March 25, 2006

Kurt Vlach, for the good of the party.

Behold an email exchange between Kurt Vlach and John Polodna before the takeover of the party. Obviously it is known this was planned with the unions but I found a couple of things interesting here. Mr. Polonda made reference to the old leadership as a cabal? Not a very nice thing to say about fellow Democrats. (notice Kurt does not disagree with that comment in any way in his response)

And Kurt, saying he had to run for the "good of the party"

The good of the party? Apparently what the party needed was an unethical scheming leader. The former office holders were principled people of high moral character.

I've been looking into voting issues with my Voces de la Frontera reports and from everything I have heard Frank Tingle was a precint captain who allowed no funny business and ran things by the book. I have heard from a couple of sources that many in the party were not happy with his hard line stance on enforcing the rules. And people like that needed to be removed for "the good of the party"?

We mentioned Kay Collins-Shulz yesterday, she is mentioned here as well as Sandy Tingle, wife of former Chair Frank Tingle and webmaster of


I thought it was a good meeting. Carl could be a great partner. Well by now you know that Earl got two phone calls from Sandy. Someone from our meeting talked to their good friend, who then called Sandy with apparently a mix of information. There are deeper psychodynamic operations at work in a situation such as this. We can talk about them some time. The developments of today has taken a little of the luster off of the last nights meeting. I thought there was one agenda, moving forward, but it seems that there are more agendi out there. I'm not pro this person or anti that person, but I'm absolutely insane over the lack of activity that is being touted as activity. Certain people who are never around and never return calls are creating the impression that they are the cause that other new members have joined up. One person who attended the Wine Tasting said that the incrowd never left their ingroup to mingle with others. That's second hand naturally, but unfortunately I find it easy to believe. Over the weekend in Oshkosh you need to act presidential. See if you can find the Chair from Door County for one. Talk to him. If you think that Linda Honnold is going to get in again, I'd sure talk to her. Don't get sucked into hanging out exclusively with the locals. Marilyn can probably point out some good people to talk to. You know I support you 10,000% in running for the Chair. Getting the Chair position is really only going to be step one. Don't expect that the present cabal is going to turn over any information. As I understand Brent got no information about fund raising when he took that over. Our friend with the AFL-CIO can probably get you, as Chair, invited to many of the union meetings. John

Vlach, Kurt wrote: >

Good morning! >So how'd you like the meeting last night? >I found it very productive. >It was good to have Carl there. He had some excellent input. >And that was some letter that Earl got a hold of. >Earl has me convinced that we need change. >I didn't want to appear to be too ambitious in front of Carl and Dick, >but I really think that I need to run for Chair for the good of the >party. We need someone that is not beholden to any of the factions. Can >come in and mediate the differences between the groups. You and Earl and >Brent don't seem to be interested in the Chair position. I'll see what >Kay has to say this weekend. >What's your take on this whole deal? >- Kurt >

McGee has lost it

mcgeemugNot that you needed another reason to think McGee is crazy...

But this may just take the cake.

If you're too lazy to click the link, I'll post a li'l snippit here for you:

Beating Outside Malcolm X Academy Brings Call For Harsher Sentencing

Ald. McGee Wants 10 Years Added To Convictions When Victim Is Black

Ald. Mike McGee, Jr. says the beating death of 15-year-old Raheim Patrick at a bus stop on Thursday is another example of the kind of destructive behavior in Milwaukee that must end. The alderman hopes to convince the state Legislature to adopt stricter sentencing guidelines that would add 10 years to the sentence of anyone convicted of intentional homicide when the victim is Black.

In addition to calling for harsher sentencing guidelines at a Monday news conference, Ald. McGee says if no arrests have been made by that time, he and a group of businessmen will offer a $5,000 reward for the arrest and conviction of the perpetrators in the death of Raheim Patrick.

"We have been preaching nonviolence toward each other," said Ald. McGee, "but it's getting so violent that we're going to have to intensify our efforts and the expectations we have for each other, and we are going to have to turn up the heat on those who perpetrate this type of behavior."

