August 26, 2006


Just because these things fascinate me.
Gizmodo: Lexus LS 460L Self Parking Car Backs Up

Mrs. Realdebate is going to want one of these!

FYI: This puppy has the world's first eight speed automatic transmission, a 380 hp V-8 that is supposed to deliver fuel economy in the mid-20's while doing 0 to 60 in 5.5 seconds. HOT!!!

This should be available for sale in the fall, like to see more, hit this.

Error error error

Dear God...

What has been buggin' me about this McReynolds story:

The Racine Journal Times ran this big story today about Bill McReynolds involvement in a company that sold bumpers to the county.

I have found out a bit more about this today. The company the county was buying bumpers from was in California and went out of business. There was a need so McReynolds with two partners each put $5,000 into starting this company. In the end they each lost their total investment. The county had a need and could find no where else to buy these bumpers do McReynolds put his own money at risk in an entrepreneurial venture , that would seem to be pretty generous.

The only legitimate question that has been raised so far is about an order that slightly exceeded $1,000 and a county ordinance requiring any PO over $1,000 to require a RFP.

There was clearly no funneling of any money here and nothing appears to be out of the ordinary.
If there is any question it should be focused on the purchasing manager and NOT Bill McReynolds (yet).

I will remind the Racine Journal Times (a wholly owned subsidiary of Jim Doyle and the Democratic party of Wisconsin) how careful they were not to implicate Jim Doyle with the Georgia Thompson indictment/conviction in the Adelman travel scandal.

The Journal Times skipped all of that previously exhibited caution and went straight after Bill McReynolds.


Could it be the Journal Times vaunted objectivity is not quite all it appears to be? Could it be that once again the Journal Times is trying to muddy the water where Bill McReynolds is concerned? They have given John Lehman a complete pass in this election. Why?

Could it be the Journal Times is not as objective as they claim to be? They certainly have not treated purchasing managers in two different departments in the same way.

August 25, 2006

McReynolds - Lehman race gets nasty.

The Journal Times jumped on a non-story involving Racine County executive and Senate Candidate Bill McReynolds today.

Around noon today a website, Progressive Majority Wisconsin, whose sole purpose is to get radical liberals elected put out a non-story story on a company Bill McReynolds used to own a third of.

McReynolds needed to purchase push bumpers which the County was having a hard time finding. Seeing a market he formed a company, Force Engineering, with two partners to provide the bumpers.

McReynolds disclosed on ethics statements his involvement with the company and over a period of several years the county bought $5,840 in bumpers from McReynolds company. Chicken feed really, but to PMW they are trying to make this out to be some huge scandal.

The company never even did very well and was dissolved in 2005. This is a big fat zero.

However, ever willing to find a way to make McReynolds look bad the Racine Journal Times (a wholly owned subsidiary of Jim Doyle and the democratic party of Wisconsin) put out a web story within hours of the PMW story. (still waiting on the story on the Doyle UWM bid scandal)

What the JT Failed to report is who is behind PMW, it is run by the former hatchet man of disgraced ex-Majority Leader and current felon Chuck Chvala, Doug Burnett. Strangely, his little bio on Progressive Majority Wisconsin's web site makes no mention of his felonious former employer. Or his own brush with the justice system: Or that he let taxpayers pay $2,580 for his legal defense in the caucus scandal.

I mention this as in a heated political election considering the source has worth. Lehman, ever the opportunist, jumped right on board the attack train saying, "To create a company and then sell to the sheriff's department does not seem appropriate to me,' He of the great record of voting against business should no so well about you should and should not do.

So the long and short of this is everything was on the up and up, all ethics forms were filed and the Dems are trying to make a scandal where there is none.

This is going to be the nastiest campaign we have ever seen.

UPDATE: Check out this nifty rhetoric from PMW in regards to Bill McReynolds then tell me how unbiased their report is.... These idiots are on a witch hunt.

I loved the Dukes of Hazzard. It had fast cars, Daisy Dukes, heroes and the best kind of villains: corrupt, cowardly liars. Week in and week out, Boss Hogg would trump up some phony charges against the Duke boys to get them in a heap 'a trouble. Week in and week out he would end up looking every bit as slimy as he was.

