June 17, 2006

A new school district

These two stories popped up on the RJT website today. I for one am for this idea.

Is leaving Unified a good idea for Caledonia?

Seceding from Unified?

I actually have more information to come later.

WEAC strains its neck and looks to the right

WEAC, the state arm of the teachers' union, sends out a newsletter every few weeks to its captive members. (Note: The term newsletter is used loosely, as there is very little news, but tons of liberal propaganda) In the latest edition of the newsletter, WEAC president, Stan Johnson, is seeking Republican leaning teachers to contact him and discuss their thoughts on the direction of the union.

Interesting idea, if he is sincere. I know little of Mr. Johnson other than what I have read in their newsletter and heard on Insight 2006 with Charlie Sykes on WTMJ Radio. The article discusses that often WEAC will send out invitations to elected officials on both sides of the aisle and the Republicans usually decline. It's no wonder they decline, philosophically and politically WEAC and Republicans are usually light years apart. However, I do think that this gesture on WEAC's part is interesting and I am curious as to their motives. Is it a recruitment tactic to lure us righties in and brainwash us, or is the union recognizing that it is neglecting, if not outright defying, a segment of its captive membership. (Note: The term "captive" is used to demonstrate that while members can opt-out of the union they are still required to pay most of the dues.)

Now I need to decide if I wish to contact Mr. Johnson myself or just sit back and wait for future newsletters to see if anything comes of his call for Republicans. Could the union be turning over a new leaf?

Brilliant marketing, Hooters style!

So people made a big deal out of the fact that some idiot purchased a $200 bottle of Dom Perignon at a Hooters restaurant with their FEMA get out of Katrina free card.

I admire marketing genius. Hooters showed some of that in response to this report offering to pay back FEMA for the ill gotten French bubble water.

A $200 check and how much free publicity will they get out of this?

Now that is getting a bang for your advertising buck.

Good for you Hooters.

June 16, 2006

The Plan.

The Dems have finally released their plan.

Here it is.

Fix the prescription drug program by putting people ahead of drug companies and HMOs, eliminating wasteful subsidies, negotiating lower drug prices and ensuring the program works for all seniors; invest in stem cell and other medical research.

Crack down on price gouging; eliminate billions in subsidies for oil and gas companies and use the savings to provide consumer relief and develop American alternatives, including biofuels; promote energy efficient technology.

Raise the minimum wage; repeal tax giveaways that encourage companies to move jobs overseas.

Make college tuition deductible from taxes; expand Pell grants and cut student loan costs.

Prevent the privatization of Social Security; expand savings incentives; ensure pension fairness.

Restore the budget discipline of the 1990s that helped eliminate deficits and spur record economic growth.

I'll comment on each item by item later... Anything missing here?

Is someone finally going to connect the dots?

This story kind of reminds of something Patrick created....

JS online.

Doyle advisers called before committee

Madison -
Two top advisers to Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle - including the chairman of his re-election campaign - were asked today to appear before the Legislature's budget committee next week to discuss state purchasing practices.

State Administration Secretary Stephen Bablitch and his predecessor, Marc Marotta, were asked to appear before the Joint Finance Committee's 10 a.m. Wednesday meeting. Marotta left the state job as the top deputy to Doyle to return to a Milwaukee law firm and to be chairman of the governor's campaign.In letters from Republican legislators who co-chair the Finance Committee, Bablitch and Marotta were requested to appear to discuss how state government buys goods and services, since both the state's general and transportation funds face deficits.

Both officials could be asked about a controversy involving Adelman Travel and two of its officials who donated a total of $20,000 to the governor's re-election campaign. The Adelman Travel deal was canceled, and Georgia Thompson, a former state purchasing official who worked on it, was convicted of manipulating bids from travel firms to make sure Adelman got the contract.

Bablitch will appear before the committee Wednesday, an aide said. Marotta was out of the country on a business trip, officials said.

The Joint Finance Committee can subpoena individuals to appear before it but only as part of an investigation authorized by the leaders of both Assembly and Senate. No individual has been subpoenaed by the Finance Committee in at least 40 years, however.

Grand Jury lets McKinney skate.