Ald. McGee will discuss his proposal at a news conference on Monday, March 27, 2006 at 10 a.m. outside Malcolm X Academy, 2760 N. 1st St. The alderman's Respect Kampain Street Code All-Stars, who have been touring schools with a message of nonviolence, and members of his Rapid Response Team will also take part. Media coverage is welcome.

"We must be more proactive in our approach to terrorists in our neighborhoods," said Ald. McGee. "We are past the point of talking and have to show them what we mean." The alderman said he would go into more detail on what that means at the news conference.

Yes, that's right. Our very own Michael McGee Junior wants harsher sentencing that would add 10 years to the sentence of anyone convicted of intentional homicide when the victim is Black.

Does that mean the life of a Black person is more valuable than the life of a Caucasian, Latino or Asian (or any other nationality for that matter)?

And, what happens when the "perps" are also black? Does that negate his proposed legislation?

I can't wait to see how people respond to his news conference Monday...

And, I'm real surprised no one's reported this yet. He may as well come out and call any intentional homicide of an African American a hate crime.

[CP @ LB]


All this talk of secrect photos and thongs inspired our very own Belle to send me a picture of her thongs.

New Vlach Information.

I have been re-reading the voluminous information I have on Kurt Vlach.

I reported earlier he was involved with a woman online at an out of state company.

I just discovered another. A different company, a different woman. I have no idea if this one is married or not, but it is clearly inappropriate to carry on in this manner with someone you have a "professional" relationship with.

In this email Kurt is giving her advice on self photography, a subject he knows much about.

Here is his advice:

When taking a picture of yourself in a mirror, it is important to keep the flash in mind. Try to hold the camera away from your body to minimize any problems caused by the flash. In this way your best assets will be shown off in the best light. Good luck and keep on flashing!

By the way there is a rather vivid example of his expertise attached to this email.

Vlach Scandal Interest

This is a chart of my Unique hits. On an average day I am around 256 hits. See that spike two days ago? That was my all time high traffic day. (The day the Vlach story broke)

Until today.

1,070 unique hits in a day? If you do not run a blog you do not how big that is. For the math challenged that is a 300% increase.

I continue to ask how long the Racine Journal Times will ignore this story. There clearly is interest among the community to have this story told.

March 24, 2006

Quandry II - To post or not to post?

There could be only two reasons for me to post a picture of Kurt Vlach.

1. To verify my story.

2. To further fan the flames.

Quite honestly the only reason I would post would be to offer proof. No one has really questioned the accuracy of my story, as such I will not be posting the picture I described earlier.


Walker Bows Out.

I hate to see him go, but he probably made the right decision.

I was out all night, so I missed this going down.

Owen has detailed analysis and pictures, it is truly the best reporting on this I have seen.


I have been hit with requests to publish pictures of Kurt Vlach.

I have been back and forth all day on this and honestly there are only a few of them I feel are tame enough to post here. The rest will never be published by me.

The photo shows a shirtless Kurt Vlach wearing jeans with the crotch cut out wearing a thong in the stars and stripes.

Describing these is bad enough, and publishing would give credibility to my claims.

So what do you think folks, should I or shouldn't I?

Kay responds to Vlach comment.

In an open comment on Kay responds to Kurt Vlach emails published here late Sunday. Very Interesting. Kay Collins-Schulz is among the officers kicked out of office from Kurt's takeover of the Democratic Party of Racine County party in November.

And, in case anyone was wondering about Kurt's -as RealDebate puts it in his first post on this subject- "little slimeball" about me. Kurt and I did speak after I talked to a MJS reporter. I told Kurt that I asked that I be "off the record". A little something he left out of his e-mail. He also neglected to mention that when I told him that she had read to me some of his statements I told him that he really needed to not say some of those things to the press. This was post Nov election. And, silly me, I was still trying to not implode the party at the expense of my own self defense. So, in all honesty now I am not sure who I'm more angry with. Kurt for being such a dirtbag or me for being so naive. I hope anyone reading this who was on his address list for that e-mail makes note that he lied to you while he was lying to us.

