June 24, 2006

Why can't Caledonia have its own school district?

The surge, albeit small, to have the Racine suburbs break away from RUSD and create their own school district has met some misinformed resistance. (Note: You can still show your support at Suburban Racine Schools.)

The opponents to this concept claim the following:

1. It's a move purely based on race.

-Completely untrue! This decision is based purely on government. RUSD has taken the tax dollars from Caledonians and shown very little in return. Many programs are directed to the schools located within the city limits and the recent facilities study puts very little money into to the outlying schools. Even some of the closures have been directed at Wind Point and O. Brown, two of the four elementary schools in Caledonia.

2. Caledonia is too small in population.

-Caledonia has been growing for the last several years. The story and graphic(at right) from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel show considerable growth since 2000 in all suburbs and a decline in the city of Racine. Also look at the other areas that have their own schools, like Waterford and Burlington. Each are about half the size of Caledonia and they seem to do just fine in the ways of programs, academics and sports.

3. The tax base can't afford it.

-Brenda at Racine's Report Card handles the calculations to show what Caledonia residents currently pay in taxes can cover the students costs at a rate similar to RUSD's high per pupil costs. That said, after the district gets running, I would think the number could be lowered.

Bottom line, if the citizens of Caledonia, and possibly other suburbs, want accountability from their school district, they have to look away from RUSD. There are two ways to handle that issue, move to another community, or form their own district. I would prefer the latter.

Committee says fire Churchill.

Remember Ward Churchill? He is the idiotic racist professor from Colorado who says the people in the World Trade Center were viable military targets. The anti-business ultra radical who compared these people to little Eichmans.

He is the one the left embraces while throwing protests against Condi Rice speaking...

Well they are not firing him for his outrageous speach, it seems he cheats.

In a 22-page report, the committee — made up of nine CU faculty, a staff member and a graduate student — agreed with the findings of an investigation released last month. That investigation concluded Churchill "committed serious, repeated and deliberate research misconduct," including plagiarism and fabrication of material.

Gee an icon of leftist academia a cheat who makes up stuff to bolster his ridiculous opinions, what a shock.


Leaving the left.

A long but interesting article at FrontPage.

Worth the read folks.

June 23, 2006

The Immigrant National Anthem.

Brought to you by the creative genius of the AmericanComedyNetwork.com.


Post # 999.

This is post #999.

Randy asked me earlier this week with post #1,000 approaching was I planning anything special?

My initial thought was, uhhhh no, so I decided to mention post #1,000 in post #999.

As I thought about it, is post # 1,000 any more important than post # 54?

We just passed the 2,500th death in Iraq. Is that death any more significant than death #42? Not to the family I am sure.

Why are we so hung up on even numbers, milestones and stupid statistics?

Numbers can be good or bad, but they can also distort the truth.

Feb 28, 2006 CBS News conducted a poll showing a 59% disapproval rating for President Bush.

You can make a poll say anything you'd like if you distort the sample.

"Total Republicans" contacted: 272 unweighted and 289 weighted.
"Total Democrats" contacted: 409 unweighted and 381 weighted.
"Total Independents" contacted: 337 unweighted and 348 weighted.

It was a poll all right, it just was not fair, those numbers didn't matter.

By the way did you know that 98% of convicted felons eat bread? Scarry huh?

One of my favorite all time made up statistics comes from our old pal William Jefferson Clinton.

In signing a bill to combat violence against women he said a woman is beaten every 12 seconds. He added that is 900,000 women a year. In reality an attack every 12 seconds would be a little over 2.5 million attacks per year. If the 900,000 number is accurate it would have been more like one every 35 seconds.

When you need a number, make it up.

Did I mention this is post # 24,987? Just curious.

Like another example, read chapter 15 of BIG FAT LIARS: How Politicians, Corporations, and the Media Use Science and Statistics to Manipulate the Public

No one can hold a candle to sports stats though.

Did you know that Joe Mauer of the Twins leads Major League catchers in on base percentage at a .444 average? Oh yeah, you knew that, well how many yards did Rudi Johnson of Cincinnatiti average per carry last year? 4.3 smart alec. And you had better know that if you are going to have a chance in the Cheddarsphere Fantasy Football league.

If you really wanted to dig you could find out who leads the majors in batting in the seventh inning with one out, men on first and third in a domed stadium against a left handed pitcher west of the Mississippi.

A few more fun with numbers items.

