July 8, 2006

The Educational System - Part 3

In hopes of doing more good for the students, Unified implemented an anti-bully program at several schools this past school year. The goals for this program were great. However, in typical bureaucratic fashion, implementation was a mess. (Note: I use past tense because while the program is supposed to continue, I am not positive it will.)

The methodology of finding out where much of the bullying takes place was flawed. Students were given surveys to ascertain their knowledge of what bullying is and where is takes place in and around a school's campus. The questions were supposed to be geared toward grade level, however most questionnaires asked questions in a leading or confusing manner. Many students, especially older elementary, know what the teacher would want to hear and could answer to what that may be. For example, students may not want to admit that bad things happen to them or others at their school so they will put a positive response down. The bullies are likely not to admit that they are as such and answer incorrectly intentionally. Plus the surveys were all multiple choice and students had to remember a rank associated with a numbered circle to color in on an answer sheet. I am positive that errors were made in trying to understand the question and selecting the proper response.

Four to six weeks following the data collection, schools held assemblies to kick off the program. Every student was informed through skits and speakers what bullying looked like and how they were to deal with it. So far, so good. Then the school put up a very plain banner and gave student buttons. That's it. Students were then to enforce these bully rules by telling an adult when something appears to be bullying is happening. The buttons and banners were to act as reminders. The bystanders today aren't afraid to tell, and never were. The victims of bullying were afraid of repercussions, and still are. This program did little to focus on the bully. It's plans and theories put responsibility on the victims and bystanders. All of which was already going on in most every elementary school.

Bullying is going to exist in our schools as long as apathetic and/or negligent parents continue to reinforce these behaviors through inaction. The bully will be punished at school, then go home and receive to additional punishment. In some cases they may receive encouragement. The six hours a day, 180 days a year they hear the positive is outweighed by the remaining time filled with silence at home.

Bottom line, some doctoral student is probably laughing all the way to the bank as he sells this "program" to school districts while writing his dissertation on what responsible adults already know. More helpful spending from the continuous RUSD referenda.

Previous posts in this series can be found here...Part 1...Part 2

A Grothman Haiku.

Glenn runs for senate.
What will Herb think about that?
Who cares, vote Grothman!

Grothman Running for Senate.

Boots and Sabers is reporting that Glen Grothman is running for Senate.

If this is true, I will be withdrawing my write-in candidacy.

Interactive Topic...

Ok folks I need your help on this one.

If you had to pick one word, only one now, that you would consider the single most important word in the lexicon of the party opposite of yours what would you consider that word to be.

This topic is an exercise in understanding how we view our opposition.

In my view, the most important word in the Democratic Party Lexicon is, but.

As in:

I support the troops, but I do not support the war.

I hate high gas prices, but I am opposed to expanding supply through exploration.

So share your word and try to not be too nasty in doing so...

July 7, 2006

New York Times:Revolutionary War Edition.

H/T The Asian Badger

John Lehman announces.... Big Whoopdie Doodle Doo.

Finally ending the worst kept political secret in either hemisphere Uber Leftie John Lehman officially announced his candidacy for the State Senate today.

His opponent, current Racine County Executive Bill McReynolds has been hard at work.

Bill has been knocking on doors and to date has put a little over a hundred miles on his pedometer in the process. (pre parade day)

The McReynolds camp has published a top ten list that shows in plain voting records what John Lehman stands for.

10. Lehman voted against allowing school districts to fire or refuse to hire felons. 2005 AB 284

9. Lehman voted against the Job Creation Act, which cut red tape and Gov. Doyle himself has credited with creating thousands of jobs. 2003 AB 655

8. Lehman has repeatedly voted against the real property tax freeze. 2005 AB 58

7. Lehman voted against ending the practice of giving drivers licenses to illegal aliens. 2005 AB 69

6. Lehman voted against lowering the state’s gas tax. 2005 AB 100

5. Lehman voted against requiring voters to show a valid photo ID to prevent voter fraud. 2003 AB 111

4. Lehman voted against the Jobs Tax Phase-Out Act that ended Wisconsin’s outdated law that actually penalized multi-state companies that created jobs here. 2003 SB 197

3. Lehman voted against repealing the state tax on Social Security benefits. 2005 AB 100

2. Lehman has said that raising the sales tax is a good solution to budget shortfalls. (MJS, 11-1-2002)

1. Lehman “accused” Mac of “having a philosophy of small government and watching taxes,” like that’s a BAD thing! (RJT, 10-4-2005)

NY bomb plot thwarted

By Daniel Trotta 8 minutes ago

NEW YORK (Reuters) - U.S. authorities thwarted a plot to attack New York's mass transit system later this year, leading to the arrest of a plotter who confessed in Lebanon, U.S. and Lebanese officials said on Friday.