Interest growing on the Vlach scandal

Rumor has it the Department of Administraion in Madison is sniffing around on this.

For those of you not in the know, that is the Governor's office.

I believe this rumor to be credible.

I wonder how much longer the media will be able to ignore this?

Update on the Kurt Vlach Scandal.

Two days ago we broke the news about Kurt Vlach and the sex scandal he brought upon himself through inappropriate behavior.

I have had multiple requests to produce pictures and proof of the relationship.

The pictures are far too graphic for me to post here.

I will however post the following string of emails. I am placing XXXXXXXXXXXXX's over the person on the other end as they are not a public official and in enough trouble already from proof of all of this being sent to her employer.

In this string the person thanks Kurt Vlach for recommending she set up a yahoo account instead of using her work account to keep their relationship more secure.

I have to re-think some of the visions that I have seen when I was getting off this morning. You have made me so hot that I sometimes have a hard time containing myself. You have definitely peaked my interest a whole lot!

k vlach wrote:
I certainly understand!
And you never know what might pop up next in your InBox!

I think there are some things I want to keep to myself. This is one of them.

k vlach wrote:
Oh really?!
Don't want your spouse peaking....

I am taking your suggestion and decided to set up a yahoo account.

This story is gaining momentum and is all the alk int he area right now. that is all going on behind the scenes and in emails. The Joural Times has refused to cover this so far. I have been contacted by a reporter from the Milwaukee paper though we have not talked yet. It is shameful how Milwaukee sees this as a real story and the Racine paper is ignoring it.

This story is also getting considerable mention on the RacineDemocrats website.

The funny thing is, while a few people have asked to see some proof, no one is questioning the validity of my claims. If I was making any of this up, Vlach would of been blasting me as a liar in the paper and everywhere else, far before now.

March 23, 2006

Feingold Advisory Alert: H/T Fraley's Dailytakes

Double Standard?

Teacher sentenced to 4 to 20 years for having sex with her student.

Teacher serving no time for having sex with her student.

Thoughts from the Racine Rally

I dropped by Monument Square this morning to snap a few pictures of the latest illegal immigrant rage protest. When I approached the square I found it empty.

I thought it odd and looked over to my right and saw none other than Racine Mayor Gary Becker. Ever one to take advantage of a situation I swung around the square to ask the Mayor if he had heard of the Kurt Vlach story we released yesterday, and if so his thoughts.

When I turned the corner to park I saw a mass of humanity walking down the middle of the street next to a row of busses.

By the time I parked and got out of the car, the Mayor saw the crowd refilling the square and was driving away. DARN.

I was just about to start taking some pictures when my phone went off, and I learned the timing of my first appointment had just changed and I had to get moving, like 5 minutes previously. As such, I have no photos...

Driving away I was struck by how angry the protestors were who were lining Main Street.

I tuned in WRJN radio to hear Don Rosen's take on things. Don is a whacky leftist in his own right. He will deny it to the end of his life, but as RDW Field Surveillance Agent #1 has told me, while he is always talking about right wing wackos, never has he heard the words left wing wackos come out of his mouth.

I was stunned to hear Don Rosen saying illegal alliens do not have any rights. They should apply for legal status if they want rights.

I agree with Don Rosen 100%. These illegal alliens really have no status in our country. Let them protest all they want, I do not really care.

They have the right to be shipped home (at their own expense).

I support LEGAL IMMIGRATION. Not illegal activity.

Who is the most powerful woman in Wisconsin?

There is a correct answer to this question. (Hint, it ain't Belle..... yet)

I am soliciting feedback to get opinion before I answer this question.

Please put your who and why in the comments.

Belle has no shame

Vote for me in this week's Blog o' da week contest!

Kicking it old-school

I thought this might be a good post to link here...

Here's a little hint:


I am on my way down to cover the Voces de la Frontera sponsored illegal allien shindig at monument square in Racine.

It will be iteresting to see hwo many people are there in comparrison to the anti-war thingie on Sunday.

The Kurt Vlach story we broke yesterday is starting to get legs. One newspaper is sniffing, another is ignoring, TV is involved and a few blogs have picked it up.

