October 7, 2006

Coulter snippets... She's right.

... No one demanded to know why the Democratic speaker of the House, Thomas "Tip" O'Neill, took one full decade to figure out that Studds was propositioning male pages.

But now, the same Democrats who are incensed that Bush's National Security Agency was listening in on al-Qaida phone calls are incensed that Republicans were not reading a gay congressman's instant messages.

Let's run this past the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals: The suspect sent an inappropriately friendly e-mail to a teenager — oh also, we think he's gay. Can we spy on his instant messages? On a scale of 1 to 10, what are the odds that any court in the nation would have said: YOU BET! Put a tail on that guy — and a credit check, too!

When Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee found unprotected e-mails from the Democrats about their plan to oppose Miguel Estrada's judicial nomination because he was Hispanic, Democrats erupted in rage that their e-mails were being read. The Republican staffer responsible was forced to resign.

But Democrats are on their high horses because Republicans in the House did not immediately wiretap Foley's phones when they found out he was engaging in e-mail chitchat with a former page about what the kid wanted for his birthday.

The Democrats say the Republicans should have done all the things Democrats won't let us do to al-Qaida — solely because Foley was rumored to be gay. Maybe we could get Democrats to support the NSA wiretapping program if we tell them the terrorists are gay.

Question for Governor Doyle.

How exactly is an 8.9% increaase in spending a $400 million dollar cut?

I keep hearing from the Governor how the evil Republicans tried to cut school funding in the last budget by $400 million, if not for his heroic line item veto that actually adds spending we would not have the funding yadda yadda.

That Republican budget had an 8.9% increase in education spending.

Someone please tell me how an 8.9% increase is a $400 million cut. How is Governor Doyle allowed to keep telling lies and distortions and how does he continue to get away with not being challenged on that number?

HELLO, GREEN TEAM, in the next debate you may want to use this!

Dear God

October 6, 2006

Live blogging the Gubernatorial debate.

