August 4, 2006


Last week a lone Islamic gunman shot a number of Jewish people at random in Seattle.

Last week a celebrity got busted for drunk driving and said some stupid things, hateful things.

Why is a celebrity saying stupid things and driving drunk getting 100 times more coverage than a radical Islamist shooting Jewish people? Stupidity and speech are apparently more important than violence and actual terrorism.

Fair makes it up.

Fair is a gay rights organization fighting to defeat the gay marriage referendum in November.

Fair is running a blog and the recent guest post by Todd here was a topic there.

Here is the text:

There's an intriguing discussion unfolding at Real Debate Wisconsin.

One of the primary bloggers there is a conservative who opposes marriage for gay couples, but he invited a site visitor to guest blog with his case against the civil unions and marriage ban. It's a very thoughtful piece that helps demonstrate how we are at our best when we focus on reason and a little compassion to make our case. I highly recommend taking time to read this post and the comments.

I'm appreciative for the link and all but with all due respect, this post really ticks me off.

Absolutely nowhere have I shared my opinion on this topic. In fact I invited Todd to make a guest post as I knew he would do a better job of this topic than I would have. I would think Fair might have said a nice word about a conservative blog being so inclusive of varied opinion.

The author, Joshua Freker, makes an assumption about my position, an assumption he clearly knows nothing about. The only way he could know my position on this is if he had read my mind or asked me directly, I do not know if the man can read minds but he never asked me directly.

This is not the first time this has happened. Our own resident attacker of every position I have, Scott Feldstein, attacked me on the same basis previously. When I pointed out to him that I had never posted a position on the issue he took a fall-back position and said, conservative bloggers like you or some such drivel.

I broke the news of a Democratic candidate from Racine, Tim Daley, who disgustingly discriminated against a gay volunteer to his campaign. Might Fair of picked up on that story? No.

It would appear that Fair can not take the position of being critical of a Democrat.

But to write whatever they want about a conservative is fine.

I expect an apology.

If you are going to represent what someone's position is, the least you should do is a bare minimum of research to find out if your representation of them is accurate.

Update. Fiar has updated their post, my thanks for the correction and apology. I do wonder what Fair's position on the gay discrimination practiced by Assembly candidate Tim Daley is?

August 3, 2006

I hate hypocrites.

There is a minimum wage bill looming in Washington. The republicans have said, Ok, you want an increase in the minimum wage, we'll attach it to a tax cut on the estate tax.

The lefties are enraged claiming this is a cheap political trick.

Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid of Nevada said the bill combining the wage and tax changes shows Republicans will do anything to cut taxes for the wealthy.
"They're holding the minimum wage and middle-class tax relief hostage so they can repeal the estate tax," he said.

Ok, let me make this perfectly clear.

1. We do not need an increase to the federal minimum wage. Most states have already done that.

2. When someone works hard their whole life and they pay tax after tax, taxing what they have left is not fair.

That being said, earlier this week I reported on the no votes by various Senate Democrats on the expansion of drilling in the gulf.

As I looked at the voting records what struck me is how many ammendments Democrats who voted no stuck on that bill as they knew it would pass.

Yes, they put on the ammendments they wanted to get through then they voted no on the bill.

This same crew is now complaining about the tactics on this bill only two days later.


Now while my valued lefties will crawl out of the woodwork with examples of rightie doing this, I'll point out they are not bitching about it.

Who cares...

Near 100-degree heat fries eastern U.S.
By DESMOND BUTLER, Associated Press Writer 17 minutes ago
NEW YORK - The eastern United States is in for another day of steamy weather Thursday and the sweltering heat isn't expected to break until a cold front forces temperatures down into the 80s this evening, the National Weather Service...

Why is the heat only really important when it catches up to East Coast snobs?

August 2, 2006

Carnival of the Badger L: The Badgies

Welcome to the Carnival of the Badger L. No, that ain't large folks, but this is the 50th version of the Carnival. On this somewhat solemn occasion I thought I would take a few moments to reminisce and pass out some hardware.

The carnival was created by Nick, he who has his own world. Nick had a vision and hosted the first carnival.

On this occasion I thought it appropriate to create an award and pass out some stupid statues.