It made for great TV, but it ain’t no way to run a government. Why oh why must Republican candidate Bill McReynolds try and turn the 21st State Senate District into Hazzard County?

Dump the New Admirals Logo

Seeing a billboard with this joke of a logo on it reminded me to post about the online petition created for the Admirals' front office. One week from today, September 1st, the petition will be downloaded and mailed to the Ads office with the signatures and comments of the disgusted, but loyal, fandom.

If you have not already done so, please sign it by clicking here. If you already signed, thanks, now tell your friends.

Video of terrorists plotting.

Channel 2 in Chicago has video of terrorists plotting to blow up the Sears Tower and the Empire State Building. Their plan was to disrupt radio communications.

Plus, taking down some big buildings and killing thousands of infidels.

See the video here.

Riley quits.

Donovan Riley has bowed out of the Senate primary.

If he was not guilty would there be any reason at all not to move forward?????

I still wait to hear the condemnation of vote fraud by the Democratic party.

In fact, the Democratic party does not condone openly vote fraud, but their inaction certainly says they are willing to turn a blind eye to it as long as they think it favors their side.

That is the difference folks, rightie doesn't want improperly cast votes, leftie appears to have completely taken a blind eye toward electoral ethics, unless of course they smell rightie blood.

Well it makes sense, after all Jim Doyle is their leader in this state, he sets the example.

I wonder if all of you lefties are proud of Riley for bowing out, mad at being stuck with a moderate candidate, or do you just think this is a trumped up thing by evil right wing neocons?

I wish some of you would come out and blast your party for not calling this out, if this was a Republican I would be doing exactly that right now.

August 24, 2006

KC Royals score 10 runs in 1st inning.

And lose 15-13.

That has to be the worst collapse since leftie blew the open on the 18th hole.

What else are they wrong about?

So today the scientific community comes out and tells us that Pluto is not really a planet.

This opens up many questions.
  • How many other things that scientists have previously told us they were certain of are they wrong about?
  • What will this do to the school budgets for text books, maps and mobiles?
  • What of the beloved Disney dog, will they rename him?
  • When the intelligence tells you that there are 9 planets, then later you find out there are really 8 planets, are you then considered a liar for having bad intelligence if you had publicly proclaimed there were 9 planets previously?
  • If they are now calling Pluto a dwarf planet what of the PC police? Shouldn't they call it a little planet?
  • Have we considered how Pluto really feels about being re-classified?
  • Has anyone seen Mulder and Scully?

Thanks Joel

Last night I was invited to attend an event in support of Joel Kleefisch in his re-election bid out in Oconomowoc.

Kleefish is a blog fan and the blog world was well represented with Jib, Chris, Jones, Casper, and Aaron in attendance.

We were all a bit out of our element but people were really nice to us and were generally interested in what we had to say. State Assembly Majority Leader Mike Huebesch was in attendance and was interested in what we were hearing from the folks. Jones let him have it, but the impression we left was that the party had better hang Jim Doyle around the heads of Democrats. There is a reason he has been in hiding.

Scott Walker was kind enough to spend a few minutes with us, that guy was the rock star of the party. I think he was in a bit of a Rudi Giulliani hangover. The man left an impression on Walker. I had never met him before, what a genuinely nice man.

There was one friendly face from Racine there in Robin Vos, seems I see Robin everywhere I go. That guy gets around.

Dennis Krueger left a very positive impression, he is running for Bucher's job in Waukesha County. His wife Kathy is a huge blog reader but to date she has been a bit freaked out to leave comments. We encouraged her to go ahead, make up a name and get involved. It would not surprise me in the least to see her on a podcast with Aaron.

Speaking of podcasts, Waukesha County Exec Dan Vrakas was rather enamored with that whole process, it would not surprise me if he showed up either.

Mark Green was in attendance and the Rudi time appeared to have rubbed off on him as well. He pretty much stuck to his short-standard stump speech (we don't have a people problem, we have a leadership problem), however, he did spend time talking about America's Mayor. He pointed out the first thing Giulliani did when he became Mayor was attack the crime problem. As he put it, crime is the worst tax of all on children and poverty and they could never improve neighborhoods until they beat back the crime problem. A great point.