I hope this is over before 9...
Holy cow, the picture they showed of Jim Doyle on the lead in is the photoshopped one we highlighted earlier this week.
I wonder how the "not major" candidates feel for being left out?
First major issue, best tie goes to... Governor Doyle.
Wisconsin public ideas network as an unbiased panelist?
Good job by Doyle highlighting Discovery World and suggesting people get there to see it... Too busy typing to hear where it was. Doyle says he knows about good leadership, bragging about the Peace Corps.
Green Opening: Hitting some points on his young people leaving the state, his job as governor to bring them back home. Gotta give this to Green he started laying out more belief and specific points, says we are underled.... First dig Green.
First question on negative campaigns... Green taking lead on this saying he offered Doyle a clean campaign pledge, and Doyle turned it down... Score one for Green, asked Doyle to agree to a negative campaign ad.
Doyle is dodging and complaining about groups running negative ads. Complaining he can not stop independent ads. Sure you can Jim ask them to stop, have you done that, no. Says Mark Green would shut down embryonic stem cell research... then why did your ad just say stem cell and leave off the embryonic? LIAR..
Question.. Do you support teachers and admins to have guns in schools.
Doyle... Nothing more important than safe schools... He is not answering the question Oh there it is... worst idea that has come down would be for guns into the schools.
Green... We don't need more guns in schools we need more Atkinsons (the kid who came forward in Green Bay)... My God they agree on something.
Question... Restrictions on Mississippi river... do you support these restrictions, are regs going too far in protecting the environment?
Green, Nothing partisan about protecting the environment suggests they work closely with people who live and work in those areas.
Doyle, We need to set aside vast areas for our children to enjoy in our future. Doyle thinks they have gone too far in some areas. Fairly reasonable answer. Unfortunately he says, this issue has become political. Complaining about stewardship fund and Republicans cutting funds from it.
Question, crime in Milwaukee, is it a state issue...
Doyle. Invest in your kids, we threw some funding to Milwaukee this summer to help... Jobs is the key, we need a pot of money to provide incentives to companies to come in... (how about lower taxes Jim)
Green. Does not believe there are crime problems for underspending. When Milwaukee is in the news for crimes instead of economy it is a problem (true & stinging). The #1 cause of crime is criminals, we will not surrender our neighborhoods to criminals, crime is a tax on the poor. VERY STRONG.
Question... UW System under fire for Kevin Barrett, do you agree the UW system spends money in the right way.
Green. Barrett should of been fired for lacking basic scholarly competence, he is an embarrassment, it is a national embarrassment. Thanks the UW System does a good job but is falling apart in some ways, $26 mil out the window for payroll system, tuition going up yet wasting money. Changes need to be made.
Doyle. Not answering the question attacking Green on COPS program. Says Barrett should be fired. (why didn't you exercise your muscles then). If politicians make those decisions... Doubled financial aid, UW is 2nd lowest cost in big 10 (that should negate your 50% increase?
Question... Abortion Rights.
Doyle. Huge difference between us, this is a private choice yadda yadda, standard liberal line. Time to attack Green
Green. Referring back to attack Doyle on misstating his position on COPS program. If you think tuition is not too high I am not your candidate. On to abortion, too many think abortion is a safety net. I want to reach out and show alternatives... Says Doyle is is opposed to any restrictions whatsoever.
Question. Educational Quality
Green. Educational opportunities should be equal... Right here in Wisconsin only 1 of 3 African American kids will graduate here in Milwaukee. More choice, more charters. More education not buildings and bureaucrats. Looking to modernize standards.
Doyle. Anyone who knows me know education is my #1 priority, nothing is more important than education. Education will continue to be #1 for me. Claiming Green plan cut $400 million (that is the 8.9% increase that is a $400 million cut. This is a load of crap).
Question. How can either of you balance the budget without increasing taxes/shared revenue school state funding, etc.
Doyle. I inherited a mess and I balanced the budget, attack rightie, no one knows more than me how to cut budgets.... (Glad I'm typing so much or I would have to puke)
Green. The reality is much different than what the Governor just told you. Spending went up 20% under Gov Doyles watch, he did not deal with the deficit he raided funds and replaced them with bonding. He did not fix the deficit, he hid it. It is not true we cut education funding.
Question. Stem Cell Research.
Green. Given millions of dollars Doyle has spent on misleading ads I am not surprised people are confused. (strong) There are honed differences, I do not support tax dollars for destroying human embryos, in favor of new technique that does not destroy embryos, new research is exciting.
Doyle. There is no issue we differ on more than this. He's bragging on the states history on this. My mother just died from Parkinsons. Supported Bush on his one veto, yadda yadda. You would think Green killed Doyle's Mom himself. GAG ME!
Question. Retirees can not afford to stay in our state due to high taxes. Would you support tax reliefs on for seniors.
Doyle. Yes, we need to make sure people get relief. (show one way you have Guv). (He is quoting the taxpayers alliance on property tax though he ignores them on the deficit) Claiming
Republicans tried to slash school spending again. THAT IS SUCH A LIE.
Green. We could not disagree more. If you think property taxes are ok, I'm not your candidate for Guv. In 2003 Doyle was given a chance to sign a freeze, he vetoed it.
Question. Health Care Costs.
Green. Our costs are higher than anywhere else in the country, what Doyle is doing is not working. Hitting Doyle for vetos on Health Care savings accounts, cost shifting, etc.
Doyle. An enormous issue people all over Wisconsin are facing. Me getting a lecture from a member of Congress (yes Jim everything that happens in DC Is Green's fault.) Touting his plan to help people buy drungs illegaly from Canada. Badger Care, senior care, buying pool for catastrophic insurance.
Question. Death Penalty. Will you sign it.
Doyle. No. I favor life without parole.
Green. Zing Doyle on health care costs... On death penalty, yes he would sign it.

Closing statements.
Doyle. I rock vote for me. Washington sucks, Wisconsin is great, stem cells, lying about Green shutting down stem cell research again.
Green. I rock vote for me. Governor Doyle has spent most of tonight blaming everyone else for Wisconsin's problems, that is not the Wisconsin way. We need leadership worthy of the character of our people.
Strong finish.
Green cleaned Doyle's clock.

Fairy Tales

Thanks truth squad.

