July 15, 2006


I'm going to watch these guys this afternoon.

How cool are they anyway?!?

July 14, 2006

Kevin Barrett on Hannity and Colmes

For those who may have missed this...
Check out this guy's rhetoric. He is rude, he talks over people, he is for censoring the news. Do you really think he will accept willingly people of varrying viewpoints in his class? Additionally, he really believes those who believe AlQaeda took down the towers are in the minority. I am sure this poll in Madistan was an online thing and he alerted all of his wack-job pals to go vote in it.

Dear God

Kevin Barrett the Beater.

Ok, not only is UW lecturer Kevin Barrett nuts, he is also violent.

According to this mornings Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Barrett was convicted of disorderly conduct in a domestic violence incident in which he punched a woman in the face.

UW Provost Patrick Farrell knew about the conviction, and he didn't think it mattered, in his words, "I determined that these issues were personal and unrelated to his responsibilities as an instructor".

I wonder if they would of let him teach a women's issues class with this on his record?

I mean his degree is in African Languages, if that qualifies him to teach a course on Islam, he should be able to teach women's studies as well. They do have women in Africa right?

Would the PC crowd be worked up over a man convicted of punching a woman in the face being an instructor on the History of the Women's lib movement?


If you have a few moments step over to Aaron's place and give a listen to the Podcast we did Thursday morning.

I made a major announcement in relation to my Senate bid.

Hi Kids I'm Home.

I've been AFK for a couple of days.

So what's been goin' on in my abscence...

I'll be out with a new Kevin Barrett and a Kurt Vlach story believe it or not.

July 12, 2006

Only in Wackifornia.

Wife Accused Of Poisoning Marine Husband In Court

A woman accused of poisoning her Marine husband so she could collect $250,000 in life insurance proceeds spent money freely soon after his death, according to court testimony Monday.

Cynthia Sommer, 32, is charged with murder and special circumstance allegations of murder by poison and murder for financial gain in the Feb. 18, 2002, death of Sgt. Todd Sommer.

A decision is pending on whether the defendant will face the death penalty or life in prison without parole if convicted.

Prosecutors theorize that the defendant used the proceeds from her husband's insurance policy to have her breasts enhanced two months after he died...

...After her spouse's death, the defendant also made purchases on an erotic adult dating service Web site for singles, the special agent testified.

The rest...

Anyone out there worth more dead than alive?

Better get a food taster.

Thought of the week.

Honk if you love peace and quiet.

Things you should probably know but don't

The dot over the letter I is called a "tittle".

Who Said This?

"Am I embarrassed to speak for a less than perfect democracy? Not one bit. Find me a better one. Do I suppose there are societies that are free of sin? No, I don't. Do I think ours is on balance incomparably the most hopeful set of human relations the world has? Yes, I do. Have we done obscene things? Yes, we have. How did our people learn about them? They learned about them on television and in the newspapers."

A worthy read on Kevin Barrett

I expend a great deal of energy beating the crap out of the Racine Journal Times. Frankly, they deserve the criticism.

They deserve some credit from time to time. Mike Moore is a columnist there, and he is really quite good, sometimes fantastic.

The following is his column today:

UW instructor a chronicle of lower education

Dear First Amendment,

You've been an amazing friend for a long time. You probably don't recognize my name, but you're responsible for my profession existing. So I owe you a ton.

It's only because we have such an awesome relationship that I find it important to be honest with you. I'll come out and say it: You're being used.

That part-time instructor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Kevin Barrett, is taking advantage of you. You should hear him and his superiors throwing your name around like you're drinking buddies.

As part of a class on Islam, he plans to teach students up there about some goofy idea that the Sept. 11 attacks were an inside job.

According to his Web site, 9/11 was designed by non-lMachiavellian[sic]-Straussian cynics who believe that hatred and hostility are what move the world. For them, it was just a minor special effects extravaganza, put together by Hollywood specialists to manipulate audience emotion and pave the way for war.

Funny, conspiracy theories usually begin with a few nagging questions, rather than jumping straight to definitive conclusions about what really happened. But you're about principle, so I won't bore you with the details.

Look, old friend, may I call you First? You're so welcoming and nonjudgmental that you'll probably stick up for this guy, just like you've done for the others in his movement.

That's what we dig about you. If any of us reacted that way, it'd look like we caved in, but you always come out of these things looking more buff than ever.