On a side note, this is what ticked me off so much in the recent spat between Racine Mayor Gary Becker and former Chief Spenner. Their focus was all in the wrong place, Racine needs to beat back crime and fix the schools if it is ever to turn out of its funk. They do not need apologists and whiners.

That was the first time I got meet Casper, it was a distinct pleasure to meet him. Seeing as he is running for everything he is quite busy planning acceptance and consolation addresses. I did mention the next drinking right was election day, no one was phased.

I do thank Mr. Kleefisch for the invite, a fine time was had by all.

Truly Inspiring.

Local blogger Yours, Truly of Sex & the Mil Town has apparently joined the US Marines.

She has a new blog up talking about what inspired her and her activites in getting ready to report for duty.

Check out from Metro-Belle to Marine.

August 23, 2006

Judge Taylor has issues apparently.

Judge may have had conflict of interest, group says

WASHINGTON — A judicial watchdog group contended Tuesday that Michigan U.S. District Judge Anna Diggs Taylor, who last week struck down a federal warrantless wiretapping program, may have had a conflict of interest in the case.

Judicial Watch, a conservative-leaning group based in Washington, issued a news release calling attention to Taylor's apparent membership in a local foundation that gave $45,000 to the American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan in recent grants. The ACLU of Michigan was one of the parties to the case challenging the surveillance program that was begun after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. The lead challenger was the national ACLU.

"This potential conflict of interest merits serious investigation," Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said.

Taylor noted on financial disclosure reports filed in 2004 and 2005 that she is a trustee and secretary of the Community Foundation for Southeastern Michigan. That group says on its website that it has given a total of $45,000 in recent years to the ACLU of Michigan for programs serving gay men and lesbians. Taylor could not be reached Tuesday.
Tuesday's complaint adds to attention that some legal groups have focused on the judge and her approach in the case, rather than the ruling itself.

Northwestern University law professor Steven Lubet, who has studied judicial ethics, said, "It certainly is close enough that she should have disclosed it."

The Bush administration has declared that it will appeal the ruling, so any possible consequences of Judicial Watch's claim is unclear.

Lubet noted that federal law requires judges to disqualify themselves when there is a reasonable question about impartiality. But once a case has been decided, he said, the remedy for any possible ethics violation is not clear-cut. "The standard for reversal is demanding and (tests) whether there is a real possibility that the alleged partiality had an effect on the outcome." He noted that the case will be freshly reviewed on appeal.

How can you not recuse yourself in a case where there is such a glaring conflict?!? Well, that is easy when ideology matters more than the rule of law. This Judge is a disgrace.

Happy Birthday Bill

RDW has obtained this secret photo of Florida Governor Jeb Bush at Bill Clinton's 60th birthday party.

Jeb looks a little out of his element.

Today is Mr. Clinton's birthday, best wishes.

2996 - Join the tribute

Union Leader to Howard Dean. Were you lying then or now?

Insider Howard Dean: Views NH primary as a threat
Tuesday, Aug. 22, 2006

ON NOV. 13, 2003, then-Vermont Gov. Howard Dean filed to run in the 2004 New Hampshire primary. At the time, he claimed to believe in the tradition the primary upheld.
"I am absolutely committed to New Hampshire having the first primary and Iowa having the first caucus,'' he said. "The reason I'm committed is that candidates like me would never have a chance without being able to look people in the eye and shake their hands and let them say what they think.

"I'm very pleased that South Carolina has an early primary. It's more a diverse state and that's important. And I urge other states to have early primaries. But I think we've got to continue the tradition of the Iowa caucus and New Hampshire primary because it's the only way candidates with no money -- but with strong backing and who are willing to put backbone and spine back into the Democratic Party -- have any chance at all."

That was Howard Dean the outsider. Howard Dean the insider has a different view of the tradition New Hampshire's primary has long upheld. Howard Dean the insider views the New Hampshire primary and its "people-powered" ability to upend the establishment and "put backbone and spine back into the Democratic Party" as a threat.

In 2003, Howard Dean spoke a great deal about taking back the Democratic Party. Now the DNC, with Dean the insider's blessing, is trying to take it back from the grassroots activists trying to complete what Dean the outsider started.

The New Hampshire primary has not changed since Dean praised it in 2003. It is as it always has been: the greatest opportunity for average voters to influence the Presidential nominating process. It is Howard Dean who has changed -- assuming he meant a word of what he said three years ago.

