogger.

Preserving a little piece of Sith Lord history Tracy.

Would you push it? Scott.


one side can always be wrong. The Game.

other people's dimes. Still Unreal.

A confirmed list of guns Steve

What we must do is THUG PROFILE! Badger Blogger.

Try to rig the game. Jessica.

“Julien” is a French word that means “Holiday Inn”. Tony.

Smells Fishier than Serb Hall on a Friday night. Fraley.

It is time to play our favorite game.


Update: 0, the number of complaints received by WTMJ radio about Jessica McBride before they fired her.

Breaking News: Paulin Group fell short of professional standards & ethics... HIRED!

Over the coming days, perhaps weeks, we will be relating a very complicated story regarding the relationship of Racine Schools Superintendent Tom Hicks and the Paulin group, a company hired by Racine Unified Schools to do a facilities study for the district.

I have documentary evidence for everything I will relate. My challenge is to relate this complicated story in a manner that does not sensationalize but tells it in a fair but complete way.

As you read this story ask yourselves the following question; if I was on the school board and if I had known all of this information would I have voted to give the Paulin group a contract to do a facilities study for the Racine Unified School District?

Racine Superintendent Tom Hicks made it clear through every step of this process he wanted The Paulin Group to have the business.

We begin with referrals. Former Associate Superintendent of Racine Schools John Pelej had the foresight to take five random business referrals provided by the Paulin group to the district and call them.

His findings:
  • Lansing Community College - Very complimentary of the service provided by Paulin, rated them a 9+ and said they would hire them again, however they would not recommend the Paulin group for a project of the scope RUSD was looking for.

  • Portland Public Schools - Loved them rated as a 10 of 10 and had used the Paulin group a total of 3 times.

  • Chicago City College - Who exactly is the Paulin group? We have gone back five years in our records and we have no idea who you are talking about.

  • Trout Creek Schools - Quite satisfied, hired for a small one-time job would re-hire.

  • Owosso Public Schools - Rated over-all experience with the consultant a 1 out of 10, they refused payment and litigated as the product delivered fell short of professional standards & ethics. Ultimately settled out of court.

The results of the reference checks were not made available to the Unified Board.

Some loved Paulin, some never heard of them and one litigated against the Paulin group.

I asked in our fill in the blank question Portland _______. The Portland referenced above was Portland, Michigan. That little fact was never told to the Unified Board, in fact it was mentioned that if a district the size of Portland was happy.... The Board was never told this was five school Portland, Michigan they were led to believe it was the larger, more well known Portland.

When 3 out of 5 referrals have issues it is common sense to raise a red flag or two, Hicks kept pushing forward.

Tomorrow, Pelej raises more issues.

Vote Bleg.

Our thanks to those who went and voted, last week MKE Online did name Real Debate Wisconsin as Blog of the Week. Congratulations to Phelony & Randy!

Well now we are put right in the middle of a semi-final week so we need you to go vote again!

Here we go again against blog buddies Owen & Tee Bee.

Fill in the blank.

Portland __________________

Breaking News: McGee calls for McBride termination

Milwaukee's most ridiculous citizen, Michael McGee Jackson Jr, (he who breaks the law at will and never has repercussion) went on the air today and called for protests at UWM calling for the termination Of Jessica McBride.

McGee Jackson Jr, who has a $70,000 plus a year job with the city that he feels he can ignore from the hours of 9 to 10 every weekday, has called for the community to come together and take McBride out.

How typical, how ridiculous, how small.

McBride had nothing but compassion for the family of the slaughtered 4-year old girl, she had nothing but disgust for the whole situation. She made fun of the absent racist columnist Eugene Kane.

For attacking the protector of the McGees the McGees are calling for an assault on McBride.

How typical.

Will Eugene Kane criticize McGee Jackson Jr for this?

Wait, I can not type anymore as I am laughing too hard.