It's not you I'm worried about. I'm bringing this to your attention because of those who haven't been around as long as you have. College students, I mean. College might teach them to question things, but they don't expect that to start with the instructor standing in front of them.

Anything brought up by a teacher is instantly infused with some credibility, in many of their minds.

Educators feel safe with you around. You let them present different viewpoints, and occasionally one transforms from wacky to Watergate.

Still, it should take some kind of reasonable evidence before a theory gets big enough to follow you into the classroom. If creation science doesn't make the cut, this certainly shouldn't.

I sure hope the higher education community returns the favor and watches your back. You get stabbed in it enough.

You don't need to see the American Library Association figures to know there were at least 71 attempts to get books banned from American colleges or universities from 2000 to 2004. You felt the blows firsthand.

And while you're too tough to squeal, the ALA Web site suggests there could've actually been four or five times that many.

I know you're busy we might need you to come down to our School Board and give a refresher on what you're about, so I'll wrap this up.

UW-Madison is letting the guy go ahead with the class, so he'll probably be knocking on your door. Since I can't ask you to turn him away, I thought I might persuade you to be a little less cooperative when he begs for advice. Lean on your little brother, if need be.

You know, take the Fifth.

Mike Moore's local column runs three days a week. He can be reached at (262) 631-1724 or via e-mail at: mike.moore@lee.net

Just Because.


Hezbollah has captured two more Israeli Soldiers.

Israel is ticked. It looks like they are amassing troops and tanks.

It looks like all out war is inevitable.

Your opinions?

Warriors Remain

I know that this issue has died away, but it's good to point out somebody doing something right. JS Online reports that Ozaukee High will keep the nickname and mascot warriors for its sports teams. The school board voted to keep the logo, seen left, 6-2.

The outrage and controversy over Indian mascots and logos died away probably because the number of people offended was so small and quiet that only the super guilty, PC driven, school boards and officials changed. Schools and professional sports teams developed these logos long ago and most likely have a tradition behind them. They shouldn't have to bend over and cater the few.

July 11, 2006

So what's goin' on?

I've been kind of busy the last coupleof days, frankly I'm way behind on my news hawkery.

What's goin' on out there folks?

Kevin Barrett is getting National Attention.

Free Speech attack in Racine.

I hear GWB was in town.

Glenn is runnin', no wait he ain't. (I bet Owen feels used)

That little weasel in North Korea is still making noise.

Israel and Palestinian tensions grow.

The Brewers dropped three straight to the Cubs...

Is this the end of the world?

I hope not.

Consider this an open topic.

The First Amendment is alive in RUSD, for now Addendum...

Thanks Randy and Brenda for great reports.

Brenda also reported that the Journal Times Education Reporter, Brent Killackey, was not present at the meeting.

They had two stories on this yesterday and no one showed to cover the meeting??????

That paper is a JOKE.

The First Amendment is alive in RUSD, for now

Yesterday the RJT reported that the school board was going to privately address a disciplinary action against one of its members for behavior issues. It was well speculated that the action was going to be taken against board member Brian Dey for his commenting on various blogs and emails throughout the community. The item was removed from last night's agenda by a 5-3 vote. The three votes to continue the assault on the first amendment were from members, Katz, Baumgardt, and Carlsen. (Keep them in mind at election time)

A concern still exists as Don Nielsen wants the school board to get a referral on the ethical use of electronic communication from the state Attorney General. Why would the school board need this. Going to a blog and writing a comment is no worse than talking to a reporter from a newspaper, or the Journal Times? As long as the person commenting is not engaging in slanderous or libelous speech , what harm is done?

I think this issue is done for now, but I could be wrong. The twelve hours of outrage on the JT and other Racine blogs drummed up enough heat to prevent this tragedy. If the school board wants to start censoring speech within its own ranks, we are definitely in trouble as a community.

H/T to Brenda at Racine's Report Card for attending last night's board meeting and covering the late breaking topic.

July 10, 2006

Free Speech? Not in Racine.

What kind of history are they teaching in the Racine Unified Schools? Apparently they skipped that whole freedom of speech thing.

Randy has been covering the closed session being held this evening at Racine Unified. I've been looking into this and here is what I have uncovered so far.

This is speculation mind you, I am still confirming, but I think this is fairly accurate.

The Racine School Board is pretty much split 5 to 4 on everything these days. The 5 consist of two hold-overs plus the three new school board members thrust into office on the 527 PAC cash we have covered before.

The remaining four have been fairly loud voices for change at RUSD. Those voices are led by school board maverick Brian Dey.