Under his leadership, the Democratic Party has taken a significant step away from grassroots, voter-centered politics and toward the old insider-controlled nominating process of a century ago. Their actions are speaking more loudly than their rhetoric.

August 22, 2006

Child sex offender to city, PAY ME!

WATERBURY, Conn. Aug 22, 2006 (AP)— A former mayor who is serving 37 years on federal child sex charges claims the city owes him tens of thousands of dollars for vacation, sick days and personal days he never took before his arrest.

A current city official said the claim had no basis.

Philip A. Giordano sent a letter to Theresa Caldarone, special counsel to Mayor Michael J. Jarjura, demanding that the city pay him about $61,000 for 13 weeks of vacation, 99 sick days and 27 personal days.

Giordano's letter, obtained by the Republican-American newspaper, claims that Waterbury mayors earned four weeks of vacation, 18 sick days and five personal days annually, and that they could roll those benefits over throughout their terms in office and cash out when they left office.

Waterbury mayors have never had sick or vacation days, Jarjura's chief of staff, Sheila O'Malley, said Tuesday.

"It's not authorized in the charter and we're not obligated to give him sick time, and therefore we wouldn't even entertain this idea," she said. "Vacation, sick, personal days, those actually have no meaning for elected officials. We expect that our elected officials are going to devote a reasonable amount of time to their job. You spend too much time out, you just don't get back in again."

Giordano was near the end of his third two-year term in July 2001 when he was arrested on the child sex charges, which came to light during a federal corruption probe. He was convicted of the sex charges in March 2003.

Cure for ADHD

For those of you wondering about Dr. Hicks' program called CT/RT for behavior management. This ain't it.

Cha cha cha cha changes.....

I recently asked what I could do to spice up RDW, one suggestion was to get a new template as my old setup loaded way too slow.

I have redone my template and gotten rid of much of the extra "stuff" that was making the page load slow.

It should go much faster now.

I am always open to suggestions.

Iranian Negotiation Manual.

1. Make the infidel Zionist lovers wait.

2. Agree to talk.

3. When going to talks, do not wear a tie.

4. When talking, make it certain to the infidel that anything short of exactly what we want will be considered intolerant and worthy of Jihad against diplomats.

5. After the Zionist loving dogs agree with our position proclaim publicly how unwilling they are to any compromise.

6. Return to talks.

7. Kill negotiators.

8. Blame American pigs.

9. Do 60 minutes interview.

10. Vacation in France.

11. Continue enriching uranium.

12. Nuke Israel.

13. Blame America.

14. Nuke America.

15. Blame Israel.

The religion of peace.

Seriously folks, someone please tell me just how we are supposed to negotiate with these people?

AG Endorsement

After much thought and contemplation I am ready to come forward with my endorsement for Attorney General of the State of Wisconsin.

I endorse Paul Bucher and encourage my readers to vote for him on September 12.

This was not an easy decision as we have two excellent, tough prosecutors worthy of this very important job. If Bucher does not prevail I will be proudly supporting JB Van Hollen in the general election.

Frankly in this election I do not know how anyone could support either of the Democratic candidates.

Kathleen Falk does not really have the resume for this job and her policy to completely ignore immigration status in Dane County is criminal. A vote for Falk is a vote for partisan prosecution, not a vote for law and order.

Peg Lautheschlager has really done nothing in her tenure to earn a second term, she is doing nothing but worsening the business climate here. How can we attract jobs when Peg seems to only want to sue businesses? Seriously, going after business for Co2 emissions? It is a naturally occurring thing Peg. I will not even go into the ethical issues with Peg.

JB Van Hollen and Paul Bucher are tough hard-nosed prosecutors, exactly the kind of person we should have in this job.

Being so geographically close to Waukesha I have followed Bucher's career with interest. Time and again while I saw the Milwaukee County DA wimp out I have been continually amazed at Bucher's fearlessness in attacking crime.

Really, it is on that basis I give Bucher my endorsement. I have witnessed the way he does his job for years, and I'm a big fan. Bucher has a better awareness in the larger populace areas, an yes I know Van Hollen has more cash, but I really think Bucher has been running a smart campaign and can pull this thing off.