Publicly I am calling for the immediate termination of Eugene Kane for his continued and abhorrent double standard and absolute refusal to hold the McGee clan to task. Gee if I can get 7 of my coservative blogging buddies to complain too maybe the Journal Company will fold again.

In the latest McGee insult on civilized life Eugene Kane actually came out and said that Imus was worse.

Why bother Eugene? Because you had to do everything in your power to protect your friends the McGees. Their behavior was so abhorrent you had to find a way to soften it instead of doing the right thing and calling bad behavior bad behavior.

We are witnessing an assault on a good person based solely on ideological bounds.

Jessica McBride is guilty of insulting Eugene Kane, nothing more nothing less. Eugene Kane can take care of himself, why does his pal Mickie McGee Jr need to protect him?


Tech Tip

1. Open a new file in your computer.

2. Name it "Hillary Rodham Clinton"

3. Send it to the Recycle Bin.

4. Empty the Recycle Bin.

5. Your PC will ask you...................

"Do you really want to get rid of "Hillary Rodham Clinton?"

6. Firmly Click "Yes."

7. Feel better.

Liberals, feel free to replace freely with whoever will make you feel better.

Axes to grind.

Jim Rowen is being credited with "breaking" the Jessica McBride story that ultimately led to her termination.

In 2004, there were 2 finalists for the teaching job that Jessica McBride now holds at UWM, Jessica McBride and Jim Rowen.

I guess that tells you where he is coming from. Sour grapes to the extreme. How dare some conservative beat him, a liberal, in academia.

Now leftists nutbags are calling for her temination from UWM. They are like sharks in a blood frenzy.

May 20, 2007


Senator who voted to make it illegal to drive with a cell phone gets into an accident....

You guessed it. (she's a Democrat)

Nice perk too it was a new state owned vehicle valued at over $30K

And this guy wanted to be President.

Dude, if someone is taking a picture of your office, pick it up a little.

"Flap" The only one flapping here is you Tim.

This from Journal Sentinel radio/tv critic Tim Cuprisin: I've said that recordings of over-the-line bits like Imus' slur against the Rutgers women's basketball team were going to do in other talkers... In McBride's case, it was her own recording, that she posted on her blog, that did her in.

He is of course correct in the shallowest sense of all.

Of course had she not recorded or posted it on her blog this would not have blown up.

If liberals like Cuprisin had not latched onto what they deemed to be a golden opportunity to beat up a rightie this would have never happened. Tim Cuprisin did everything is his power to fuel this story, he should not get to sit back now and say I had nothing to do with this.

More outrageous things happen on McGee radio every day. Were it not for Patrick we would not know. An elected official making better than $70,000 a year who does not think he needs to go to work, he would rather play on the radio, drop N-bombs and call people devils who do not share his skin pigment.

Real racism in play every day, where is Cuprisin? (queue the chirping crickets.)

on The McGee flap Cuprisin posted one link to one blog, mine. If anything he should have posted a link to Badger Blogger, that is HQ for McGee and everyone knows it. On the McBride flap, 7 links to sites complaining. (He didn't know if Nick was a leftie or not, and he did not take the time to ask him, sloppy reporting Tim. On the grand scale of things what was worse?

Cuprisin equated the "flap" to the McGee and Imus affairs. This is no where close.

According to WTMJ Management replacing McBride with Dennis Miller was "in the works". If it was, if it wasn't so what? WTMJ management set a bad precedent here. In some cases it is obvious people cross the line (McGee, Imus), WTMJ has now set the line at Eugene Kane?!?

Jessica McBride was horrified and disgusted by the death of this girl. She made fun of Milwaukee's racist columnist who refused to discuss it. This was not the kind of vicious personal attack that has been getting people fired.

This was a joke at Eugene Kane's expense. And the same paper that pays him pays the equally biased Tim Cuprisin. Apparently this line has moved so fast that now you can get fired for making fun of newspaper columnists.