June 25, 2007


You have been warned. Chris.

I don't know what [it does] but I want it! James.

She's ugly, and she's stupid. Phelony.

You'll find a slight squeeze on the hooter an excellent safety precaution. Nick.

Size does matter. Triticale.

just mere inches away... Anthony.

I almost fell asleep. Jessica.

From the “No, duh” department. Sean.

I friggin' love the Muppets.... Still Unreal.

my penchant for buying upscale leather. Phoenix.

I’m Apple’s bitch. Scott.

The Gizmo is a great thing that people love. Amy.

Maybe...I think so. Jenna.

Beersicles! LMS.

I DEMAND that the Fairness Doctrine be immediately reinstated and applied to… …documentary films. Elliot.

Somewhere on the Internet, somebody hates you. Plebian.

The mullet has reached Egypt. Owen.

I guess there's beauty in all of us, right? Bob.

Voting in Milwaukee has become much like voting for baseball’s All Star Game. Patrick.

Still think these guys are knuckleheads? Cantankerous.

I just neutered the cat, now he's a liberal. Kate.

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