A grand jury failed to issue charges against Cynthia McKinney today for hitting a cop.

Would you or I get off for hitting a cop?

A pity really that Ronnie Earl is not the prosecutor or he would go back another 3 or 4 times until he got his indictment.

June 15, 2006

Zarqawi's view.

If you have not seen it yet, go here and read the captured Zarqawi document on how the war is going.

This guy knew he was losing, the right knows we are winning, why does the radical left keep sounding the withdrawal horn when things are obviously turning around?

Some highlights.

As an overall picture, time has been an element in affecting negatively the forces of the occupying countries, due to the losses they sustain economically in human lives, which are increasing with time. However, here in Iraq, time is now beginning to be of service to the American forces and harmful to the resistance...

In general and despite the current bleak situation, we think that the best suggestions in order to get out of this crisis is to entangle the American forces into another war against another country or with another of our enemy force, that is to try and inflame the situation between American and Iraq or between America and the Shi'a in general.

Specifically the Sistani Shi'a, since most of the support that the Americans are getting is from the Sistani Shi'a, then, there is a possibility to instill differences between them and to weaken the support line between them; in addition to the losses we can inflict on both parties. Consequently, to embroil America in another war against another enemy is the answer that we find to be the most appropriate...

Since Zarqawi was blown up, a treasure trove of intel has led to 452 raids, 104 dead terrorists and 28 significant weapon caches captured. Almost a third of the raids were conducted solely by Iraqi forces, while 56% were joint operations. A total of 759 terrorists were captured.

The Iraqis are asserting themselves folks, and we hear louder and louder from the Kerrys, Murthas & Feingolds of the world we should pull everyone out by the end of the year. That is MONUMENTALLY STUPID.

If things keep going as well as they have been of late I have no doubt we will be able to start parring down our forces at an accelerated rate, but to be making stupid partisan points and putting out timelines this week to show off for the ultra-lib PFTAW convention is beyond ridiculous.

Our troops have performed magnificently, kudos to them. The intel they have been gathering appears to be bearing fruit quickly.

Let us hope it continues to do so.

Chairman Priebus?

Rumor has it Reince Priebus will be running for Chairman of the Wisconsin GOP when current Chair Rick Graber steps down to take a gig in Washington.

Reince has been doing a great job behind the scenes recruiting candidates and raising cash.

I know Reince, he is a good man.

He'd be wonderful in this role.

Now THIS is a good ad.

A short time ago I made the point that the Xoff led attack ad against Mark Green was just plain bad. To the casual viewer they were muddy and just didn't say anything.

The usual suspects defended the ad based on policy and ideology but the point I was trying to make was the commercial SUCKED. (as an advertisement)

Now THIS is a good advertisement.

Regardless of ideology, this is a catchy, funny, poignant political advertisement. The viewer has no doubt after sitting through this only once what the views of Vernon Robinson are.

While Mr. Robinson's opponent is busy calling him "a good slave", he has taken the high road above negative politics.

I like his style.

Those useful unions

Why can't everything be union? I want to pay 5 times that actual price for goods and services.

Unions are outdated and useless. Their purpose has been long gone and now they are just in the money grubbing business. It's sad that unions continue to hurt the American economy by trying to coerce people into where they do business instead of letting competition do it's work.

Read the RJT story by clicking on the link above to find what great work they are doing now.

Becker vindicated? Not exactly.

I'm sure Gary Becker is walking around Racine today with his chest all puffed out feeling vindicated that the person who ratted him out is apparently none other than former Mayor Jim Smith.

Gary, pay attention now I have something to tell you.

It is not the smartest thing to do to have drinks then drive. Yeah you say you just had 2 drinks in four hours, frankly no one believes you on that. It takes no more than a shot to hit the .08 blood alcohol limit Gary, you are the Mayor of this town you should not be drinking then driving. If you are going to drink take a cab or have someone else drive. That is what the smart, cautious person does.

Where the tip came from while interesting does not necessarily give you a free pass for drinking and driving.

If Jim Smith really believed you had too much to drink he was acting in the best interest of the community to report it to the police. If he got a chuckle out of reporting a political rival, well goodie for him, in the end the interest of the community is still served.

