May 4, 2007

An opinion from Iraq you will likely not hear from most US Media.

Don't Abandon Us

By Hoshyar ZebariFriday, May 4, 2007; Page A23

Last weekend a traffic jam several miles long snaked out of the Mansour district in western Baghdad. The delay stemmed not from a car bomb closing the road but from a queue to enter the city's central amusement park. The line became so long some families left their cars and walked to enjoy picnics, fairground rides and soccer, the Iraqi national obsession.

Across the city, restaurants are slowly filling and shops are reopening. The streets are busy. Iraqis are not cowering indoors. The appalling death tolls from suicide attacks are often high because of crowding at markets. These days you are as likely to hear complaints about traffic congestion as about the security situation. Across Baghdad there is a cacophony of sirens from ambulances, firefighters and police providing public services. You cannot even escape the curse of traffic wardens ticketing illegally parked cars.

These small but significant snippets of normality are overshadowed by acts of gross violence, which fuel the opinion of some that Iraq is in a downward spiral. The Iraqi people are indeed suffering tremendous hardships and making grave sacrifices -- but daily life goes on for 7 million Baghdadis struggling to take back their capital and country.

Today, at an international summit on the future of Iraq in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, my government will ask the international community to maintain its engagement in our country to help us achieve our goals of security and stability. We recognize that our request conflicts with a plethora of voices decrying the situation in Iraq and those in the British and American publics who seek an expeditious withdrawal from a war they claim is all but lost.

So why should the world remain engaged in Iraq?

There is no denying the difficulties Iraq faces, and no amount of good news can obscure the demons of terrorism and sectarianism that have risen in my country. But there is too much at stake to risk failure, and everything to gain by helping us protect our hard-won democratic achievements and emerge as a stable, self-sustaining country.

The rest...

Kudos to Channel 6

They got the racist of the year on tape.


Mini McGee to the rescue.

It is my undersatnding that Mini McGee took to the airwaves in the place of his father today.

He, being his father's child, was laughing in the background when his father was being about the worst piece of human debris on the planet on the radio on Thursday.

Is Mini, thinking his Pops hate speech was funny, the best person to replace Hate-Dad on the radio?

I would suggest he is just as bad as his father and is just as bad an outrage to have him on the air as his father.

At this point I think it would be prudent to remind the public that McGee's program is essentially an infomercial. They pay to put that programming on the air, and disgustingly enough that funding has come from TAX MONEY from anti-poverty agencies.

Can someone, anyone, explain to me exactly how it helps poverty stricken individuals to put a racist hater on the air, and more importantly why should tax money go to support this family of human debris?

Jerrel Jones, the owner of WNOV radio, has a perfect right to determine who he does and who he does not wish to do business with.

At this point it is up to him, and I believe he should axe this whole hour of paid programing and replace it with ANYTHING!

How about the Eugene Kane apology and excuse hour?

Most over blogged story of the day.

Activists in Europe are trying to get a primate legal status as a human.

It has been tried before.

Senior Care Extended

H/T Kathy

At a news conference today in Madison, First District Congressman Paul Ryan shared a letter he just received from U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Michael Leavitt which states that the federal government will grant a six-month waiver extension to allow Wisconsin's SeniorCare program to continue to the end of this year, instead of letting the state's SeniorCare waiver expire as originally scheduled on June 30, 2007.

I did my part, have you?

Thank you for contacting the Federal Communications Commission to share your concerns about inappropriate program material. It's against federal law to air obscene programming at any time. It is also against federal law to air indecent or profane programming during certain hours. The Commission is charged with enforcing the law that governs these types of broadcasts.

Michael McGee has his allies, hate's apologist.

Eugene Kane.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's very own race-baiting McGee apologist.

Right now on his blog he is ranting and raving about Don Imus possibly getting paid after being fired. (contracts are so inconvenient)

And on Michael McGee Sr's hate speech?


Two items beneath that Imus complaint is yet another excuse for the spawn of McGee, Jr. McGee on his recent suggestion to throw rocks and bricks and speeding cars.

Tell me Eugene, when someone takes Jr. McGee's advice and throws a brick at a speeding car, and when that car turns around and someone shoots the kid who threw that brick, who will you blame then?

Kane puts up a statement from Jr.

Earlier this week on the "Word Warrior Report," a radio program on 860 WNOV-AM, comments I made were misconstrued and then posted on a misinformed, fledgling blog site. The site indicated that I was trying to incite violence.