Most surprisingly I have gotten emails of support from several Democrats. There is a buzz about this, stay tuned.

More later...

March 21, 2006

Racine County Democratic Chair Kurt Vlach Involved in Sex Scandal

We have reported at length here about Kurt Vlach, the new Chair of the Democratic Party of Racine. If you would like some background, just go the top of the page and put Vlach in the search box, then hit the search this blog button.

Our conclusions to this point have been that Kurt Vlach is an unethical political leader who came to power in a shady manner. What outraged me from the beginning of this story is how he treated the sitting party leadership. Despite our political differences I was always impressed by the Racine County Democratic leadership as being people of high ethical standards.

Well not even I could have imagined what Kurt Vlach has really been up to.

I have learned that a sexual harassment complaint has been filed with his employer regaring his on the job antics.

The complaint, filed by several female co-workers who wish to remain anonymous, alleges that his manner was insulting to them and that he used language containing double meanings. That language and his general manner essentially created a hostile work environment. Apparently each thought it was an individual thing, but it turned out to be a wide-spread issue.

In the corporate environment rumors spread fast and as more and more people heard about this behavior, they all exchanged notes.

Kurt Vlach has been using his workplace computer to send multiple political emails, activity that has escalated over the previous year as he planned and executed his takeover of the Racine County Democratic party. As you might expect, using company resources for his political work is against company policy. I have multiple copies of those emails and would be willing to publish some of them for authentication of my claims.

In addition, he has been carrying on an inappropriate relationship on company time, using company resources, with a married woman from another company in another state. (also against company policy, plus just plain stupid).

I am not making this up, these are serious charges and I have in my possession email transcripts and as many as 2 dozen pictures of Kurt Vlach that he emailed to this woman of himself in various states of undress (including fully nude photos). The email exchanges are very sexually graphic in both directions and I am in possession of many of them, all done on company time with company resources.

I will not publish the emails, or the photos due to the graphic nature of both but rest assured I can back this story up. I would not even think of opening myself up to this kind of liability if I was not 100% certain of the accuracy of this story.

I have also learned that a copy of all materials has been sent to the company that the woman he has been carrying on with works for. I have heard rumors of this sort of activity for some time but have resisted publishing them. Now that complaints have been filed and I have all the proof in the world I do not think I can sit on this any longer.

I expect criticism for releasing this story, but after considerable thought and council on this issue, I have come to the conclusion that this story needs to be told. Kurt Vlach brought this onto himself, no one else can or should be blamed.

So this is the new leader of the Racine County Democrats. He is an unethical, immoral, unprincipled, cheating egomaniac. My guess is most Racine County Democrats will wish they had their old leadership back.

This Can Not be Allowed.

IRS poised to allow sale of tax-return information
March 21, 2006
The Internal Revenue Service is quietly moving to loosen the once-inviolable privacy of federal income-tax returns: If it succeeds, accountants and other tax-return preparers will for the first time be able to sell information from individual returns – or even entire returns – to marketers and data brokers.

The change is raising alarm among consumer and privacy-rights advocates. It was included in a set of proposed rules that the Treasury Department and the IRS published in the Dec. 8 Federal Register, where the official notice labeled them “not a significant regulatory action.”


Chat it up Debaters!

Guest Post from Mrs. RealDebate: Christian Convert in Kabul Faces Death

When I got home from work yesterday Mrs. Realdebate had something on her mind. It turns out she was listening to Mark Belling who shared a story about a Christian convert from Kabul who was facing death. His crime, possessing a Bible. Belling in an unusual show of blog love apparently encouraged local bloggers to jump on this story, so she asked me to write about it. She was very passionate about the issue so I asked her to do the report.

She agreed.

Christian Convert in Kabul Faces Death

From the London Times Online: A 41-year-old Afghan, was a Muslim for 25 years before he began working for an international Christian group helping his fellow countrymen in Pakistan. Within a couple of years he had converted to Christianity.

Fourteen years later, the decision may cost him his life.