As far as your continued assault on the Chief of Police, let it go. You two are supposed to be trying to work together to lessen the grip of crime in this community. If you had not noticed things like drug dealing, prostitution, murder, gangs and yes drunk driving are an issue here.

You two are supposed to be working together. Mr Mayor, you called in Kenosha to investigate, they did, they found nothing wrong.

Now shake hands like men and get down to the business of protecting this city.

Politics is a nasty business Mayor Becker, if you did not like that you should have never run for Mayor. Frankly I think you doth protest too much.

Good News from GAO?

OK, everyone heard the story yesterday about Katrina aid.

16% of aid recipients supposedly should not of gotten the aid. There were examples of $200 bottles of Dom Perignon bought at Hooters and such given.

My initial reaction...

16%, wow, I thought it would of been much worse.

Seriously, they were trying to help people as fast as they could, 16% boo-boo is not bad considering the situation in my opinion.

June 14, 2006

Twas the night before the Fitzmas

Bad poetry is usually reserved for me in the Cheddarsphere.

Well I got nuthin' on Karen.

Check out her Fitzmas work.


Breaking News in the Racine Mayor / Police Chief squabble.

What you are looking at is the phone history for the Racine Chief of Police on the night in question.

If you have not heard about the night in question the Mayor is upset that three police squads were dispatched to look for a red Lincoln. (the Mayor drives a red Lincoln)

The Mayor is ticked off saying this is a political motivation, it would appear he could be right.

Notice those three little check mark thingies? Those are three calls to none other than former Racine Mayor Jim Smith.

Now it could be that Chief Spenner & Ex-Mayor Smith were planning a fishing trip. But, if you believe that, you probably also believe that Georgia Thompson swayed the travel bid to Adelmen on a whim without anyone else knowing anything.

This story just got even more interesting.

(FYI, I edited the bill taking out the last four digits of the Chiefs Number and other numbers)

An excellent, but inconvenient article.

I'll list the first few paragraphs, read the whole thing here. You Gore-a-holics, please just read this.

"Scientists have an independent obligation to respect and present the truth as they see it," Al Gore sensibly asserts in his film "An Inconvenient Truth", showing at Cumberland 4 Cinemas in Toronto since Jun 2. With that outlook in mind, what do world climate experts actually think about the science of his movie?

Professor Bob Carter of the Marine Geophysical Laboratory at James Cook University, in Australia gives what, for many Canadians, is a surprising assessment: "Gore's circumstantial arguments are so weak that they are pathetic. It is simply incredible that they, and his film, are commanding public attention."

But surely Carter is merely part of what most people regard as a tiny cadre of "climate change skeptics" who disagree with the "vast majority of scientists" Gore cites?

No; Carter is one of hundreds of highly qualified non-governmental, non-industry, non-lobby group climate experts who contest the hypothesis that human emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) are causing significant global climate change. "Climate experts" is the operative term here. Why? Because what Gore's "majority of scientists" think is immaterial when only a very small fraction of them actually work in the climate field.

Even among that fraction, many focus their studies on the impacts of climate change; biologists, for example, who study everything from insects to polar bears to poison ivy. "While many are highly skilled researchers, they generally do not have special knowledge about the causes of global climate change," explains former University of Winnipeg climatology professor Dr. Tim Ball. "They usually can tell us only about the effects of changes in the local environment where they conduct their studies."

This is highly valuable knowledge, but doesn't make them climate change cause experts, only climate impact experts.

Judy you got some splainin' to do

It seems Judy Robson's recent little shill for Err America was illegal.

It is apparently a boo-boo to put out cash from the party to promote for political purposes a for profit company.

Apparently the fact that Err America has never, or is not likely to turn a profit in any time in the near future has no impact on the legality of the statute.

Fraley has a copy of the complaint to the ethics board that was filed by the Republican party against Robson, Mark Miller and the State Senate Democratic Committee.

Just another shining example of the culture of corruption.

If Judy needs a good lawyer, I understand Rove's lawyers have a bit of time on their hands.

RDW Investigative Work

The RDW Investigative unit has been hard at work.

Stay tuned for a HUGE story in the next couple of days.

Only in Xoff world.

