May 11, 2007

Trash photoshop.

This from Mets Today.

The Brewers are getting no love or respect from the Mets.

I hope the Brewers sweep these east coast elitists jerks.

Do these people vote? Nanny 911

Gannett Wisconsin Newspapers


Need a little help with your kids?

Don't call 911. A Dodge County woman apparently under the influence of a TV show called 911 this week because she needed a baby sitter.

The rest.

May 10, 2007

Who 'dat

Meet Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius. She is the one who complained the National Guard could not help her tornado ravaged state as too many of their people and too much of their equipment was in Iraq.
Only issue. She has not requested any assistance from the National Guard. They do not show up without a request from the Governor. As Tony Snow put it, "If you don't request it, you're not going to get it."
She is making a cheap, dishonest political attack.
National Guard officials say they have plenty of equipment and personnel and have contingency plans in place should they require assistance.

Creating racism

ESPN, which has become more about creating news than reporting it, put out this survey making Barry Bonds a victim of racism. The survey asks questions about whether fans are cheering for or against Bonds breaking Hank Aaron's home run record. They also question those rooting against Bonds as to why, be it steroids, attitude and of course race. They go further into the questions by breaking out responses from white respondents and black respondents. Molesting the data to show any hint the white people cannot support a black athlete's success. Not true, many Americans, of all races, look to Hammerin' Hank as a hero and the true home run king. What would have made this whole survey moot is if the injury bug had not infected Ken Griffey, Jr. Griffey was on pace to smash Aaron's record, but missed several games due to numerous injuries. He would have been a home run champ America would have cheered on to the top.

This is a black athlete breaking the record of another black athlete. Since ESPN cannot glom on to this being the first black home run champ, they have to find a racial angle to divide the fans of America's past time. I am not hoping Bonds fails because of race; I root against him because he has been nothing but an tremendous jackass throughout his career. He is mean, selfish and really does not appreciate the fans that do cheer for him.

ESPN should be ashamed of this cheap shot at white baseball fans.

It is time to play our favorite game.

What is 500%?

WINNER! Still Unreal.

500% is the proposed increase in the Wisconsin Beer Tax.

Cubs blew it.

The 2nd place Chicago Cubs had a great opportunity to pick up a half a game against the first place Brewers today.

The Brewers had the day off.

They blew it.

Another 1/2 game pick-up on #2.

This team is doing so well they even pick up ground on their day off.

This idiot should be fired.

By Nicole Fuller
Sun Reporter
Originally published May 10, 2007, 11:18 AM EDT

Apparently, somebody in Baltimore isn't a fan of Rush Limbaugh.

A large billboard advertising local air times for the conservative radio talk-show host has been defaced.

Robert Murrow, a spokesman for the city's Department of Public Works, saw the vandalism as he drove to work this morning on I-83 near the Guilford Avenue exit. He called The Sun, saying that someone had poured paint on the image of Limbaugh's face.

Limbaugh, who is nationally syndicated, can be heard on WCBM 680 AM from noon to 3 p.m."It looks like they took globs of paint and threw it on his face. It looks great. It did my heart good," said Murrow, who admittedly is not a Limbaugh fan.

I don't really care where your affiliations are, when you are a spokesman for a major cities Department of Public Works you DO NOT PRAISE VANDALISM!

I would really not like to say that this is just another shining example of the left not caring about law or ethics above partisanship, but...

Gas prices are _____________________

Gas prices are ______________________

Stupid Gas Laws

MERRILL, Wis. - A service station that offered discounted gas to senior citizens and people supporting youth sports has been ordered by the state to raise its prices.

Center City BP owner Raj Bhandari has been offering senior citizens a 2 cent per gallon price break and discount cards that let sports boosters pay 3 cents less per gallon.
But the state

Department of Agriculture Trade and Consumer Protection says those deals violate Wisconsin's Unfair Sales Act, which requires stations to sell gas for about 9.2 percent more than the wholesale price.

Bhandari said he received a letter from the state auditor last month saying the state would sue him if he did not raise his prices. The state could penalize him for each discounted gallon he sold, with the fine determined by a judge.

Aren't the Democrats in charge now, can't they do something about gas prices in Wisconsin? Much of our ridiculous price is from ridiculous laws.

Do something.


(By do something, I mean repeal some of these stupid laws instead of trying to pass fines to companies that will be passed back through to us in increased prices)

Funny Video man fights bear haha.

Updated AFP Tax rally Video

Updated version

May 9, 2007

What the hell is going on out there?!?