Judge for yourself, here are Jr. McGee's actual words, not the ones he made up later to cover his sorry behind.

Eugene Kane is smart enough to know the difference yet he perpetuates and apologizes for both McGees continually.

Why does the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel allow this to continue? It becomes clearer to me every day that Eugene Kane has as much hate for white society as his friends the McGees. The double standard here is startling.

Just as Michael McGee Sr should be removed from the airways, so should Eugene Kane be removed from the pages of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

If our society is to ever get beyond hate and racism at some point we need to stop allowing racism from ALL SEGMENTS OF OUR SOCIETY.

Hate is ugly, regardless of skin tone.

UPDATE: Texas Hold 'Em Blogger says queue the crickets.

May 3, 2007

AFP Taxpayer Rally

It was my pleasure to participate in this and call a pig, a pig. Yeah that's me...

Real hate on display. The McGee legacy.

If you have the stomach, listen to this rant from Michael McGee Sr.

In it he actually says how happy he is that Charlie Sykes' mother Kay is dead among other ridiculous hate filled rants.

This is 1,000 times worse than anything Imus did to be thrown off the air.

What will Eugene Kane and the other McGee apologists say this time? Not a damn thing. They don't care about racism or hate speech from black people towards white people. Some people are allowed to be racist hate mongers in our society. Why this man has a voice on public airways is beyond my comprehension.

Michael McGee Sr, and his brat kid are among the most hateful people I have ever had the displeasure to encounter.

What's worse is I actually expected to hear this from him.

Kudos as usual to Patrick for picking up this audio.

May 2, 2007

Hey Journal Times, need a new keyboard?

This in your Journal Times online version today.

Former state senators Brian Burke and Chuck Chvala, both attorneys, have had their licenses to practice law suspended. The suspension orders were released this morning. The two former lawmakers served time in jail for their roles in the state caucus scandal. The two were convicted of misconduct in office, for forcing employees to campaign on state time. Burke's license has been suspended for two years, effective Jan. 3, 2006. He must also pay the Office of Lawyer Regulation for the costs of the proceeding and complete 15 hours of legal education ethics credits. Chvala's license has also been suspended for two years, retroactive to April 10, 2006. In issuing the suspensions, the Wisconsin Supreme Court said the lawmakers' behavior in office reflected poorly on their conduct as attorneys.The Supreme Court opinion says Burke "committed criminal acts that reflect adversely on his honesty, trustworthiness and fitness as a lawyer." He will be required to pay $11,081.49, the full cost of the proceeding, before he can regain his license. The Office of Lawyer Regulation filed a petition for a summary suspension of Chvala's law license on Nov. 4, 2005; Chvala objected. The court ruled with the OLR, saying that the "serious nature of Attorney Chvala's professional misconduct warrants a two-year suspension of his license to pracice law in this state."

Anything missing?

(D) perhaps?

Text-Your-Own Adventures of Spider-Man

A warm up....

Is it Friday yet?

Who 'dat?

Brewers Update...

Is there anything this team can't do right currently?

This from todays scoring summary.

Hall stole home, Hart stole second.

I can't wait to see the replay of this tonight.

The war on rice...

Experts target rice as climate culprit

By MICHAEL CASEY, AP Environmental Writer Tue May 1, 1:00 PM ET

BANGKOK, Thailand - As delegates to a climate conference here debate how to reduce greenhouse gases, one of the problems — and a possible solution — lies in the rice fields that cover much of Thailand, the rest of Asia and beyond.

Methane emissions from flooded rice paddies contribute to global warming just as coal-fired power plants, automobile exhausts and other sources do with the carbon dioxide they spew into the atmosphere.

In fact, the report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change meeting this week in Bangkok concludes that rice production was a main cause of rising methane emissions in the 20th century. It calls for better controls.

"There is no other crop that is emitting such a large amount of greenhouse gases," said Reiner Wassmann, a climate change specialist at the International Rice Research Institute in the Philippines.

"Methane emissions are unique to rice," he said. "If Asian countries are exploring possibilities to reduce greenhouse gas, they have to look at rice production. I'm not saying it's the biggest source, but in Asia it's a source that cannot be neglected."

Good thing Kyoto was so tough on Asia...


The war on cheese...

Coming across the pond?

Via The Times Online.