I've been looking for the Doyle ad with the actor thing to post for our ultra leftie Scott who is all critical of my comments but does not own a tv. It was hard to find. This ad was actually put out by ultra leftie Xoff's group. They do not want or have a website, and have not posted the ad on Wis Politics. (accountability, not there)

However, the WTMJ 4 truth squad did a report on this ad last night. You can watch it here, though I am not sure how long this link will work. (btw they said much of this ad was a distortion and lie).
John Lehman says high taxes are a myth...

I refuse to accept the myth that Wisconsin is universaly a high tax state.....

John, how many brain cells did you kill in the 60's?

October 5, 2006


Danger, danger... Aaron has the carnival of the badger!

Foleybum the hypocrite

Ok folks, my position on the whole Foley thing has been this.

Investigate, prosecute, leftie is going to far too fast for political gain.

Who has attacked my position more than anyone?


Well for those who have not done so, check out his Dailykos page. On it he creates a primer on how to attach other people to Foley. Even fellow lefties there think he is stretching too far!

He is stretching to implicate every rightie he can and even soliciting donations to beat them.

He makes my point, this is not about justice to them this is about political opportunity.

He doesn't care about kids (btw the instant messages were to a person over 18, that is an adult) half as much as he does about picking up seats.

Jay, it is ok to be a partisan hack, really it is, just admit it.

Wrapping your outrage in some phony disgust about preying on kids while doing the woo hoo dance for political reason just do not work too well together.

I have no idea if this is true or not....

But it is interesting....

World Exclusive** **Must Credit the DRUDGE REPORT**

According to two people close to former congressional page Jordan Edmund, the now famous lurid AOL Instant Message exchanges that led to the resignation of Mark Foley were part of an online prank that by mistake got into the hands of enemy political operatives, the DRUDGE REPORT can reveal. According to one Oklahoma source who knows the former page very well, Edmund, a conservative Republican, goaded an unwitting Foley to type embarrassing comments that were then shared with a small group of young Hill politicos. The prank went awry when the saved IM sessions got into the hands of political operatives favorable to Democrats. The primary source, an ally of Edmund, adamantly proclaims that the former page is not a homosexual. The prank scenario was confirmed by a second associate of Edmund. Both are fearful that their political careers will be affected if they are publicly brought into the investigation. The prank scenario only applies to the Edmund IM sessions and does not necessarily apply to any other exchanges between the former congressman and others. The news come on the heels that Edmund has hired former Timothy McVeigh attorney, Stephen Jones. Developing...

Charges dismissed against Karr

And the only man in this country who could be considered creepier than former Rep Foley walks free among us.... Makes ya' feel all warm and squishy doesn't it?!?

SANTA ROSA, California (AP) -- A judge dismissed child pornography charges Thursday against former JonBenet Ramsey murder suspect John Mark Karr after prosecutors said they didn't have enough evidence.
Karr, 41, was living in Thailand when he told reporters he was with the 6-year-old beauty queen when she died. He was returned to Boulder, Colorado, but DNA evidence quickly cleared the former schoolteacher.
He was then sent back to California to face outstanding misdemeanor child porn possession charges from 2001.

Thought of the week....

How important does a person have to be before they are considered assassinated instead of just murdered?

Bonus thought:

Why does a round pizza come in a square box?

October 4, 2006

The Hillary vs Condi Ho Down.

Click me.

Court says eavesdropping program can continue

CHICAGO (Reuters) - The government can continue to use its warrantless domestic wiretap program pending the Justice Department's appeal of a federal judge's ruling outlawing the program, an Appeals Court in Cincinnati ruled on Wednesday.

The ruling overturned District Judge Anna Diggs Taylor's decision last week to deny a lengthy stay in the case, which is expected to end up with the Supreme Court.

In August, Taylor ruled that the National Security Agency's five-year-old surveillance program, implemented as part of the government's war on terrorism, violates the civil rights of Americans.

The American Civil Liberties Union filed the suit in March on behalf of scholars, attorneys, journalists and non-profit groups that regularly communicate with people in the Middle East.

Who is Gerry Studds?

This will make a point, open up the comments folks, this one is going to be hot.

October 3, 2006


After getting burned time and time again, the Packers released Ahmad Carroll. If he actually tried to play defense, it was illegally. This guy was one of the worst draft picks ever. So Long!

5 points on the Foley story.

1. Foley is a sleezeball. I hope he is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and then some. I hope he has a large cellmate who... never mind.