So my friends I give you The "Badgie"

The Badgies are brought to you by JB Van Hollen for AG. This just out, the Van Hollen campaign has added a 7th person to the campaign to send out exactly the same press releases as the other 6 people are already doing.

To Nick I present the Badgie for the lifetime achievement award. Not only did Nick create the COB he has hosted it not once but twice. Congratulations nick, the first Badgie is yours.

The Steve Martin award for the most times hosting the COB is awarded to Mr James Wigderson, The Wigmeister has bit the bullet and hosted the COB FOUR TIMES! (Honorable mention to Dean, the Thoughtful Conservative, Patrick at Badger Blogger, Aaron at Subject to Change, and uh myself. All who have hosted three times.) Speaking of hosting the carnival.... EMAIL NICK ALREADY!

The Badgie for the angriest carnival is awarded to Aaron at Subject to Change for COB IX. Aaron was so pissed off he threw out everyone's posts and put up whatever he damn well felt like. (brilliant)

The Badgie for the blogger who should have hosted but is just too mainstream to swim in the muck with the rest of us award is awarded to Owen Robinson of Boots and Sanders... Hey Owen, we need people to host man, step up Bro...

By the way, if you would like to host, send Nick an email.

The Badgie for the most risque' COB is awarded to Truly. Frankly I didn't know what to think when she hosted, but it was cool, in a trashy romance novel sort of way.

The following ad is brought to you by Van Hollen for AG: Peg sucks, look at my endorsements.

The nominees for the best COB hosted in the third person are: Ramon Fabulosa, Elliot Stearns,
and Sadie. And the Badgie goes to... Pulease, Ramon

In the category of best regular feature the nominees are. Real Debate Wisconsin and Thought of the Week, Leaning Blue with Monday Random Quotes, Folkbum with Friday Random 10, and a joint nomination for Right off the Shore and Subject to Change for GPL Podcast (or whatever they are calling it this week). And the Badgie is awarded to Leaning Blue for Monday Random Quotes. (Belle is not able to accept her award in person this evening, accepting on her behalf is peacock named Ralph) (kudos to Belle for designing the Badgie)

Finally, in the category of COB post of the year, the Badgie is awarded to... Say it with me now, Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Mushroom Mushroom.

And now onto this week's linkfest.

First off is the Egg Man, Koo Koo Ka Choo. Sounds like he lost a bundle betting on the sausage race.

Tracy has issues with the teflon alderman.

The Game sees a Hillary flashback on healthcare.

The following ad is brought to you by Bucher for AG: HEY EVERYBODY LOOK AT ME! Yeah yeah everybody forgot about me when JB loaned himslef a bazillion bucks but I still think I'll be better than Peg or Katie.

Still Unreal at Reality Check asks is enough, enough? Hey, check out Chris, same question, different topic.

Had you heard of the All American Football League? Me either. Thoughts on this start-up at the Badger Sports Blog. (BTW Welcome to the blogroll).

The following ad is brought to you by Mark Green for Governor: Hey Mark, who was the starting Left Tackle on the 1973 Chicago Bears? Who cares. Hey Mark, are you going to visit Unkie Herb's milk barn at the State Fair? Only if I have a coupon. Hey Mark, are you going to punch the Real Debate Guy in the nose this Sunday when you meet him for doing this? Mmmmm we'll see.

Peter is back and Mu Mu Mu Mel is the topic.

Josh is drawing strange but interesting analogies.

We will now pause for a commercial break brought to you by People for lying and paid influence in government.

Hello, did you know that Mark Green was responsible for the Aids crisis in Africa? It is true, Mark Green was a teacher in Africa early in his life and when there he did such a poor job of teaching about Aids that Africa is dealing with the problem they have today. Mark Green's trip to Africa was sponsired by big oil. In fact Mark Green is supporting big oil by using up fuel in crossing the state to campaign. Who's side is he on anyway?

Through grants to WEAC and measures of brilliance Jim Doyle has managed to reduce the spread of Aids in Africa by 73.257%. In fact Jim Doyle will cure my 3 year old labrador retriever's dandruff through his championing of stem cell research by March of next year. Every day I have to brush that dog and every day it breaks my heart. In fact while my neighbors taxes went up, mine went down thanks to Gover Doyle's freeze that only increased taxes 4.2% across the state.

And now back to the links.

