March 30, 2007

March 29, 2007

Hall files late

Racine County Executive candidate Ken Hall has run an exceedingly negative campaign trying to hang non scandals brought out through partisans with agendas that have all been proven to be nothing against his opponent.

Hall's mainstay is that he wants open clean government.

Well campaign finance reports were due to be filed this past Monday the 26th. I turned mine in on time, Bill McReynolds turned his in on Friday the 23rd.

Hall, Mr. I'll do it it by the book, turned in his campaign finance report today, the 29th of March.

That is 3 days late Ken.

Way to provide an example of how you'll run the county. For those not aware Hall is an accountant by trade, why he could not fill out these simple forms on time is beyond me.

Oh the hell-fire Mac would have faced had he been 3 days late, the liberal attack dogs would have been on him with a ferocity I can only imagine. And I can only imagine the screaming from the Lumpkins and the Langes out there. Oh they'll ignore this, and my guess is you will not read about this in the Journal Times either.

Jimmy Kimmel Sanjaya Malakar and other things he sucks at

We hit the paper today.

See it here.

It is time to play our favorite game again...

What is $272,900,000?

Update: $272,900,000 is the amount of money given to charity by Wal-Mart is 2006. More than any other company in the world.

Evil aren't they?

March 28, 2007

There is no end...

There is no end to the lengths that some people will go to in making stupid complaints...

The latest idiocy.

Sanjaya with a mohawk

This is our American Idol?

I don't think so.
Congratulations to some fine teachers! Four teachers will be inducted the Wisconsin Educators Hall of Fame. I had the good fortune of being a student of both Mr. Broniec and Mrs. Moungey many years ago at Case High School. Both teachers created indelible memories for me and helped craft my current style of teaching.

Mr. Broniec brought fun and excitement to Chemistry for many of his students. He would use humor to help students memorizes concepts and introduce experiments. While I have a love for science his teaching style only made class even more enjoyable. I often think back to him as I crack a joke in class to help keep my students' attention.

Mrs. Moungey also was quite inspirational to me. She showed me that computers are more than glorified typewriters and gaming machines. It was in her classes that I developed a strong sense of technological awareness and its impact on education. (It also demonstrated for me that Macs are so much more versatile than PCs.) I have to give Mrs. Moungey credit for my love of computers and the desire to integrate them into my teacher as much as possible.

While I have not had Mr. Surendonk as a teacher, I do know him as a colleague and former neighbor. He has a wonderful way with students and portrays a love for learning and teaching that is not abundant within the district. I have no acquaintance with Mr. Lehman, however he is being inducted with good company.

March 27, 2007

Aldermanic Forum on CAR 25

A forum for the Aldermanic candidates in the upcoming April 3 election was held on Sunday in City Hall. The event was sponsored by Young Professionals of Racine and Cable Access Racine, Channel 25.

Each of the forums can be seen in their entirety on CAR25, Time Warner cable channel 25 on the following dates and times: Wednesday, 3/28 Friday, 3/30 Saturday, 3/31 Sunday, 4/1 Candidates (followed by District and Air Time)

Jeff Coe, Keith Fair,1st - 11:00 – 11:40
Michael Shields, Denise Rangel, 3rd - 11:40 – 12:20
David Maack, Ken Yorgan, 5th - 12:20 – 1:00
Raymond DeHahn, Fred Dooley, 7th - 1:00 – 1:40
Terrence McCarthy, Pete Karas, 9th - 1:40 – 2:20
Greg Helding, Gloria Rogers, 11th - 2:20 – 3:00
Robert Mozol, Wally Rendon, 15th - 3:00 – 3:40

The most predictable column on the face of the earth.

Go ahead, you could have written it for him.

March 26, 2007

MRQ - Cruisin' For A Bruisin'

As they say on King of the Hill,


I was again, remiss in my duties last week. And Uncle Fred even did most of the work. Now THAT's laziness. It's a darned good thing that MRQ wasn't a Sunday effort, because as you all know, I was laying around on the porch half asleep and drooling for a good portion of the day. That was until Aaron saved me. Can I get a witness?

Here we go kids - week one - which was two weeks ago:

Not just no, but hell no. Fraley

What an idiot. Casper.

A slumlord on the side. Patrick.

I am responsible for planning Crystal Pepsi. Jib.

Don't distort success. Phelony.

He's just a nobody with alot less climatological experience than Alfonse. Still Unreal.

We think a big giant diaper over the third base corner oughtta do it. Wiggy.

Who wants to swim in that? Bi-polar.


And now, je vous presente, Week Two

Servers? What are those!?!? Is that some of that new-fangled teck-noll-a-gee? Owen

I hear this thing called the “Internet” is going to really start catching on, too. Maybe they’ll do a story about it. Tony Turner

Hi my name is Tom Barrett and I’m wringing my hands over all these knives!! Mickey

Nick's bucking for this week's MRQ :) Pete

Hey Hey Hey.... Settle Down Over There. Phel

Yes. That's called 'transvaluing values.' Dad29

I have a nomination for Wispolitic’s Blog of the Year. Elliot

DC, 550,000 people without a vote that still managed to elect Marion Berry. Unkie Fred.

Friggin' nice! this just because I'm Italian?? Still Unreal

I’m going to find a way to make a laser diaper changer! Aaron

Any suggestions from this week yet? Flip them my way and I'll amend. Now please, flip only posted comments. Try not to flip anything like the bird, your lid, or porpoises. Wait, them's good eating, I take that back.

DC Catch Phrase.

Washington DC is looking for a new ad slogan to try and draw in more tourist bucks....

Their current catch phrases... "Celebrate and Discover" and "Washington D.C.: The American Experience."

I thought we could have some fun and help them.

DC, 550,000 people without a vote that still managed to elect Marion Berry.


Got Kevlar?


See our monuments, ignore the rest.

Looking for a new flat?

This is a bit over the top, but I can admire the insanity.

March 25, 2007

Iranian hostage question...

Why don't we send Jimmy Carter to Iran to negotiate the release of the British hostages?

The latest cause of global warming....

Artificial Turf.

Turf wars heat up: grass vs. synthetic

Global warming joins list of issues:

By Connie Paige, Globe Correspondent March 25, 2007

As Newton and Wellesley prepare to vote on proposals to install artificial turf on school fields, some opponents are adding global warming to their arsenal of arguments for sticking with grass.

Newton is considering spending $4.1 million on artificial turf at Newton South High School; and Wellesley Town Meeting, which starts tomorrow, will be asked to approve a $1.8 million turf project at Sprague Elementary School.

Needham, too, plans to convert several fields to artificial turf, but is relying on private donations for the project.

Synthetic fields are made of polyethylene fibers simulating grass stabilized with rubber pellets. They have been installed in many western suburbs, including Franklin, Waltham, and Westborough , and at Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School.

Guive Mirfendereski , a Newton lawyer, says artificial turf gives off much more heat than grass, and, if used widely, could contribute to global warming.

He also expressed concern that materials used to make and clean the turf could leach into local water supplies, and questioned how the turf would be disposed of once it wears out .

"Any one of these on its own poses a danger to the environment and public health,"
Mirfendereski wrote in a letter last month to the state environmental secretary.