May 6, 2006

Four Second Fury.

This is just fun.

My best time so far, 104 seconds.

A note from the RDW Social Interaction Committee

Keep the Weekend of June 3 & 4 open folks.

On June 3 The Badger Blog Alliance will be hosting the Wisconsin Blogosphere Spring Fling. This open event at Nagawaukee Park in Hartland is for bloggers and blog readers of any ideology. The BBA will provide the camp site & charcoal for the grills, bring your own eats. There is a $5 per car fee to cover the cost of the campsite.

On June 4, The Burlington Area Progressives are hosting a support our troops function at Bobby Rockets in the town of Lyons from Noon until 8pm. This event will start out with a Texas Hold 'Em Tournament at Noon. Perhaps the Texas Hold'Em Blogger should put up or shut up! There will be a color guard performance at 2pm and the event will kicked off by a WWII plane flyover (very cool). The Burlington Area Progressives are a non-partisan group with a terribly partisan name, but this is a great event! Monies raised will go direct to support struggling military families.

Cash donations will be taken at this event, and if you have items to donate bring them along and they will be auctioned off. For that matter if you have items or cash you would like to donate and you are going to the BBA event on Saturday I would be happy to transport them to the Sunday event for you.

These are both non-partisan events so rightie & leftie come on out!

So put big red marks on these dates and hopefully we'll see you there, I intend on attending both events.

May 4, 2006

Stepp on the TPA.

I am disappointed the Senate was unable to pass a strong constitutional spending limit this evening. Unfortunately, the lobbying groups representing the spending interests shouted louder than the overburdened taxpayers who are actually footing the bill. I am hopeful a future Legislature will be able to find the votes to protect taxpayers with a constitutional amendment limiting government spending.

(The casket was my addition)

May 2, 2006

May Day is over.. might I suggest

The May Day protest has come and gone. I could not help but notice the crowds were not quite what we were told they would be.

Might I suggest a counter Cinco de Mayo protest? Everyone stay away from Hispanic owned businesses on Friday & let us see how they feel about a counter economic protest.

Spread the word.

Is this ad endorsing these candidates III?

May 1, 2006

PCP: United 93

Belle and I decided to post on the same subject at our own sites. Her report on United 93 is up.


I walked into United 93 with a pre conceived biased based on the pre movie hype. I had counted on writing a review after seeing the film, when I walked out I had no idea what I was going to write about.

Mrs Real Debate and I had lunch before the movie on Sunday and ran into some friends. I invited them along with us but they said they really did not want to see the movie.

I got an email from my friend this morning which he gave me permission to share.

Sorry we had to decline the offer to go to the movie yesterday. This one is still a touchy memory for us. I was in Washington, a few blocks from the Pentagon when the plane hit. The place I was staying was on the other side of the Pentagon. At that point we didn't know about the twin towers because we were in meetings. In DC there were stories on the news about bombs outside the Department of State and the same block we were on had a remote Department of State Building.

We were on the 15th floor and I exited as quickly as possible to a chaos of people and a complete traffic standstill. I walked to the hotel, meeting up along the way with a Pentagon worker who was off site at a meeting when his office was destroyed. All the phone lines were out of service so I couldn't get a message home nor could he. Our families were left to wonder. It took almost two hours to walk around the Pentagon and get to Crystal City. The direct routes were all blocked with armed guards. The place was quiet except for low flying helicopters and sirens from emergency vehicles. As we walked around the Pentagon, you could see the damage and smoke.

We walked on the highway and had the crunch of broken glass. Every car window in the area had been broken by the crash. When I got back to my hotel, I turned on the TV and for the first time saw the towers go down. I called home and relieved Maxine's anxiety and we started to look for a way for me to get out of DC. That night the winds shifted and the smoke all came into the hotel. When I finally got home, I smelled like Pentagon smoke.