The plot was first reported by New York's Daily News, which said it targeted the car-carrying Holland Tunnel with a bomb. A federal law enforcement official later said it involved a rail tunnel linking New York and New Jersey.

The FBI said a "terrorist network" was disrupted. Lebanese sources previously had confirmed the arrest of Asem Hammoud, also identified as Amir al-Andalousi, "who is a suspect in a plot to bomb a tunnel in New York," a Lebanese government source in Beirut told Reuters.
Lebanon's Interior Ministry said the plan targeted tunnels under the Hudson River, which separates Manhattan from New Jersey.

"After questioning he confessed ... that he was planning to travel to Pakistan for four months training and that the date for the attack was decided to be late in 2006," the ministry said in a statement.

The plot was "a big terrorist operation against metro tunnels in New York city under the Hudson river," the statement said.

There are several tunnels connecting Manhattan and New Jersey under the Hudson River -- the Lincoln and Holland tunnels for cars and buses as well as tunnels for subways from New Jersey and commuter and regional trains.

The Daily News said the intent was to flood the Wall Street financial district, but experts said a blast inside would not have flooded Lower Manhattan. Wall Street is some two miles
from the tunnel, which is dug under bedrock and reinforced with concrete and steel.

The months-old plot was uncovered by monitoring Internet chat rooms, the Daily News reported, and the report was published on the first anniversary of the London suicide bombings that killed 52 people.

It was the second recent domestic threat authorities have said they broke up in the early stages, following the arrest of seven people last month on suspicion of a plan to attack the Sears Tower in Chicago.

"We have disrupted a terrorist network that was in the planning stages of an attack against the transportation system in the New York-New Jersey area. A significant development in this investigation was the arrest of a key suspect by Lebanese authorities. This investigation is ongoing," the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security said in a statement.

The statement also suggested the network was linked to al Qaeda, and the Daily News reported it was linked to Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the al Qaeda leader in
Iraq recently killed by U.S. forces.

"We know al Qaeda continues to have an interest in attacking the United States. At this point in time, there is no specific or credible information that al Qaeda is planning an attack on U.S. soil," the U.S. statement said.

Smart of the day III or IV or something.

Smart search and rescue.

Smart Tow

I could see Aaron doing this.

A letter to the school board

Dear RUSD School Board Members, Nielsen, Kutz, Baumgardt, Warner and Carlsen,

A recent poll conducted by the Journal Times shows that over 80% of respondents do not approve of the job Dr. Hicks has done as Superintendent. These votes were cast by your constituents. It is apparent that at least some of the community feels differently than the five of you.

Your recent votes to extend his contract demonstrated that you are not in touch with the feelings of your constituents. I realize that your votes agree with groups formed by the likes of RAMAC and SCJ, but they are not voters in elections, rather groups with their own self-serving motivations. What creates more confusion toward your votes is the fact that you choose to extend his contract mere months before he is up for review. What if that review proves to be mostly negative? The taxpayers will have an additional two years of a poor superintendent and/or salary to burn. This was a highly irresponsible choice on your part.

Dr. Hicks and the aforementioned groups have done very little to improve achievement in the classroom. At the same time Dr. Hicks has wasted millions of tax dollars on fruitless studies and office improvements. Somehow that equated to an extension for the superintendent in your minds. Keep this poll fresh in your minds when you are up for re-election. Those same no votes for this poll, and likely the referendum, will be votes against the five of you.

One of the frequent No voters who truly wants to help the children.

Do the math Xoff

This is from Xoff's latest lie filled slime of Mark Green.

