May 23, 2007

An interesting story about PBCG head Nick Alioto.

I got an email today from fellow blogger James Wigderson. He has been reading our RUSD posts and related his experiences with PBCG head Nick Alioto while they attended school together at UWM.

Seems Mr Alioto learned how to work the system early on...

Reprinted with permission from Wigderson.

Let me tell you a story about Nick Alioto. When I was at UW-Milwaukee, Nick was the poster boy for what was wrong with student government.

At one point during his career in student government, Nick was in charge of a student activity programming group in the dorms. He was paid a salary.

Nick, tired of being beaten up by the UWM Times (whereI was the editorial editor off and on), started his own student publication. As editor and publisher, hewas paid a salary. Nick sat on the board of the student government body, SFAC, that allocated student funds for activities. Hewas paid a salary.

Wait, it gets better.

SFAC would fund the student activity goup. Part of the student activity group's budget was to buy advertising for the events. The advertising was bought in Nick Alioto's publication and he collected a commission. The SFAC would also buy advertising in Nick's publication and he collected a commission for that,too.

To be fair to Nick, everything he did was allowed, and when the budgets came up for a vote at SFAC he carefully abstained.

However, everyone else voted for his budgets.

Nick was the only person I knew who made a profit out of going to college.

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