May 18, 2007

A Radio Wrong

So the leftosphere went in a tizzy, aided by JS radio mouth Tim Cuprisin, and Jessica McBride lost her radio gig.

She expressed outrage over the death of a four year old girl. She made fun of Eugene Kane for not being adult enough to talk to her about it.

And for this WTMJ fires her.

Let us be clear about this, she expressed outrage over this tragic death.

She didn't attack the family, she invited the city's prominent race columnist on her program to talk but he refused, saying he would NEVER come on her program. So much for the big Journal Company family.

Heck - for the outrage of making fun of Milwaukee's very own 'race baiting liberal McGee apologizing sympathizer', she got the axe. The leftosphere has been looking for a right wing talking head to put on their mantle, they got one.

If making fun of the absolutely ridiculous Eugene Kane in any context is enough to get you fired, I would advise anyone reading this to never seek a job in radio.

Eugene Kane has made apologies for the worst in our society, the McGee crime family, for years. The Journal Company never holds him to account for the hate spewed from his column.

Eugene Kane is a grown man, he can defend himself. Jessica McBride intended no harm to this victim or her family.

She certainly was not given an opportunity to explain herself, she was not given the opportunity to apologize to the family if they were offended. The attack left, aided by Cuprisin, went to work to attack a right winger and as usual management folded without any serious consideration.

This is the new thought police.

Watch what you say, they are coming to get you too.

Jessica McBride did not deserve this fate. Peter put it well; On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being inconsequential and 10 being the worst, the Kane/chicken skit is a 1, Imus a 4 and Senior McGee a 12. (I would have given Imus an 8)

I know this much about my friend Jessica, she is a fighter and she will bounce back from this setback. We have not heard the last of Jessica McBride.

And I, for one, am happy about that.

Breaking News: Stick $200,000 to the taxpayers, they won't mind.

Since RUSD head Tom Hicks assumed power over education in Racine he has held an annual meeting at Lake Lawn Resort west of Lake Geneva. This multiple day event is designed for training in relations to Hick's "Quality District Model".

This is the golden fleece that was supposed to turn our schools around in a five year period (going on 7 Doc, still waiting).

Hick's has maintained that corporate sponsorships paid for this high-end fancy schmancy conference. (Could we not do this at one of the high schools we own for much less money?)

In an August 2, 2004 beg letter to Greg Anderegg of SC Johnson Hicks lists the items needing sponsorship adding that "the level of corporate support needed for these activities exceeds earlier estimates."

The list:
  • $42,207.70 to Lake Lawn Resort.

  • $80,426.37 to Racine Marriot (across the street from Case High School folks)

  • $100,366.89 for consultant Dr Jack Champlain.

  • $125,518.40 for consultant Dr. Frank Alessi (add another $19,536.40 for his daughter Elizabeth)

  • $80, 426.40 for Rhoda Massanari, you guessed it a consultant.

  • $16,900 for Panasonic.

  • $93,555 "Other and Miscellaneous" (just trust him like we are supposed to on his dining expense.)
Hicks was counting on sponsorships to come through to cover the shortfall in his staff development budget.

There were some $200,000 in booked contributions that the district had to write off in July of '05 as the payments were never made.
Yep, Tom Hicks went out and spent money he did not have and left the district holding the $200,000 tab.

If this guy is such an expert why are we spending so much money on consultants?

Why do we not use facilities the district owns to hold conferences?

How can the district spend money it does not have?

Simple, just stick it to the taxpayers.

Al Gore - An Inconvenient Youth - Kids cause Global warming

H/T Sykes Writes

Waiter, menu please.

Just to put into perspective the dining habits of Tom Hicks on the taxpayer dime, I thought some of you may want to look over some of the menus.

Greystone Steakhouse.

Commander's Palace.

The Waves.

Ray's in the City. (Cocktails must have been pricy here...)

I wish my taxes were not so high so I could afford to take Mrs RDW to places this nice to eat.

Suspect had five Social Security Numbers.

The Kenosha News is reporting the suspect in the shooting death of a Kenosha Deputy was an illegal with a sixth grade education who had been in trouble with the law and had 5 social security numbers.

I am absolutely furious over the new proposed immigration bill.

Can we root out and deport 12 million illegals, no.

But there is no excuse for not deporting illegals who we put in jail, when their time is up, ship them out.

No excuses, no hearings, out, and you forfiet your right to come back.

Nope, we don't have any vote fraud....