This famous quote from Vince Lombardi fits the RUSD school board precisely. The back and forth story regarding the payment, or lack there of, plus the billing, or not billing, in relation to yet another consultant is creating more chaos.

The story is that RUSD has paid Public Business Consulting Group $600,000 and possibly owes them another $700,000+ in fees for cost savings. Yes, they pay to realize cost savings. Those savings must be huge in order to justify over a $1 million in fees. That said, if RUSD is gaining all of these cost savings why are they asking for more money via the traditional referendum? It doesn't add up. Of course, all of this chaos follows the story of the school board trying to sneak through a contract extension for Supernintendo Hicks who is the primary player in these endless consulting contracts. It makes no sense.

The Journal Times has stories surrounding all of this mess



...and here

What makes this all boil down to a steaming pile is that the district told the REA (teachers' union) they will cut 32 full-time positions should the referendum not pass. The district must cut positions at the instructional level while paying consultants six and seven figure fees. It's the first time I posted it for 2007, VOTE NO!

Of course all of you RUSD votes need to sign this online petition to make sure the bobbleheads on the school board know that Hicks is not appreciated and deserves no more of our tax dollars.

H/T from 2006:
Fred first covered this 6-28-06

Brenda had it 6-09-06

Royal Humor.

By DESMOND BUTLER, Associated Press Writer
Wed May 9, 8:08 AM ET

WASHINGTON - The queen had the last laugh. Dispensing with protocol briefly at the formal dinner she hosted for Queen Elizabeth said, "I wonder whether I should start this toast by saying, 'When I was here in 1776.' "

The joke was at the expense of the president — the same president whose wife said he had to be talked into putting on the most formal dinner a White House can host — a white-tie affair.

Bush took it in stride, though, starting his toast by saying, "Your Majesty, I can't top that one."

Paris Hilton is _____________________

Paris Hilton is _________________________________

May 8, 2007

There really are two blogospheres...

As you know Phelony's primary joint, The Confidentials, and Real Debate Wisconsin have both been nominated for the prestigious Mkeonline Blog of the Week. Assuming one of us wins, she wins no matter what. It is apparently good to be Phelony.

I thought I would point out at this opportune moment that there are really two blogospheres.

This is my home. Here, Mrs Real Debate and I try to plan our busy social calendars and how to manipulate the futures market to our best benefit.

We bought this house with the massive advertising revenue generated by Real Debate Wisconsin. We love our home but the taxes on the chateau are a bit high as you might expect. We could use the extra exposure by winning this prestigious award to generate additional revenue to pay taxes thus benefiting all of society.

This is Phelony's house.

As you can see she has a much easier time paying the tax load on her home, in fact rumor has it she is a renter and more of a parasite on society and the taxes we pay.

So when deciding where to put your support, consider the greater societal implication of allowing us to pay our exceedingly beneficial taxes, Phelony needs the help.

Blog of the week

Now this is a quandry.

The MKE Blog of the week contest has up Real Debate Wisconsin and The Confidentials.

I feel led to vote for the Grand Dutchess of MRQ but jeesh, a vote for RDW is also a vote for Phel.

Frack, go vote for somebody.

May 7, 2007

MRQ - The Week of the Impossible

I emailed Fred to find out what he thought about this week's MRQ. He rattled off a lot of things that occurred in the past week and when I thought about it a little further, it sure was quite a week. Paris Hilton in the bighouse, France electing a conservative, the Brewers are amazing, that guy is off the McAir, Eugene Kane with his head in the Yakov Smirnov once said, "Whatta Country"

"For herrrrre....
...or to go?" Christian

What do the Christmas Story Leg Lamp and Chicago have in common? Cantankerous

Blogosphere Liberation Army. Yeah, right.

On my deathbed I will receive total conciseness. Chris

Tell us something else stunningly obvious. Marcus

So when we encounter someone who acts subhuman, can we get him declared a chimpanzee? I think I’ll start a list. Wendy

I tell my neighbors my lawn is green and gold to honor the Packers. Triticale
(or as I tell the kids passing by, "Dammit, don't go pulling up my flowers")

Please don’t judge me based on the fact that Val Kilmer is in two of my five movies. Fuzz

The debate has begun, but I think the main point is being missed: Who's footing the 'lectric bill here? Tee Bee

All it means is they'll make us want to pull out our hair a little less frequently. Jib

In this world full of nutjobs, one can't be too careful. Dean

I would point out that while she may have a fair point, those look like Smart cars and you never know, maybe a bicycle went by really fast and the breeze blew them over. Fred