2. I agree with speaker Hastert, The President and the Democratic party that we need an investigation. I disagree with those who have rushed to judgment against anyone beyond Rep Foley.

3. I would remind the Democratic party that we deserve a proper investigation not a rushed witch hunt, which appears to be their MO. I heard the Dems have the auto dialers going calling homes in the area trying to slime everyone with an (R) after their name tonight. This is on Foley right now, no one else. If people knew the extent and covered it up then it is on them as well, but we deserve a proper investigation. In addition, there is a huge difference between the reported emails and the instant messages, do not confuse the two. (I am not excusing the emails but there is an incredible difference between the two)

4. As more and more stuff comes out I get more and more skeptical. These kind of transcripts are easily faked. Everything needs to be checked carefully. A rabid press and a more rabid radical side of the left is not above making stuff up. Beware the department of dirty tricks.

5. When you wish to be critical of my opinion refer to my record of coming out hard against those who would prey on children, they are the dregs of society. If you do not get that, look back to point #1.

New Green Ad

I like it.

Our old pals at Voces must hate it.

John Lehman is a lying sleeze.

Check out the latest bunch of lies being mailed to Racine by the Democratic candidate for Senate from Racine.

He complains Bill McReynolds is running a negative campaign yet here he is highlighting headlines from the ultra-biased Racine Journal Times.

Lehman fails to mention that McReynolds was cleared of any wrong doing by a Democratic DA from another county in this case.

Yet here is John Lehman trying to implicate some wrong doing, when on every level Bill McReynolds has been cleared. Lehman also tried to sully McReynolds by putting the name Politician in front of McReynolds name. Of course Lehman fails to mention he has been in politics 11 more years than McReynolds.

This is what we are getting from the left, lies and misleading rhetoric. Can we get a little truth please? The big crime McReynolds has done has been to talk about Lehman's voting record.

Well I'm willing to tell you the McReynold's folks are not done John, they are going to continue to show the voters exactly who you are and what your voting record has been. If that's negative, get ready.

At least the McReynolds camp is telling the truth.

Election Board - Am I the only one who caught this?

Madistan - The state Elections Board said it needed an extra $1 million a year from taxpayers to maintain a new voter database that still is not fully functional despite a federal law that required it to be finished nine months ago.

So the state elections board is in violation of federal law?!?!?

This, the same group that is applying the law by differently than it ever has before based on politics.

This, the same group that passes new rules then applies them retroactively.

Should not this group have to comply with federal law themselves before playing politics with other people?!?!?


Breaking news folks. I have just viewed this picture of Jim Doyle and Barbara Lawton. This heads the Doyle website.

I have seen this photo of Doyle before but without Lawton. This has led me to the inescapable conslusion that this photo has been electronicly altered! An exhaustive bit of research had me find this exact photo of Jim Doyle in 3 other backgrounds!

If Mark Green hiring actors to appear on a campaign commercial is an issue, Jim Doyle's people photoshopping pictures on his website must be equally serious!

I demand a full investigation and I want to know if Adobe has donated any money to the Doyle campaign!

Fantasy Football Update.

Keeping our promise to represent RDW well, your Debate Team romped to our 4th straight win. Amazing even himself Owen joins us as the only other undefeated team though the Debate Team has a sizable point advantage in the tie breaker.

Our margin of victory was closer than GWB's in Florida '00. By .36 points we overcame Steve's Spiraling Colby's. Our margin of victory was so slim based on Brian Westbrook's sudden seat on the bench Monday night.

Nice try Steve-O.

This week our opponent is RDW's own education correspondent Randy. Sorry pal, no family favors, no mercy, I'm coming for you.

October 2, 2006

Actors! Such an outrage!

Ok, so now Jim Doyle has a negative ad out against Mark Green where he makes a big hairy deal out of Mark Green 'admitting' he used actors in a campaign commercial.

Oh my God, this must be the biggest scandal in recorded political history. (If you listen to Doyle.)

Actors in a commercial.

If this is all they can come up with...


I kept away from the Foley story for a reason.

I wanted to wait a bit and see the fallout and separate the news from the attacks.

Well, quite quickly I was attacked by Folkbum for not coming out and blasting somebody.

Jay, you sure are quick to condemn rightie, but very slow to condemn leftie when you see the need.