Only in the sick and twisted mind of Xoff would you seriously suggest celebrating flag day by defeating an ammendment about flag burning.

That guy is sick.

Flag Day - Johnny Cash style

Ragged Old Flag
Johnny Cash.

I walked through a county courthouse square,
On a park bench an old man was sitting there.
I said, "Your old courthouse is kinda run down."
He said, "Naw, it'll do for our little town."
I said, "Your old flagpole has leaned a little bit,
And that's a Ragged Old Flag you got hanging on it."

He said, "Have a seat," and I sat down.
"Is this the first time you've been to our little town?"
I said, "I think it is."
He said, "I don't like to brag,
But we're kinda proud of that Ragged Old Flag.

"You see, we got a little hole in that flag there
whenWashington took it across the Delaware.
And it got powder-burned the night Francis Scott Key
Sat watching it writing Say Can You See.
And it got a bad rip in New Orleans
With Packingham and Jackson tuggin' at its seams.

"And it almost fell at the Alamo
Beside the Texas flag, but she waved on though.
She got cut with a sword at Chancellorsville
And she got cut again at Shiloh Hill.
There was Robert E. Lee, Beauregard, and Bragg,
And the south wind blew hard on that Ragged Old Flag.

"On Flanders Field in World War I
She got a big hole from a Bertha gun.
She turned blood red in World War II.
She hung limp and low by the time it was through.
She was in Korea and Vietnam.
She went where she was sent by her Uncle Sam.

"She waved from our ships upon the briny foam,
And now they've about quit waving her back here at home.
In her own good land here she's been abused --
She's been burned, dishonored, denied, and refused.

"And the government for which she stands
Is scandalized throughout the land.
And she's getting threadbare and wearing thin,
But she's in good shape for the shape she's in.
'Cause she's been through the fire before
And I believe she can take a whole lot more.

"So we raise her up every morning,
take her down every night.
We don't let her touch the ground
and we fold her up right.
On second thought, I do like to brag,
'Cause I'm mighty proud of the Ragged Old Flag."

June 13, 2006

I'm confused.

Jim Doyle on Georgia Thompson: "I have been carefully briefed of the testimony at the trial, and from the evidence presented by both the prosecution and the defense, it is clear that Georgia Thompson acted on her own and that no other state employee was involved."

State Travel Consultant Ian Thompson testimony: "My recollection is that Georgia then said (something) to the effect of, 'You can't do that,' or 'we can't do that' or 'that can't be done,' " Thomas said, referring to giving the contract to Omega, adding "she referenced in some way her superiors and political issues.""We went around the room," but none of the six would reconsider the scores, Thomas said.

Steve Biskupic: "The evidence you'll hear is she said, 'My bosses want Adelman. They don't want to hear it was anyone but Adelman winning the contract,' Biskupic said, adding Thompson failed her duty as a civil servant to keep politics out of state procurement.

Thomas Again: Thomas testified under re-direct that when Thompson changed her score for a vendor seeking a state athletic travel contract, "she did it for a favor." The prosecution seems to be trying to undercut Hurley's contention that Thompson had a legitimate reason for changing her score on the athletic travel vendor.

Jim, you had better get another briefing from someone a little more willing to tell you the whole story.

I have a serious question for our Democratic friends, our Republican friends and our Squishy friends.

First, how about that Karl Rove???? Will Chris Matthews devote as much time to this decision as the rush to see him in an orange jumpsuit?

To our Democratic friends; Would you rather Jim Doyle admit this is as bad as it is and get out of the way in time to put up another candidate?

To our Republican Friends; Would you rather Jim Doyle admit this is as bad as it is and get out of the way in time to put up another candidate?

To our Squishy Friends; True or False, Jim Doyle is the Mayor of Iowa?


The Journal Times on Georgia Thompson.

So Georgia Thompson got convicted yesterday...

Front page headline of the Milwaukee Journal today... Georgia Thompson.

Front page headline of the Racine Journal Times... $355 million facilities study for Racine schools.

Fair enough, big story there.

Plenty of room on the front page for a dog reunited with family story, so where is the Georgia Thompson story?

Page A13 under the fold.