*2,500 newborn babies will be dropped in the next month.
*The Average American Woman buys 665 Pairs of Panties in her Lifetime.
*40,000 Americans are injured by toilets each year.
*85% of men don't use the slit in their underwear.
*At any random time, approximately 0.7% of the world's population is drunk.
*It takes about 142.18 licks to reach the center of a tootsie pop.
*Any Standard Rubix Cube configuration can be solved in 17 turns.
*3.6 cans of Spam are consumed each second.
*45.2% of Americans Pee in the shower.
*35% of the people who use personal ads for dating are already married.
*Approximately 97.35618329% of all statistics are made up.

Soldier asks support

The following letter was published in the Racine Journal Times late this afternoon.

My name is Spc. Andrew Willis, I'm a Racine native who went to St. Catherine's and graduated in 2005.

After graduating high school I joined the Army then soon after was deployed to Iraq. I am currently in Iraq, and I’m writing to inform you of the good that is being done. I think it is a shame how the media is always discussing the the bad that is going on over here. I just want to inform you that what the military is doing here is very beneficial and I think the least we can get is some credit for the sacrifices that we are making.

Putting college aside and leaving loves ones are just a few. I miss my family very much, as well as our city. I hope that this letter will change the opinions of a few readers perhaps, and I hope to further request their encouragement and their prayers for our troops.

Thank you.
Spc. Andrew Willis
5719 Taylor Ave.,
Racine (now deployed)

Florida Terrorists Revealed.

Sweetness & Light has a good piece up on the thug terrorists arrested yesterday in Florida.


The "Educational" System - Part 1

Another program that is being thrown at the taxpayers from RUSD is expanded 4-year old kindergarten. Some schools in RUSD have had it for years and now Unified is looking to offer through many more schools. This has brought up several concerns. The newest concern is low enrollment as outlined in this JT story.

I will admit that of the numerous programs, studies, and initiatives RUSD promotes, this one is actually educational. However, it is still a form of social engineering which is what the educrats of the world are truly after. Proponents for this program state that it gets children an even earlier start on their education. Actually what I perceive it does is fill in the gaps that negligent parents create in their child's first four years of life. They learn things that most children would pick up if their parents sat down and worked with them once in awhile, or even turned on Sesame Street.

I am not faulting the teachers, they do a fine job working with kids that have little or no ability to interact socially, and are behind the curve educationally. I am also sure it helps them once they enter kindergarten the following year by moving them academically closer to where they need to be.

However this is one of many examples, which I will outline in the coming weeks and months, on how the school system is offering programs that do little more than alleviate parental responsibility. Our taxes might not be so high if we had expectations of the parents.


Yesterday I was having some work done at the Ford dealer. A woman came in and asked for a seven-hundred-ten.

We all looked at each other, and the mechanic asked,"What is a seven-hundred-ten?"She replied, "You know, the little piece in the middle of the engine. I lost it and need a new one. It had always been there."

The mechanic gave the woman a piece of paper and a pen and asked her to draw what the piece looked like.

She drew a circle and in the middle of it wrote 710. He then took her over to another car which had the hood up and asked, "Is there a 710 on this car?"

She pointed and said, "Of course, it's right there"

Go here to find out what a 710 is.

June 22, 2006

Trying to help the news along.

This morning I scanned the website of the Racine Journal Times (a wholly owned subsidiary of Jim Doyle and the Democratic Party of Wisconsin), and was surprised to see them up and going bright and early reporting the news of the day.

I found the following...

Doyle calls for health care for every child in Wisconsin & Ten most popular dog breeds in the US

Ok Doyle is in his buying votes mode & everybody loves dogs...

I thought to myself 'they must not of heard they released evidence of chemical weapons in Iraq', so I sent them a copy of the unclassified 4 page document I had obtained earlier.

I went off to work happy in the knowledge I had helped the news cycle move along.

Later in the day I got back the following email.


Where did you get it?

I replied

What difference does that make?


Check out Senator Santorum's site.

The reply...

The story says the weapons are old and not usable. Did we go to war to find not-usable weapons?

Is it possible Fox is pumping up a story of limited significance because it can be read to favor Bush?

My answer...

Get a clue _____ those weapons can be used by terrorists.

Is it possible you do not want to cover it for the opposite reason?

Their reply

No, we work hard to be objective here, Fred.

Do they now? On the day Zarqawi was killed they reported it with a question mark, Georgia Thompson indicted, page A13 under the fold. WMD's found, no story at all.

Who's being objective.

Spin as you will but not covering the story at all?!?!?!?!?!?!? That is not objective, that is screaming we do not support the war and we refuse to publish any story at all that would justify it.

Of course they told us this: Franklin, Wis. man among eight charged in killing of Iraqi (No shortage of bad news, EVER!)