Center for Responsive Politics lists $43,850 Mark Green has taken $43,850 from oil companies: $3,500 from the Petroleum Marketers Association; $3,000 from the Society of Independent Gas Marketers; $2,500 from Koch Industries; (Those are all convenience stores folks, not big oil) $1,000 from Phillips Petroleum; $1,000 each from Exxon Mobil and Valero Energy, and $500 each from Enron, BP, and Occidental. PAC contributions only; individual donations not included.

Do the math Bill, add it all up and that is $13,500 not $40,000.

July 6, 2006

What's up with that Jim?


The Milwaukee Brewers climbed above the .500 mark for the first time since April tonight.

I've been score board watching every day and every time they get back to .500 of late they drop two or three in a row.

Chris Capuano was BRILLIANT tonight pitching a complete game shutout of the Cubs. This was a statement game for Capuano, if a pitcher bows out of the All Star game he should be a shoe-in replacement.

This should be an exciting 2nd half of the season. If scores stay where they are tonight, the Brewers are 2&1/2 games out of first place in their division and 2 games out of the wild card lead.

They have done this with replacement pitchers and heart.

This is an exciting team folks, do you have the fever?

Smarts of the day III


Pimp My Smart.

Milwaukee County Transit Extendo-Smart.

Make your voice heard...

The JT is conducting a poll on whether or not you approve of the job Dr. Hicks has done for RUSD. The results agree with what many teachers, parents and taxpayers think. Vote now.

July 4, 2006

Leftist Demands Full Recount in Mexico

In a recent post I asked where the liberal party in Mexico learned the whole WE WON WE WON even though the other side has more votes bit.

I must retract that.

I made the implication that they learned this tactic from the Democrats here. This can not be true, it appears I was mistaken.

In the US the Democrats only want the votes recounted that they deem the most beneficial to them.

In Mexico they are demanding EVERY vote be recounted.

Nut-Job uses parade for platform.

Not everyone reads comments on posts so I thought I would pull this out and publish it on its own.

Kenosha blogger K Carpenter marched in the Racine parade today with Congressman Paul Ryan, she broke this bit of news in the comments section.

Hey Fred- it appears that you missed all of the fun. Some moonbat was chasing the Congressman down the street screaming at the top of his lungs that "Your vote has killed 2500 Americans". For 10 straight minutes, we could not get away from this guy. We could not find the parade authorities or the police anywhere- so he kept screaming. Finally, someone in the crowd chased him down and got him to stop.

This is the kind of nut-burger that I am sure would not show up and yell this to Senators Clinton or Kerry even though they cast the same vote. I wish I knew who chased this idiot down so I could shake their hand and thank them.

This parade is for the whole city, this is the largest parade in the mid-west. It is NOT a vehicle to chase someone for 10 minutes to make your political point, no matter what your point is.

The peace movement was well represented in the parade, in addition people were working the sidewalks circulating a bring them home petition to put an advisory message on the November ballot. There were plenty of ways for this person to participate in the "peace" cause. Instead they embraced idiotic bad behavior.

A pity.

Just because it is fun.... Smart of the day.

Why referendums pass in Racine.

This is an online poll question from the Journal Times (a wholly owned subsidiary of Jim Doyle and the Democratic party of Wisconsin).

Do they have July 4th in Canada?

Thank you for Voting!

297 (64%) Yes
169 (36%) No

How can 36% of people be this stupid?

The JT even clued people in that this could be a trick question.

Watch This Please

This is truly a moving tribute.

H/T The Game.

Live from the Racine Parade

Fly Over

Made in Racine

Republican In Training.

Marine Corps Tribute

Alderman Jim Kaplan hammin' it up (he is a reader folks)

The Lighthouse Brigade

The Brigade's wheels...
How many pizzas and candy bars sold to buy this thing?!

AG Peg Lautenschlager. (does she have her license back yet?)

Congressman Paul Ryan pushes a future President?

Assemblyman Robin Vos. (sorry about cutting off your head)

Yo Van, Van Wanggaard look this way!

Hi, Reince! Folks, Mr. Priebus should be the next Chairman of the Wisconsin GOP.

Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk (AG candidate too)


Navy drill team with all 50 state flags.

See the pooch wearing the white thingie?
A Katrina survivor.

One can not have a parade in Racine without a 20 foot tall salmon.

Area churches were well represented.

Look Honey, the punks are in season.

State Champs

Hi, John!
Stop at Richlonn's Racine and tell John Uncle Fred sent ya!