As a matter of fact the JT took the stock AP story and did not even write their own story. In addition, they fail to mention Governor Doyle in their headline. 'Jury convicts state official on charges stemming from travel deal'

Are there any depths to which this paper will not stoop to hide any story that could be considered bad news for Jim Doyle? Not that I have seen. His approval is now down to 38%, nothing there, though there have been countless stories about Bush poll numbers. (reminder Bush is not running for re-election)

From now on when I mention the Journal Times I will add the following, a wholly owned subsidiary of Jim Doyle & the Democratic Party.

We have talked at length about bias in the media, the Journal Times is so bad they are almost in a class of their own.

Hey Madison, what was the headline in the Cap Times today?

We're not failing, hooray?

It would seem that my addition to RDW coincides with a deluge of news stories about RUSD. Hooray for me.

The RJT has this story on its site stating that none of the RUSD schools are on the failing list relating to No Child Left Behind. That piece of legislation is a sore spot among schools and unions alike. I have mixed feelings on NCLB, but that's for another post.

The usual suspects like Unified, 'Yes' voters, and people who can't be taxed enough, will proclaim the joy in this story. While it may be good news, most people don't throw parties for avoiding bad news.

Just because your car passes emissions doesn't mean it's running great.

The $1.2 Million Facilities Study

There are pros and cons to this facilities study. As reported in the RJT it will cost about $375 million dollars to fully implement. What for you ask? Well the paper doesn't get into great detail, and for good reason.

I was part of the survey, as well as hundreds of other faculty and staff around the district, as to what I thought my room/school needed in the way of physical amenities. All I could think of was maybe a tint for my windows, some new desks and chairs, and replace the cracked and warped floor tiles. Mr. Paullin took down our requests and told us what we really needed. I would liken the experience to sitting with a high-pressure car salesman. Why take new tiles when you can have high-quality, flame-retardant carpeting? That and many more similar questions/statements came out of the meeting. Our schools are going to be state of the art, new windows, furniture, flooring and more. Where do the funds come from? Why the taxpayers of course. It’s for the children. Actually, Mr. Paullin rightfully did not respond to that question from a teacher. While these improvements will improve the aesthetics and perhaps functionality of the facilities, they do very little to improve education.

As for shifting the grade levels around to return to a junior high school scenario, I do not quite understand how that is going to work logistically. True, it will relieve some of the crowded space in high schools, but find an elementary school that can accommodate sixth graders. The 2006-2007 school year already has space issues with the implementation of all-day kindergarten and the advent of expanded four-year old programs. Space is an issue, but the study does not do much in the way of solving it.

I will give credit to the results in the sense that many buildings are not utilized properly. Gifford and O. Brown are too big to be elementary schools. Caddy Vista is just a glorified warehouse at the moment. Using what we have is a good start to revamping the facilities. This also could have been determined at little or no cost by a group from RAMAC or the general populous. I hope we get a thank you note for the $1.2 million gift we have the Paullin Group. Unified has dug a deep hole financially and is now looking to spend over a third of billion additional dollars over the next several years. Hiring consultants is not helping that scenario.

Speculation on the Racine Mayor thingie.

I've been pretty quiet on the Racine Mayor police stakeout thingie. (For those still not sure what he looks like this is him on the right)

Becker is saying this whole thing is politically motivated. He may be right. I can tell you this much. This is NOT coming from the Republican brain trust in Racine, they were stunned about all of this.

There has been much speculation from within the Democratic party down here that the whole Kurt Vlach Unity slate hates Gary Becker and would like to put somene in power they see as more pro-union. I'm not sure why they do not like him. He does a good job of presenting as a moderate, but Gary Becker is a hard core liberal.

Second, it is bad form for any Mayor to be coming down against his police force in such a public way. The whole stop snitching thing is alive and well in Racine, and the last thing we need are front page comments from the Mayor of this city being critical of the police department.

So, Gary, I have some advice for you.

Too drinkie..... Try a Diet Coke will ya?

Watch your back because if this is a political motivation it is coming from within the family.

A tragedy incomplete

One week ago today the voters east of I-94 in Racine County voted on yet another referendum. I was one of a few RUSD teachers who saw through the propaganda and voted no. Surprisingly there were a number other teachers who also saw this money grab for exactly what it was. The mindless REA followers saw otherwise. I can only assume that's where many yes votes came from.