After four years in Peshawar Mr Rahman spent the next nine in Germany. His problems began when he returned to Afghanistan in 2002 and tried to recover his two daughters, now aged 13 and 14, who were living with his parents in Kabul.

His parents refused to return them. The matter went to the police, with the parents complaining that their son had become violent. Mr Rahman’s father then denounced him as a convert. Mr Rahman was promptly arrested, and found to possess a Bible. He now languishes in Kabul central prison and will, if convicted of an “attack on Islam”, face the death penalty under Afghanistan’s new constitution.

This story is a rather sad commentary on the modern world. As Conservative talk show host Dennis Prager commented, “Does one have to be Christian in order to see the inhumanity of this?” (FYI: Prager is Jewish). Everyone, regardless of faith (or non-faith) should be horrified by the moral indecency of this man’s situation.

The article Contnues: Alan Simpson, Labour MP for Nottingham South, told The Times: “We are asked to believe that in Afghanistan we are defending a more secular and democratic state when in fact the likes of Abdul Rahman face the death penalty. What sort of democracy are we defending? All reports suggest that the Taleban are coming in through the back door and their views through the front door. Hamid Karzai (the Afghan President) needs to be told that this absurdity must stop.”

Nick Harvey, the Liberal Democrats’ defence spokesman, said: “This is a horrifying situation and it makes a mockery of the efforts we are making to bring Afghanistan back into the international community. We have committed many soldiers to the situation in Afghanistan, many of whom will be committed Christians; we have spent huge amounts of money and committed resources and so I think we can take a strong moral position on this and explain to the Afghan authorities that to prosecute or even kill someone for having a different faith is unacceptable.”

Setting up democratic governments in Afghanistan and Iraq is only part of the Coalition’s mission. We must fight and eliminate terrorism first or democracy can never be accomplished.

Prison authorities refused repeated requests for Mr Rahman to be interviewed, but a cellmate, Sayad Miakhel, told The Times: “He is standing by his words; he will not become a Muslim again. He has been a Christian for over 14 years. It is what he believes in . . . ” Mr Miakhel, 30, said that conditions in the prison were basic, with 50 men to a cell built for 15. “Most prisoners have food brought to them by their families, but none of Abdul’s family have been to visit. I’m not sure how he is eating.“

He seems depressed. He keeps looking up to the sky, to God,” said Mr Miakhel.

Other reports have mentioned the “insult to Islam”. Remember the cartoon riots? I am confused by and feel pity for those who put their faith in a god who is so weak that his followers feel compelled to prop him up with acts of barbarism in order to reinforce his strength.

An story states. The post-Taliban constitution recognizes Islam as Afghanistan's religion, and decrees that Islam's Sharia law applies when a case is not covered by specific legislation. The prosecutor says under Sharia law, Abdul Rahman must die.

The judge, however, holds hopes for a solution.

"We will ask him if he has changed his mind about being a Christian," Mawlazezadah says. "If he has, we will forgive him, because Islam is a religion of tolerance."


Websters defines tolerance as follows: ’to support with fortitude or with forbearance // to permit// to respect (the conduct, opinions, beliefs, etc. of others) without sitting in judgement on them’.

I realize that English is probably Mawlazezadah’s second language; perhaps he’d like to substitute another word?

If they feel such revulsion by AbdulRahman’s Christianity couldn’t they simply deport him? Must they resort to imprisonment, starvation and penalty of death?

Remember the constant barrage of anti-American coverage by the media concerning Abu Ghraib? The Islamists were incensed by the notion that prisoners were led around by a leash, etc. Did we ever deny them meals, or their lives? Not that I recall. While the media has mentioned this story, do you suppose they will cover it with the same zeal as they did on the Abu Ghraib story? They should, but I won’t hold my breath waiting for them. I seriously doubt The New York Times will give this story their front page dozens of times as they did in that case.

The next time you hear of an atheist in America whining about civil rights abuse because he/she must walk past a nativity or hear others praying at a ball game or a high school graduation, share this story with him/her. Abdul Rahman’s fate makes their complaints look pathetically petty by comparison.

What can we do to help? Two things come to mind. First, please remember Abdul Rahman in your prayers. Second, contact your Congeressman and Senators to attempt to apply diplomatic pressure.