Speaking of the Doyle camp. Kathy says your firewall is broken.

Earlier we had a JB Van Hollen political ad, now we have a JB Van Hollen post. It seems JB is trying to keep the pressure on Peg in regards to the crime lab backlog.

By the way, have you ever noticed that Nick asks good questions?

Patrick has thoughts about pointing fingers. Why is it the DA's office is always blaming someone else anyway?

The following message is brought to you by Lautenschlager for AG: Hello, my name is Ron. I'm a cranberry grower and I support Peg Lautenschlager for Attorney General. Yeah, I know she is suing my industry for some reason nobody understands but rumor has it when Peg got busted for driving a state car while drinking "2" glasses of wine, it was craberry wine.

That kind of product placement is just too hard to come by.

Hi I'm your Attorney General. If you put me back in office, I'll continue to sue big businesses on behalf of you the people of Wisconsin, then I can take my settlements and give them to political allies.

The Game is back again amd starting his annual daily reports from and about State Fair. For you fair goers this is a must read over the next week & a half!

For my link, I'll share fashion in relation to global warming.

UPDATE: Perhaps it was one of those deep seeded mental booboos but I forgot to include Aaron's posts. He has an inspired video piece with TeeBee about bees, and the old recess monitor topic is back! I do apologize Aaron.

The time is now 8:17 pm. If you ain't in now, you are late.

The following list contains post worthy items I saw this week that I would like to include. I'm the host, I can do whatever I want.

Kevin picks good cartoons.

Jenna says lazy sumbitch.

Sean reports that Tommy has finally made up his mind about something.

Belle says Watch yo' mouth.

Folkbum likes the new JS columnists. (frankly that scares me)

Dad29 wants to see Marc's emails.

Jessica has thoughts on mini-Mcgee.

Clint clarifies his position on ESCR

Rick is pointing out double standards.

Dean is getting all multi-cultural.

Tom McMahon is a great joke teller.

Wigs is preparing for invasion.

Like to see Dan Deibert's back yard?

Fraley started a cool new thing last Friday, I hope he keeps it up!

Truly shares with us some DT tips.

Randy hates the new Admirals logo.

That's all folks. Thanks for stopping by, ya'll come back now ya' here!

Don't give up the ship

An online petition has been created to send the Ads front office to let them know how much the fans hate the new logo. Go here to sign it.

Don't give up, maybe we can fight back and get a normal logo again!

August 1, 2006

What a joke!

I realize this is low on the news and sports radar, but it's worth a look and laugh. Today the Milwaukee Admirals of the American Hockey League unveiled a new look for the upcoming season. Apparently, the Admirals' Owner's 4-year old nephew was placed in charge of creating their new look. I am huge Ads fan and attended several games. They had a great logo, uniforms and appearance on the ice. They are the defending Western Conference Champs. So what do they do? Bring in the ugliest, most boring, and stupidest logo.

Senate approves more offshore drilling.


The best way to lower price is to increase supply! (lowering demand works too, though it is much harder to accomplish in this context)

If anyone is curious, the senator running for re-election against himself voted for increasing energy supply.

The senator trying to appease the nuttiest of the nutty to run for President voted to keep your energy prices high. Apparently Russ does not get 100 level economics. Thanks Russ.

WASHINGTON - The Senate voted Tuesday to open 8.3 million acres of federal waters in the central Gulf of Mexico to oil and gas drilling, setting up a confrontation with the House which wants even more drilling in waters now off-limits.

Supporters said the measure would be a major step toward producing more domestic energy and forcing down natural gas prices that have soared in recent years.
The Senate approved the measure by a vote of 71-25. It now must be reconciled with much broader drilling legislation passed by the House in June. Those negotiations are likely to begin in September.

"This bill will substantially reduce our reliance on foreign oil and gas. ... It brings more American energy to American consumers," declared Majority Leader Bill Frist, R-Tenn.

