September 16, 2006

Error Error Error

An arbitration panel today reinstated Cedarburg High School science teacher Robert Zellner, who was fired by the school district after it discovered he had viewed pornographic material on his school computer.

School Board President John Pendergast said the arbitrator determined that the firing was improper because the school district had only reprimanded another teacher who had viewed stock quotes from a school computer.

Where do we get these education pin-heads without an ounce of common sense?

H/T Peter via Patrick.

September 15, 2006

Lack of respect from Jim Doyle.

I saw just a few minutes of the debate between Jim Doyle and Mark Green.

Something struck me.

Governor Doyle kept referring to Mr. Green.

Let me clue you in on something Governor.

Mark Green is a United States Congressman and as such he deserves to be addressed as Congressman, just as much as you deserve to be addressed as Governor.

What a low-brow lack of respect Mr. Doyle showed Congressman Green.

Paul Ryan does something about anonymous earmarks.

House Halts Anonymous Earmarks

House lawmakers looking to bring home the bacon will now have to attach their names to such attempts under a House rule change passed today.

The rule change, co-authored by U.S. Rep Paul Ryan, R- Janesville, requires all bills with extraneous spending items designated for a particular entity, state, or congressional district to include a list of those items along with the names of the representatives who’ve requested them.

The rule also affects authorization and tax bills.

The anti-earmark group Citizens Against Government Waste pegged earmarked spending at $29 billion in appropriation bills that are part of the 2006 federal budget.

Ryan said the House passed the rule change due to the failure of the House and Senate to as of yet to reconcile differences on a lobbying reform bill passed by the House in May that contained similar provisions.

“We are not going to wait for the Senate to act,” Ryan said. “We are going to reform the broken spending process in the House today.” Ryan praised the rule’s passage saying it would open up federal spending practices to scrutiny by the public and Congress.

“It's a common sense step in our push to end waste and abuse in government and shine the light of day on federal spending practices," Ryan said.

The measure passed 245 to 171, with 199 Republicans voting for it and 147 Democrats voting against it.

Wisconsin reps voting in favor of the change include Ryan, Mark Green, R-Green Bay, Ron Kind, D-La Crosse, Tom Petri, R-Fond du Lac and Jim Sensenbrenner, R-Menomonee Falls. Those voting against the measure included U.S. Reps. Tammy Baldwin, D-Madison, Gwen Moore, D-Milwaukee and David Obey, D-Wausau.

See the roll-call vote: --By David A. Wise

So Wisconsin Democrats vote no to putting their names next to their earmark requests....

I wonder why?

Sensenbrenner is right.

So every community leader in Milwaukee is up in arms because Jim Sensenbrenner had the audacity to speak the truth about murder in Milwaukee.

I have a suggestion to make.

Everyone who is upset should gather together and have a meeting this Saturday evening at about midnight at the corner of 30th St. and North Avenue.

Those left Sunday morning should be checked for attitude adjustments.

Pope chat.

I've been reading through some the Muslims rioting because the Pope said something they didn't like crap.

I just have one thing to say.

I am so tired of these so called peace loving Muslims rioting over speech. How about the peace loving Muslims raise a little ruckus over the non peace loving Muslims who fuel this speech?

They keep telling us we are not like them, but they are not nearly as outraged over the violence committed in the name of Islam as they are by speech from various world leaders.

And then little Russie Feingold wants to jump on board and impugn the President for his own political gain, who are you standing with Russ?

Clue in people, they have declared Jihad, why do you continue to coddle them?

The dumbest man in Racine.

Nah, not me. Randolph Brandt, the Editor of the Racine Journal Times (a wholly owned subsidiary of Jim Doyle and the Democratic Party of Wisconsin). Why is the JT so bad? With this kind of big thinker at the helm I'm stunned they manage to get the paper out every day.

Earlier this week Brandt put out his path to Mideast peace, when I read this frankly I didn't know what to think. After some reflection I decided to go ahead and share his idiocy with my readers.