What else was important?

INCREDIBLE: Man finds friend's message in a bottle -- 11 years later

Unified's 4-year-old kindergarten enrollment starts slow

And so much more, all apparently more important than finding Weapons of Mass Destruction when the news and the left have been screaming for how long that there are not any?

If this is not 100% iron clad proof of just how far out of touch the news media is, I don't know what ever will be.

That Pesky Old Culture of Corruption Again.

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - The mayor of San Jose, California, Silicon Valley's biggest city, surrendered to police on Thursday after a grand jury indicted him and a top aide amid a long-running probe of a city trash contract.

The Santa Clara County Sheriff's Department arrested and then released Mayor Ron Gonzales and his budget director, Joe Guerra, after the pair posted bail. They are scheduled to be arraigned in state court on Monday. The indictment against the pair is under seal.

At least two San Jose City Council members called for Gonzales, a Democrat, to resign.

What to do this summer

With the recent news of budget cuts in Milwaukee County, a plan is being considered to close all but four of their county pools. Opponents of the closures claim that kids will have nothing to do but wander the streets. Why? I think it's great that Milwaukee County is able to provide those pools, I wish our area could do something similar. We do have North Beach and as a child I went to the Quarry, I don't if it's the same.

My point is, why can't kids think of anything to do anymore? The suburban kids have their soccer moms plan out most of their time. The kids talked about in this story don't have moms planning all of their time, which I think it a good thing. There are plenty of other activities in which kids can participate, or here' a radical idea, make up their own activity. I deal almost exclusively with children from an urban setting at my school and I know they find plenty of things to do. Video games, playgrounds, pick-up games, and more await these kids. I frankly am tired of people claiming local and county governments are responsible for providing entertainment for the children of the community. At school, I teach kids games they can play with little or no equipment. Parents, older siblings, and friends can do the same if they wanted.

Bottom line, the pools are great, but they are also a luxury. If the money can't be found to operate all of them, sacrifices need to be made. It's an unfortunate but responsible step.

June 21, 2006

Who do you like?

Story after story, poll after poll, speculation on the likely nominees for '08.

Today they tell us many Dems don't like Hillary.

Whatever, it is just too early.

But, it is always fun to speculate.

So right or left who do you like for the big chair in '08? This is not a post to trash anyone jusy promote your favorite candidate.

If you'd like share the whole ticket.

500 Chemical Weapons Found in Iraq.

Huh? You didn't hear about that?

No wonder, the MSM does not want you to know that there were WMDs in Iraq.

Read all about it here.

The spinners and excusers will tell you these are old just ask yourself if Saddam destroyed them, why were they still there?

More importantly ask why they do not want to be proven wrong. Truth hurts, or can they just not admit that Bush was right?

Actual AOL Customer Service Transcript.

I had an experience like this years ago.

Just another reason to hate AOL.

It took him 15 minutes waiting on the phone just to reach a real, live person.

And, what happened next was recorded by Ferrari on audio and lasted about four minutes:

AOL REPRESENTATIVE: Hi this is John at AOL... how may I help you today?
VINCENT FERRARI: I wanted to cancel my account.
AOL: Sorry to hear that. Let's pull your account up here real quick. Can I have your name please?
VINCENT: Vincent Ferrari.
AOL: You've had this account for a long time.
AOL: Use this quite a bit. What was the cause of wanting to turn this off today?
VINCENT: I just don't use it anymore.
AOL: Do you have a high speed connection, like the DSL or cable?
AOL: How long have you had that...
VINCENT: Years...
AOL: ...the high speed?
VINCENT: ...years.
AOL: Well, actually I'm showing a lot of usage on this account.
VINCENT: Yeah, a long time, a long time ago, not recently...
AOL: Okay, I mean is there a problem with the software itself?
VINCENT: No. I just don't use it, I don't need it, I don't want it. I just don't need it anymore.
AOL: Okay. So when you use this... I mean, use the computer, I'm saying, is that for business or for... for school?
VINCENT: Dude, what difference does it make. I don't want the AOL account anymore. Can we please cancel it?
AOL: Last year was 545, last month was 545 hours of usage...
VINCENT: I don't know how to make this any clearer, so I'm just gonna say it one last time. Cancel the account.
AOL: Well explain to me what's, why...
VINCENT: I'm not explaining anything to you. Cancel the account.
AOL: Well, what's the matter man? We're just, I'm just trying to help here.
VINCENT: You're not helping me. You're helping me...
AOL: I am trying to help.
VINCENT: Helping... listen, I called to cancel the account. Helping me would be canceling the account. Please help me and cancel the account.
AOL: No, it wouldn't actually...
VINCENT: Cancel my account...
AOL: Turning off your account...
VINCENT: ...cancel the account...
AOL: ...would be the worst thing that...
VINCENT: ...cancel the account.
AOL: Okay, cause I'm just trying to figure out...
VINCENT: Cancel the account. I don't know how to make this any clearer for you. Cancel the account. When I say cancel the account, I don't mean help me figure out how to keep it, I mean cancel the account.
AOL: Well, I'm sorry, I don't know what anybody's done to you Vincent because all I'm...
VINCENT: Will you please cancel the account.
AOL: Alright, some day when you calmed down you're gonna realize that all I was trying to do was help you... and it was actually in your best interest to listen to me.
VINCENT: Wonderful, Okay.