We must express our outrage over this as public embarrassment might be the only thing that could save Abdul Rahman.

From my Uncle Bob.

You will be pleased to know that Hillary Clinton was in our building today apparently attending a fund raising breakfast. I happened to be passing in the lobby and saw her so I gave her all of your names and addresses for potential donors to her campaign

Thanks... I appeciate that.

Thought of the week

Nothing is foolproof to a sufficiently talented fool.

March 20, 2006

Profiles in Cowardice: The MJS On CN-O

I got not one, not two but three emails today wondering if I was going to comment on this piece of trash by Georgia Pabst of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel about our old pal Christine Neumann-Ortiz. My first thought was no. My second thought was, I had better say something, because I am the only one in this entire State who seems to give a rats behind what she does. If that is my lot in life, so be it.

We have raised so many legitimate questions here in regards to her antics, her rhetoric, and her unethical behavior, how the paper missed all of those and somehow made Cathy Stepp into a paranoid bitch is beyond me. Just another puff piece on a person who should be critically investigated.

If you are a regular reader you know the story, but I did find one quote very telling, "To many, immigrants are an expendable community, but they are real persons with real families who sustain the economy ... but they have no vote and no voice."

It is the vote and voice side of this that scares me. This woman is pushing voter registration drives and trying to make illegals appear legal. It is a very small stretch to add the one to the other. There were fraud allegations against her group before, the wimpified Milwaukee and Racine DA's ignored the. This quote shows how she stands on this issue. She is so passionate on this issue I do not put it past her in the least to cheat. In fact, I think they have done it in the past. Project FAIR already proved it.

We are coming into an election cycle. I will be watching Voces de la Frontera like a hawk, as will the multitudes of RDW Field Surveillance Operatives.

You can be sure the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel or the Racine Journal Times will not be watching. When it is all said and done, I will probably catch them in the act and get charged for trying to take the law into my own hands like what happened to FAIR. Christine Neumann_Ortiz will get away with everything and get a nomination for Nobel Peace Prize.

Point/Counterpoint: Bird Flu

Fred and Belle have taken the week off, so myself and Aaron are filling in for them. The topic? Avian Influenza.

First, Aaron.

Bird Flu? We're Doomed

A little bird told me that she couldn't do PCP this week, because she's feeling under the weather. Gosh, I hope I haven't caught what she's got, because this bird flu is serious business.

Bird flu is coming, and we're doomed! To quote a wise chicken, "The sky is falling."

You're not afraid, you say? You're a fool.

Sure, right now the bird flu is most common in third world countries. I'll even admit to you that there has been no human to human transmission. But, it's only a matter of time.



I mean, take a look at this stuff. Concerned citizens and governments are desperate to stop this thing. Yet, with all the idiot proofing the world just keeps building bigger idiots.

Chicken curry goes underground as Myanmar battles bird flu – Unhappy diners are resorting to the black market because they can't get chicken curry through legitimate channels. I can probably think of a dozen reasons why untainted chicken curry is bad for you, and people are willing to risk their lives for it?

People are disobeying breaking bans on other questionable practices: transporting birds (parrots in particular), sleeping with poultry, and eating duck's blood pudding (made with raw duck's blood).

How can we protect people from themselves if they won't listen? We've got to hurry up and pass some more mandates before things get out of hand!

Ohhhhh!!! If only we hadn't been telling people to "fight the power" and distrust authority all these years, we might be able to use the power of government to save them.

I really don't have time to go on about this any longer. I need to start searching EBay for a biohazard suit.


And now, me.

Seriously, people, take a deep breath.

Calm down. I feel like we’re freakin’ like it’s 1999. Amazingly, Y2K turned out to be absolutely nothing, and I have a feeling the latest Avian Flu international panic will similarly end.

In the last 9 years, only 170 people have even been infected with Avian influenza, and even fewer have died from it. That’s about 19 people per year are infected, or 0.00000000316% of the population (rough estimate).