EXCLUSIVE: Hundreds of Illegals Have Registered to Vote in Bexar County

Officials are confident new procedures will purge them from the rolls

By Jim Forsyth

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Hundreds of illegal immigrants have registered to vote in Bexar County in recent years and dozens of them have actually cast ballots, canceling out the votes of U.S. citizens, 1200 WOAI news will report Thursday morning.

Figures obtained by 1200 WOAI news shows 303 illegals successfully registered to vote, and at least 41 cast ballots in various elections.

Bexar County Elections Administrator Jackie Callanan confirmed the figures, but she says a new form of voter registration card, which requires people to swear they are citizens when they register, should help cut the problem, because people who vote illegally can be charged with perjury.

And the county has some sly ways to catch them.

"Maybe they have received a jury summons, the jury wheel relies on registered voters. They send a statement to the jury room that says they are not U.S. citizens and then we get that report immediately," Callanan says.

It's a hot issue in the Texas Legislature, where republicans are pushing a bill that would require voters to show some form of identification before voting.

"Considering that a photo ID is required to buy Sudafed, I can't understand why anyone would argue that the same standard, if not a higher standard, should apply to voting," Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst said. "Why would any Texan oppose legislation that ensures only U.S. citizens vote in elections?"

While not taking a position on the legislation, Callanan warned that any law that required that people present ID at the polling place might actually discourage people from voting.

"It will be cumbersome to have them presented at the polls," she said. "The lines will be longer. It will require an additional check."

Some Democrats in the Legislature have fought the proposal, saying it would keep the poor and minorities, who generally vote Democratic, away from the polls. A key Democratic Senator and Dewhurst got into an argument on the floor of the Senate over the emotional issue.

If there was a study that showed this bill would get the Dems votes they would be in favor of it.

Desperate Attention Hound

See: Jodie Marsh.

May 17, 2007

Breaking News: Hicks is apparently imune from district policy.

This is from the expense reimbursement policy of Racine Unified Schools.

Reimbursement will be made upon completion of a "Travel and Expense Reimbursement Voucher" form by the staff employee with all paid bills attached. Meal reimbursements are not to exceed $4.00 for Breakfast, $6.00 for Lunch and $12.00 for Dinner. This form can be obtained from the Business Office Purchasing Department.

Tom Hicks' contract does have the following clause in it: The District shall reimburse the Superintendent for reasonable and necessary expenses incurred during the performance of his duties as Superintendent.

Any of you who have ever turned in expenses know you had better document your expenses if you do not wish to have the question at some point in the future. Tom Hicks, is apparently immune from that practice.

I am in possession of page after page of receipts chronicling the dining habits of Supernintendo Tom Hicks, many of them have no documentation as to what or who those meals were for.

One thing is certain, Tom Hicks does not skimp at the taxpayers expense in exercising his duties as Superintendent.

In no particular order:

  • Greystone San Diego - $130.14 ($75 for the Mrs)

  • Commander's Palace - $160.65 ($81.00 for the Mrs)

  • The Waves - $133.56.

  • Figs Cucina - San Diego - $100.25

  • Ray's in the City - Atlanta - $276.79

  • Mia Bella Bistro - Lake Geneva - $155.31

  • The Red Snapper - Atlanta - $196.45

  • Houlihan's - $62.44

  • Bentley's - $98.76

These are just a few of the example I have. One thing is certain, Dr. Tom Hicks eats very well on the taxpayer dime, and he clearly does not feel he needs to follow district policy.

Should Mr. 'The District is short on money' be eating this well at taxpayer expense?

I guess that is up to the taxpayers to decide. The question you have to ask is, Are these types of high end meals "reasonable and necessary" in the performance of the duties of Superintendent of Racine schools? Is eating at 4 & 5 star restaurants really a necessary job function?

The man makes well over a hundred and fifty thousand dollars a year in salary and benefits. If he wants to eat first class, he can certainly afford to open his own wallet instead of sticking the taxpayers.

Tomorrow: Why excactly did the district write off $200,000?

It is time to play our favorite game.


Update: Tom Hicks' half of the lunch bill at the San Diego Zoo & Wild Animal Park with his wife on 2-23-06 paid for by Racine taxpayers.

At least he did not stick us with her tab.

How was the zoo Tom?

Brilliant Observation!

A poster on the Journal Times website, HD, asks, if PBCG recommends canceling the referendum knowing it will fail, and consequently saves the district the $40,000 to put on said referendum, would PBCG then get their 20% bonus for cost savings?