So with out further build up heeeeeeeeeeeeeeres Randolph's plan:

1. Everybody stop shooting, bombing, raiding, kidnapping and occupying, whether it’s in Iraq, Lebanon, the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and any and all portions of the Caliphate. Oh, and no more flying airplanes into other people’s buildings, especially when they’re half a world away.

Tell me Randolph, what makes you think radical terrorists will keep their word? What exactly have they done to earn that kind of trust?

2. We’ll go home.

Can we finally come home from Germany too? I'm guessing this primarily means Iraq. Randolph, did you know that now we are there at the request of the Iraqi government? They are trying to form a democracy, your policy seems to want to help it fail.

3. We’ll urge the Israeli Defense Force to go home, too, or at least “home” to pre-1967 borders, settlements and all. If not, then they’re on their own from now on.

So what you are saying here is give the terrorists everything they want and then everything will be Ok? Good plan.

4. We’ll support the internationalization of Jerusalem as an open city where all can worship at their shrines, Christians, Muslims and Jews alike. It’s holy to us all — let’s stop profaning it with conflict that must be despicable in God’s eyes.

So now you determine Israel's sovereign right to run their own country? These people blow up holy places to make a point Randolph.

5. We’ll recognize and guarantee the borders of a new Palestinian state, and we’ll do it right now, just as our president, Harry Truman, precipitously recognized Israel in 1948. We’ll stand shoulder-to-shoulder with any other state, Arab or infidel, that’ll stand with us in that commitment.

Infidel?!?!?!?!?!? I think you are an infidel Randolph.

6. We'll keep giving Israel upwards of $3 billion a year, but rather than using it to buy more weapons, we’ll insist that it be used to pay an adequate jizyah, or tax, to re-establish Palestinian families in Gaza and in the West Bank, and to compensate them for their lands that were lost, which we acknowledge were beloved to them.

Aid to Israel flowing into Palestine. No wonder you wrote an editorial earlier this year in support of Hamas.

7. In return for the jizyah, we ask that Christians and Jews, both People of the Book, be permitted to reside unmolested in their homes, as prescribed by the Q’uran, living by their own laws, in their own communities, including Israel, as they have before.

And you think they will abide by this why?

8. We would wish to continue to deal with the House of Islam economically in a free exchange of goods and services, including oil, but not necessarily certain consumer products that may be inimical to Islamic society. People have a right to decide for themselves how they wish their culture to develop, without our intervention, militarily, socially or economically.

Free flow of oil, no tube tops. Got it. Can I buy a bible in the book store in Randolph's utopia land?

9. We cannot control the individual desires and preferences of different peoples, but we need not consciously assail another society with our own cultural imprint either.

Even when the populace screams death to America? Tell you what, you keep defending their right to kill me on religious grounds, I'm going to see about getting you some mental help.

10. We genuinely believe that democracy is the way of the future, already having conquered Soviet communism (and interestingly, with the help of Islam, thank you very much). But we also recognize that democracy may not always present itself in the same recognizable constitutional or parliamentary fashions that we are most familiar with in the West. Community consensus, the preferred way in Islam, also is righteous, and all peoples must reach their potential in their own way.

Huh?!? So it is ok to have a democracy where if you disagree or forget to cover your head you get stoned to death? You scare me Randolph, you scare me...

September 14, 2006

I can look at this school through my office window.

I'm so proud this is now a national story.... Not.

Kindergartner Suspended Over Firework
Sep 14 2:51 PM US/Eastern

A 5-year-old boy was suspended from kindergarten for popping a firework toy in school.

Quinn Lucier set off the popper _ which makes a loud sound when its string is pulled _ at Jerstad-Agerholm Elementary School on Monday, startling his teacher.

The principal, Cecilia Holley-Young, imposed the four-day suspension, telling the boy's mother the item qualified as an explosive device.

Rachel Lucier said she understood that her son shouldn't have brought the item to school but thought the punishment was too severe and plans to appeal it.

"I'm just worried, anything he does later in life, if this is going to come back to haunt him," she said. "Is he going to be considered the bad boy?"

