September 9, 2006

Dear God

24 (Minutes) D'oh!

The 400th episode of the Simpsons (Airing in May) will be a spoof of 24 featuring Keifer Sutherland and Mary Lynn Rajskub as Jack Bauer and Chloe... The episode will be called 24 Minutes.
That may well be the single greatest TV show EVER.

What could be next?

City isn't facing crisis, Barrett says

Washington - After a pair of high-profile crimes shook Milwaukee this week, Mayor Tom Barrett disagreed Thursday with Police Chief Nannette Hegerty, who a day earlier said, "I think we have a societal crisis."

Barrett said the city is not in crisis but faces "huge challenges."

Real Debate Wisconsin says: Tom Barret is in denial and is not fit to be Milwaukee's Mayor.

September 7, 2006

An open note to President Bill Clinton.

Dear Mr. President.

We were attacked multiple times by terrorists on your watch.

You said you would take care of it.

You didn't.

So ABC has made a docu-drama. That means they made some of it up to fit the facts, that is what docu-dramas do. I saw United 93, a docu-drama, it was excellent. Go ask Michael Moore, he makes up all kinds of stuff, I didn't see you or your minions all worked up about that.

You have some responsibility in all of this Mr. President, you do not get to escape all scrutiny, even though your legacy appears to be more important to you than the truth. From what I have heard they don't pin all they blame on you, just part of it.

That seems fair.

But then you don't want fair do you? You don't want truth do you? Tell me again why Sandy Burger ripped off documents that covered your hiney?

Just Checking.

I recently started a new job. I've been VERY busy.

I'm just checking to make sure all those rabid libs all up in arms and making crazy accusations in regards to the Valerie Plame/Joe Wilson thing have all issued their apologies now that we know the only one who was lying through this whole process was Joe Wilson.

(now who said that all along?)

I'm sure they have all issued their apologies, or does Xoff still have Rove on indictment watch?

Bias in politics The Racine Journal Times.

Ok, I've been asking over the last couple of days is this negative or is that negative.

I picked those two particular ads, one video one print, for a reason.

In the first we have one candidate pointing out their opponents record of drunk driving, and misusing state property. Now, those very well may be legitimate issues, but in my mind that is a negative ad.


The only issue raised is pertaining to the bad behavior of the political opponent. There is nothing positive other than she sucks, I ain't her.

Now, the print ad compares real issues and compares positions. That ad even has a quote from the other candidate about the one who put out the ad. They argue about real positions on issues, but the huge difference here is in tone. McReynolds is trying to show you who he is by sharing something positive about himself then comparing himself against his opponent.

In the Falk example, all she had was negative about Lautenschlager.

Negative is in the eye of the beholder and our individual biases are our own. However, I do think that any reasonable person would say that in general the Falk ad was much more negative than the McReynolds ad.

Enter Dustin Block. Dustin is the City Editor at the Racine Journal Times. This is what Dustin had to say about the McReynolds ad.

Thumbs down to Racine County Executive Bill McReynolds for already going negative in his state Senate campaign against state Rep. John Lehman, D-Racine.... It looks like local voters are going to have a long few months trying to figure out what's true and false before casting their ballots. There are enough real differences between McReynolds and Lehman without one of the candidates misrepresenting the other's position.

Ok, now here is what the paper had to say about the Falk ad.

Nothing, in fact the paper ran stock AP copy.

MADISON, Wis. (AP) - A challenger to Attorney General Peg Lautenschlager mentioned the incumbent's drunken driving arrest in a television ad unveiled Friday.An announcer in fellow Democrat Kathleen Falk's ad refers to Lautenschalager as: "Our state's top cop convicted of drunken driving in a state car, fined for misuse of the car by the Ethics Board."

527 PAC's have been running negative ads against Mark Green and Jim Doyle. I am not speaking to the merit of those ads, just the fact that they exist and they are very negative on both sides.

We posted earlier on the bumper-gate story regarding McReynolds. The Journal Times really hyperventilated on that one. Here is what the corporate counsel, that the paper said they just had to hear from, had to say on the issue.

"Therefore in conclusion, after careful examination of the file provided to me by the Finance Department and threlevantnt provisions of the code, I conclude that the purchases made by the Sheriff's Department for Squad Push Bumpers from vendor #48999 were executed in every instance in a manneconsistentnt with the language and intent of provisions in the Code that relate to Purchases and Contracts."

In lawyer speak that means McReynolds didn't do anything wrong.

The paper did not share that, what did they say?

So far no official body has ruled on whether the purchases by McReynolds' own department from his own company broke the law.

I asked the reporter to comment on why he ignored the corporate council direct comment and put in that other line.

He ignored my request.

I asked Dustin Block why he went so out of his way to say the McReynolds print ad I highlighted was negative while not calling out as negative the numerous really negative ads that are in this political cycle.

He also ignored my request.