Hey, you'll lose, better cancel that. $8,000 please.

Canceling the referendum?

The Journal Times is reporting that Racine Unified School may cancel the upcoming June referendum out of fear that it will fail.

According to School Board Member Randy Bangs, "The community’s trust in us, as a district and as a board, is low.”

No kidding.

Amazing how the district plays with the vote. When the voters say no, they scare the children, ignore the voters and turn right around and put another referendum to the public. Now, when they know that the voters have had enough they want to cancel the referendum a month in advance.

It boggles my mind how they think they can turn off a planned vote.

Why are they afraid to hear from the district?

I have news for the district, this referendum was likely going to fail before all this PBCG stuff started coming out. The reason, "we need time to come up with an educational and financial plan". The same old line we hear on every referendum, more money, same results and we have done precisely nothing in the way of figuring out how to improve things.

I love this line in the story, "The ballot information is at the Racine County clerk’s office. The district pays roughly $40,000 to conduct the special referendum election."

Of course if the district would hold the referendum at the same time as the Spring election it would cost no where near that much.

But then they have a better chance of shoving this down our throats on a day when nothing else is on the ballot.

These people are as crooked as the day is long.

Tonight in our continuing series on RUSD we will delve into CEO/Superintendent Tom Hicks' dining habits.

May 16, 2007

Breaking News: RUSD / PBCG Energy Contract: Fixing the Bid

Follow the timeline folks.
In a letter to RUSD CEO Tom Hicks, PBCG head Nick Alioto suggests the hiring of a company, Energy Education, to help the district save money on energy costs.

PBCG of course will get a bonus on any savings, Superintendent Hicks signs off on this. (attached)


RUSD outside councel Dave Barnes informs the district that due to 66.0133 of the Wisconsin statutues he has concerns about rewarding this contract without a competitive bid. "...before enetering into (such) a performance contract ..., a local government unit shall solicit bids or competitive sealed proposals from qualified providers."
Mindy Bailey Cuby, VP of Marketing of Energy Education sends to PBCG head Nick Alioto a sample RFP. (attached)

This RFP includes the following language: General Condition 4.5 of the sample RFP requiring the contractors must demonstrate a substantial majority of their total business involve implementation of energy saving programs.

Substantial majority, that means more than 50%.

Here is how they rigged the bid.

The bid was sent to three companies, Energy Education, Siemens and Johnson Controls. While Siemens and Johnson Controls do a lot of their business in energy savings programs, and much more business in total then Energy education, PBCG and Energy Education knew that it was not a plurality thereby assuring that the company they wanted would be awarded the bid.

So what we have here is PBCG deciding on a plan, Hicks signing off on it, counsel telling them that was illegal and them manipulating the bid process so that the company they wanted in the first place would be the only one who could win the business.

Then PBCG bills the district for the "projected savings".


A MUST read from Dave Casper.

We had a cold April.

Gas Prices will...

Gas Prices will top out at $_____ per Gallon this summer.

Ad Bleg

Hey, check out the blooming tea ad under the blogads slick.

What a cool concept.

Neat gift.

May 15, 2007

RIP Jerry Falwell.

You worked hard your whole life to try and help, educate and share your faith with people.

You do not deserve the hate coming from the left upon your death.

Those who take these types of opportunities to attack needed your help most of all.

You were not perfect, none of us are. There was only one perfect man who walked upon this earth. I hope you are with him now.

Fred Thompson takes Michael Moore to school

Breaking News: PBCG Does not deserve the Kindergarten Bonus.

We reported yesterday about PBCG and how Tom Hicks signed them to a contract three years past the legal statute, and how PBCG is claiming accounting manuevers that cost the district more in the long run as cost savings.

Today the Journal Times is putting out the latest in the list of excuses as to why the district needs a referendum dispite all of these savings.

In yesterdays list of how and why PBCG deserved bonuses we had this gem. 4- and 5-year-old Kindergarten Expansion. Savings: $5,469,404 in annualized surplus. Status: The School Board approved a program expansion that was implemented this year. Based on this year’s enrollment, the annualized program surplus is this amount. The enrollment is expected to increase as it has in most districts during start-up years of a new program. The expanded kindergarten programs require an initial loan for start-up costs that will be paid back in years 2 and 3 from program revenues. As a result, the spendable surpluses of this size do not begin to accrue until year 3 and thereafter at larger amounts than stated.