TV ban is hard cheese for dairymen

Cheesemakers in Britain are fighting back over the “demonisation” of their produce after adverts for cheese were banned during children’s TV shows such as The Simpsons.
A meeting yesterday accused the Government and “its renegade agencies without portfolio” of damaging the image of cheese and hampering future growth of the cheese market, worth £3 billion a year.

The furore has been prompted by a decision by Ofcom, the broadcast regulator, to adopt a nutrient profiling model to ban “junk food” promotions to children.

Under the formula, devised by the Food Standards Agency, cheese is deemed to be a food high in fat and salt and therefore cannot be advertised during teatime programmes or on Saturday morning TV. Cheese promotions are also banned during programmes such as Hollyoaks and Friends, popular viewing among early teenagers.

A survey published in The Grocer magazine, of 100 senior people in the dairy industry, confirmed that the overwhelming view was that cheese is under siege.

Only 2 per cent believed that the Government was supportive of the cheese industry while 52 per cent said that it was actively “anticheese”.

May 1, 2007

Our Sincere Condolences.

JSonline is reporting that WTMJ radio host Charlie Sykes' Mother died in a condominium fire today.

Our condolences to Mr Sykes and his family, our prayers as well.

What do you call a day without ILLEGAL immigrants?

A good start.

There is a reason....

At Saturdays Blog Summit Eugene Kane uttered the following statement, "I was already the most hated black person in the main stream media, I thought I might as well be the most hated person in the blogosphere too."

There is a reason for that Eugene, you are a jerk, and you proved it once again in your column today.

I was invited to participate in a panel discussion on the need for more diversity in the blogosphere. Some bloggers were reportedly eager to make my acquaintance, although few took the opportunity.

Perhaps Eugene if you had stuck around for a few minutes people would have. You arrived just before your panel and left immediately afterwards, it seemed you could not get out of the room fast enough.

It was clear the blogosphere in Milwaukee is similar to most institutions in town: predominantly white and filled with folks who only want to talk about race relations if they can blame all of the problems in the black community on Ald. Mike McGee.

Wrong wrong wrong and seeing racism where none exists again Eugene. I give you credit for making a living out of the same old tired shtick though.

You might make the case that the local political blogosphere is primarily white, but you are making the same old racist claim where you have nothing to back it up.

Once again, you can get on the Internet at no cost, start a blog at no cost and share your opinion at no cost.

There is no age barrier, there is no barrier to race, gender, age, ethnicity, religion, economic status.

There are gay blogs, straight blogs, writing blogs, gardening blogs, craft blogs, celebrity blogs, immigration blogs, photo blogs, cooking blogs, sex tip blogs, marriage advice blogs, automotive repair blogs, technical support blogs, blogs on race, blogs on diversity, and even blogs written by paid columnists who see racism even where none exists.

And here we go with Alderman McGee again Eugene. Tell me, when a kid throws a brick at a speeding car, and that speeding car turns around and shoots that kid for throwing that brick; who will you blame? I'm sure whoever that is they will be white and they will not be Alderman McGee.

Just because you, other black leaders, or his constituents refuse to hold him to account for his ridiculous hateful racist behavior does not mean the blogosphere should not. You obviously have contempt for the blogosphere for doing so or you would not have brought it up.

I guess this is your tacit acceptance of the McGee toss a brick to slow down the cars campaign.

I love this nugget, "I think bloggers will continue to increase their relevance and impact as long as they don't start taking themselves too seriously."

Eugene, dude, mirror.

We'll end with this bit of tripe, "I noticed some of the bloggers in the room have an aggressive and even combative style on the Internet, but when you meet them they come across as perfectly civil people. The folks who found time to speak to me assured me they liked my column and blog even if they didn't always agree with it. They forgot to mention how they'd give up a lung to have my job."

How did you proofread this column and not see how aggressive and combative you are?

I hope this is not too aggressive Eugene.

I don't think I would ever be hired as a race-baiting liberal columnist, I hear we already have one too many and frankly...

I could not afford the pay cut.

April 30, 2007

Post Blog Summit Distress Disorder

I need help. And I know that a program exists out there that was made just for me. I can't find it myself and furthermore, I am too much of a basket case to be bothered with finding this help. That said, I think I will sit here and rot and perhaps I will get an instant message from a group who can lobby or protest on my behalf. Uncle Sam owes me, dammit. I'm female and I'm out of my favorite shampoo, too. There was far too much fun this past weekend and I'm simply off kilter from all the blogging fun. Except there was no blogging at the Blog Summit. I'm distressed. Talk amongst yourselves, I'll give you a topic: Us getting back to our normal lives!