We as a community have to get quickly past this tax hike and prepare to block the next one. As recommended by one of the many central Michigan, independently run, consultant firms, Unified needs to go after a multi-year, higher value referendum. This is just a more PR savvy way of giving the taxpayers the shaft. Why stir up heat and anger year after year when you get open the spigot of tax dollars for years at a time?

These holes in Unified's budget are completely unnecessary. I won't say they are fabricated, but they are created out of poor planning and extreme shortsightedness. For example, teachers could easily attend upwards of six different inservices a year, that does not include the six early release days that were cooked up a few years back. The inservices are sometimes helpful, but a cost/benefit analysis would not prove them worthwhile. The costs involved include paying for the speaker(s), mileage (if applicable), and a substitute teacher. For the past two years, Unified offered a training on how to reach students better. Sounds great, however the material was just regurgitated undergrad and graduate course material. Teachers already know most of what the inservices teach. The capper is that the total cost for the inservice, including the aforementioned expenses, averaged about $1,500 per attendee. Most schools were asked to send the principal and two to four faculty members. Doing the math, it comes out to nearly $100,000 for just the elementary schools.

The next referendum is not as far off as you might thinks and it's going to big, bad and ugly. More examples of wasteful spending to come.

June 12, 2006

Racine Referendum Again.

Yeah I thought we would have put this behind us behind us a week ago.

Funny but six days after the referendum vote they announce the long awaited $1.2 million facilities study tonight. Why did they not announce this before the referendum?

The long & the short of it, they want an additional $374 million dollars.

Yep that is 5,798.45% more than the referendum.

Last week I said, "Wait till you see the big huge massive referendum next year after the facilities study comes in."

Now you know.

My house is going on the market tomorrow.

There is an update on the Racine Mayor story.

There is an update by Dustin Block on the Journal Times story about the Racine Mayor and the cops looking for him drunk driving.

I have not chimed in yet, I will later.

In the interim you can see the story here.

For those of you who do not know what the Mayor of Racine looks like, he is pictured here. (he is the one on the right holding the cup... The guy in the middle is John Heckenlively he is a former Dem of the year in Racine and a leading face in the push for the anti-war referendum, the guy on the left is Boyd something or other he is a consultant out of Kenosha)

Georgia Thompson Guilty.

Really I'm surprised by the quick jury decision here, just because there have been so many idiotic jury decisions of late.

So what's it all mean folks?

I guess the big question is, what would looking at a 20 year prison stay motivate you to come clean on?

Mr. Free Thinking Teacher

First a thanks for the invite to Real Debate Wisconsin. If you have never read my previous blog, here is an introduction.

I am a teacher in RUSD and a member of the REA (local teacher's union). Now that you have a stereotype firmly in your mind of who I am politically and personally, crumple it up and burn it. I am a conservative who doesn't care for unions and the union mentality. Occasionally, I will rant on this subject. More importantly, I can provide readers of this blog with an insight as to waste and shameful practices inside RUSD and give counter-intelligence to what the Journal Times and RAMAC want you to hear. I am proud of my work and do what I can to help the kids. Bureaucracy sees that I do otherwise at times.

I am a teacher for four main reasons:
1. I love to help children
2. June
3. July
4. August

Comment away or ask questions to your heart's content. Being a conservative in an unholy land has given me broad shoulders. I plan to post 2-3 times weekly with news, opinion and the occasionally sports rant. Go Brewers!

Ex-detainees: 'No hope' at Guantanamo

Am I the only one who sees an issue with this headline?

Welcome Randy.

Please join me in welcoming Randy, The Free Thinking Teacher, to the RDW family.

Randy, an actual teacher, will be the RDW education reporter.

We look forward to his reports.

June 11, 2006

A Release from the Green Team on Stem Cells.

The Democratic Party of Wisconsin is saying that Mark Green is trying to “muddy the waters” and “hide” from his record on stem cell research. Not true. In fact, Mark Green has been very clear on his position on stem cell research. I

t is the Democrats who are trying to mislead voters. It is simply not accurate for them to repeatedly say that Mark Green is opposed to stem cell research. Mark Green has cosponsored and voted for legislation to promote stem cell research – including funding for embryonic stem cell research.