"I've never ever experienced anything like that," Ferrari told CNBC.

He recounts how the AOL representative - as a last resort even asked if his dad was home.
"I think I could've put up with everything, but at the point when he asked to speak to my father, I came very close to losing it at that point," said the 30-year-old Ferrari.
Ferrari then posted the call online, and the response was tremendous.

AOL sent him an apology and said the customer service rep was no longer with the company.

Electoral Integrity.


At long last someone is talking about some real reform into seeing that every legal vote is cast in Wisconsin and we make it a bit tougher for the illegal vote to be cast.

Check this out at JB's place.

To be fair, here is Bucher's page on the issue (much less fun).

Katie & Peg don't really talk about the issue at their websites...

I guess everything is fine.

Or is it?

Investigators said Tuesday they found clear evidence of fraud in the Nov. 2 election in Milwaukee, including more than 200 cases of felons voting illegally and more than 100 people who voted twice, used fake names or false addresses or voted in the name of a dead person.


I feel a little less bad for Frank Jude after he filed a $30 million lawsuit against the city.

I get the pain & suffering thing, but lost wages?

I was not aware being a male stripper paid so well.

What happened to Jude was tragic, but $30 extra-large? It seems a big excessive.

Elliot makes a good point as well. The cops who beat Jude were off duty, how do you sue an empoyer for the actions of their employees when not on the clock?

June 20, 2006

The debate is heating up

The story of Caledonia, and possibly other 'burbs, breaking away from Unified continues with this post on the JT website. If you look at the graphic on the front page of the site the JT claims Caledonia is "abandoning" Unified. I would say it's the other way around, Unified abandoned Caledonia. Nothing like a newspaper to wear its opinion on its sleeve. They don't even try to appear objective.

Be sure to make your voice heard if you live the in RUSD area. Send an email to suburbanracineschools@gmail.com or contact your elected officials and tell them how you feel.

This is an initiative I am going to champion as a parent and taxpayer in the RUSD area.

The no plan plan.

Kerry, Feingold, Murtha, Dean et all are out there flapping their gums saying the President has no plan and we need to pull out our troops.

I'd like to remind them that the Democrats released their plan, absent anything on the war on terror or our role in Iraq, NOTHING.

Am I the only one who sees the irony in this?

Gentlemen, stay the course is a plan. We are winning.

Keep training Iraqi troops.

Keep killing terrorists.

Keep turning over more and more power.

Keep ignoring Kerry, Feingold, Murtha, Dean, etc.

Is it becoming clear yet how fortunate we are to not have John Kerry in the oval office?

What's next?

I am a consumate remote control scanner guy. (aren't they all?)

A partial ist of "Sports" I have seen on TV lately.
  • Darts
  • Trick-shot pool
  • 9 ball
  • 7 ball
  • Paint ball
  • Poker
  • Dominos
  • Soccer (cheap shot, I know)

What's next, televised horse shoes?

How about Jarts?

Perhaps Tiddly Winks?

Feel free to add to my list of "sports" seen or "sports" you would like to see.

June 19, 2006

I think it is really time to consider retirement

Someone please tell Connie she sucks.

Pro Choice America?

We hear from the media and the left quite often these days that American opinion as a plurality is pro-choice.

Is it?

Recently Zogby did a big poll on abortion. 30,000 were surveyed, a large sample for this sort of thing creating a low margin of error. (in fact, I participated)

With apologies to Richard Dawson...

Survey says!
  • Does the Constitution require an abortion right? 46% Yes 45% No.
  • Does abortion end a human life? 59% Yes 20% No.
  • 50% of Americans believe life begins at conception.
  • 19% of Americans believe life begins at birth.
  • 70% want no federal tax money used for abortion.