Issue: PBCG did not come up with this idea. I have proposals to the district from a Comittee of Teachers and Principals recommending all day kindergarten and four year old kindergarten.

This one is pretty easy. If it was recommended before PBCG was ever hired, why in the heck do we owe PBCG any kind of bonus on anything?
We paid the bonus though, and for some reason PBCG is defending doing so.
Tom Hicks signed off on this.
Does something smell to you?

May 14, 2007

Possible Darwin award winner.

Man with panties on face attempts to rob W.Va. store

MRQ - Bait is for Fish

Ahem. As I was telling the Alderman, I shall now consider removing Bait from my diet. Even if you're supposed to eat it with pretty sticks, soy sauce, and wasabi.

I'm under the weather as you can probably guess. So here's yer danged quotes! It was all we had, and we liked it!

Now relax. Pimping a library cart won't lead to the vandals sacking Rome any time soon. Nick.

Fred, the bike theory is possible. Although my gut tells me the Smart cars saw the rioters coming, and they surrendered. Phel

Hey, I’m married and old - NOT dead! Kate

I thought you meant XXX pictures of you, not XXX pictures in general. Cantankerous

Don't Bike to Work. You will stink and offend coworkers. Fraley

On the bright side, this might just be the only tax increase that doesn’t get passed this year. Owen

One man’s grandma is another man’s special interest. Elliot

Fuzz, are you wearing a shirt that says “I’m Huggable”? Claude

Thinking of having kids? Thinking of having another kid? Why? Do you hate the Earth that much? Lance

One more benefit of a full beard. I don't need any of that dangerous shaving cream. Triticale

Sorry for the morons running our paper. Still unreal

if (finalExam == completed)… Scott

Type A personalities make me sneeze. Huck Dumbell

Can we now start calling them the Screamin' Tommies instead of Screamin' Mimis? Condiforprez

I don't think you want to put Fannie Mae on too high a pedestal. Dad29

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for. Fred's Drinking Right Dispatches!

God you are a sick man. Fraley

Oh s**t that was good. Cantakerous

Are you completely blown? Nick

I only get 1/2 the jokes. Fraley

I have to leave by 8. Aaron. (He said this @ 8:30)

Am I in prison? Nick.

That is a good rule. Joe.

Inconsistency is my middle name. Steve.

Thanks for asking me. Still Unreal.

Breaking News: PBCG hired illegaly? You tell me.

PBCG, the consulting company RUSD CEO Tom Hicks Hired to run financial services when he could not find anyone willing to do the job, was signed by Hicks to a five-year contract.

You all have heard of PBCG I hope, the Journal Sentinel has been reporting on PBCG and how they are fleecing the over-burdened taxpayers of Racine. The Journal Times is busy publishing excuses for the bad behavior.

Section 118.24(1) of the Wisconsin Statutes authorizes school districts to employ persons for certain responsibilities including business management. Section 188.24 (1) limits the term of contracts for people in these positions to two years. (Annual extensions may be provided for).

RUSD CEO Tom Hicks contracted PBCG for five years, 3 years outside the statutes allowed term.

OBCG is paid $40,000 a month plus huge bonuses based on identified cost savings, add onto that guaranteed 4% annual increases.

In today's Journal Times online they published the latest list of defenses to PBCG bonuses.

This is most outrageous. Transfer of Services Revenues. Savings: $1,868,450. Status: Approved by the DPI and in current budget.

Let me tell you how this scam works. Transfer of services revenues. PBCG Identified $1,868,450 that was able to be transferred from local spending tax authority to the State Department of Instruction. In short move $1,866,450 from the local taxes to the state taxes.

This is NOT a savings. This is just a transfer of which tax fund is used.

Now, PBCG claims this $1,868,350 in savings and gets paid a 20% bonus on the amount of savings; $373,670 in bonuses not from saving any money but moving it from one tax account to another.

Then the district can spend that $1,868,350 on the local taxing authority again.

Only in government RUSD speak can $1,868,350 in savings wind up costing the taxpayers a total of $4,110,370.

That is EXACTLY what has happened here.

Accounting tricks folks, this is Enron Racine style.

So what we have here is a possibly illegally executed contract signed by Tom Hicks paying huge bonuses out to people who have not earned them.

This is but the first of many outrages we will publish here in the days to come highlighting the ridiculous actions of the Racine Unified School District and their CEO Tom Hicks.