Also missing from Doyle’s attacks is the fact that, so far, stem cells harvested from adult and umbilical cord blood have led to treatments for 67 different diseases. To date, embryonic stem cell research has not led to any clinical treatments.

The Democrats say Mark Green voted for or cosponsored bills eight times that, they say, “ban and even criminalize” stem cell research. In fact, the bills they cite are three versions of the same bill called the “Human Cloning Prohibition Act.” Each version of this bill has very specific language that protects all stem cell research – including embryonic stem cell research.

Where Mark Green and Jim Doyle do differ is on the subject of human cloning. Mark Green does not believe human beings should be cloned – Governor Jim Doyle vetoed a bill that would have banned human cloning in Wisconsin. To justify his veto, he used the false excuse that there are different kinds of human cloning – an excuse that Dr. Jamie Thompson himself has said is not valid.

This is from a June 25, 2005, MSNBC interview with Thomson called “Stem cell pioneer does a reality check”:

Q: The people who use nuclear transfer generally say that the technique is optimized for producing the stem cells rather than making babies. They would not want to equate this with the process that produces embryos that were fit for implantation, and they’d argue that they’re using the reproductive process differently …

Jamie Thomson: See, you’re trying to define it away, and it doesn’t work. If you create an embryo by nuclear transfer, and you give it to somebody who didn’t know where it came from, there would be no test you could do on that embryo to say where it came from. It is what it is.It’s true that they have a much lower probability of giving rise to a child. …

But by any reasonable definition, at least at some frequency, you’re creating an embryo. If you try to define it away, you’re being disingenuous.

Unlike Jim Doyle, Jamie Thomson will admit that cloning is cloning.

Iran vs Mexico?

As part of a channel flip operation while Mrs RDW was preparing lunch I noticed Iran is playing Mexico right now in the World Cup.

So who to cheer for, Iran who is trying to build weapons powerful enough to blow us & our allies up, or Mexico who is trying to take over our country one illegal at a time?

It boggles the mind.

Update: Final - Mexico 3, Iran1.

Stem Cell Boo Boo

Jim Doyle appears to have set his electoral hopes on stem cell research. He made a big deal out of it at the Democratic Convention yesterday and his news folks have been slipping out releases on this or that on the issue.

Now, what people may not get is this. Polling shows stem cell research is 70% issue (pro). Doyle has been pro stem cell research in his entire tenure as Governor. So expect much more talk on stem cells over the coming 150 days.

The problem with his thinking, even after 3 years of pro stem cell, his approval is still below 40%. While this may be a 70% issue, it is not an issue that will fuel people to go to the polls in the kind of numbers to sway an issue.

If the Green Team is smart they will run on three issues: Spending, Immigration & Doyle's record of putting the veto pen to popular common sense legislation.

U.S.: 3 Guantanamo inmates hanged selves

What you likely do not know or will not hear about this story.

A human rights group who visited Gitmo demanded that windows on the cells be blacked out so the detainees could have some privacy.

Officials agreed to the demand and as such, regular patrol soldiers at Gitmo could not see the men were hanging themselves.

The cry from this story will be, boo hoo they never even got their day in court.

They could of had their day, but lawyers are gumming up the works demanding trials be held in civilian courts. What they want of course is a touchy feely jury with a Michael Berg type on it so they can get their guys off. There could of been military tribunals for all of these people by now. Don't let spin from lawyers off from their own responsibilty here.

Really Dirty Politics II

Earlier this week we talked about dog doo being interjected into politics, well things are getting even worse.

Check this out.

RICHMOND, Va. - One Democrat calls his rival the "anti-Christ of outsourcing" U.S. jobs and argues that he's trying to buy a win in the Virginia primary.

The other fires back, labeling his opponent a sexist who is hostile to affirmative action and is, at heart, a Republican.

Now those are some nasty things to call a Democrat, a sexist who must be racist (hostile to affirmative action = racist ya know), and horror of horrors a Republican?!?

I miss polite politics.

This is more there check it out.