So the next time the left tells you America is overwhelmingly pro-choice, you might want to clue them in that their rhetoric and the truth are not quite the same thing.

Suburban Racine Schools

Citizens currently residing within the Racine Unified School District (RUSD) and outside the City of Racine are asked to voice their opinion on the following topic.

Should the suburban communities of eastern Racine County break away from RUSD and form a new school district?

With the recent financial concerns and questionable choices made by the RUSD school board and CEO, Dr. Thomas Hicks, it is apparent that Unified is not meeting the educational needs of all children and families of eastern Racine County. The news of recent months has put the entire community in a bad light and shows no sign of improvement.

A group of citizens is looking for support to establishing a suburban school district in eastern Racine County. If you support this notion send an email to suburbanracineschools@gmail.com We would like to show the amount of support to village boards and try to establish an advisory referendum on the November ballot.

For more information go to www.suburbanracineschools.info

Assault on Christianity.

While the radio talkers are obsessing today over the story of a microphone being shut off on a commencement speaker for mentioning God, I thought I would tell you about something you likely have not heard about.

The state of Wisconsin is facing a lawsuit from the Association of Faith-Based Organizations (AFBO). So what did the state do?

The state has an employee charitable campaign. As part of this program, state employees are allowed to designate a portion of their salary be donated to various charitable organizations.

The state is saying faith based charities do not qualify for the program as they do not comply with the state's non-discrimination program.

Yeah we are replete with discrimination suits from religious organizations...

Steven Aden, the lawyer in the case said, "The State should not be in the business of forcing faith-based charities to abandon their constitutional rights to define themselves around shared religious beliefs."

When Amy suggested recently that she could see down the road churches having their non-profit status revoked if they refused to marry gay persons, our more colorful lefties came out of the woodwork saying that rhetoric was way out of line.

Was it?

When the state refuses to let their own employees donate their own money to faith-based orgs out of some ridiculous concern that does not exist, is she really that far off?

I think not.

The Christian faith is under assault from radical Islam, radical Madison and radical leftists everywhere.

Stepp on Priebus.

I asked Cathy Stepp if she would like to make a statement in regard to Reince Priebus running for state GOP Chair.

She was on vacation, but sent the following from Yellowstone.

I cannot think of anyone else in the Party today that would be a more devoted, articulate and effective leader. Reince played an active role in my campaign for State Senate in 2002 and has been a close confidant of mine ever since. The future of our party would be taken to a new level of success securely in the hands of Reince Priebus.

Thanks Senator!

The Democratic Plan

Earlier I posted the long awaited Democratic plan. They are likening this with Mr. Newt's Contract with America.

This ain't even close.

The Contract with America was a list of 10 items the Republicans promised to act on in their first 100 days. These were items popular with the people that the Democratic led house refused to allow to the floor for a vote.

This plan is a spineless attempt to answer the fact while the Dems have been complaining, they have no ideas.

Well what are the two biggest issues out there right now?

Immigration & the war on terror.

Nowhere in this plan are either of those issues mentioned. How can a plan not mention the two hottest issues in the country?

So the issue of debate for this post, how can, or why does, the long awaited plan from the Democrats ignore the two largest issues in the country?

In the future we will address each item in the plan individually

June 18, 2006

Hartford Tornado.

This afternoon Mrs. RDW & I just missed the tornado in Hartford as we were in the town of Erin, about 5 miles to the south. This evening on our way back to Racine, we went through Hartford.

What a freakin' mess, there is debris everywhere. Charles Benson just told us on Channel 4 that a dozen businesses and about 50 homes were damaged. Frankly I'll be surprised if it is that small of a number.

Much of the town was already cleaned up when we went through. Chain saws were buzzing everywhere as neighbor helped neighbor. It was one of those warm fuzzy moments where you really gain faith in your fellow man.

My apologies folks, I left the digital camera at home. I really need to take that thing everywhere.

Happy Father's Day

A True Father

By Debra M. Booth

Most any man can father a child for this we know is true,
but to be a good dad there's a whole lot more for all these men to do.

They have to have strength to endure long days even though their bodies be tired,
the love in their hearts has to show in their eyes to the child who so admires.

They have to show honesty through each day and show that life is worth living,
they have to show caring in all they do in taking and in giving.

Understanding has to be a big part of the father's heart as well,
and though he feels pain or hurts at times he may never, never tell.

They have a great laughter that shows in their eyes and comes rolling from within,
to light up the faces of each little child as each day draws to an end.

Hopes for today, Dreams for tomorrow is what they must keep showing,
and though they grow old they still feel great joy,
for the love of their children keeps growing.