I’m guessing Ed Garvey’s excuse involves missing his meds. Sean

I don’t think I can do it with less than 12 squares. Aaron

all the Funyons in the world couldn't keep them from one another's throats. Casper

I really like waffles, and those are difficult to get in utero. Christian

all I can say is I must have the best hands of the blogosphere. Pete

It’s laws like these that make me want to get drunk in the first place. Elliot

Pepsi woos drinkers with Coke attacks. Jay

File this under “The Islamokazis really want to kill ALL of us” Steve.

Kbye. The Masked Blogger

Anyway, she’s a wiener, too. Tim

We Need To Go Back to the Stoneage! Marcus

I'll kick the kids outside of course. They like helicopters. Wigs

It must have been a Bush-Rove-Cheney-Halliburton conspiracy to punish the Bay Area for Nancy Pelosi, because we all know fire can't melt steel. Jib

A neck tattoo is a sure sign that your life will suck. Owen

Now. Get back to work. You have to pay for me to sit on my rear, after all.

Fire melting concrete and steel.

Paying attention Rosie?

Talk about impressive

11.1 Innings pitched.

2 hits given up.

7 walks, 19 strike outs.

0.00 ERA in 12 appearances.

10 saves in 10 opportunities.

That's pitching.

Way to go CoCo.

Hey Racine pay attention!

Home valuations slacken

Double-digit growth in Milwaukee property assessments slows to 5%

Posted: April 29, 2007

The slowdown in the housing market has put the brakes on recent years of double-digit increases in property assessments in Milwaukee, especially among residential properties.

For owners of single-family homes and duplexes, assessment notices that began landing in mailboxes Saturday will show an average increase in value of less than 1%.

That's in contrast to two years of double-digit increases, including a jump averaging 13.1% from 2005 to 2006 for all residential property, including condominiums.

Officials say the slowing of property value growth is largely a result of a housing market that has gone flat - in Milwaukee and throughout the region. Other communities are likely to experience the same thing in their assessments, though not all revalue property every year, as Milwaukee does.

My assessment went up $10,000. The market here has sofetened as well.

There is only one way my assessment went up $10,000 in the last year (yes Racine assesses every single year), and that is they are increasing property assessments arbitrarily solely for the purpose of increasing taxes.

I'm glad to see at least one community around here actually pays attention to the real estate market in relation to property tax assessments.

24 Character Guide

For the 24 fan, I impore you go check out the 24 in 24: Day 6 character guide.

April 29, 2007

Was Day 1 of the Packers Draft Diverse Enough?

On day one of the 2007 NFL draft the Green Bay Packers selected four African American men no one had ever heard of.

Inspired by yesterdays blog summit this makes me ponder the question, is this draft diverse enough?

Think about it, the Packers went against the conventional wisdom of everyone in the state who does not get paid to study the relative worth of football talent from the collegiate ranks. They passed on the white Notre Dame QB thought to be a can't miss franchise quarterback for the black oft injured lineman from Tennessee.

This was possibly a move to placate global warming advocates Justin Harell and Al Gore being from the same state and all. Was this a pick of political correctness?

The Packers second choice a running back from Nebraska named Brandon, next a wide out from San Jose named James, then safety named Aaron from Virginia Tech...

Aaron, what a wimpy name for someone who supposedly needs to hit people. (Yo Momma)

All of these seem to be very PC, very white sounding names who are actually African American players...

Seem silly to you?

No sillier than yesterdays blog summit question of is the blogosphere diverse enough.

Lets see, you can get on the Internet at no cost, start a blog at no cost and share your opinion at no cost.

There is no age barrier, there is no barrier to race, gender, age, ethnicity, religion, economic status.

There are gay blogs, straight blogs, writing blogs, gardening blogs, craft blogs, celebrity blogs, immigration blogs, photo blogs.

Get the point?

If blogs are not diverse enough it is because some people are not paying attention.

If there is a more diverse lot than the blogosphere, I don't know what it is.

What is wrong with this headline?

Democrats woo voters with Bush attacks.

I'll make this simple.

This seems to be the modern Democratic line, attack attack attack.

For once, can we please have a candidate who will tell us what they would like to do rather than what someone else should have done?

Bush is not even running.