Holley-Young did not immediately return a call Thursday from The Associated Press seeking comment. Ann Laing, an area superintendent for Racine Unified, said Holley-Young suspended the boy based on her interpretation of the district's student responsibility code.

Conn. mom breaks record for biggest baby

NORWICH, Conn. - Oh baby! Marie Michel's fifth child was one for the record books. Michel gave birth to a 14-pound, 13-ounce boy Tuesday at William W. Backus Hospital.

Backus officials said the newborn — Stephon Hendrix Louis-Jean — broke the 18-year record for the biggest baby ever born at the hospital by 1 pound, 13 ounces. He was nearly 23 inches long.

"He's built like a linebacker," said Dr. David Kalla, who delivered the baby by Caesarean section.
After nine months of carrying Stephon, 36-year-old Michel said she was happier about having finished giving birth than about all the attention her baby was receiving.

After nine months of carrying Stephon, 36-year-old Michel said she was more tired and happy to have given birth than all the attention her baby was receiving.

"I was miserable," Michel said. "I couldn't sleep at night. My 13-year-old son had to help me get in and out bed."

The baby's size came as no surprise to his mom. Michel's oldest son weighed 9 pounds at birth, her 8-year-old twin sons each weighed 8 1/2 pounds and her youngest son, age 3, was nearly 12 pounds.

Michel's husband, Vijens Louis-Jean, a truck driver, was coming from Florida to see his son.
Less than 24 hours old, the baby was fitting into clothes for a 6-month-old and was too big for newborn diapers.

"I have baby clothes but I don't think they will be able to fit," Michel said. "I think I will have to return them."

Help me understand.

I've been trying to figure out the first congressional district Democratic primary all day.

There was one candidate who was head and shoulders above the rest.

He ran a good campaign, I saw him out in the community, his hospitality table at the Dem convention got rave reviews, he is a successful businessman, his positions (though I disagreed with them) were presented well, yadda yadda yadda.

I am speaking of course about Steve Herr, he finished FOURTH out of five.

And who finished in front of him?

Jeff Thomas, six, soon to be seven time loser. This guy can not stream a thought together with something else getting in the way.

Mike Herbert. Really bad signs all over the place, no website, just lots and lots of union pals.

Ruth Santa Cruz - Bradley. A nice but a bit old lady who's position on gay marriage would make most of my democratic readers heads explode, no experience at all.

Throw in Don Hall, he of the knuckle dragger in a blue suit rhetoric, he deserved the Howard Dean nutball award in this race.

Steve Herr was serious new blood into the area party, they threw him aside for this menagerie of misfits. How must he feel? Dejected? Most assuredly.

As usual the Democratic party does exactly the wrong thing at exactly the wrong time.

Seriously, I have no idea why they do what they do.

September 13, 2006

Neighborhood Schools vs. Forced Diversity

The RJT covered a recent discussion from an RUSD school board meeting about how the district will redraw attendance boundaries. To me, this is a no-brainer. If I were on the school board my vote would be for neighborhood schools with the option for parental choice. This touchy-feely notion of having some magic percentage of white kids, black kids, Hispanic kids is nothing but liberal guilt. Little or no educational benefit comes from having this forced diversity. Let the kids go to the schools near their homes, or have the parents make the choice for the kids. Why liberals and RUSD want to enact social engineering is beyond me.

To the school board, try focusing on improving academics and giving kids more resources to learn instead of bussing them all over eastern Racine County to appease some false sense of accomplishment.


American Flag $25
Gasoline $5
Lighter $2.50

Catching yourself on fire because you're a terrorist moron...Priceless

September 12, 2006

Election Night thoughts in no particular order.