Dey has not been keeping his opinions quiet in the boardroom or on the blogs.

Dey has been a contributor here as well as over at Racine's Report Card.

Rumor has it he has ruffled too many feathers and the ruling five and CEO Hicks are trying to quiet him down a bit, my guess is they are ticked over the vote in the extension of Hick's contract.

Another rabble rouser, Armin Clobes is apparently boycotting the meeting in protest of the closed session. I'll do my best to find out what happens in that meeting tonight.

If the speculation is true this is outrageous behavior. The District and the ruling cabal have NO RIGHT AT ALL to tell Brian Dey or any other member what they can and can not say and where they can say it.

To attempt to silence what he says here, over at Racine's Report Card or in open meetings is OUTRAGEOUS! (Some idiot actually copied and pasted his comments from here onto the Journal Times blog as if it was some outrageous activity). People elected the man because he has opinions. If they disagree they are more than welcome to voice their opinions at the meeting, in the paper, on the street corner or even here at RDW.

I think John Murtha is a raging ball of hypocritical opinion. I disagree with him, I DO NOT THINK HIS SPEECH SHOULD BE SILENCED. Yes I do have a problem with Kevin Barrett, I do not think we should pay him to teach lies. Sanity would seem to be an occupational qualification for teaching (even in Madistan). If he wants to stand on the street corner and tell how Cheney planned and plotted to start a war with the Muslim world, hey go for it. I might listen a while for a good chuckle.

The School Board should be spending 100% of their time worrying about improving the educational experience in Racine. They spend way too much time bitching about money and worrying about other peoples perceptions of themselves, and not enough time improving education.

I'll clue them in on something, if their focus was in the right place, people would not complain.

School Board Problems Heat Up

Armin Clobes is reportedly going to boycott the portion of tonight's school board meeting where the disciplinary action is going to be discussed. The article in the RJT quote Clobes as saying,

“"Any attempt to take away my and other board memberÂ’s First Amendment rights to speak is a slap in the face to our community, our students and the tens of thousands of Americans who sacrificed so much to give us this privilege. No good will come from it."

Good for you Mr. Clobes! This school board and superintendent is doing nothing but generating negative PR. I can't wait to see what's next.

School Board in-fighting

The RJT is reporting that the school board is considering disciplinary action against one of its own members. The article goes into how the board will not tell who has done wrong or what his or her infraction is, but just that it will be discussed.

The article seems to focus on board member Brian Dey who has not been all that quiet about his concerns with the direction of the school board and district. Dey, who recently voted against an extension of the superintendent's contract, has left comments on this blog and others stating his displeasure with new measures taken up by the board such as policy governance. Whether he is the target of this discipline or not remains to be seen.

If his outspoken nature about his displeasure with the operations of RUSD is even part of the reason for discipline then we RUSD taxpayers are in a heap of trouble. This means that while spending power slowly shifts away from the board, it is supposed to be done so quietly. We elect people to do the will of their constituents. If Brian Dey feels that what is happen is not what the people want he should say so, and in a public manner. These are public employees and have the obligation to express concerns and do their best to fix them. This is all speculation at this point, but I have a suspicion that Brian Dey may be in for a rough battle ahead.

Read through the article and decide for yourself. It would appear the district heading toward censorship by asking for only positive comments. I for one am worried about the future of our schools if all negativity is expected to remain silent.

July 9, 2006

A good question.

Scott Feldstein actually asked a provocative question on his website.

He was curious why the right really hates Hillary so much.

Then all kinds of lefties showed up pontificating as to what makes the right tick. One other rightie showed up to put in his two cents worth only to be beaten up by the host. Wiggy can take care of himself though...

I left the following response at his site: We don’t trust her. We think she is a lying opportunist who will look you in the eye and tell you one thing while she is doing the exact opposite. We think all she cares about is what is best for Hillary, not New York, and not the country.

Scott called her "a baby-killing, communist-loving, God-denying, puppy-kicking, flag-burning, gay-marrying, America-hating, traitorous al Qaeda sympathizer"

I think that may be a bit strong (in truth this is how he thinks we righties think).

I think you can boil Hillary down to a self-serving opportunist.

So have at it, rightie and leftie what do you think of the Former Rose Law Firm Partner to First Lady to Junior Senator to Presumptive Nominee?

If you love her tell us why, if you hate her do share why as well.

Try & stick to the topic this time please.

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