Hi, Steve! (my buddy the bass player) Steve does not do this internet thing, so someone tell him he is on here please.

Hey Kool-Aid!

Macy Schmacy.

Lady Liberty re-inflating after shrinking for power lines.

Look closely...
This passenger is a tin foil hat wearing member of the Kevin Barrett fan club.

Happy 4th

However you choose to celebrate it, be careful.

July 3, 2006

Where did they learn this?

These idiots went to the Democratic Party USA school of election whining.

Mexican left's anger simmers after contested vote...

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - Mexico's left, still smarting from a 1988 presidential vote it says was stolen from it, simmered with anger on Monday as its dreams of power were frustrated by another contested election.

Conservative candidate Felipe Calderon claimed victory in Sunday's hard-fought presidential election and official returns appeared to show anti-poverty campaigner Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador would be unable to catch him.
Harvard-educated Calderon held a one-point lead over former Indian welfare officer Lopez Obrador on Monday with returns in from almost 98 percent of polling stations. A top electoral official said a recount this week was unlikely to change that.

Leaders of the leftist Party of the Democratic Revolution, or PRD, were to meet Lopez Obrador to try to rescue his attempt to become president and join the ranks of leftist leaders in Latin America.

A tiny group of defiant Lopez Obrador supporters gathered outside his campaign headquarters. Many said their candidate, the former mayor of Mexico City, had been cheated of victory by fraud. "He won more points that Calderon," said retired factory worker Arturo Jimenez, 74.
"He lost, but unfairly. There was sleight of hand involved," said office cleaner Carmen Sanchez.
No candidate has claimed to have evidence of vote-rigging in the election, which the Federal Electoral Institute said was too close to call yet.


The rest...

Vote for Cappy

Whether you are a baseball fan or not, let's vote Chris Capuano into the All-Star Game and show those big cities that Wisconsin can get out the vote in numbers as well.

Click here find the link to vote.

How Proud Are You to Be an American?

This is from a gallup poll, the number below represents the % rated extremely proud.

The first number represents the 2002-2004 number, the second 2006, and the third the difference between the two.

Total - 70, 58, -12
Conservatives - 79, 71, -8
Moderates - 68, 56, -12
Liberals - 55, 40, -15


So what does this mean exactly?


Thought of the week.

The things that come to those that wait may be the things left by those who got there first.

Things you should probably know...

The Guinness Book of Records holds the record for being the book most often stolen from Public Libraries.


More bad news for Doyle?

Of this I am sure, the Racine Journal Times, a wholly owned subsidiary of Jim Doyle and the Democratic party of Wisconsin, shall continue to ignore this story.

Spivak and Bice are reporting more details about the bid process in the near $70 million UWM construction project.

In short, current Doyle campaign head and former department of administration Doyle hack, Marc Marotta is in this up to his nostrils.

People are telling the process and naming names, and the name that keeps coming up is Marc Marotta.

Some excerpts:
  • Calendars for Marotta and Doyle show the two attended a Sept. 29, 2005, fund-raiser at the Lake Drive home of Doug Weas, whose firm is a partner in the group that eventually beat out the Cullen group and won the Kenilworth contract after it was put out to bid a second time. Weas' firm and its partners have given $51,000 to Doyle since late 2003, including $12,500 deposited in the days after the event at Weas' home. (Doyle & Marotta.... Oooo)
  • Newly disclosed state records show that Marotta met with officials for J. P. Cullen & Sons in October 2003 to hear them gripe that a competitor should not have tentatively won the huge job of converting the Kenilworth Building near UWM into student housing, classrooms and retail stores. Then, on Jan. 21, 2004, Marotta spent 45 minutes with a lobbyist and lawyer for Cullen just hours before the state Building Commission deferred action on the Kenilworth project to ask Marotta's agency to offer a legal opinion on the deal.
  • (I love this one) Dilweg also downplayed the meetings between Marotta and Cullen's lobbyist just before the commission sounded the death knell for its competitor's proposal in early 2004, suggesting that this is the way business is done at the Capitol.
    Petersen was a little blunter when we asked if such meetings would set off alarms with the public.
    "If you're asking that question," he said, "then the answer is yes."

Read Spivak and Bice's whole story here.