  • Jay, you can endorse all you want, but you really need to give up predictions... Ross will pull this out in a squeaker As of this moment, Ross is down 29% to 71%. You should never make predictions based on heart. This is what caused Mark Belling to predict the Packers would beat the Bears this weekend. Speaking of that, 93% of the vote in and David Clark has a 4 point lead. Jay said, There's all kinds of voodoo out there in blogoland about how Republicans in Milwaukee County will vote on the Dem ballot just to re-elect David Clarke, forgoing the opportunity to vote for Bucher or Van Hollen for AG. But I don't think most voters are playing with that kind of calculus in their heads and, indeed, will stick to the R ballot. That leaves Vince Bobot (endorsement) an easy winner. Easy? Looks like I was right again.
  • Congratulations JB Van Hollen. I've been saying JB Van Hollen had all the momentum for a long time. I did endorse Bucher, but gladly support Van Hollen for AG.
  • It looks like the 7th time is a charm for Jeff Thomas. It appears Dr. Thomas will be the sacrificial lamb to Paul Ryan. The area Dems totally got this one wrong. Steve Herr was the best candidate by a long shot in this over-crowded primary. So, was a six-time loser the "credible candidate" Chairman Wineke promised the people of the 1st? (By the way, Jay blew this one too). Mr Herr can blame this one on the unions. Candidate Mike Hebert, a union member got all his "brothers and sister" in the unions behind him. This guy does not even have a web site, but he has badly painted signs all over the place. The only way that kind of coordinated effort could happen was through the unions. I knew Hebert would be the wild card here. Without him in the race, Herr would have easily won.
  • For all the Terri McMormick pontificating she turned out to be nobody.
  • 28% of Democrats said no to ethics and yes to vote fraud and voted for Donovan Riley. Honestly, I have no idea what makes people do thingzs like that. Many of the same people apparently voted for Lorraine McNamara McGraw, she got 38% of the vote with her cop hate speech.
  • Can't beat name recognition: The weatherman, Jim Ott got 67% of the vote his first time out.
  • Kudos to Kathleen Falk. It appears she will knock off Peg Lautenschlager. I think this election turned on Falk's reminding people of Peg's drunk driving and misuse of a state vehicle. That actually happened. Jim Doyle is making stuff up against Mark Green, I wonder if it will backfire on him. (btw, Jay did get this one right, going against his endorsement, hey you gotta give him credit if you ding him)
  • Will Peg Lautenschlager stop protecting Jim Doyle in her remaining time in office?
  • 15% of Dems do not think Herb Kohl is liberal enough




H/T Drudge

Something to chew on for election day.

2 Georgia Races May Threaten Democrats' Struggle for Power

Two congressmen face well-known opponents whose bids are aided by GOP redistricting.

By Richard Fausset, Times Staff Writer
September 10, 2006

ATLANTA — Riding a wave of discontent over the economy, Iraq and gas prices, Democrats are hoping to win enough seats to retake the House of Representatives this November. But their success could also hinge on their ability to keep the seats they already have — and doing so could prove difficult in two key races in Georgia.

Democratic U.S. Reps. Jim Marshall of Macon and John Barrow of Savannah are facing hearty challenges from a pair of former Republican congressmen with name recognition and the ability to raise big money. Bolstering their chances are new district boundaries drawn up by the first GOP-dominated Georgia Legislature since Reconstruction.

The outcome of the races could have broad national implications. The Democratic Party needs a net gain of 15 seats to obtain a majority in the House. Its candidates are posing serious threats to Republican incumbents in states such as Indiana, Connecticut and Pennsylvania.

But Republicans have also identified a handful of vulnerable Democratic incumbents, and are hoping to pick off a few of them to thwart a Democratic return to power."Everyone's focused right now on where Democrats can gain seats, and properly so — it's a Democratic year," said Larry Sabato, director of the University of Virginia's Center for Politics.

"But if Republicans can steal even a few seats from Democrats, it will probably eliminate the chances of a Democratic takeover.

They should also watch out for Vernon Robinson....

Primary Day

H/T Chris.

Remember to Vote in today's Primary elections.

Also, if you are a Liberal remember you are only allowed to vote once, even if you believe your cause is just.

Bilingual Education in RUSD, who is it for?

From sources inside the school, I give you the following...

Wadewitz Elementary was directed through RUSD via mandates from the Wisconsin DPI, to implement bilingual education this school year. This means that the percentage Hispanic students in their attendance area hit some arbitrary number to have this take affect. The program was rolled out for Kindergarten, first and second grades with an additional grade to be added each subsequent year. Here is what has happened since implementation processes began this past summer.