If you are curious as to the rest of the Senators who would like to keep your energy prices high, they are:

Akaka (D-HI)Bayh (D-IN)Biden (D-DE)Bingaman (D-NM)Boxer (D-CA)Byrd (D-WV)Cantwell (D-WA)Dayton (D-MN)Dodd (D-CT) Durbin (D-IL)Feingold (D-WI)Feinstein (D-CA)Harkin (D-IA)Jeffords (I-VT)Kennedy (D-MA)Lautenberg (D-NJ)Leahy (D-VT) Menendez (D-NJ) Mikulski (D-MD)Murray (D-WA)Obama (D-IL)Reed (D-RI)Sarbanes (D-MD)Snowe (R-ME)Wyden (D-OR)

The following D's did not vote: Baucus (D-MT)Kerry (D-MA)Lieberman (D-CT) I do not know where they stand on the issue.

That there is a whole bunch of D's. folks Remember this the next time a Democrat tries to pontificate on energy prices.

Carnival Time.

This is an alert.

This is an alert.

This is an alert of the Carnival of the Badger post submission warning system.

This is not a drill.

This is your final warning.

Get your ^&!#*^#!&)* posts in.

You may now resume your regularly scheduled blogging.

It is hotter than _________

I get out every day and talk to people.
Just about every individual says this is the hottest summer they can ever remember.
I just want to clue everyone in on something.
It is hot.
It tends to do this in the summer.
Have a nice day.

Happy Birthday To Me.

My favorite card.

July 31, 2006

Poor teachers (sniff, sniff)

This is a comment from a JT blog on the topic of 4-year old kindergarten. It is obviously off topic, but I'd like to point it out for other reasons.

How many professionals have had money DEDUCTED from their paychecks because the combined cost of salary and benefits exceeded the QEO?
How many professionals are required by law to continue their education (again, funded out of their own pocket) or lose their job?
How many professionals work in 100 yr old (or more) buildings in various states of disrepair?

My wife is a teacher and EASILY puts in 60-80 hrs every week during the school year, including Christmas and Easter "breaks". As for summer, she is now preparing for an IEP later this week, which requires a lot of paperwork and preparation. She, along with many other teachers, uses the summer to attend classes and seminars. She has a masters degree and is currently paying off a 5-figure loan. I too have a masters degree, but my company paid for it through tuition reimbursement (including books). If a teacher wants to take a day off to attend their own kids school activity, such as chaperoning a trip, that day's pay is deducted from their next paycheck.
Most professionals have a few days of vacation that they can use as they choose. Teachers don't have that option. So, mom never gets to see the honors assemblies or attend other in-school functions for her own kids. I, thankfully, am not a teacher so I can take vacation time to do that.

The comment is part of an exchange on unions, teachers compensation, etc. We've all heard the ranting before. However, it is posts like this that outrage me as a teacher. To respond to the three rhetorical questions above. The first is a lie. If a school board enacted a QEO it would still result in a raise, unless the school board gave some huge raise and changed their minds, no money would be deducted. The second is true in a sense that teachers need to take credits, at their own cost, to maintain their license. However, teachers chose to work in this field and therefore should accept this as part of their choice. The third question again reflects on the choice of an individual to accept a teaching position in a school district with old buildings. Stop your damn whining, you chose this for yourself. (In the case of the quoted comment, his wife chose it)

His rant continues with something I have never understood. A teacher who puts in 60-80 hours a week has horrendous time management skills. I get to my school about an hour before school and leave about an hour after. I work through breaks and lunch to do so. When I leave school, 95% of the time my work stays at school. My family is much more important than some papers that can wait to be graded. The master's degree, time off and such are all aspects of the profession a person chooses. I wish I could take off for my children's activities if need be, it's a choice I made and really can't whine about it. The teachers who do whine and complain, usually at the behest of their unions, piss me off.

NEWSFLASH: WEAC & NEA bash vouchers

The state level of the teachers' union, WEAC, has this story on its website about new legislation at the federal level for allowing funds to be set aside for students to attend private schools with taxpayer money.

For obvious reasons WEAC and the NEA are against any form of voucher system. It's less money for their membership and subsequently less money for the organizations. However, you can read their own hypocrisy in this article. In the article NEA President, Reg Weaver, is quoted as saying, "The buzzword in education today is accountability, yet school vouchers divert scarce public school dollars to unaccountable private schools...Private school students are not required to take federally mandated tests, private school teachers do not have to meet ‘highly qualified’ standards and private schools do not have to show Adequate Yearly Progress. Public schools can, and should, be held accountable, but lawmakers need to provide the resources to get the job done.”