This is a big story, this is one in a continuing trend of pay to bid reward in the Doyle administration.

How can a paper, which tells this blog how hard it works at being objective, ignore this story completely?

How can Marc Marotta continue to be the head of Doyle's campaign?

How can state Democrats use the "culture of corruption" line without cringing?

Why are there no 527s from the right pointing out just how slimy Jim Doyle's administration is while there is a 527 pointing to where Mark Green gets his money? (I laugh every time I hear that ad, but if is not countered it could be effective)

Just when is Mark Green going to start his campaign?

July 2, 2006

DA Won't

Jenna has an excellent piece up highlighting Milwaukee DA candidate Lew Wasserman & his apparent campaign strategy of not enforcing the law.

Truly excellent work Jenna. (as usual)

You folks already know we have a DA in Milwaukee who has made a career out of not prosecuting people for political reasons.

What many of you do not know is we have a similar DA right here in Racine.

Michael E. Nieskes (R) is the DA for Racine County. He is the DA who exceedingly wimpily referred the Voces de la Frontera trespass on the home of Cathy Stepp out to the equally wimpy DA David Wambach in Jefferson county. Nieskes should of shown the intestinal fortitude to issue charges in that case, he wimped out.

Well Nieskes has wimped out again and no one knows it.

RAMAC, the Racine Area Manufacturers and Commerce organization formed a charitable group to promote the recent Racine Unified School District referendum. They called their group Education Racine, Inc., and peppered the mailboxes of this area with multiple mailings full of half truths and scare tactics.

It worked, they won the referendum by about 1,000 votes for the $30,000 plus they stuck into the election.

As a group participating in an election, Education Racine was required to file a Campaign Registration Statement (EB-1) prior to incurring any expenses and they were required by law to file a pre-election Campaign Finance Report (EB-2) since they incurred expenses in excess of $1,000 in the referendum.

The failure of reporting these filings constituted a violation of Wisconsin campaign finance laws. Intent is not an issue in these laws, these are straight out required filings.

DA Nieskes has refused to file charges against this group exactly as he refused to file charges after similar shenanigans after our most recent school board elections.

In that election, a 527 PAC, Partnership for Progress funneled $40 K plus from Progressive Wisconsin Inc (a Democratic Party front group) into those elections. They also blew campaign filings after flexing their muscle and peppering RUSD with 6 mailings promoting their hand picked WEAC supported candidates in the election.

Russ Feingold and John McCain gave us these stupid 527 PACs through their stunningly bad and free speech restricting campaign finance law. The least DA Michael Nieskes (R) could do is hold people accountable to campaign laws when they break them.

Is the electoral process of that little importance to him?

It appears so.

It is my belief that Nieskes does not want to prosecute RAMAC or Partnership for Progress for political reasons. RAMAC is made up of area business leaders and Partnership for Progress is run by long-time area Democrat and CEO of Kranz Inc, Jeff Neubauer.

There is another electoral integrity story brewing in Racine, more on that in about a week.

(Unless of course the Journal Times beats me to the story..... Like that would ever happen)

RUSD is at it again.

This story has three things that make us 'No' voters bang our head against the wall. I will address all three briefly and then resume banging.

1. School Board will again address desegregation. Are we still in the 60's? If the school board feels RUSD the need to desegregate, that means they are intentionally segregating the students. By definition, segregation implies intent upon someone or something to divide up a group. The greater Racine area has a diverse population. Trying to find the racial balance that will create some sort of educational euphoria won't happen. Self-imposed liberal guilt must suck.

2. Administrators receive pay raise. This one I can't quibble with too much. As a teacher I also received a raise. However, is does fly in the face of the threatened program cuts and budget short falls. Simple economics would indicate with a hole in the budget, try not to increase expenses.

3. Use the resort or lose $18,000 Yet another retreat at Lake Lawn for the administrators. While it's nice for the hard working principals to have this time, why is Unified entering into agreements like this when it has the fiscal problems it does? At least keep the money local if you must spend it.

Bottom line, the school board and administration don't care about how much they screw the taxpayers. This just further proves it. Instead of focusing on how to most efficiently educate our students, the school board is looking at racial quotas and lush retreats. Remember it's for the children.

Cute / Not so cute.

This is for Wiggy.

This is for the rest of us.

H/T Bil