Don’t tell that to the government, however. Federal, state, and local officials have been scrambling frantically to come up with a “disaster” plan for the bird flu pandemic that is imminent in the United States. No expense has been spared, and your tax dollars are funding only the very best experts to sit nervously in front of the Secretary of Health and Human Services, wring their wrists, and talk about how quickly the sky is falling.

Today on PCP, however, we’re going to look at the facts. Humans can only contract Avian Flu through contact with infected birds, or their feces. Now, be honest--how many of us go around feeling up the rear ends of foreign chickens? If you do, then you might be at risk for Avian Influenza. Everyone else, you should be fine. That’s because this strain of influenza is currently unable to transfer between humans, and it can’t be passed to humans by eating poultry.

You are probably more at risk to be sprayed with bird pellet by a vice president, or be driven into a lake by an alcoholic senator, or to think that “mavericks” make good presidential candidates, than you are of ever, ever contracting bird flu.

So, those of you who were, stop worrying, calm down, take off the surgical mask and latex gloves, and just stay away from chicken poop.

March 19, 2006

Complicity: How Joe Wineke and John Lehman helped Kurt Vlach assume power.

We have reported in the past about the connection of the State Democratic Party turning a blind eye to the shady way Kurt Vlach assumed the chair of the Racine County Democratic party. Well tonight we have some new information to pass along.

The following email from Kurt Vlach himself details a meeting attended by State Democratic Chair Joe Wineke and current Assemblyman and State Senatorial Candidate John Lehman.

Here is one excerpt from 11-26-05: Here's the only good picture I got at Marcel's Breakfast.
It has Lehman, Wineke and Daley (with his back to the camera). Let's discuss whether we want a Membership meeting in December. Wineke seemed to hint that maybe we should forego the December meeting and there is some merit to that.

That December meeting was canceled, while at the same time Vlach was pushing hard to get the lame-duck board to resign so he could take power immediately.

In another email dated the next day to several local democratic operatives: I will call or email Joe on Monday and thank him for coming down to support us. I'll also let him know that we are taking his advice and foregoing the December meeting in order to allow things to settle down. Joe's a good man to have on our side and I want to foster a good working relationship with him. It's interesting that the State was less than responsive to Marcel and his requests for information, while they were very responsive to my requests.

Later in the same email Vlach threw a little slimeball at well known Racine Democratic Party activist Kay Schultz.

Looks like the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel did not run my interview today. I spoke with Kay a bit yesterday and she indicated that the reporter had spoken with her and even provided her with some of my quotes. Maybe the reporter realized Kay was nuts and felt there was no story after all.

Nice of Kurt to show so much respect of fellow Democrats who had worked hard for years before he showed up and threw them out of their offices.

These emails give proof that Chairman Wineke and Senatorial Candidate Lehman were actively involved in the takeover, or at the very least in the aftermath of it.

This was is a period of time when there was concern by the new "unity" party that the former leadership would contest the way they came into power and Vlach was lobbying hard to have the old leaders resign immediately so he could assume power. How do I know that?

I read Kurt's own words in an email sent 6 days after the elections to the whole "unity" slate: I agree with Lenny that our first order of business is to have a meeting of the top members of the Executive Board. The state has confirmed that the"swearing in" is ceremonial in nature and holds no weight legally, but there is something to be said for ceremony and tradition. Frank has until 10 days after the election to make any challenges, so this Thursday would be the final day for him to file anything with the State challenging the outcome. (that would be former Chair Frank Tingle)

While we had evidence previously the State Party was involved, the fact that Lehman and Wineke are involved is obviously new. In addition, the complete lack of respect shown for the former officers really goes to further illustrate the character of the current leader Kurt Vlach.

I heard several rumors last week that democrats around the state are becoming increasingly concerned about how disfunctional the party in Racine has become. Frankly, I don't think they have seen the half of it yet.

Hi honey I'm home.

I'm back, had an awesome weekend visiting friends up north and spending some quality time with the Mrs.

I will posting some bullet thoughts later.

Also BREAKING NEWS will be plentiful here over the next 10 days or so.

Check back often!

Thanks to Jenna for filling in!