For the record, Foley is apparently a slime and deserves to be strung up by his toes and be slowly dipped into a vat of acid.

As for the attacks on leadership. It appears they did not know as much as we were told initially.

Peter has an excellent post up showing some of the reality vs the hype on leadership and what they knew and when they knew it. A much different story than the one perpetuated by the liberal media over the weekend.

The double standards here are amazing to me. Right down here in Racine we have Tim Daley who brought on the disgraced Kurt Vlach as his campaign manager. The same Tim Daley who discriminated against a gay man who volunteered to be Treasurer. A democrat who discriminated against gays, while welcoming an unethical slime with a history of stealing elections, no blow black from that.

Democrats should be ashamed to have Tim Daley representing them.

Today JB Van Hollen highlighted a case of someone who worked for Kathleen Falk who is sitting home collecting a govt check after pictures were found on a county owned camera of male genitalia that that employee used.

Democrats should be demanding accountability form their AG candidate.

In New Orleans we had Rep William Jefferson using up resources that could have been used for rescuing people with real problems. He sucked up those resources to retrieve bribe money.

New Orleans Democrats should be outraged at their Congressman for caring more about his money than his constituents.

A prostitution ring run out of the home of Barney Frank.

No, there is no evidence Frank knew of this, but come on, this stinks, how about some crediblity?

Staffers working for Senator Chuck Schumer illegally obtaining the credit report of Michael Steele.

Schumer appears to be in charge of dirty tricks but is not held accountable.

We could get out the chalk board and list scandal on both sides but here is the salient point...

You are much more likely to hear Republicans hold their own accountable that you are Democrats. How small of Folkbum to attack myself and other bloggers. He knows not our motivations or timing of the posts we publish.

Finally, Foley checked himself into alcohol rehab. Will he get the same softball pass that was given to Patrick Kennedy when he checked himself into rehab? The answer to that I can already tell you is no. Remember all the he is sick pleas from the left, we WILL NOT hear the same point from the same people all because of the change in the alphabet after the name.

Folkbum, you might want to look in the mirror before you pass moral judgments on others.

Frankly you give leftie way too much of a pass to pass judgment on others.

Monday Random Quotes

What an absolutely disgusting individual. Owen. (I agree by the way)

You have the right to falafel... Marcus.

...dum dum dum da dum. Tee Bee.

The I only have two days left to take advantage of those free or cheap things places will give me if I come in during the month of my birthday but I haven't taken advantage of yet because it's just been a busy time for me, okay? Jay.

Oshkonversation... Bryan.

'See me, hear me roar... Teno.

How is grandma going to vote on election day if she's got three bags of aluminum cans to return? Aaron.

Time to expose this fool... Kathy.

By no means am I planning a hostile takeover of MRQ... Jones.

It's Gang Banger Night... Jones again.

If you don't have a girlfriend, a woman will be provided to you at the store's expense... Nick.

That's "Award Winning blogger James Wigderson" to you... We still call him Wiggy... Congrats.

an' dasn't steal too much treasure from ships that pass ye by. Tutal.

la la la la la happy birthday to me... TechChick.

What Frankenstein did I create? Jessica

I was hoping he’d buy me a burger. Elliot.

Debate coach Fred D. hunting for a cheese shredder and Colby coach steveegg promising a cheese-curd-induced choke for the Debaters. Steve.

It's one of those things you always think about when you go to a hotel...but never EVER talk about. Amy.

If you're up to no good, somebody's going to find out. Bryan.

Talk about "big, big, big, big..." Dad29.

What's Wrong With Cockfighting? Josh

*Cough* *hack* *cough* Jib.

Put down the Big Mac... Aaron.

October 1, 2006

Strangers on my flight.

You are either with Frank or you are against Frank....

H/T Bil

Slightly Twisted.

Sunday Insight with Charlie Sykes Crisis.

I saw just a couple of minutes of Sunday Insight before running out to church.

Wow, Charlie, Lynn, Mikel and Owen are looking to be exceedingly snappy dressers today!

However, we have to call a fashion emergency on Patrick McIlheran. Patrick that tie could give viewers a headache with that shirt and coat.

If anyone has a still of this fashion disaster, please send it in.