Frankly, I think many people have thrown their support behind Van Hollen strictly on the size of his campaign war chest, and that is the wrong way to make this sort of decision.

From everything I have learned about JB Van Hollen he is also an excellent prosecutor and we would be much better off with him or Bucher than we are with the current office holder.

My point gets made for me.

In this post I pointed out the rhetoric coming from the left is not anywhere close to the reality on gay policy.

Well yesterday in a post over at Jay's place, KRShorewood ends a lie filled piece with this throw away line, Can the people who are so much against gay rights ever be straight with us?

The thing is this piece had nothing to do with gay rights. He is so invested in his attack rightie mode and his belief that rightie is an intolelrant hater, he just threw that end on his piece for grins.

I'll clue you in again only 52% of Democrats in a recent poll were opposed to the upcoming ammendment.

This is exactly the kind of lie filled rhetoric I was referring to. Thanks for proving me right so quickly.

A Picture tells.

August 21, 2006

Unified's Annual Report

Each news story that refers to the school district with a corporate-world term sickens me. Annual reports, ISO certifications, Chief (fill in the blank) Officers, all amount to smoke and mirrors for the lack of academic progress under Hicks' tenure.

The decisions discussed or made this evening will do little to improve this struggling district. What's worse is that, as will all of Hicks' programs, there will be no gray area. He has had a divisive influence on the employees of the district and the taxpayers as well. Read the JT blogs and you will see people blindly follow whatever he states or discard it as tripe. (I am in the latter camp)

School Board President, and Hicks' yeswoman, Sue Kutz believes that tonight's report will set the standards on progress from this point forward. My response to that is, what have you been doing for the last five years with Dr. Hicks?

So if you are the parent of a struggling child you have three options, move, enroll in a private school, or take the matter into your own hands. SCJ, RAMAC, Hicks and their puppets on the school board seem to have no interest in improving educational standards.

AG Endorsement.

I'm ready to come forward with my endorsement for the Attorney General primary.

However, before I do I'd like to talk about the primary process a bit.

People get passionate about their candidates, but I must say much of the behavior I am seeing in the primary process on both sides of the aisle makes me sick.

We basically have people with ideological similarities that tear each other apart based on minor differences. I've wanted to come forward with my endorsement previously but have avoided it due to the feathers it would ruffle.

I have friends on both sides of this fight and I'd like to think that our friendships would not be hurt based on subtle preferential differences.

So before I come forward with my endorsement do you have any thoughts on the primary process? Personally I wish candidates would spend more time on telling us why we should vote for them, and not so much time telling us why we should not vote for their opponent.

Woman Ordered To Get Rid Of 168 Cats

A woman in Volusia County, Fla., has three months to get rid of nearly 170 cats living at her home after a request to keep them was denied, according to a Local 6 News report.

Homeowner Kristy Grant has been taking care of the cats at her 10-acre home in Pierson.

However, neighbors have complained that the animals are attacking squirrels and killing birds

City Council members unanimously denied Grant's request to have her home declared an animal sanctuary.

Grant can keep only four cats, according to residential zoning laws, the report said.

"I'm looking for a good attorney who is willing to help me out that loves animals and can win this for me," Grant said. "I'm not getting rid of my cats. I'm in the middle of nowhere. If I can't take care of cats here, where can you?"

Local 6 News reported that Grant knows every one of the cats by name.

She said she may move and take all of the cats with her.

August 20, 2006

My name is Jeff Albertson, but everyone calls me Comic Book Guy.

Montreal — Tom Crippen knew he faced a daunting task after the death of his father, an inveterate pack rat who never threw anything out. It wasn't just the stockpiles of old opera programs, paper clips, Christmas cards, baseball caps, paperbacks or souvenir coffee mugs.
Mainly, it was the awesome collection of 11,000 comics that had colonized the family garage and basement.

“The shelves were just piled high with comics,” said Mr. Crippen, a freelance editor living in Montreal. “I knew they were worth money, but I thought, $50,000, maybe $100,000.”

Mr. Crippen was wrong. After painstakingly dusting off and cataloguing the comics — a process that took four months — he called in the experts to the family home outside New York.

And — Holy windfall, Batman! — the superheroes delivered.