I taught the lawn a lesson today. Aaron

I think the Glamour Shots (and Melanie Conklin) have gone to his head. Jenna

Hey Scott, DON’T plug a 110 appliance into a 220 outlet. BOOM. Andy Arvan

I wonder how the labor unions are taking this one.......tee hee. Silent e

C’mon, it’ll be like water skiing! On a couch! In a cow pasture! Something special from Wisconsin. Huckleberry Dumbell, Ace Reporter

Does that Jumpsuit come in Pink? The Masked Blogger

This election just may make me rethink my French wine boycott. Sean

Now if you'll excuse moi, a tall dark and handsome bottle of chateauneuf-du-pape awaits me. Okay it's really absinthe, but I digress, a lot. A bientot!

HR 1595 or F James Sensenbrenner has lost his mind.

The Guam WWII Loyalty Recognition Act

From the bill. Directs the Secretary of the Treasury to make specified payments to: (1) living Guam residents who were killed, injured, interned, or subjected to forced labor or marches resulting from, or incident to, such occupation and subsequent liberation; and (2) survivors of compensable residents who died in war or survivors of compensable injured residents (such payments to be made after payments have been made to surviving Guam residents).

Yes, we are supposed to pay reperations to residents of Guam for the actions of Japan in World War II.

House Democrats are pushing this forward and calling for a vote.

Wisconsin's only co-sponsors of this bill is our very own F. James Sensenbrenner. I can not understand why Sensenbrenner is a co-sponsor of this bill but I call on him to try and end this idiocy.

Couch Surfing.

Only in Wiscownsin.

French Riots.

So the left lost another election and rioted. (mexico anyone)

Amy pointed us to a story with this picture to show the horror of the socialist riot.

I would point out that while she may have a fair point, those look like Smart cars and you never know, maybe a bicycle went by really fast and the breeze blew them over.

Anything can happen.

A cowardly decision.

Journal Sentinel Radio & TV critic Tim Cuprisin called WNOV owner Jerrel Jones decision to remove Michael McGee Sr a smart one.

He replaced Sr McGee with Jr McGee, that was a horrible decision, a cowardly decision.

Son of Hate was on air with Hate Dad when he made his latest ridiculous remarks and he was laughing in the background.

Honestly, if anyone thinks it is a good decision to put Jr on, they need help with critical decision making skills. And Jr may be the new host but do you really think Sr will not be on? Calling in? A guest? Pulease.

If you missed Sr. going off on Fox 6 he seems justified in his hate for Charlie Sykes because Sykes (and Belling) have gone after his son.

When your son is an elected official who in open court threatens to kill the mother of his unborn child, and when that woman is not his wife, I have news for you he is fair game. When he recommends throwing bricks at cars, when he writes love notes to a communist dictator, when he yells at people calling them faggots, when he confronts and swears at innocent store employees, when he confronts police, when he disturbs the peace, when he turns over squad cars and threatens shootings from the freeway, (wait that was you).

Maybe if you had taken the time to teach your brat some common sense Commander McGee....

But then you would have had to have an ounce of common sense to teach your son the same.

Jerrel Jones' decision was a cowardly move and the Journal Sentinel's analysis by Tim Cuprisin was weak at best. Jerrel Jones should have taken both McGees from the air.

Additionally, the continued complete absence of Eugene Kane is ridiculous. Eugene has apparently made the conscious decision to hide on this issue. No one has made more excuses for the McGees than him, it is time he be held responsible as well. You can not be the race reporter and columnist without commenting on race from all facets of society.

May 6, 2007

France takes a sharp turn to the right.

PARIS (Reuters) - Conservative Nicolas Sarkozy triumphed in France's presidential election on Sunday, sweeping aside his Socialist rival Segolene Royal on the back of a huge turnout that gave him a powerful mandate for reform.

Thousands of rightist supporters flooded into central Paris to celebrate the victory, but there were also skirmishes between leftist sympathizers and police in at least one city square and reports of sporadic violence in two suburbs near the capital.

Addressing cheering party faithful, Sarkozy pledged to push through his reform program, promising to wage war on unemployment and give a boost to French morale.

"The French people have chosen change. I will usher in this change because it is the mandate I have received from the people and because France needs it, but I will do it with all the French," he said, looking to heal the divisions of the campaign.

With almost all ballots counted, Sarkozy had won 53.1 percent of the vote against 46.9 percent for Royal. Turnout was some 85 percent -- the highest since 1981.