Yet earlier in the article you find this statement by the author,
In January, the state terminated Northside High School from the program, and last October the Ida B. Wells Academy was kicked out. In January 2005, Academic Solutions Center for Learning was ordered out of the controversial program, and many other schools have either been kicked out or excluded from participating over the last few years.

If the schools are not accountable, why are lawmakers excluding schools from taking part in the voucher system? Financial mismanagementent is only part of the reason. If a school is underperforming, parents will make the choice as to whether or not their child goes to that school. So these private schools are held accountable on two fronts, the government and the parents. I feel it is safe to assume that parents who go to the trouble of enrolling their children in this program care about the quality of education. While the union professes it is unfair because the private schools are not tested, with the tests the same unions despise, they expose their true colors in the matter. It's all about the money. They just want underprivilegedged kids to be forced into their system to generate dollars for their unions.

"Every Child Deserves a Great School." You might want to read your own slogan there WEAC.

July 30, 2006

The Truth About Wisconsin Gov Jim Doyle

Mike in Viroqua gets it. Nice job putting this together.

Thoughts on Israel.

Ok so the big news today is there were some unintended casualties and Israel has agreed to cease air strikes for 2, 24 hour periods.

The entire world community is recoiling in horror and saying Israel is going too far.

I have two words for the world community.

Bull Cookies.

This will be short because it is not complicated.
  • Every time Israel has negotiated with these terrorist the terrorists have not lived up to their end of the bargain. Every time.
  • There is no outrage from the world community as to the Hezbos intentionally targeting civilians every day. In fact, they hide among civilian targets as cowards. Israel perhaps missed a target, that happens.
  • In fact it would not be out of line for the Hezbos to have intentionally targeted that building to blame it on Israel to gain a PR advantage.
  • How many times can Israel capitulate?
  • The people of Lebanon have knowingly allowed terrorists to live among them. It would appear now they are paying the price for looking the other way.
  • How do you make peace with someone who's stated goal is your destruction?
  • We must embrace Israel's right to defend themselves against an enemy that is truly evil.

To you pacifists and appeasers out there, you are missing one big piece to this puzzle. You can not make peace and you can not have an honest negotiation with a people who are inherently evil. Their word means nothing.

War is never an option that people want. Sometimes though, war, or their own destruction are the only choices left to them.

Great Editorial

The JT ran this on Saturday. It should have been in the Sunday paper.

I am weary of hearing commercials on the radio sponsored by the Greater Milwaukee Committee (alias Potawatomi) with their references to Mark Green and big oil. The term: “Big Oil” must be used 6-plus times in this lengthy ad. Big oil doesn’t determine the price of oil. The guys pumping it and the speculators determine the cost. Sixty-eight billion is a lot of profit, but is 10 percent gain, therefore to get the 10 percent profit there is a cost of $680 billion. Refining it to the stringent EPA standards for 50 different states is very expensive.

The Potawatomis have the most productive single business in the state. They pay no tax on their properties nor on its profits. With these commercials and other under the table dealings with Gov. Doyle, how much cash has been hidden under the table and placed in his campaign chest? The idiots on the Wisconsin Supreme Court have just allowed the tribes to expand without limits their casino stakes in Wisconsin. This looks very favorable to Doyle. If they just had to pay the property taxes on the development of the lands that exist and of which they wish to expand and a percentage of their profits, there would be a huge windfall for the state and localities.

Wisconsin doesn’t need more casinos. We need industry. Wisconsin can’t draw any here because of the business tax structure. If the Indians were made to give back what they owe the state there would be such a drastic influx of cash that even the crooks/kooks in office couldn’t hide the common sense in reducing both business and personal income taxes.

So as the commercial reads telling us to call Mark Green about “Big Oil,” let’s rephrase the question.Call Gov. Doyle and ask him how much the Indians paid him to continually gouge the hard working residents in Wisconsin in high unemployment times but not enforcing a reasonable tax on the casinos ... in perpetuity. We need a new sheriff in the governor’s mansion when the governor has someone else, with endless untaxable cash paying for and perpetuating all the mud slinging.

John A. MartiniRacine

Thought of the week.

The 50-50-90 rule: Anytime you have a 50-50 chance of getting something right, there's a 90% probability you'll get it wrong.

Dear God