Everything was closed, so it was difficult to find something to eat. When wandering around for some place open, I ran into a lot of people with stories. The most interesting was a guard from Arlington Cemetery who was still shaking four hours later. The plane had come down directly over his head and he knew it would crash.

We seldom talk about 9/11 as it tends to still bring up bad memories.

Hope you understand. Let's do a different movie!

We all have a story of where we were and how we were impacted by the events of 9-11-01. I thank my friend Paul for sharing his.

As I walked out the movie I felt rage and pride. United 93 is a stark reminder that there are religious zealots out there who wish us dead. They wish us dead because of where we live and because we worship in different ways. I felt pride in the people on United 93 and hoped that if faced with a similar situation I could behave with as much courage and conviction.

Islam is not a religion of peace. If it was, mainstream Muslim practitioners would of come out loud against the activities of the 9-11 terrorists immediately. This is something we must be reminded of.

There is a certain loony part of society that feel George Bush somehow planned 9-11 as a great Machiavellian scheme to invade Iraq and finish the job his Father had left undone. I do feel sorry for those people as they are so blinded by hatred for George Bush they truly can not see how insane they are to believe that kind of crap.

There is another segment of society that is against war at any cost. I respect their opinion and dignity for human life, though given this kind of situation I can never understand it. It is also impossible to understand how so many of the same crowd are in favor of abortion, but that is another topic.

I wish everyone would see this film as a stark reminder that there are people out there who wish us dead. We can argue about the war on terror and the way it is being fought, but the fact is war was declared on us by radical Islam. I think many people out there forget that simple fact.
Many more are far more interested in political gain and wish us to forget what happened

It has been said we have to succeed every time, the terrorists have to only succeed once.

That is a lesson we should remember, United 93 serves as a stark reminder to that fact.

Racine Teachers Ratify Sweet Deal.

Well the details have finally been released to the super secret new Racine Teacher's contract.

Anything the teachers vote for by a 96.6% margin must be a sweet deal.


The teachers voted to give themselves a 7% (6.98 actually) increase in combined salary and benefits. The teachers have picked up some very minor co-pays (cry me a river).

Racine, listen to me now very carefully.



Point Counter Point will be out later today.

A Reminder from the RDW Field Surveillance Team

This is from RDWFST Agent #3.

(Operating under cover in the field without a warrant)




The most powerful woman in Wisconsin.

Back in March I asked the readers who the most powerful woman in Wisconsin was.

Peg Lautenschlager got a vote, Shirley Abrahamson got a couple of nods, Belle suggested she may be...

Oh and Eric said, "Obviously you haven't met my wife". (Actually Eric, I have as you know!)

Today it is time to announce the correct answer to that question.

The most powerful woman in Wisconsin is.....

Christine Neumann-Ortiz.

On this another day of protest that will likely draw thousands of people I found it time to answer that question.

Voces de la Frontera was founded in 2002 the mission of this group is supposedly to educate. They have morphed far beyond that and do more lobbying and protesting than anything else anymore.

Neumann-Ortiz led the noisy privacy robbing protest at the home of State Senator Cathy Stepp, and she got away with it. Voces de la Frontera is openly violating their 501 (c)(3) status by the completely partisan nature of their lobbying and no one is this state seems to notice other than this blog.

As we pointed out last week, now she is lobbying directly Mayors, and US Senators among others. In fact, she has become so brazen she is openly demanding the Mayor of Milwaukee endorse a policy of not enforcing the law. (A fact that still has not been reported anywhere else)

And why not? No one is holding her accountable for any of her actions.

Well today we have yet another protest march led by her in which thousand of people will show up.

I would like to point out this march will make any of the anti-war protests or even the Michael McGee Jr led protest about the Jude verdict look like a Boy Scouts meeting. I point this out not to minimize the opinions of those who showed up to exercise their free speech rights, but to point out the power behind Christine Neumann-Ortiz. She can put out the people like nobody else in Wisconsin.

And people are power.

April 30, 2006

Thought of the week.

Despite the cost of living, have you noticed how it remains so popular?