If Dustin Block wants to go on a crusade against negative campaigning, fine go right ahead.

Just play it even.

Fact of the matter is Dustin Block is a partisan hack who favors John Lehman over Bill McReynolds, and is using the Racine Journal Times to promote his agenda, his own writing has proven that.

That same paper has completely ignored many of the scandals involving Governor Jim Doyle. Not one word has been published regarding the UWM dorm construction bid scandal. That same story made tfromron page of the Kenosha and Milwaukee papers yet the Racine Journal Times gave it a pass.

Dustin Block is the same reporter that gave Kurt Vlach a complete pass for his unethical behavior while writing a hatchet article against me with numerous factual issues.

This is media bias plain and clear. Frankly the trash coming out of the Racine Journal Times may as well be written by the Governor's office. We have a Governor running ads that are complete lies, this paper has ignored those ads. Apparently they don't think the Governor being a liar is news worthy. But they are sure digging like crazy to find something when it has been proven there is nothing wrong in the County Execs office.

That's bias folks.

I've asked Dustin Block and his buddy Rob Golub the Web editor about this pointedly and directly. They really do believe they are objective. Fact is I doubt either of them has ever voted for anyone with an (R) next to their name.

An objective would play it down the middle, these guys are playing it so far to the left it ain't even funny. Any objective person who had a bug in their bonnet on negative ads would call out ALL negative ads, or at a minimum examples on both sides.

Not Dustin Block, and not the Journal Times.

Gore's "Truth" DVD boasts earth-friendly package

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Mother Nature won't be harmed when former Vice President Al Gore's hit global-warming documentary "An Inconvenient Truth" comes out on DVD November 21.


The DVD packaging consists entirely of waste products that have been recycled, including paper, inks and coatings formulated to emit virtually no volatile organic compounds into the atmosphere. That means no plastics and no laminates.

If only the rest of his life was so environmentally friendly.

The rest of this free drivel.

Paris Hilton Booked on DUI Charges

Does this really surprise anyone?

Oil slumps to lowest since May on robust US supply

&*#(!@&^*#(!_&!*&!_ Bush @!(*@!+!@ Cheney &$#!*(_!&*_(^#!&_( Rove $@!&*(!&*(_!#@*(_#!^&!#(_&*@!#_#!(*_ Exxon. &#(*&@()*_!@()@!
BP &#!*(&!*(_!&*!#

September 6, 2006

September 5, 2006

Falk Ad

I have one question. Yes or no, is this a negative ad?

McNamara-McGraw says she didn't aim to imply that police shot child


Posted: Sept. 4, 2006

Milwaukee County district attorney candidate Larraine McNamara-McGraw now says that her comments during a recent debate weren't intended to suggest that police might have fired the shots that killed 13-year-old Candace Moss outside a neighbor's north side home.

In a statement, McNamara-McGraw said she raised the point Saturday as one of many speculative questions showing how she would demand accountability if she's elected. Her remark drew an immediate rebuke from Assistant District Attorney John Chisholm, her Democratic opponent in the Sept. 12 primary.

"At no point did I, nor did I intend to, imply that the police killed Candace Moss," McNamara-McGraw, a former Milwaukee alderman, said in her written statement.

Oh by gosh by golly gee should I believe her?

Gee she seems like such a nice lady Beeve...

Yeah I know Wally but you know those Democrats can say anything and get away with it...

Iran head wants liberal teachers ousted

By NASSER KARIMI, Associated Press Writer Tue Sep 5, 6:50 PM ET
TEHRAN, Iran -

Iran's hard-line president urged students Tuesday to push for a purge of liberal and secular university teachers, another sign of his determination to strengthen Islamic fundamentalism in the country.

I wonder if Kevin Barrett.... Nah.

Reports of Steve Irwin exaggerated


The manager of "Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin has denounced as "absolute rubbish" reports that Irwin pulled a stingray's barb out of his chest before lapsing into unconsciousness and dying. John Stainton told CNN that the reports, which quoted him, were based on "rumors." Nevertheless, he acknowledged that the attack, which occurred in the water at Batt Reef, off the Australian coast north of Cairns, was caught on camera. Stainton further denied reports that he had watched the tape, saying he couldn't bear to do so. The tape is currently in the hands of Australian authorities.


Ok, I admit it, I love fantasy football.

I started a Cheddarsphere league and The Debate Team intends to romp all over everyone.

I will post on a week to week basis how I'm doing in representing RDW for bragging rights in the Cheddarsphere league.

My 1st victim....

Our pal Still Unreal from Reality Check.

Now, in terms of full disclosure SU & I have been bumping heads for several years in Fantasy Football. I'd say we have each won our fair share though I am sure SU would say he has had the better of me. (he would be wrong)

I'll post results on Tuesday.

(I can tell you this much already, Owen will finish last, he drafted 3 Packers...)

Van Hollen on the crime lab and Peg's hypocrisy.