1. Students were placed in the program based on language proficiency data obtained through testing or at the time of enrollment. Parents were notified via mail of this placement. (Note parents were notified, not asked)

2. Bilingual teachers were hired to replace regular education teachers who left through attrition or displacement. One teacher for each of the aforementioned grade levels.

3. The school year begins with three traditional classes and one bilingual for each grade level. Demographic observations also show three diverse classrooms and one entirely Hispanic classroom per grade level. (So much for desegregation Unified)

4. Many parents of bilingual students come to the realization that their children are being taught a majority of the curriculum in Spanish and withdraw their children from the program. A few parents had to bring an English translator to tell the office staff they want their child taught in English.

5. As a result of withdrawals and population shifts, the three regular classrooms in each grade are at or beyond their 25 pupil limit, while each bilingual class has enrollment in the low to mid teens.

6. Students withdrawn from the bilingual program are now at risk of being displaced from their home school because their is no room in the non-bilingual classrooms.

I ask any one out there to explain who is asking for this program, and who does it help?

Fantasy Football Recap

The RDW team romped over Still Unreal 101 to 55.

Our next victim....

Casper, Mr. I'm running for everything.

Well, you had better run for cover Casper.

September 11, 2006


We are honored here at RDW to participate in a national movement among bloggers to recognize individually the 2,996 fallen of the attack on our country on 9-11-2001.

Each participating blog was assigned an individual to honor, we were assinged the 2,000th designee, Lt. Edward Alexander D'Atri.

Lt. Edward Alexander D'Atri was a veteran New York City firefighter, he was enjoying a day off when he heard what happened at the World Trade Center. He thought nothing of himself but hurried to join his fellow firefighters where he perished in the World Trade Center Collapse.

This man was a hero in every sense of the word...

He left a wife, Linda, and two young sons, A.J. and Michael, behind. I know they are proud of their father's sacrifice.

The following comments were left on various message boards by his friends, family and those his life touched.

