March 7, 2007

Connecting the dots to Jambois and Troha.

Ok so in the Cary Spivak piece on the Doyle / Troha mess this morning we pull this nugget...

Robert Jambois, the department's chief counsel, said staff attorney Paul Nilsen
was sent to Illinois and Pennsylvania so he could have a better understanding of
the issues at hand.But in a Sept. 14, 2004, e-mail, then-chief counsel Jim Thiel
said Nilsen went there because Busalacchi promised Troha's attorney, Bill
Jennaro, he would do so. Jennaro was hired by Doyle in 2003 to help negotiate
casino compacts with Indian tribes, some of which opposed Troha's efforts to
open a mega-casino in Kenosha.

So why is this little nugget so important.

Let's go back to a Spivak and Bice column Oct 29, 2004.

Let's see, veteran Kenosha County District Attorney Bob Jambois has come out
strongly in favor of turning Dairyland Greyhound Park into a giant casino. Pretty interesting, considering so many law officers oppose the introduction of one-armed bandits into their communities.

Even more interesting is that Jambois' wife, Bev, is being paid $1,695 a week - or the equivalent of 88 grand annually - to run the campaign promoting a vote for the casino on Tuesday. So far, she's pulled down nearly $12,000 for 11/2 months of work.

Also on the pro-casino payroll is the couple's 30-year-old daughter, Stacey Jambois, who has collected $2,200 since September. We're certainly not professional detectives, but it sure looks like, in this case, two plus two equals four - as in, sure, I'm for your casino, and would you like to hire my wife?

We called the Kenosha County DA to double-check the facts. In a Wednesday interview, Jambois said he rang up Dennis Troha, the driving force behind the latest casino effort, in late August to urge the big-time Kenosha wheeler-dealer to cough up a few bucks for a charity event. Troha obliged and then told Jambois how he was
having a tough time finding somebody to run the campaign for the county-wide
casino referendum.

The prosecutor's response: "The only person I knew who had done grass-roots organizing work like that was my wife."
Within days, she was on Troha's payroll. "He was very pleased to get her," Jambois said. "It's not because she's my wife. It's because she's a very experienced

Troha is in cahoots with a couple of Indian tribes in hopes of
opening a casino to tap the area's tremendous appetite for gambling - a hunger
evidenced last year by the $380 million lost by bettors at an Elgin, Ill.,
casino and the nearly $260 million left behind by bettors at the Potawatomi
To reach this goal, Troha's company has already spent $850,000 on the
campaign. The Forest County Potawatomi - which is trying to protect its
southeastern Wisconsin gambling monopoly - has poured out more than $500,000 to try to defeat the plan.
Not only has Bev Jambois led the pro-casino crusade, but Bob Jambois has been front and center with her.

So hear we have Bob Jamois as now chief counsel and spokesgeek defending Troha who his daughter, wife worked for and he advocated for!

I guess Cary Spivak forgot about that little bit of coincidence....

This story will continue to unfold, but it is clear that Bob Jambois should be the last one who should be front and center on this issue, in fact his little cozy connection should have been disclosed and he should have recused himself from any decisions dealing with this this case.

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