Peg got serious about the crime lab today.

One week before the election she decided that needed attention, what a joke.

I'm posting part of the Van Hollen release because it flat out nails hey hypocrisy on this issue.

“For a year now, I’ve been highlighting the growing backlog at the state crime labs and touting my plan to fix the mess in Madison . For the last several days my campaign has been running a statewide television ad critical of her mismanagement of the crime labs. Years ago, Peg Lautenschlager promised to fix the crime lab backlog and it only got worse under her watch. Her eleventh hour plan raises more questions than it answers.

“Why should anyone trust her now – one week from the election?

“Why did it take her this long to finally acknowledge the mess she helped create?

“Why did she ask for only 4 new positions for the crime labs in her last budget request while asking for 5 positions to handle consumer protection?

“Her press release is not a plan to make the crime labs a priority. Only when she fires the Solicitor General and dismisses her politically motivated-lawsuits can she begin to demonstrate to Wisconsin families that her administration has the correct priorities.

“She’s badly misused the office and the taxpayer’s money to sue farmers and businesses while the crime lab backlog worsened.

“She now strives to be average. We should strive to be better than the national average – families are expecting swift justice and as Attorney General I will deliver. I will set new priorities. I will fix the mess in Madison .”

September 4, 2006

1st CD Cash.


Steven Herr (D) Raised: $6,010 Spent: $8,258 Cash on hand: $0

Don Hall (D) Raised: $3,962 Spent: $1,716 Cash on hand: $2,245

Jeffrey C Thomas (D) Raised: $1,687 Spent: $1,687 Cash on hand: $0

Ruth Bradley (D) No reports on record for this candidate.

Mike Hebert (D) No reports on record for this candidate.

Paul Ryan (R)* Raised: $964,211 Spent: $439,974 Cash on hand: $1,636,819

Joe Wineke told us there would be a credible candidate. Steve Herr is the best dem in the bunch by far, but Joe part of being a credible candidate is being able to run a credible campaign.

How can any one of these "credible candidates" run an effective campaign against a popular incumbent with $1.6 mil in the bank?

Still, they have as good a chance as Brian Kennedy.

By the way, aren't candidates supposed to file these campaign reports? Hello, Racine Journal Times (a wholly owned subsidiary of Jim Doyle and the Democratic Party of Wisconsin), there would seem to be a story there.

RIP Steve

The party of Inclusion?!? My Sweet Aunt Fanny.

We told you previously how Assembly candidate Tim Daley discriminated against a gay man by refusing his offer to volunteer to be his campaign treasurer while accepting thong-master Kurt Vlach willingly into his campaign...

Well they ain't got nothing on the Democratic Party in Alabama...

MONTGOMERY, Ala. - A Democratic Party committee Thursday night disqualified an openly gay candidate for the Alabama Legislature and the woman she defeated in the primary runoff because both women violated a party rule that party officials said no other candidate has obeyed since 1988.

The committee voted 5-0 to disqualify Patricia Todd, who was attempting to become the state's first openly gay legislator, and Gaynell Hendricks.

It kind of seems the party of inclusion treats Gay Americans just like they treat African Americans. They want their votes, they just don't want them involved in the process.

What hypocrites.

Monday Random Quotes

This is obviously the first MRQ hosted at RDW. I told Belle MRQ is her intellectual property, I'm just going to babysit for a while. This one is dedicated to Belle.

The author also seems to be attached to the term moonbat. MKE Online.

And if I do, hopefully I disappoint so magnificently that nobody will ever forget it. Casper

Bill Christofferson has all the details, but take his opinion with a huge grain of salt. Spivak & Bice.

I, like many others, had just come off the incredibly deflating experience of holding on to the Howard Dean campaign until the bitter, noisy end. Jay.

While you're listening, feel free to poke around in my trash. There's beer in the fridge if you need it. Aaron.

Fred seems determined to keep his blog Aaron free. Aaron again.

...You can't tell your ass from that very same hole in the ground. Aaron III (maybe next week MRQ will be all Aaron)

So, I'm waiting..... (cocking ear). Kate.

Too much estrogen is bad for a campaign. Dad29.

“Uncle Chris, in China do they have American Buffets, you know where everything to eat is “American” food?” Chris' Niece.

I have the resources and ability to tell Blogger to kiss off if my buttons get pushed too often... Jib.

I can barely make it through watching them inflate their lungs to speak. Jones.

Snot-nosed political neophyte. Joey

Then again, the act itself seems to me a pretty stupid exercise anyway. Brewtown.

One season out of the head case, is it too much to ask? Wiggy.

No threat can get past my MANMELTER 3600ZX! Scott.

If somebody likes me, there's an 9 out of 10 chance I'll like them too. Tom McMahon.

Sometimes you just need a cheap beer. Jenna.

They say he had as many as 60 wives. Now he's going to have 60 husbands. Tee Bee.

I’m not having a sex change. Belle.