  • Dear Family of Edward D'Atri, Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers and that I carry a bracelet with Eddie's name and squad 1 with me in my car. I'm one of a few D'Atri's left on Long Island and until 9/11, was unaware of possible relatives in Staten Island. I currently reside in Rockville MD., but my two brothers, sister and mother live on Long Island. My nephew's name by coincidence, is Edwardo D'atri. We have one D'atri cousin who lives in Florida. I have been meaning to contact you through St. Charles for some time, but I wanted to give you time for healing. I think of Eddie and all the firefighters and police as our nations heroes. Their courage and bravery will never be forgotten. God Bless, Jean Ann D'Atri Larkin
  • Mayor Guliani mentioned Eddie's name in his book...of all all the firefighters he mentioned 10 total not for any other reason, but it was part of his days during that period.... but from what I can read here, firefighter D'atri was one hell of a guy...strong loving caring professional/ a good father/son/buddy/friend...etc...I sometimes still pickup the New York Times 9/11 bio book and read about people who perished...the stories are so many wonderful people..... they inspire me cause the love the gave and the love they received can only be explained in heaven....
  • I didn't know Mr. D'Atri but I can say I proudly danced for him in honor of my school. Commack High school dedicated a dance to 9/11 and we each were given a name of a hero lost, and mine was Edward. I always wished I could do more for his family, and if you read this please let me know if I can. There is not a day that goes by that I don't think of him, I can't imagine the loss your feeling but I can say, I'm extremely sorry you have to go through this. "We lost many bodies on earth that day but we gained many angels in the sky, especially you Edward." May God watch over you and your family.
  • In my family there are many who share the names of Edward (3 generations living) and my father and nephew were Alexander. I did not know Edward D'Atri personally, but because my uncle and my father carried his name I have felt close to his family. We D'Atris are proud to carry this noble name, and proud of my grandfather, Umberto, who was the first of our family to immigrate to the US from Italy. (Ellis Island Wall of Immigrants, 1903 immigrated) I know Edward Alexander D'Atri was a hero, and if any member of his family sees this message, please know our prayers have been with you. May the sons of Edward D'Atri be blessed, and always be proud of the heroism their father will always be remembered for. May God bless all your family.
  • Eddie D'Atri was a hero, but he was a hero every day of his life. He was passionate about being a fireman and everything else he involved himself in. Eddie has two beautiful sons, A.J. and Michael. He lived for them, and we know that they are missing him terribly. Eddie wasn't working that fateful day, but when he heard the World Trade Center had been hit by a plane he ran to them, immediately looked for his Squad 1 and did what he always did, heroically and courageously did his job. Did he know that he would become an American Hero that day? Probably not! But he will always be remembered as one of America's Heroes. Eddie was one of four of our family members who were firemen the morning of 9/11. The evening of 9/11, we had only one of those firemen alive. We mourn them all. Eddie we will miss you. Love, Papa and Barbara
  • I can't believe how many people's lives Eddie touched. WEll... yes I can. He really was a great guy, with an even greater heart. And I miss his Barney Rubble laugh (ah hee hee hee) along with that smile that could light up the darkest corners of any room. I feel truly honored to have known him personally. To Eddie's sons: I'm so sorry for your loss. He truly loved you guys more than life itself. I know he's watching over you. All of you are in my heart and prayers, always. God Bless
  • To the family and loved ones of Ed D'atri. I just wanted to say that I could remember first seeing Ed when I was 15 years old working out at Ed and Ken's Hard Bodies gym on Forest Ave.. I remember what a great looking guy Ed was and how fit he was as well. One thing that I remember working out at that gym, was that many of the other guys who were also body builders at that gym were always rude, but not Ed. Although I didn't know him personally, he was always pleasant and kind. I want Ed's children to know that their dad was a true hero. At 15 years old, I thought that Ed looked like Superman, little did I know back then that he really was Superman.

The definition of hero (according to A man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities.

They should put Lt. Edward Alexander D'Atri's picture next to that definition.

We honor him for his bravery and self-sacrifice.

(This post will stay at the top of the page through 9-11. Negative comments will be deleted)

I have to pay for my Iced Tea?!?!?!? Is there a lawyer in the house?

NEW YORK — Starbucks (SBUX) was sued Friday for $114 million over its recall last week of a coupon that entitled the holder to a free large iced drink.

Peter Sullivan, a lawyer who sued on behalf of a 23-year-old Starbucks regular who felt "betrayed" when her coupon was not honored, accused the Seattle-based company of fraud. He said he will request class-action status to include the "thousands who were misled" by the offer.

On Aug. 23, Starbucks e-mailed the coupon for the free "grande" drink to selected employees with instructions for them to forward the coupon to friends and family.

But Sullivan said Starbucks got jittery and refused to honor the coupon after the company saw how widely it had been distributed.

Sullivan said he saw lines of coupon-carrying customers outside Starbucks shops in New York, and when they could not redeem the coupons "they felt let down and angry."

A spokeswoman for Starbucks had no comment.

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Monday Random Quotes

I guess I'll have to do something so 20th Century and finish a book. Sean.

WisPolitics can get bent. Kevin.

But these are SUPER sperm! Casper.

Clearly, at least a few hundred wives per man is okay... Jay.

If you are a regular voter, you might want to unplug your phone for the next couple of days. Carrie. (Good advice) much you worship me... Aaron.

I feel uncomfortable walking the 20 feet between my parking spot and my apartment building. Jenna.

Democrats put it on their rear bumpers, Republicans put in on their front bumpers. Kathy.

Don't tell Mom. Jones.

Well at least it's good to know you're gettin' it on, my friend! Truly.

I wouldn’t call that a fire because we are going to put it out. Spinner Dan

Warning: Living is hazardous to your health. Nick.

September 10, 2006

Ann Althouse nails it.

Ann Althouse has a brilliant posting up regarding Clinton and ABC, and NBC News... what a new wrinkle?

Check it out.