Hold onto your wallets folks, it gets worse from here.
Our next two reports will feature two more of the PBCG savings claims and prove they do not deserve the bonuses.

Pimp your librarian.

The following note expressing concern over the Racine Libraries "Pimp my Library Cart" contest from concerned citizen Lou D'Abbraccio to Racine Library Director Jessica MacPhail:

I cannot tell you how disappointed I am in the Racine Public Library for sponsoring a contest with the ill-considered theme of "Pimp My Library Cart."

I understand your desire to encourage interest in the library among younger readers, but, popular culture notwithstanding, the word "pimp" and the concept behind it are offensive, and not appropriate for a contest focused on children.

Libraries ought to serve as bastions of culture and knowledge, not to embrace their decline.

The response from MacPhail:

Thank you for taking the time to express your opinion on our program.

I'm glad you feel so strongly about the library. The word "pimp" has come to mean "decorate" to teens. I apologize if the use of that term is offensive to you. Many libraries are using this word in the sense of decorating. It may sound silly, but it shows teens that we recognize their place in the world and aren't afraid to invite them to the table. The library's goal is to bring resources, services and programs to the community, to add value to the community as a whole.

Teens are a big part of the community and we'd like to recognize their unique contributions in a positive way. As with any new program, we will evaluate its usefulness afterwards.

Again, thank you for sharing your concern with me. I appreciate your willingness to tell me your opinion.

Jessica MacPhail,
Library Director
Racine Public Library
75 Seventh Street
Racine, WI 53403
Phone: 262/636-9252

In short MacPhail says we firmly embrace "Pimp" Culture, thanks for your concern, now go away.

Any wonder our society is in free-fall?

"Pimp" culture has no place in our tax payer funded institutions. We should not be embracing this. What's next, The Racine Public Library stop snitchin' campaign?

If ya don't get yo book bak in the prop digits, I'll put a cap in yo ass?

D'Abbraccio nailed this, our libraries should serve as bastions of knowledge and culture, they should not embrace the decline of it.

Teachers vote yes on photo ID

MADISON – For the Democrats, simply showing an electricity bill may be enough to vote in Wisconsin, but it won't allow you to vote at the Wisconsin Education Association Council (WEAC) meeting this weekend.

On the WEAC website, delegates are reminded to bring their photo ID’s to the 2007 WEAC Representative Assembly. For the first time, WEAC delegates will have to show a photo ID to register and vote in WEAC elections.

“While legislative Democrats work feverishly to kill the photo ID bill, their largest political bankroller, the state teachers union, has told members they must present valid photo ID to vote at the WEAC membership meeting,” said Mark Jefferson, Executive Director of the Republican Party of Wisconsin.

Jefferson said if Democrats think WEAC elections are important enough to require photo identification to vote, elections for public office certainly should be too.

“So teachers, when you go to your WEAC meeting don't forget your photo ID,” said Jefferson. “Because in Wisconsin, WEAC wants less accountability for our educators and higher taxes, but they won't take your word that you're a member.”

H/T: RDW FSA: Angie.

Racine Unified Overpays CFO group..

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has a story out again today highlighting how the Racine school district is overpaying PBCG, their financial gurus.

The Milwaukee paper has done a sterling job covering this story though we first broke the detail on this last June.

As usual the Racine paper is playing follow the leader.

This evening look for the first in a series of reports here highlighting this and other issues concerning this district.

This is all new stuff folks, never reported before.

We are going to wear out the breaking news sign.


Global warming to cause homelessness.

Is there some kind of giant contest I am not aware of to make up bad stuff global warming WILL perhaps cause at some vague point in the future?

This is "science" through fear.

Nothing more.

May 13, 2007

What we do for our voters.

As you know, Real Debate is up for the prestigious Blog of The Week.

Having learned that how you look is at least as important as what you say, I publish for you here my latest hair cut receipt.

Take that John Edwards.

Hey Milwaukee, you got nuthin' on Racine.

Fourth weekend in a row with a shooting in sleepy little Racine.

See the story beneath this one, correlation?

Rap culture out of control.

The Racine library is having a contest for children to decorate book carts.

Sounds nice huh?

They are calling this CHILDRENS PROGRAM, "Pimp my Library Cart"

Does the pimp culture really have to infiltrate our taxpayer supported lake-view high dollar library?
See the story above this one, correlation?

H/T: RDW Field Surviellance Agent L.D.