The cache of vintage comics, many of them rare and in immaculate condition, were evaluated at $2.5-million (U.S.).

“When they told me, it just made my jaw drop,” Mr. Crippen said. “The comic books were literally worth more than the house itself.”

He got a glimpse of his newfound fortune last week when Heritage Auction Galleries in Dallas sold off a first batch of 550 comics. By the time the final gavel fell, Mr. Crippen, his mother and brother were $717,000 richer.

The highest price went to a 1944 Suspense Comics book with a campy cover of a bound woman surrounded by hooded Nazis. Originally purchased by Davis Crippen for a dime, it sold for $47,800.

A 1940 Detective Comic, in which Batman puts in one of his earliest appearances, rang up at $17,925.

Thought of the week.

She's always late. In fact, her ancestors arrived on the "June flower."

Unified not improving, not my fault

The first excerpts from an interview by RJT report Brent Killackey with Supernintendo Hicks show that too many obstacles have prevented RUSD from showing the promised improvement. All Dr. Hicks claims he needs is more time to work through the issues and then the improvement will come.

Hicks has had five years to show some improvement and nothing significant has come. Instead of admitting failure in whole or part with his plans in academics and behaviors, he blames the teachers, administrators and central office staff for an inability to work with him on issues. I can't speak to the administrators and central office, but the teachers could see his plans for what they were, lowering the bar. What Dr. Hicks wants is unconditional cooperation. Rational discourse and logical arguments are not heard under his tenure. One of the reasons RUSD is not showing improvement is because Continuous Progress in the areas or reading and math, as well as CT/RT training for behavior management, don't work. They were sold to us with a mob of consultants to spread the word without any evidence that they were effective strategies. Five years is plenty of time to show they are ineffective.

There are other factors that contribute to RUSD's stagnation. They include apathetic parents and students, poor teachers and run down facilities. I can admit those faults without hiring someone to tell me the same. Dr. Hicks do us a favor and admit your mistakes, pack up your snake oil and move along.


Let's just say a Republican Senatorial candidate got caught committing flagrant vote fraud.

Let's just say that about a week after that information came out the state Republican party had said nothing and only one minor elected official of his own party had called for him to drop out of the race.

Let us further say that the local papers did report this once, but then more or less dropped it.

Let us also say those papers did nothing to get get quotes from people of his own party.

What would you call this world? Bizarro world?

Because we all know that if a Republican got caught committing flagrant vote fraud we would be hearing about it every day and reporters would have their microphones in front of other candidates, and state party officials asking for quotes and putting them in uncomfortable situations. (I would argue this would all be justified)

Now, let us just say that with the exception of Tony Staskunas not one Democrat in the state of Wisconsin appears to give a damn about electoral integrity. For them getting rid of a moderate Democrat seems to be more important than electoral integrity.

Just think how many votes they will be willing to steal to beat a Republican, or keep Jim Doyle in office.

Hey Spivak and Bice...

Why stop now?

From their column today:

Looks like the Doyle administration has dreamed up a new exemption to the state's open records law:

Call it the "I don't wanna release it" rule.

Earlier this month, we repeatedly asked Doyle's Department of Administration for a couple bits of basic information about the now-controversial Kenilworth project, the $68 million deal to convert a 500,000-square-foot building near the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee into student housing, classrooms, condominiums and retail space. The deal had been tentatively given to one group of bidders in 2003 only to later be rejected and given to a second group.

Sean Dilweg, a top administration department official, had this response to our inquiries:
"The Kenilworth Dormitory Project was handled appropriately. This line of questioning appears to simply be a partisan attack."

The bottom line: No public information if we don't like the questions.

Why does the Doyle administration get to choose which public information they release and which information they do not release?

Are you not powerful members of the media, with a large voice?

If you are outraged put the fact that Doyle is ignoring a public information request on the front page. Are you two big-time political reporters going to take that kind of crap?

How about filing a complaint with a court to compel Doyle to release the requested information immediately?

To my knowledge by law they have 72 hours to comply with these sorts of requests, if they can turn down the only real political columnists from the states largest newspaper how are they going to respond to the little guy?

Talk about your cowboy tactics. What is Doyle hiding? Are you really going to give up that easy?

Come on, are you wimps, or reporters?