October 17, 2007

Madison Tax Rally.

I attended and spoke at the No More Taxes rally today sponsored by Americans for Prosperity in Madison.

Hundreds of people gathered to tell Governor Jim Doyle to keep his word and not raise taxes.

The mood of those with the AFP group gathered for the rally was high, their message consistent.


As I walked up the sidewalk I was yelled and cursed at by hundreds of state employees whose salary I pay as a taxpayer.

Public employee unions turned out a massive array of counter protesters. These people were some of the rudest individuals it has ever been my displeasure to encounter. Throughout the entire event the assembled union masses blew horns, chanted and yelled obscenities trying their very best to disrupt the event.

These public employees showed zero respect for the rights of this organized assembly to be heard.

Their instructions were to "keeping a respectful distance while providing a peaceful, quiet, non-verbal welcome to reality."

Peaceful and quiet should not include trying to shout down someone else who deserves to be heard.

Please, do not bother to give me the free speech line of bull. I am talking about manners. People gave of their time had something to say, they deserved to be heard without being yelled at by people behaving like a bunch of spoiled children.

Even though these boorish thugs were doing their best to rattle the speakers and the participants, people did not address them directly, in an act of complete class the fire fighters on site (people who were wearing their uniforms to a political event) were thanked for their valiant service in protection to the community even while they yelled at the speaker thanking them.

The messages were very similar no new taxes.

Blog Buddy Owen Robinson called out by name all the legislators who signed his no tax increase pledge thanking them for keeping their word. His message to those who would increase our taxes even higher, "Throw the bums out"

I shared a line on taxes in relation to the KRM Rail proposal. "We started with a tax, to pay lobbyists, to lobby the legislature, for a 650% increase in the original tax, to start a program
that will run at an 83% loss, that will eventually require even more taxes, to make up for the over-inflated ridership projection. This is insanity. Insanity is exactly what the tax climate is in Wisconsin. Before Jim Doyle won re-election, he agreed with me."

Wisconsin GOP Chairman Reince Priebus said that Republicans had learned their lesson on spending and that a line had to be drawn in regard to increasing taxes and the size of government. He meant it too.

Wausau radio talker Pat Snyder made an interesting Halloween analogy likening our state government to a child wanting more and more candy (taxes) year after year. Eventually, you have to say no.

Vicky McKenna was the final speaker, she revved up the crowd throwing pink pigs as a symbol of the over spending culture in Madison. Vicki spoke some plain truth about who the people attending the rally were, hard working middle class folks who were having trouble keeping up to the ever increasing tax burden in Wisconsin.

The Wisconsin Cheddarsphere was exceedingly well represented. That I am aware of the following blogs were represented: Owen from Boots and Sabers, Brian from Fraley's Daily Takes, Kathy from Stepping Right Up, Steve from No Runny Eggs has pictures and video, Still Unreal from Reality Check, Silent E from Silent E Speaks, Jib from Jiblog, Leslie from State Sunshine and Open Records, Jenna from Right off the shore, Lance from Lance Burri, Chris made the big trip from On The Borderline, Dad29 was in the crowd, Christian Schnieder was there and in rare form, The Asian Badger flew in, MRQ of the month award winner Grumps was not thrilled with the crowd, and I call your attention to Caffeinated Politics for a varying perspective.. There may have been more but I am sure each of these talented people will do their own reports. If I missed anyone please let me know and I will add to the list.

Kudos have to go to Wisconsin AFP Director Mark Block for organizing and pulling off this big event.

It clearly was not a normal event, people were lining the windows to watch the goings on outside. Nice to see they had nothing better to do.

On the whole the message was clear. A vocal portion of Wisconsin let their voices be heard, no more taxes.

On the other side, the people who work for the taxpayers also let themselves be heard. Their message, I do not respect you, the people who pay my salary, oh and gimme gimme gimme some more.

I'll post pictures later tonight, blogger is being difficult.